We Love Unlimited Data, But Is It Necessary? New Study Says Maybe Not.

I believe it goes without saying that the prospect and return of an Unlimited Data plan to T-Mobile excites us to no end. Perhaps it’s psychological, but the comfort of knowing you won’t be throttled is both exciting and makes us remember why we’re happy our beloved underdog carrier had a change of unlimited data heart.

Even with the return of Unlimited Data, the question turns to how many of us truly need it? According to a new report from NPD Connected Intelligence, the “vast majority” of people do not. The company installed an app on 1,000 Android smartphone volunteers spread among the big four carriers and tracked how much data each volunteer used each month.

The majority of customers on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon don’t even use 2GB of data per month, well below all the current data caps afforded by each carrier. According to NPD data, T-Mobile does have the most data hungry users, with more than 11% of customers using more than 3GB per month of data, versus 4% for AT&T and Sprint and 3% for Verizon.

NPD analyst Eddie Hold told Tech News Daily: 

“T-Mobile consumers tend to be younger,” said Hold. “Younger demographics are the ones we find hit the network harder by doing a little video and music streaming.”

Even while Sprint customers have unlimited data available right at their fingertips, they don’t take advantage of it as much as we might believe:

“In general, Sprint’s usage is the same as the other networks and less than T-Mobile,” Hold said.

T-Mobile’s numbers aren’t that surprising, especially given their recent June report that showed customers with smartphones running on their HSPA+ 42Mbps network use an average of 1.3GB of data per month.

All these stats and data aside, T-Mobile will rack up a marketing win with the ability to call out Sprint for no longer being the only one with unlimited data. Add that to their HSPA+ 42Mbps network, Sprint’s slow LTE roll out and with T-Mobile’s refarming opening up the door to hundreds of unlocked handsets, they should be prepared to fire a shot across the Sprint bow later this year.

Fierce Wireless via Tech News Daily

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  • FrillArtist

    “The majority of customers on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon don’t even use 2GB of data per month, well below all the current data caps afforded by each carrier.”

    Shocker! People try not to use things that they know they don’t have. What a stupid survey.

    • “In general, Sprint’s usage is the same as the other networks and less than T-Mobile,”

      Sprint has unlimited with no caps. If what you said was true, wouldn’t Sprint customers use more?

      Shocker! That survey may not be as stupid as you think :/

    • Ash

       If most users don’t use more than 2GB, then why the limit?
      It’s just the greedy carriers wanting to make more $$.

  • ceegii63

    its not a matter of necessity, more of availability… knowing you have an unlimited amount of data regardless if you use less than 10gb  

    • Yeah, I don’t disagree at all, it’s definitely a psychological thing.

  • Jabster97

    With w i f i e v e r y where w h y t he n eed

    • gigis83

       i wish wifi was around where i live.

  • Evipen

    I have a 5gb plan with Tmo and, generally, only use about 4 by the end of the month because I have that limit. I’m curious what these studies will say after September, because I know I’ll end up using far more without a cap…

  • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

    It will definitely make a big difference.  When I use data I go through the 5 GB in about 2-3 weeks.  I have to curtail usage to avoid the cap.  We have Netflix on our devices but you can’t stream movies without going over your cap.  We have apps that stream music including Google Music and it kills your cap.  I work at a job where I surf with my tablet at work due to work wifi being restricted.  This opens things up so much better.  I can actually use my Android devices to the fullest.

  • kahlayoh

    The numbers of data that users are using each month is because they have a data limit set, so they are probably running wifi most of the time like my self! But bring unlimited data into the plan, I bet those numbers will then sky rocket. 

  • Brenden

    I would say most people try not to reach there data cap cause they don’t want to have throttled speeds, but knowing that there won’t be a cap with this new plan. I expect the average data for T-Mobile to rise!

  • UMA_Fan

    I think what’s going to be interesting to see is video use. Sprint is unlimited but forget about doing something like streaming video. Will be interesting to see Tmobile users be the only ones who have the ability to hit Netflix HD all day if they wanted to.

  • nino

    this is great cuz i average between 20-30gigs a month

    • Javen Patterson

      How if it’s capped currently? Do you mean 20-30 gigs with your home isp?

      • Eanfoso

        He may be a lucky Verizon lte unlimited customer, from what my neighbor has on his allotment, 12 gigs is nothing, that’s what’s sweet about Verizon, if you have unlimited still lol

      • Gentleman559

        I think some is FULL OF S****. Just saying!!!

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    If it isn’t necessary, they why don’t the providers give it to us anyway? If only 11% use more than 3gb, then why limit people? 

    It makes no sense. 

    • Joseph Tongret

      This is what T-mobile is probably banking on. People want it, but few will truly utilize it. It’s a unique plan to market and it gives them something that Verizon & Att can’t offer customers.

    • guest

      Theyre probably fearing that if they give that, people will use a lot more data…Plus I may be mistaken but arent the carriers charging more for tiered data these days than their unlimited use to be…and maybe that small percentage can still affect their data speeds in some areas when people are using more data…just a thought

  • Mattx08x

    If I unlock my iPhone 4s and take it to t-mobile will I be able to use their 3/4G network in Chicago? I’m sure someone has asked this already but I’m just looking for a quick answer…thanks

    • ColoradoGray

      Eventually, yes. Being a major market, it is likely before the end of the year.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

      Maybe. How’s that for quick?

    • FrillArtist

      No. You will be stuck with EDGE.

      • jay_max

         You are incorrect.  With the spectrum re-farming, the answer is yes.

    • Gentleman559

      T-Mobile is reframing their network. Its only a matter of time but they are saying by the end of the year it will be done. So Yes you will be able to get 3G here soon, if not already. Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the US it would more than likely be one of the cities they first concentrate on.

      • guest

        but other iphone users will now be using LTE most likely

  • Hpluvr0821

    Sprint’s is so low because you cannot do anything on the Internet. I have an iPhone and it takes 5 hours to load something. It’s crazy slow.

    • Joseph Tongret

      You couldn’t use 10gb on Sprint in a month if you tried, lol! I have a couple of friends that made that mistake, and ended up canceling & switching carrier’s. Sprint will claim that it’s a network error at the moment & that things should be speeding up very shortly, but that’s only to get ppl to stay past the remorse period. If they could push the lte out at a much faster pace, they could be a major player.

      • TechAce01

        I did with my HTC TP2 The internet speed was incredibly slower than what I have now, but I was throttled twice before they dropped it down to 5gbs soft cap.
        I was using Skyfire to watch podcast, but I didn’t know it used THAT much data. That made me reread the TOS. That’s when I found out that back when T-Mobile was Unlimited, It truly wasn’t. It just had a 10gb cap.

        I’m planing on switching to this new plan, but I NEED to read the TOS first before I pull the trigger on it.

  • Nere0910

    The reason why we use less than 2 gigs is because we know we only have 2 and we have to limmit our selvs because we dont wanna slow down !!! We need more because I have 2 kids and they love streeming videos on line

  • I use the full 10 gigs allotted in my plan with T-Mobile so I’m pretty sure that puts me into the 11%.  But I do tether as well which makes the new plans useless to me :-/

    • JBLmobileG1

      Same here. These past few months I have gone over my 10gb of high speed. I don’t use tethering a lot but I do use it. I am still debating on switching over because it would be nice to be truly unlimited…. losing the tethering though kinda is a bummer though but I would save $30 on my bill. Also this may be a limited time thing if the other carriers don’t follow because it could possibly lower their profits. Tmobile is smart though because I think it will bring in others from the competition. I myself was a Verizon customer for 4 years and have been a Tmobile customer since 2004.

    • Guest

      HOW do you use that much?  I just dont understand — youre probably watching netflix and streaming music – i cant imagine what else would use that much data…and i dont think most people want to watch hulu on a small screen  or would have that much free time to do it – only maybe if you travel a lot (and dont most airports have wifi) or if you use p ublic transportation to work….No one i know uses anywhere that much

  • Joseph Tongret

    Well, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t need it, my usage probably will stay roughly the same for now, but I’m still getting it! My lines have a $20 5gb plan and they probably use 2gb monthly on the average. However, my current circumstances could change one day & I may find myself near wifi less, so the idea of unlimited is enticing to me at $10 more a month. I don’t know how long it will be before Tmo will raise the price on this plan, so I’m just going to lock in at this rate. I’m not sure I’m going to add it for all of my lines, but I know I’m going to add it for my wife & I.

    • This is how I feel, & I completely agree.

    • Boricua Boy88

      There’s one variable you should consider before pulling the trigger. The Unlimited data feature does not offer the Hotspot functionality that the 5GB and 10GB plans have included. Instead, you would have to pay an additional $15 to receive that perk, the same applies to the 2GB data tier.

      • Joseph Tongret

        My grandfathered plans don’t include hotspot either :-(. All of my phones are rooted, so if necessary I can tether, but I don’t abuse it & only use maybe 100-200mb max per month. I try my best to abide by the terms of service, lol.

      • Dakota

        can u explain what this hotspot thing is – does that mean you dont have internet at home and then use your smartphone to power your laptop or computer? I am always confused by all this tethering/hot spot thing means.

  • nathan118

    First month on my galaxy nexus I streamed music a lot, and hit my 5 GB limit. So now I force myself not to stream as much. Take off the limit, and I’ll use more data.

  • PaisanNYC

    First of all, NPD’s study is without merit.  How many millions of cell phones in this country, and their sample size for a study is a mealey 1,000 participants?  I used to work for NPD many many years ago, and I don’t know how long their NDA clauses are so I wont speak specifics. 

    Secondly, many reports posted on droiddog (and possibly here) have spoken how smartphone use is proliferating exponentially across the world.  These are the users who will be using data more and more and more. This report speaks of the moment. What about in 6 months? 12? 24?   

    I, for one, will whole heartedly sign up for this plan, continue to purchase phones from the Nexus line, and stream (and tether) to my heart’s content. Forget T-Mo branded phones and data upgrade notices.

    • Guest911

      A basic stats class will help you understand this better. Check out you community college for one.

  • Imshazia

    My point is clear as a American we have a freedom and love to live in this ,and I hate limit if I live or not I hate it simple I love unlimited data talk and text if I use it or not but hate limit… T mobile realized they did wrong with it’s old customers and yes they lost bunch of them now hope for all

    • Dakota

      Id love a system where you just buy a phone and an go to any network you want at any time.  I dont understand the tech stuff but with 2 networks being CDMA and 2 being GSM, Im assuming that can never happen.  I just know when I speak to friends overseas, they seem shocked at how high are prices are.  For about 120, a friend told me he had 2 cell phone plans, a landline, and broadband service.  

  • AnthonyRyan22

    Mhm keep my 5Gb of data with hotspot or get Unlimited data uncapped.. Mhm … choices …?

    • Dakota

      Well t hats good – we want choices.  I just wonder if Romney gets elected, would the Federal Government block something like the ATT Tmo merger?  We should all be afraid of a VZ/ATT duopoly.  Already they own 70% of the market and they seem to copy one another within weeks.  I dont think those share plans are cheaper for most people unless they have big families.  As a single user, I really feel left out and having the reps tell me  you can share with yourself on 1 device is ridiculous.  And even if I had 3 kids, I wouldnt want shared data because your teen could easily use up your data without even realizing it – its much harder to keep track of that vs texts or minutes.  I wonder if apps like Onavo or My Data Manager are going to be able to develop something where everyones phones on a share plan would track data so mom and dad can see if theyre getting ready for an overage charge – and they should be able to turn off their kids data for the rest of the month – im not sure if thats a current capability now or not

      • BigMixxx

        Share plans are opening up more devices lines….
        Family plan can possibly consist of ten lines vs. the typical 5.  This increases data revenues significantly.  

  • Silveroaks951

    How you gonna tell me what i need or not??? This article bogus form Jump.. Um meaning form start.

    • Dumbazz


  • Javontaee

    Is it going be on prepaid too

    • theking_13

      No, its one of those things that only a contract/being able to afford can get you.

      • Alazaay

        So , are you saying that we cant afford contracts ? Well You are wrong we just do not want to be tied into a 2 year Contract thats all …

        • theking_13

          No, I meant it as its a feature they want to either shell out more money for, or have you in a contract.

          Its a give and take thing. They’ll provide unlimited data, and you’ll be with them for 2 years. I don’t see why people would mind being in a contract, especially if you get good service. Switching back and forth between carriers is much more expensive.

        • AppleEmployee

          LOL you prepaid people are THE WORST. You obviously have shit credit or want what you can’t afford.

        • Dakota

          Thats not true and Im sure youre not an Apple employee and I dont know why you need to be so hostile, angry and rude.  Many people on prepaid do it because its a better deal for them and lots of people like to save money.  But yes, probably some people cant afford – so what?  Many people are suffering in this economy or lost their high paying jobs – that doesnt make them bad people…Why attack them?  And if they get a mid or low level phone, yeah, they can save money…But if they pay $600 for a phone, thats not being cheap.  I have an 800 FICO score and Ive been on prepaid.  I like saving money – and for me at that time – it was the best deal for me because I was on wifi a lot and had no reason to pay for something I wouldnt use.  People who post comments like these are just idiots.  (if you were really an Apple employee – you wouldnt be trolling this website.) Being off contract was just a bonus because I knew I might move within 2 years and was so screwed by customer service, that I didnt want a contract and I wanted to be able to jump to another carrier whenever I wanted – esp when they had a deal (like months earlier when VZ still had their old plans and did a double data plan that gave you 4gb for $70)

    • Dakota

      Realize that prepaid doesnt have roaming just in case thats an issue for you – and do the math to see if paying for a full price phone is worth it.  Its worth it if you can get that $30 Walmart plan or maybe even the low data $30 plan if youre on wifi a lot.  But if you look at things like the 2gb plans and then look at the contract prices, saving $10 or so dollars a month doesnt justify paying more than $400 more for a GalaxyS3…Maybe the current Google Play Nexus makes it worthwhile

  • Ash

    It’s good to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

    • Dakota

      Thats true unless youre overpaying every month for data you dont use, and youd be better to just pay an overage charge for one month than waste much more otherwise.  Ive even seen many blogs do that math – especially on non-Sprint networks.  Sprint has a great value if their network works – some are hoping LTE might make a difference, but I see that Im in a supposed LTE city and when I check Sprint’s own forums,  most people are saying they are not seeing it on any consistent basis.  

      Again like someone said, its like an all you can eat buffet.  The restaurant obviously offers that and still makes money.  So yeah if you have some big guy who fills up 5 full plates and keeps going back, he might be getting a value.  But if youre going to get a salad plate or maybe just get 2 plates, you may be overpaying.  I remember being in Las Vegas where those buffets are huge (and often dont even give you an ala carte option), its nearly impossible for most people to eat that much…and many people just overeat because theyre trying to get their value

      • UMA_Fan

        $30 for unlimited data – meaning watching netflix all day on your phone- beats at&t’s $30 data tier which I don’t even think gives you 2GB.

        Great timing for this here on T-Mobile’s part.  When customers on the big 2 are forced to migrate to shared data and lose unlimited, they will be giving T-Mobile a good look.

  • theking_13

    Lol, Sprint users can’t use as much data because their speeds are literally garbage.

    • WW

      Maybe Sprint’s data performance will improve once they really get their LTE network going.

  • cutienoua

    being able to use only Edge I am around 2 gb/month
    I might go for $10 more for unlimited and get rid of the att hotspot when refarming is completed!
    verizon lte hotspot is a keeper even with only 5gb

    • JBrowne1012

      2Gbs is like a 4G user using using up more than 10gbs its absolutely incredible and for the most part unheard of

  • BigMixxx

    Over the last couple of years, we have been conditioned to ‘use a wifi signal’ when available, i.e. cut back on that utilization.  The study has some merit….but it only says that the majority of users only use their devices to do CERTAIN things.  (email, text messages, etc ).  I for one am actually excited about this.  YES encourage those that love to use data, to use data and take advantage of the netwok.

    I AM.  Gonna reduce my bill and use grooveIP and vonage a lot more…

    • Eanfoso

      Lol I quite agree with you, but I hate to break it that vonage isn’t worth it, we thought it was but no t-mobile’s 15$ a month is cheaper than paying 25 $ (advertised at 15 but they put all the hose phone fees, don’t forget it’s voip, so it will sound spotty)

  • bleeew

    Maybe of verizon didnt charge that mich it would be fair to see how much they actually use, and sprint if they werent so slow then we could see how much. this proves verizon remove unlimited because of greed.

    • Dakota

      I agree…if people have unlimited data, they wouldn’t care or try to be careful.  Theyd never think twice about using their data…but on the other hand, I think most of you on here are super users…Most people just dont have a need for all that data.  They dont use the services you do, they don’t watch Netflix on their phones or have a need to stream Spotify or even Google Music all day on their data network…and most have wifi at home and Id think many have it at work.  I was s urprised yesterday to go to a local breakfast joint and when I took my phone out, I saw they even had wifi.  I wonder how many limited data people run into a Starbucks or McDonalds. lol

  • MatthewMurawski

    Let’s pass crappy sprint and be #3!

    • Dakota

      I honestly dont understand how Sprint is ahead of Tmobile.  Everything I read about SPrint is about how poor t heir data network is.  Tmobile has its problems but I cant believe its worse than Sprint…So is it the poor customer service, lack of iphone or what?  Is it Tmo having poor coverage in suburbs or rural areas?  I was surprised to see the coverage map in Atlanta and see how the network goes off/on once you step outside the city limits.  I was in Decatur just 10 minutes from my house and I had no data while the people around me on Verizon and ATT were totally fine.

      Im still confused as how this unlimited data would work…If you want 500 minutes, unlimited text and data – what will that cost?

      Honestly, Im probably now 65/35 in leaving Tmo for good and going somewhere else for an iphone.  Im just tired of all my Android bugginess and everyone with an iphone that I know loves it…And i know Apples customer service and tech support is very good.  I also have been so disappointed with Tmobile customer service lately.  From the most low level person to their ECR, they have not followed through on promises and have repeatedly lied.  I was even shocked going to a Tmo store last week and t he sales people really were clueless about their phones….Im not a big techie….but when you cant tell me any differences between the Galaxy and the HTC phones, youre not doing your job very well.

      • Jaki

        I have seen this post somewhere else but I am not sure where. Anyways I work at a T-Mobile store and I would say that 65% of all porting activations come from Sprint so I don’t know why you say something like that.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I’m happy with my $30 for 100 minutes, unlimited text, and 5GB 4G Data then all I want EDGE. But I have an idea. How about an unlimited data plan with hotspot being capped. Example: Unlimited Data with 2GB through WiFi hotspot, unlimited EDGE hotspot, etc.

  • Kekel1123

    Im paying $20 for 5gb cap and $10 for hotspot.if i can get both unlimitted for same price or less, Im On!

    • JBLmobileG1

      Unfortunately the HotSpot isn’t included nor can it be with the Unlimited plan. Hopefully though they do offer some type of tethering add on even if that’s capped because it’s always nice to have just in case.

    • Evos469

      Are you on a classic plan? You might want to check into changing your 5gb plan. Value plan its $25 with tethering.

  • JP

    hell yeah. netflix and pandora, here i come :)

    very slim chance, but i do hope this is tmo’s way of getting ready to release the iphone.

    • Michael

      Id buy a tmo iphone in a sec but most likely switch….unlimited is more psychological like allucaneat buffets. its obvious an iphone pre emption. I never understand how pple use so much data..i use ipod classic for my 5000 songs. And have no desire to watch tv on a phone. I can understand pple who ride a train to work & have time to kill. Many say they stream music at work but cant u do it on ur computer..even if theres no wifi..i currrently use wifi most of time , dont use Facebook & nothing is so urgent I need to check email every minute..If its urgent Theyll text..And if i go to att for iphone, I will use imessage & text apps to avoid the $20 texting plan.+att seems like only carrier to still gauge like this)…but with sprints poor network & vz increases, an Att iphone can be got for $60 for 300mb or $70 for $3gb..even if you add the text plan, for $90, vz gives u 1gb while ATt vuves u 3—a major diffrence..Still a Tmo iphone would be cheaper & snag a lot of customers & reduce churn

  • JBrowne1012

    So I am on the $30 5gb plan no tether anyways get truly unlimited 4G no difference? hell yes.

  • Nearmsp

    Usage data put out by AT&T has shown that the 2-4% of users consume more than a third of data, slowing down the network. Everyone is getting away from this to improve network performance. Trying to please 5% of users is not a wise move by T-mobile. I can only guess that they are preparing for the anticipated cancellations that will happen when once again T-mobile is the only large provider with non iPhone 5. 

    • JBrowne1012


    • Guest

      Or they are anticipating Americans to smarten up by buying the iPhone unlocked and coming to T-Mobile for the better deal. 

  • Secret Shopper 42

    Well, I can tell you why sprint users use less data: because it’s generally slow as hell. 4G sprint is spotty in most areas where it’s available. (I know not all areas). I’ve done speed tests all over California on both sprint and TMo, and TMo was 3-5x faster on average. My testing doesn’t qualify as a study, but based on my 8 years with sprint, and 1 year on TMo, there’s no comparison when it comes to data speeds.

    My “unlimited” sprint data plan was utterly useless – in a major metropolitan area.

  • Angeldevil75

    Data need to be unlimited period. .. why?with time file become heavy…

  • AppleEmployee

    It’s obvious a lot of you can’t afford both phone and home Internet.

    • Miller

      And it’s well document how little apple pays there retail store reps :)

  • AppleEmployee

    All three cry babies on prepaid are on prepaid for a reason.

  • Schippma

    I have heard rumors that the Pref Web plans for $20 on grandfathered accounts will actually be unlimited now as well after the 5th unless you add the tethering option, then it will slow down after 5GB. My supervisor was talking about it the other day. Only time will tell.

    • cielomoreno127

      I hope this is true. I have a preferred plan and this would be awesome.

      • Christian

        I really would like more info on this as I would love to go unlimited on my preferred web.

  • Bmhgxh

    Even though the percent might be high, remember TMo only has 32 mill users while others have 40+. So Verizon may have a less percentage but may have more hogs


      Yep, Actually Verizon has over 100 Million so 4% is 4 million and 11% of TMO is about 3.5 million so about the same amount of people. 

  • galaxydude

    I mostly use Wifi for my data needs
    and I use about 2.75gb of. Data

  • Doc

    It’s amazing that people think everybody has to use their phones like they do. Usage varies people. Just because you don’t need a lot of data doesn’t mean the next person doesn’t.

    Take streaming at work. Most can’t stream anything on their work machines. Most companies block “counter-productive” sites. I have to use my phone to stream at work. I also tether my Nexus 7 when I’m out and there’s no wifi to tap into.

    I use 3 – 4GB/month and that’s using wifi at home most of the time. If I wasn’t worried about being throttled I would probably use more than that. 

  • Niko

    What a fuck you talking about?
    Do you really think that no need to have more then 2GB of data?Did any of this 1000 volunteers tried to use GPS , or download or upload video on YOUTUBE.  People trying to save their data, that’s why they don’t spend more then 2GB or 3GB.Another reason  data speed sucks , it doesn’t work as they advertise. Bullshit data speed and fucking greedy AT&T and Verizon  go to HELL>

    • WW

      You’re a bit worked up over it but I agree with you that the reason the “majority” of people use less than 2GB of data is to stay under their data caps.  

  • Ny1464

    Greedy at&t and verizon go to HELL 
    Do not forget take your crappy data speed and 450 minutes for $40+ tax = $50

  • D Velasquez

    exactly the vast majority does not need an unlimited plan, for people is just an excuse to replace the ISP, IF T-Mobile would offer internet service then it would also offer DSL service like O2 and T-Mobile does in Germany however i agree not everybody have the same needs BUT i can see T-Mobile taking this right away the moment people begin to abuse of this plan

  • WW

    11% vs 3%-4% is a huge difference…especially when you’re talking about 10’s of millions of people.  That’s the kind of discrepancy that usually indicates there’s some kind of fault in the methodology of the study.  
    Anyone have any insight into why TMo’s customers use so much data?

    • Paul

      Two words: Rooted Android

      Or it could be netflix as well. 

    • Bajamin

      Seriously? It’s the first quote in the article.

      “T-Mobile consumers tend to be younger,” said Hold. “Younger demographics are the ones we find hit the network harder by doing a little video and music streaming.” 

  • Paul

    Just like everyone is posting, it’s relevant to the cap. I have a 5Gig cap on magenta, I don’t excede that. Give me a 10 Gig cap and I’ll get pretty damn close. So the user usage is only relevant to the cap put on the data. 

    As it is also pointed out, I use a daily navigation app. There’s some data usage. I also have a rooted Galaxy S2, so I download ROMs. Those are occasionally hefty downloads, and it’s easier to download them directly to my phone. Streaming youtube videos, data munching there. 

    So yeah, I can use a LOT of data if I wanted.If most of their users don’t use that much data, then it’s not a big deal for me to use more. 

    • Agreed, must users don’t take  use large amounts because they know what happens when they go over. 

  • Tmo-employee

    i would say 75% of my customers use more than 2gbs of data most of them refuse to pay more for 5 gbs they just deal with the trottling 

  • B_Eng

    I’m on wifi at home and work, so I only manage to rack up 1GB per month at most. Wifi calling alone is reason enough to be tethered to wifi whenever possible.  Faster speeds and more reliable connection are just icing on the cake.

  • dones

    wow so the peaple that dont use more then 2G are saying we should not have unlimited data? its almost like saying no worries am full just ate now for the others who cares lol, ok ya i dont realy use alot my self did in the past but now that wifi is good were ever i go am cool with using it but then theres peaple that cant use wifi so there for let them have unlimited data to help them out and hey love the idea of unlimited works for me when am at the gym were thay dont have wifi so i can use it for music via grooveshark or pandora if tmobile is offering it hey as a long time customer bring it love to have it.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This article is seriously subjective at best I have used 7 to 8 gb monthly since being on tmobile in june. Unlimited if you can get it then get it Tmobile and it’s HSPA PLUS 42 MBS network is the best thing out in my book and I have had em all inside of the last two plus years. I am happy with my 10gb of high speed data monthly.

    • squiddy20

      1. Look up the word “subjective” and tell me how this article, which is based off of the relatively small amount of real world data gathered by NPD, is anything close to the word you are so ignorantly using. Also, just because YOU use “7 to 8 gb monthly” does not mean everyone else uses the same amount of data as well. Additionally, it does not make this article “subjective” just because you don’t fit into the exact same category.
      2. The reason YOU use “7 to 8 gb monthly” is because you have no access to Wifi at home or work because you are so dirt poor that your only access to the Internet is through the data plan of whatever smartphone you own. In one of the Youtube videos you posted, a TV from the 70’s is clearly shown in what is more than likely your home.
      3. “HSPA PLUS 42 MBS network is the best thing” And here you are yet again stating anything but the speeds you actually get on T-Mobile’s network. Must be pretty embarrassing if you continually parrot the *theoretical maximum*.

      • Terrel041

        Because he made a statement doesnt mean hes poor!! Maybe you cant afford the 10gb plan & only use 2GB..I dont understand why he was insulted for making a opinion! Nerd get a life because its not that serious! @Squiddy20..who knows you can be paying for your service through your ssi checks rather working for a income you dont know what this man have…Donald Trump dont wear the finest looking atire bt his bank is full of zero’s

        • Richardray4578649k

          No, Richard is a broke, retarded, dirtbag. Simply Google “Richard Yarrell red door”. Click the link with the .PDF

    • Richard Yarrell

      @ squiddy20 As usual this poor soul surfing tmo news blog is a Sprint customer that clearly isn’t working out to well now is it. And the funniest part is that his crappy Galaxy Nexus is running ice cream sandwich when my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile will have jellybean what a dope. What I stated was clear and precise rather you agree or doesn’t matter to me or other Tmobile customer. You should do yourself a favor and visit Sprint related sites don’t troll here my friend we don’t need your kind. We are rocking on Tmobile must better than your crappy Sprint that’s for sure. And with LTE ADVANCED coming to Tmobile in 2013 our LTE will be better than yours. You trolling losers.

      • squiddy20

        1. Good job replying to yourself instead of to me. Your Internet skills are astounding.
        2. I have never been “surfing tmo news blog”. It’s called clicking the links to the articles you comment on via your Disqus profile page. Sad that you still haven’t figured that out even after I told you about it.
        3. I could have Jelly Bean right now if it wanted it. There are plenty of CM10 (Jelly Bean) nightlies floating around and a whole slew of other JB ROMs out there. Have been for the better part of a month. Quite pitiful that you don’t know how to root your phone despite several one-step applications and countless Youtube videos.
        4. Nothing about any of your statements have ever been “clear and precise”, let alone accurate. You say the article is “subjective” but it’s entirely based in factual evidence. Granted, it was a small amount of data (1000 people surveyed out of the millions that own an Android phone), but it’s factual none the less.

  • Based on statistics, I would say the average INTELLIGENT user uses much more than 5GB data every month on their phones. Hotspot while I’m at school, download custom roms, download games, stream netflix, video chat, dropbox, picasa, etc.

    The people who say 1.3 gb is more than enough are talking only about the people who stream youtube at low quality.

    • Boca Dude

      Intelligence has nothing to do with mobile data usage.  If someone streamed 10GB of Spongebob and Bevis and Butthead does that make them more intelligent than someone who uses their phone to send e-mails, browse the web and call people?  Short answer: No.

  • Mloudt

    1) I just saw the first ATT shared data commercial yesterday lol but they called it share mobile or something lol. 2) David you write all these articles so I would think by now u would stop glorifying t-mobile’s refarm. I mean yea it will be great because people can use i-phone at 3g speeds and yea we will be able to use more unlocked devices at 3g/4g hspa speeds that is great. but stop making it seem like to your readers that it is about to happen. last time I checked you only had one article about an i-phone getting 3g on t-mobile network a few months ago on one street in San Francisco or somewhere like that and it was only because it was like some event so it worked in one location. 
    People wake the hell up t-mobile told us this earlier this year so we wouldn’t jump shit. Just like they told us we will have lte next year. Dumbasses that jump on this site and keep saying when we get lte early 2013 it will be so fast and good; well were not getting it early next year. In 3days it is going to be Semptember  we won’t see any refarming effects then or October, and probably not November. Do you get my point people the refarm and lte was a spin by t-mobile usa so we don’t jump ship and so that we hang around; use your heads dumbasses if sprint just released lte in june 2012 we more than likely will release it around the same time next year. and before anybody voice their opinions think about it how many sites phonearena phonescoop are there stories of people around america reporting they are seeing the effects of t-mobile’s refarm? yeah that is what I thought not many! people t-mobile by the end of the year yea some spots might see effects of the refarm and next year some spots might get lte but it won’t be many my point is don’t think your area is going to get it right away because if you are not in a major market good luck waiting. i am in Houston so I will be one of the first, so my point is David stop gloryifiying the refarm and how about seeking stories where people actually see the effects of the refarm but good luck with that one seeing as nobody has seen the effects!As for this article goes months ago i read a report and the stats were the same saying most people average about 1.9g monthly. also it stated that about 15% of people go over their data limit this is why ATT and Verizon months ago was kicking abusers of data off early and throttling them months ago when that was a big deal. so the biggest worry people have again is will this slow down t-mobile network like sprint’s network and the answer is no! as i stated in prior articles sprint has 56 plus million  t-mobile has 33 plus million. sprint whore’s its network out to anybody as an mvno so they have even more people using their network through roaming agreements and mvno partners. t-mobile has some mvno partners but it is like only a few million more people so it can handle them. lastly this plan will only be offered to classic, value, and new 2 year agreement customers not prepaid customers. and prepaid accounts for about 7.8 million of t-mobile usa’s total 33.4 million customers so basically the 26 million contract customers will be the only one using this new plan which means even less people to clog the network so we will be able to handle this and remember we got a lot of spectrum coming our way Verizon deal Leap deal and ATT failed deal!

    • Ok, so it sounds like you have absolutely NO clue about how the refarm works, what the timetable is, why it’s beneficial to the network as a whole or pretty much anything regarding the refarm. Also, you have no idea what T-Mobile’s network capacity can hold currently, I do, and it’s at least double the current customer base. Also, you don’t seem to recognize the improved coverage of the 1900 band without even considering the handsets. 

      Also, there isn’t a single, article, tweet, facebook comment or Google+ post where I don’t see end of year is the likely timeframe for the rollout. 

      Fact checking is your friend. 

  • Frankvallynot

    That’s a bunch of crap I’m always using my data for GPS and music streaming ive already hit 4gigs and my data doesn’t refresh till the 25th of this month

  • Guest

    honestly they should have a qualification for unilimited data, if you dont use as much depending o your account, then you stick to a capped plan, if your a heavy iternet user say if you hit probably 12GB per month, u qualify for unlimited data