T-Mobile’s JD Power Downward Slide Continues With New Wireless Purchase Experience Study

Oh how the mighty have fallen as the bad news day for T-Mobile continues after their quarterly earnings show yet another quarter of customer losses, a new JD Power study once again places T-Mobile in dead last.

This semi-annual study “evaluates the wireless purchase experience of customers using any one of three contact channels: phone calls with sales representatives; visits to a retail wireless store; and on the Web. Overall customer satisfaction with both full-service and non-contract branded carriers is based on six factors (in order of importance): store sales representative; website; phone sales representative; store facility; offerings and promotions; and cost of service.”

The JD Power survey is conducted with responses from 8,047 wireless customers who are current subscribers who report having a sales transaction with their current carrier within in the past six months. The study is conducted between January and June 2012.

Seriously, what is this world coming to that Sprint is now first in Purchase Experience and T-Mobile is last? This is a cruel joke right?

I’ve pinged T-Mobile for a comment and will update the post when I hear back.

JD Power


Internal statement going out to all sales channels:

Today J.D. Power and Associates (JDP) announced results of the latest Wireless Purchase Experience study.  T-Mobile finished fourth among the national carriers. Sprint placed first.

This study measures several different purchase experience factors, but almost half the weighting rests on behaviors we can control in our stores – promptness, knowledge, courtesy, timeliness, and concern for the customer’s needs. While fourth place is a disappointing showing for a team familiar with being on top of these rankings, we improved in all behaviors since the last study results in February. That tells me our work this year to focus on the customer is moving us in the right direction. And the scores we’re seeing in our Secret Shop program confirm this trend.

While we must always be prompt, courteous, timely, and show concern for our customers, the one behavior that is a critical opportunity for this team is knowledge. We measure customer satisfaction using a number of tools in addition to JDP: TR*IM – an industry measure of customer satisfaction, our Secret Shop, Customer Exit Interviews and Welcome Call programs. We know from all of these measures that knowledge is the common attribute that stands out as our area of opportunity.

We introduced several new tools and programs this year to position our sales teams as knowledgeable experts. Among them: Right Fit, Drive Down Churn – Drive up Loyalty, Customer Standards, and most recently Perfect Your Pitch. All of these programs are designed to help improve sales rep knowledge when speaking with a customer.

The more knowledgeable we are about our products and services, the better equipped we are to make a lasting, quality sale that leaves us with a lasting, quality customer – something we can all be proud of.

I am asking all our Field Sales leaders – from the VPs down to Store Managers – to be accountable for the knowledge of their teams. That means ensuring all training is completed and coaching takes place on the sales floor to test and improve knowledge. We will continue to monitor the customer service scores of our stores and districts and will make necessary changes to improve our knowledge scores.

The competitive nature of our industry creates an environment where the sharper your selling skills are the more successful you’ll be. Let’s take advantage of that opportunity and return T-Mobile to our JDP winning ways.



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  • Tmo-employee

    what are the things they ask for in the survey? tmobile sent an email saying most we can control. 

    • P1rat3

      How about why they ask if you want the insurance, and you say no, and then you get it anyway.  I got it on two phones.  I am sure they slip it in.  I have to say though, that was in the store.  I get much better service on the phone, but I have not called in moths either.  It may be different now.

  • truth

    Value plans. Customers can’t wrap their heads around paying for the msrp of the phone. Especially long term customers who feel owed free phones. Mix that with sales reps who have to explain the plan… Which is frustrating to do. it doesn’t matter how you spin it, up front costs are the key to selling. Even with mail in rebates, you can go to another carrier, sign a contact, pay more a month, and not post 236 for a phone.

    • Taron19119

      Higher phone cost is what t-mobile make a profit in Q2 from last quarter so paying 250 and not 199 is helping out t-mobile and u pay les monthly so pick your poison pay les upfront and more monthly or pay more upfront and les monthly

      • truth

        The customer is all about the less upfront. Trust me, i’ve seen many loyal customers leave to get a free phone at Verizon and sprint. The higher prices may make the profit, but if you keep hemorrhaging customers each quarter, the profits aren’t going to be there anymore. Face it, this company has been a rudderless ship since Dotson and Nokes bailed out.

    • Dakota

      Paying 300 upfront doesnt match value message & u dont break even for 20 months & by then, customers r ready for a new handset…

      • Imprezaowner27

         none of the phones are 300 up front.  And how do you not break even? a value plan for a single person is $20 cheaper on value, the highest EIP payment is $20….so either way youre saving.

        • Spanky

          The value plan is good for customers who don’t like to upgrade their phone every two years. Otherwise, there really isn’t that much savings.

        • Dakota

          Thats exactly my point…

  • Taron19119

    Calling customer care suck they not in sync one rep said one thing and when u talk to the next one they say something else and every time u go into the store the payment machine is allways has a out of order sign on it just so u have to talk to some one to make a payment and they to sale you something or try to get u off of your grandfather plan

    • Dakota

      Yeah..u cant get straight answers cuz they dont know policies

    • F-Mobile

      Then why the hell do you go to the store to pay yourbbill. Do u have any idea what it feels like to be a glorified kiosk? And its not like we wanna take your payment management makes us. So if your whining get with the program and pay online. I always hated people who actually came to the store to pay a bill and then bitch they have to wait.

  • TBN27

    I never had an issue with customer service or retail experience. Except for 2 instances where the employee just didn’t know much about anything. Other than that, my last experience when upgrading a phone on my family plan was quick and curteous. Quick part was because i already knew what phone was going to be purchased.

    • Dakota

      My experience total opposite….

      • TBN27

        Poor you. I guess it is just my luck then.

      • Tbyrne

        My experience total opposite of yours Max. Perhaps it’s because when I call in or go to a T-Mobile store, I project a pleasant attitude and never lose my patience with who I’m dealing with. I think if you go in that direction Max you’ll get better results. Try it. You might be surprised.

        • Dakota

          You always make assumptions & assume worst in others without anty evidence..Im not rude or raisemy voice. Dont defame people u dont know.after all if you ASSume you make an …well u know. Im a public relations exec for over 20 years; I know what I see..and even my local store manafer has complained @ corporate.

        • Leslie

          Public Relations Executive huh? I would think they require more than a 15 year old girl’s grammar for that position… but I suppose I’m wrong

  • Daniel Holmstock

    upgraded my in-laws plans – not only did we have to JUMP through hoops to get past that stupid AI voice, we were hung up on!  Then when finally spoke to a rep they updated everything – then when the bill came in they SCREWED THEM ROYALLY – so bad that when i called to fix it for them I had to write a letter to the call center that took the call to have it heard back and verify what i said vs what they billed!!! i said – U CANT GO BACK AND CHECK YOURSELF??? they said NO (although she was helpful) she instructed that i have to make the request in writing.  Now we got the new bill and although it was fixed – they never acknowledged their screwup in the first place.  If i was able i would leave now and go to sprint – i just about had it with T-mobile – 7 years with them too.

    • Tbyrne

      One bad experience Dan? Isn’t it worth it to work with a CSR to correct their mistake to enjoy your low monthly bill? Don’t go to Sprint. Danny boy will have a BIG surprise waiting for you.

      • Dakota

        Its one bad x millions of people who then spread the word. Tmo. loses subs every quarter. At dome point you need to stop making excuses and make real changes..Theres a clear pattern & its going in the wrong direction..being an osrich with head in sand doesnt help..You read customer complaints here or on tmo own blogs & the custserv problems become obvious..you clearky srr the yrends..Im happy if you have great experiences but it doesnt change thr bigger picture. Same with all he iphone haters

      • Dakota

        Hmm a friend in Atl just got Sprint Lte phone, getting 15 mbps…With the SERO plan (search for online codes) he pays $70 for true unlimited everything..If Sprint can get a nationwide lte & keep unlimited data, theyll get a second look..They have more subs than tmo & successful prepaid brands too

      • Rlindstedt

        I switched from Tmobile to sprint and to be honest its not that bad I grabbed the GNex and its pretty good i will be getting LTE in my area by the end of the year.  The data is considerably slower but it will be faster once i get LTE activated in my area so that is the only issue i have with them

      • Daniel Holmstock

        thanks man – but this is ONE of many NOT listed here – dont get me wrong I love the bill – but i am also losing signal in areas where i always had it – and we dont have enough time to discuss all the issues, my complaint here is just merely to expound on the title of the article with real testimony. 

  • Dakota

    Cue the Tmo apologists..This & over 500,000 postpaid losses…Mngmnt is always ignoring factd & making bad decisions..Yes cs is getting so bad w lying rude uninformed employees…which is enuf to make u switch..i have let my contract lapse & switched to prepaid 30 awaiting my next best offer..Terrible marketing choices; no iphone; no lte; higher phone prices on sg3 which contradicts value message; often only 2 premium handsets; releasing phones like note late while note 2 is on the verge; hard to explain rate plans; confusing mkt

    • Bill

       Correction 557,000 postpaid losses!  The 200,000 number is adjusted to include prepaid numbers like those that buy the $0.99 SIM card kit. 

  • I used to love this company and would always defend them from people who thought less. I even worked at T-Mobile for a bit, good experience, but lots needs to change. Company and consumers. AS a company I believe T-mobile needs to step back and re-evaluate its goals and stop trying to have its hands in so many jars. Yes, there is business out there in other sections like business users, ect but when you over reach you lose sight of what made you better and more profitable.

    It doesn’t help that there seems to be almost no training of “sales” people anymore. They dont know how to ask the right questions to right fit someone in to a proper product and service they just spew info til the customer says ok. Most often at the lowest price or perceived “value”.

    These are just a few things “I” see as an issue with many more as well, but at the core T-mo needs to step back re-evaluate or more losses are due to happen and with it jobs and more.

  • john johnson

    I think it stems from T-Mobile having too many different, plans, prices, promotions and exceptions. Sales staff can’t seem to keep up with it. You want to make customers happy? make it simple like prepaid. Customers just want what they purchased, without any surprises, or the need to call someone to fix it.

  • Ne0

    Problem is T-Mobile are like the carrier encourage third party vendor to do business, basically to rip off customer gimmeck gave them cash in front but you get no phone, later one if you accident or mess the plan, you lose all those cash, it happed to me.  Always read you contract don’t trust what the operator told you.  

  • George

    This was the only reason I switched from Sprint to T-mobile, and look at them now :(

  • Brandon

    Also been with them for over 10 years… and have been holding onto my upgrade for over 6 months waiting for the Note to be released.  I finally ordered the Galaxy Note yesterday morning at 9:30 MST (tried to order it at 6:30 MST, but the CSR told me that the system was “down” and he couldn’t place the order so I had to call back).  I even upgraded to overnight because I’m so excited about this device!  Although the phone was $299 (before $50 mail in rebate), they also charged me $33.66 for “Taxes & Fees”, $24.99 for next-day shipping (would only be $5 for “normal” S&H), and $36.00 for an Upgrade Fee, bringing the grand total to $394.64.  This morning at 8:00 AM MST I received a text that my phone is on backorder. :(  …really!?!?!  I called to get more clarification on why it was backordered less than 9 hours after it was made “available” and received no explanation.  The CSR did say that they’re expecting another order of them tonight, so I “might” get it by Saturday.  The killer: there’s still nothing on the website which indicates they’re out of stock!  I live in a more rural area, so it’s not available in any of the retail stores(I called the store but that guy told me they didn’t receive any) so I’m stuck here waiting with only the hope that Tmobile really does get another shipment of Notes.

    • kalel33

      Upgrade fee is $18 and express shipping is $19.99.  I call BS on your entire post,  

      • Gouv

        I pay 30 for my upgrade fees on Verizon and AT&T. Work and personal. It sucks to say the least which makes me appreciate the 18 upgrade fee.

        • kalel33

          I’m positive that the upgrade fee with AT&T and Verizon is $36, not $30.

        • Gouv

          You’re actually right which really sucks for anyone on AT&T or vzw. I could t remember the actual number so I rounded down…. Should have rounded up!

  • nerdlust

    My experience with t-mobile has always been good and fair. I pay less then my friends that have other networks. My sensation 4g run smoothly. T-Mobile has some great phones and maybe first carrier in America to offer quad core. i can’t leave to pay more for less services that’s crazy…

  • Truthdetector

    There is an easy answer to T-Mobiles issues here…..

    The fact:

    Most of T-Mobile’s stores have over the past 2 yrs reduced headcounts drastically.  Some store are expected to service there customer base with only 2 employees at the store, which sometimes is a manager and a rep.  Some stores are expected to operate “Normally” with little more than 110 labor hours a week (store open 72 hrs a week).  Think about that that would be less than 2 people working each hour.  

    What do you expect?  It can’t be that many of these same employees were there when T-Mobile was on TOP of JD power.  

    If you ask me, the main factor is quality time and fast attention to customers that has been impacted by reduced staff.

    What do you think?

  • Taron19119

    Well I’m hopping the rumors are true that 2013 DT well have t-mobile go IPo

  • JB

    I finally used my upgrade recently to get the Galaxy S III (with the last upgrade being the G1) and they were nothing but awesome to me! Even when buying my other phones full retail, be it on the phone, the web or in store, I’ve had a seamless transaction. With that said, I think the problems at the end of the day are: 

    -Higher subsidies: Most people look at the upfront price and don’t realize that they are saving in long run.. so at first glance it doesn’t look like a deal to them. Particularly for people who shop online, because there’s no one there to explain that. Even still, I don’t know if all T-Mo employees are sharing it like it should.

    -Confusing Value Plans: Which still carries a higher upfront cost than the other carriers by at least $30. Add that to spreading the rest of the value of the phone over 20 months, then it leaves them wondering why in the heck are they paying full retail, not realizing they are saving MORE money than the Classic Plans. This one’s even more confusing to explain.

    -Mail in rebates: You’re paying more upfront just to wait for a rebate that you may or may not be eligible for. Even if you receive the rebate, your net upfront is still more than the other carriers

    -Phone selection: I think Magenta is getting better at it, but they dropped the ball on their in-house brands (Where’s the Sidekicks and the G-Series? MyTouch is a joke now) Not to mention while the other carriers got the One X or the variant while T-MO got the One S and now they’re FINALLY getting the Note… Who knows when or if T-Mobile gets the iPhone.

    Just my two cents… I could be way off base. :-)

    • BigMixxx

      Yes!  confusing Value Plans!  

      I feel like if a salesperson has to sell me on the cost benefit of a plan, then it’s not worth the discussion.  

      • JB

        So true… I got my mom and sis on value plans.. When I was explaining how it works, they were STILL confused. I just finally told them, “Hey, you don’t really upgrade like, EVER since you love taking my hand-me-downs, so you’re basically saving 20 bucks a month vs Classic” THAT they understood.

        Moral of the story: Value plans are very confusing, but great if you understand it and even better if you are bringing your own device. Which in that case you should just go Monthly 4G unless you want the option of getting a new device on a payment plan. 

        • 21stNow

           I think that T-Mobile should get rid of MIRs.  I think that those hurt the scores in wireless purchase experience.  I have never had to deal with MIRs on AT&T and like my purchase experience (for the most part) with them.  I didn’t like MIRs (because I never mailed it in, my fault) on VZW from years ago.

          One reason people would choose postpaid over prepaid is the lack of roaming available on prepaid. 

        • JB

          MIR’s are pointless. Once again it’s one of those things that I understand why they do it, but people will find a way to work the system one way or another… Not to mention those who forget to mail in the rebate. (I remember missing the rebate deadline on the original T-Mobile Shadow) On top of that, T-Mobile’s subsidies as they are now are high enough without the added cost of MIRs… 

          I totally forgot about the lack of roaming… Which was probably one of the main reasons I don’t do prepaid in the first place.

        • kalel33

          I was a rep with T-mobile and when I opened a regular account I went with the Value plan, even though I already had the HTC Amaze.  I did this for one reason only…..extended warranty.  I will never have to buy another phone again.  If you get a high end phone, have a problem with the phone a couple of years later, and they don’t have that phone in stock anymore then they get you a new high end phone.  I seen old ass phones from 3 years ago get a Galaxy S 2 when I was there.  

          If not for extended warranty then I’d be on Monthly 4G.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I find it odd that Tmobile is in last place AGAIN. I have had nothing but good experiences when having to call into Tmobile. In fact they tried calling me multiple times to take a survey, however I was at work so I couldn’t answer the call. Since I knew what they wanted I actually called them back to take the survey because of what they have done for me the last few times I called.. I also gave them a solid 5 across the board. While the multiple calls over and over to take the survey were a little annoying and almost harassing, which isn’t Tmobile’s fault because they use a third party for the survey, I knew I had to do my part for the great customer service they have given me. They are an Awesome carrier who definitely gives their customers the best value and service. Whether anyone agrees with me or not, I am one happy long term customer.

    • WirelessRefugee

       That’s the trouble, there’s people who post in here that because his or her experience was “good,” that that means there’s not a problem.

      While YOU may find it “odd” about T-Mobile placing last, surely you don’t think that YOUR experience is the only measure by which TMOUS should determine if there’s a problem.

      Myself, I have been telling T-Mobile executives over the past two years that they need to search Google under “T-Mobile complaint” to see what’s the pulse of the nation in regards to T-Mobile’s reputation.

      Then again, sticking one’s head in the sand, that can be good. As the old saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

      • JB

        …Or instead of Googling “T-Mobile complaint” David could just forward the comments section of all the articles on this subject… because if you tally up all the complaints on here, across all of these types of articles, it far outweighs any praise they get… my experiences are usually good to great, but I’m not blind to see that there are problems with how they are going about things.

        • WirelessRefugee

           I agree. Back when I was really active on this blog I was hopeful that TMOUS was checking the site to see what was going on.

          Alas I never got the impression that anyone was doing that, nor that anyone cared.

          Then the acquisition happened and everyone at TMOUS (correctly) sounded the alarm and focused on finding a job.

          And then Herr Humm abandoned ship. (He correctly saw the writing on the wall and he was done doing what he was sent here to do, sell TMOUS).  But Herr Humm is important in the equation because his actions were contradictory or diluted to being meaningless, e.g., all those “rah rah, yea T-Mobile” messages he dispatched to the minions.

          I think all Humm cared about was getting a few dates with the T-Mobile girl. :)

          In any event, TMOUS is now a ship with no captain and it is headed for the beach, in danger of running aground.

  • BigMixxx

    Hurts to watch this happen.  

    Maybe the new CEO will change things…I know a couple things for sure:

    1)  Value plans are good; Keep them.  Reduce the initial cost though to really give the best value.  Value Plans at the same price as the competitors subsidized plans are not Valuable.

    2)  Classic Plans should match up with devices that competitors have.  GSIII was 279 and everyone else was 199 subsidized.  C’mon Son…With T and ATT having VERY similar devices, there is NO way they should continue to charge the subsidized pricing that they have been doing in the past. 

    4) Push the Monthly 4g like a mutha and bring your device plans.  Once the network marries up with what ATT has, things will change. 

    5)  Monthly 4g is brilliant.  

    6) Where is the outspoken CEO? 

    7) Usain Bolt running through the airport?

    • JB


      On the Value Plans: Even if they reduced the initial cost but slightly raised the installment cost.. it would look slightly more appealing on the front end… Though what they don’t tell you when they are selling the Value Plan is that at the Point of Sale, they charge you tax on the full retail price of the phone as opposed to taxing the installment. Which that could be sticker shock in and of itself.

      On the Classic Plans: I understand why they do what they do as far as pricing is concerned, so I’m sort of cool with the upfront because I’m saving on the back end, but still at the end of the day 279 vs 199 is ridiculous to most general consumers. Add in the MIR… GOODNIGHT GRACIE! What’s worse is that you can get the same device for around the standard subsidized price if you go through other channels than TMO directly. Which leads me to believe that they jack up the subsidy on the Classic Plans to power sale you into the Value Plans. That is just wrong and slightly unethical. At LEAST lower it to 230 if you’re so bent on gouging folks.

      On Monthly 4G: I said in my post below that they need the iPhone, which I think it’s a nice device to have in their line up to be on par with everyone else.. but hopefully when the refarming is complete.. they sell up the Monthly 4G and BYOD big! Just imagine all the disgruntled ATT customers bringing their fully compatible phones over to Magenta. Mass exodus anyone?

       On the CEO: Outspoken or not.. let’s just hope he’s not super shady..:-)

      On Usain Bolt: I’m not sure where you were going with that, but once TMO gets their LTE up and running (see what I did there?) I smell marketing gold (see what I did there??) with using him to advertise T-Mobile’s LTE speeds…

      • BigMixxx

        Yup…That’s where I was going with the the Usain Bolt thingy….Lock him in now!    Marketing Gold!  Nice move.

        Imagine at a Race track, Slow start like he had in the olympics, then turns in a record run.  You can place in Carl Lewis (Verizon — Old and Big), Ben Johnson (Sprint <— LOL), Deon Sanders (Yes…Prime Time = ATT) and Bolt…..Recognized individual, Has the right name…Bolt = Fast = Lighting = LTE ( <—- like that, eh?).  


        • JB

          Haha. Amazing!.. They should hire you as head of marketing… Just sayin’…

        • BigMixxx

          and I will take that check!  

    • WirelessRefugee

       I am not aware that any exec of note wants the TMOUS president position.

      • BigMixxx

        I think that’s part of the problem; trying to recruit a well known person. Don’t get a well known person.  Get a relative unknown that has enough experience to run a company and not depend on the bottom dollar as a guide, but making sure they push the company forward.  T mobile is still profitable, so it’s really time to take a last effort in pushing the company forward.

        Sprint sure isn’t.   Dan is marching forward as best as possible…with little to no spare cash…

    • Roger

      The problem with the value plan is that you can only get the corresponding phones from tmo, and they are definitely being sold at a markup, so you are still at their mercy for your overall pricing.  The Galaxy Nexus radically changes this dynamic, but what it teaches people like me is to avoid buying a phone from tmo.

      Where tmo is screwing up is in not making your phone service a compelling part of your life.  Everything about their plans is about rationing.  You are trained from day one to limit calls, texts and data.  You know that doing anything (eg adding or reducing limits) will result in tedious calls, contract extensions and who knows what else, so you are trapped by the limits.

      Meanwhile everyone (non-cell carriers) else is about taking away limits and rationing.  Do you have to care about call minutes with Skype, IM message counts or the average size of your emails?  Are you comfortable handing out your Facebook/Twitter/Skype/Google Talk account but wary doing so for your phone number?

      Here is how I would fix this:

      I would make the plan be unlimited everything at one fixed price (eg $50) including all taxes and fees.  No more rationing.  I would then prioritise traffic based on usage.  For example when a tower is nearing capacity for data I’d give priority to folks who have used the least amount of data.  I’d offer paid upgrades for higher priority, again proportional to usage.  This approach means that people who don’t use their phones that much get good access, and those who use them a lot slowly get lower priority (but they’ve already had high priority earlier on in their usage).  I’d try to teach customers to use SMS more – it is very strongly tied to your phone and hence a lot harder to substitute.

      An alternate approach is to be like Google.  Get rid of almost all support, nickle and dime at every opportunity, grow a thick skin and see what you can get away with.  Justify it by claiming to be the cheapest around.

      • BigMixxx

        That’s too much time spent managing the service….Remember it’s a phone company first.  Data is just gold, so why not just focus on the gold….

        If you want people on smartphones and data driven devices, then entice them to those devices. The best thing to do? Reduce service plans to a max of 10 dollars (talk and text, NO WEB), 15 dollars, talk, text, picture messaging.  20 Dollars — drop in 2 gig of data..and increase data plans to maximum of 50 dollars for 10 gig.  This makes the profit margins higher, because the focus is on DATA, something that drives profit margins.  The sales teams can sell phones with messaging ALL DAY LONG. The conversations are much easier.  Whatever it takes to drive the golden portion of revenue…data…do it.  It’s just the right thing to do.  This will help decrease churn (Because people like to know they are getting the best bang for their buck’.), maximize revenue (Data is free money to the bottom line, especially with T mobile’s operating costs being the lowest in the industry) and people flock to inexpensive, especially with children.  I wish I could run T mobile for the next quarter.  I’d hit the banks up for money (yes I would).  I’d salary employees higher, to giving them more to care more…(I’m one for paying teachers 120K a year)…First, I’d lock a deal with Apple and iPhone…that’s a given….Only way to really attract potential customers and stay on par with the other carriers.Next, salary for these employees….I’d go on a workshop/roadshow rampage.  If I have a state with three major cities, I’m doing workshops for the elderly, focus on the kids, teenagers, etc.  There is SO much a marketing department can do, with a little spend to get into the community…There are about 10,000 stores in the US.  I would visit every single one of them on a free and open schedule, I’d hit these streets, solicit these plans, hold workshops for understanding the wireless industry (heard it hear first), be upfront and honest about mobile phones.  I’d have a phone in EVERY household, using my network. (REPLACE YOUR HOME PHONE WITH US), focus on the elderly with workshops, get into these schools to show kids the value so they can tell their parents.

        That’s my take…I’m tired….Now on to whine about the Teradata Backup solution

        • Tbyrne

          BigMixxx, you’ve got my vote!

        • Gouv

          Though I personally like your idea, I don’t think it would bring in the much needed bacon. Tmo is ALMOST in dire straits with poor support from DT. You would need to be the tmobile of 2006 – 2008 to do this sans iPhone of course. Also, I don’t think apple will even negotiate and agreement now that sprint dug themselves in a serious hole. If anything you can pull it off unsubsidized. Btw this fantasy CEO game is kinda fun! I also like your idea of attacking the elderly with service. However, there are lots of old people outside of major metropolitan areas so you’d have to beef up coverage reach. All in all I think you have a healthier perspective than most of tmo uppers agement.

        • BigMixxx

          Yeah, I’m digging it too…@davidtmonews:disqus you, should start a thread in the forum or here ‘What would you do if you were CEO?’ and send it to T mobile PR….
          See if they start a campaign: Make T mobile ‘Your Mobile Phone Company’, neat little things like changing the SIM name to say BigMixxx or customizing your upgrade options,  I’ll pay extra to get upgrade eligible pricing for 2 devices per year, I’ll buy a home phone line only, etc, etc, etc….

          Something has to change though.  Folks can’t continue to do the same thing over and over and expect something to change.  (definition of crazy).  
          Apple is in a good position. they have a ton of cash and a model for keeping them coming…
           They really don’t have to negotiate pricing, as they focus on a niche market.  Apple is putting pressure on T mobile, it’s just the pricing model does not fit.  Note how they are NOT saying the ‘it’s up to apple story’ again.  The refarming, the adjustments to the network all are to fit more than apple, but the largest reason is apple.

          Hell, I can’t wait for it to finish, so I can get a padphone….

  • Roger

    I had a miserable time recently switching to a value plan (been a customer since 2007).  I ended up speaking to seven different reps and was hung up on 3 times.  And then the bill came and was a complete work of fiction.  (In two months of bills I got charged 6 regulatory fees!  They had numerous charges and unexplained credits.  Numbers didn’t even come close to adding up.)  It also turns out that the bills they show the reps differ (a lot) from what they show the customers online.  My last call took just over two hours, and it took the rep 1 1/2 hours to work out what the heck my bill was saying and she had access to the internal view.

    Then they pull stunts like when you order a value plan online you are forced to also get a SIM card.  They put it in the mail and it will take almost a week to get to you.  Imagine you are tmobile.  When would you start charging for service?

    1: The day you put the card in the mail2: The day the customer receives it in the mail
    3: When the SIM card is first used on the network

    Of course the answer is 1.  Their justification is that you could have used your own SIM card calling in to get it working on that same day.  You are supposed to deduce this via them forcing you get one.

    This immediately gives a customer hostile experience to people new to the plan.  The rep even mentioned how often they got calls about it.

    They did start sending me an SMS survey yesterday.  Of course it refuses answers like “I have no choice due to a contract” instead insisting on a number 1 through 5.

    • UglyPete

      what the heck were you trying to do? new sim cards?  no idea what you got yourself into.

  • TMoFan

    T-Mobile keeps gutting things like customer service and increasing subsidies, and all that shows up in these surveys. They’re doing what they have to to remain profitable but it does come at a cost. T-Mobile is leaderless without a permanent CEO and their plans are all over the place confusing customers (it’s impractical to expect a potential customer to pull out a calculator even if they’re saving money). I think the next few quarters will be just as bad too until the network modernization is complete and compatible with more phones, including iPhone, and release 10 LTE. Then it’ll be up to T-Mobile to ADVERTISE it.

  • WirelessRefugee

    Face the facts. T-Mobile’s CSRs (on the phone) have the reputation of being cheats, dishonest, incompetent, rude, mean and condescending. This has nothing to do with “confusing plans,” the iPhone, or unknowledgeable store employees.

    Here’s some complaints. People are calling the PUC, AG, FTC, FCC, and BBB.

    Query: What would you think of YOUR reputation if your customers were calling all these agencies to complain about YOU?

    In 2010 I mentioned that if I were TMOUS I would designate a small department to do nothing except police these complaints and attempt to resolve the problems complained about.





    • JB

      In this study, phone sales rank third in the order of importance. While what you say has merit.. it’s only one piece of the overall picture. Sure people complain about those things, but in the broader scheme of things, pricing, plans, and device availability plays a bigger role than what you are making it out to be. You can’t say all that other stuff doesn’t matter when it’s a part of the metrics that they are being judged on.

    • Guesty

      Face the facts. Tmo service is now garbage. 

      This is coming from a 7+ year loyal customer who used to LOVE the great service that we used to get. Now I get harassed by store reps and phone reps keep pushing me to buy more junk services. :( What happened tmo?

      • Hirmdog48

        Leave then! Why complain about it?

        • MisterBlue

          He’s complaining because that’s how things get fixed.  Customer service is alot easier to fix than cell reception or data speeds.  Not doing anything about it and telling people to leave is why Tmo is losing 200,000+ customer in a quarter.

      • Prakash.TV

        Been a bit longer with them. Yes, they are a crumpling company. They lie and cheat to keep our accounts.

  • Anton Yatsenko

    I called T-Mo rep and he told me “What do you want me to do?!!!!” Rude mofo!

    • Bratty

      I kinda agree with the rep – what exactly do you want him to do about this survey?

    • jephrey garcia

      He wasn’t being rude. You’re acting like you’re entitled and want someone to do something about an issue that they have no control of. Move to a different house with clear signal. Stop whining, do something about it. 

  • Hal J.

    I talked to Angela from their “Executive Department”, she tried to INTIMIDATE me. That is for being a loyal 9 year customer and for being patient with the signal issue in my home area. A  problem and an issue that has not been resolved for 26months.

    • Think With Your head

      So why keep it. As a Tmobile employee I am sick of hearing this. We as employees CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR SIGNAL!! We hear it daily we are NOT at the top of the chain. If for 26 months you have had a terrible signal and you continue with T-Mobile even though the contract is 22 months you are the one with a problem. 

      • Hal J.

         thanks for your reply tmobile employee. pretty smart telling me  that you are an tmobile employee and telling customer that i am the problem. hmmmm, maybe you forgot to read the article

        • Think With Your head

          Its pretty dumb that you continue to pay for something that does not work for you but you want to come and complain in our stores and to our call centers. its like abuse if you don’t like it..leave it. Why stay somewhere that isn’t a benefit to you? Oh I know why it is because of the cost. Use wi-fi calling and cut it out.

        • Hal J.

           after having a very long signal problem, 20 months to be exact after many, many times talking to one of you (customer care and technical support) somebody decide to tell me about wi-fi calling. 20 months, so i asked tmobile if they are going to share my internet bill for using another company so i can use my phone. hmmm

        • Bajamin

          You are beyond stupid. It’s this simple;
          1) If coverage is poor, move to another company. T-Mobile (or any company) does not guarantee service everywhere. It’s still a CELLULAR phone
          2)Use the FREE wifi calling feature that only T-Mobile offers
          3)Request a signal booster
          Not every company is a right fit for everyone. Why would they share your bill? It cost NOTHING to use wifi calling and they are giving it to you for FREE on T-mo’s end. You are a moron. Please go to boost mobile. 

        • Enough with the personal insults, what is wrong with everyone that everything needs to delve into personal attacks. I’m tempted to require moderation of all comments in order to clean these up.

        • Bajamin

          Actually David the personal attacks serve a purpose. They keep people from posting things(or at least make them think twice) that are completely false without thinking it through. People formulate opinions of companies off of the comments people leave on websites such as these. If people post stupid things they need to be called out so others know they are incorrect. If I just said “you are wrong” he would continue to bash a company that is not at fault for his current situation. 
          I personally feel you should moderate the people who bash a company without VALID complaints just because they don’t understand how things work. If stupidity is not corrected then it will continue to fester. Everyone before me responded basically nice and he just kept his position. So maybe if everyone pointed out how stupid the complaint is he would cut t-mobile and the employees some slack. OR he can just have them build a multi million dollar tower on his property to make him happy. 

        • The ONLY thing the personal attacks do, is stop new posters from commenting out of fear that you will disagree with them and rip them apart. They absolutely DO NOT stop people from posting more, that’s so far from the truth I don’t even know how you can possibly support saying that. 

          What’s “stupid” to you isn’t “stupid” to others. End of story. Bashing people who have complaints because they don’t know things work…think about that, they don’t now how things work, so maybe explain it to them rather than bashing them for it? 

          Honestly, your entire comment was stupid. You just made my point for me. See how easy it is? You disagree with me and I call you stupid, because you made a stupid comment, because you think you know what’s right and how things work, everyone else is stupid, when in fact the only person who looks like an ass is you. 

          Works both ways. The bottom line is I’m not going to follow your logic, because it isn’t logical and if I did follow what you suggested, it would only get worse, but thanks for playing. 

          End of example. 

        • JB

          You hit the nail on the head David… I was just typing something along those lines! I’m all for heated and passionate debates as long as it’s done with decorum… I think moderation wouldn’t be a bad idea in the slightest. Though, I would hate to have to see you spend too much of your time moderating and approving comments when that time could be spent providing the awesome content you deliver to your TMONEWS faithful. :-)

        • Bajamin

          You make no sense at all. you are saying it’s okay to attack a company and the people who work there, but not posters on YOUR website. Totally logical. Now I see how I made no sense at all but you are right *sarcasm*

          also not knowing how things work then bashing a company IS STUPID. “Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless”

          I know this is your site and this is all about visitor numbers. But please don’t try to act like bashing a company and it’s employees is fine but doing the same to the person complaining is not. 

          This is all about site traffic, and I get that. So I will “be nicer” but won’t for a minute think that my logic is flawed because of your OPINION and lack of understanding of definitions. You run a site that people formulate opinions about T-Mobile from. Maybe you should be less callous in your letting people bash (for no GOOD reason) the company that makes you a living. 

        • No, my point was to make no sense at all, and to invite a response like the one you did which was well formulated and succinct, all while doing it without calling me names. 

          In any regard, I don’t really have any desire to tell people what they can and cannot say on here, I just want them to do it with a little less vulgarity and whole lot less personal attacks. 

        • Prakash.TV

          Here’s a VALID COMPLAINT for You. Read it: I have been a T Mobile customer for 9 years. T-Mobile is a crumbling company – there are issues from May of 2012 that they are yet to resolve on one of my lines. Their advanced tech team is a piece of joke. When i do get to call customer service, my issues that were resolved were not resolved in as many as 7-12 calls in a single day. I hardly call them anymore – don’t have that kind of time. They lie to you now to keep your account. I have been lied to a lot this month. Feel cheated by them. Managers are rude as well, and put you on hold without consent. Reps don’t concur on available features and services. T-Mobile is a shame. The only good thing about them is their value. I hope they will get back to be the great company they once used to be when i first ported in my 5 lines to them in 2003. ~ Prakash, October 23 2012

        • Hal J.

           maybe bajamin did not get the wi-fi calling and how it works. im not a techie , but will try to explain with common sense. for wi fi calling to work, you will have to connect to an internet service. meaning you will need to have an internet service a side your from cellphone (tmobile) provider. now people just like me are paying two companies to have their smartphone working in areas you do not have any reception. for me it in the area where i live.

          if you are willing to pay my early termination fee, you send it through western union. or maybe you can pay for tmobile to build a cellphone tower in my area, so their customers will have a signal in this area. just saying

        • Gouv

          Look man.. Plain and simple. You know tmo loyalists are here. So why are you instigating these people. Stop whining on a forum and move onto a better carrier if you can. There’s no ball and chain attached to your agreement with them. So I reccomend that you just move on instead of using this as an opportunity to degrade tmo employees because you had a bad experience with their co-workers.

        • Tbyrne

          Thanks gouvy. Common sense isn’t dead after all.

        • Hirmdog48

          I’m a customer and I even thin we are too entitled.Stop acting like these cell carriers owe you the world. If you”re not happy, leave! Hal j knows tmobile is a great value but he chooses to complain to justify his dilemma. He knows if he goes somewhere else he is gonna get owned by expensive rate plans and coverage that is marginally better.

      • Hal J.

         thanks for the reply, tmobile employee. Thanks for telling you are a tmobile employee and thanks for telling a customer that the customer is the problem

        • Stephen_P

          Thanks* Tmobile* Tmobile*

    • jephrey garcia

      Move house that has better reception. Asking a T-Mo sales rep over the phone to do something about your weak signal is like asking them to part the red sea so you can cross through it. That is out of their control. I’ve been w/ T-Mobile since 2004, my signal has been CRYSTAL CLEAR – your area is the problem and yet you stayed with them. How stupid and arrogant of you!

      • Hal J.

         jephrey. i did not ask them to part the red sea. maybe next time i move, you can pay my mortgage and all  the stuff that comes with it. tupid

        • Stephen_P

          Spell check before using words like “stupid” to insult will help you create a better arguement.

        • Hal J.

           is ghetto – tupid

    • Helena

      you do know that all cellphone signal is sending from the carrier’s towers, not from the Executive Office, right? 

  • Fender41

    After many terrible interactions with T-mobile reps, both in store and over the phone, I actually called JD Power & Assoc to have them explain to me why they had given them such a good review previously.  Obviously they have caught up on the reality of how T-Mobile’s support team actually is.

    • Hirmdog48

      @Fender41. If Tmobile is so terrible for you, why are you on a website dedicated to information about them? If I hated a company, I would try not to car so much about them…

      • Fender41

        Saw the post on twitter, figured I would chime in.

      • Fender41

        I also must note that I am stuck in a contract with them, which is soon coming to an end.  Three characters that could help you understand the start of my frustration: G2X

  • Gouv

    I’m most surprised at sprint’s performance!!  they were on the bottom of everything just a few years back.  Good turn around!!  

    As for tmo….   I just hope they can turn this stuff around or just fold completely and break independent from DT and do it right!

  • Robo

    I called customer service a week ago to look into an early upgrade for my contract. While I was eligible and the customer service rep was very nice my basic problem with the experience was that she was now knowledgable about the offers that we’re available to me. She quoted a buy one get one free deal for Samsung and told me I could get the galaxy s3 free with that deal. She could not get the deal to go through on her computer, and low and behold the deal was if you buy and s3 you could get a lesser samsung phone for free. I had a feeling that was the problem, but wanted to see if she could fix it for me with her manager. She called me back a couple of hours later and explained the problem. The thing is that I knew that about the deal from reading this website, but she didn’t? That seems implausible, but I have also had the workers in the Tmobile store near me seem like they were absolutely clueless about what is going on. That along with the lack of options with the phones takes a toll on my wanting to stay with tmobile.

  • Mloudt

    1st off i’m a happy tmo monthly 4g customer who buys any phone i want off craigslists so i’m just like you contract customers with the high end phones except i have no contract haha to you haterz of us smart monthly 4g customers. 2nd i’m not taken up for sprint but i’m not shocked their number 1. i signed sprint contract in January 2010. i get tired of people bashing sprint for no reason. lets get the facts straight t-moble has faster data than sprint and through a roaming aggreement with att, t-moble is able to get some coverage in areas where sprint can’t, so these are two ways that you could say t-mobile has sprint beat. but sprint has better customer service and their plans aren’t bad or expensive either, in fact they are just as good as t-mobile. a lot of contract people on t-mobile complain that if you change your plan they still charge you $200 fee well not with sprint which is another advantage they have. when i had sprint in 2010 it was before they had the truly unlimited $79.99 plan and my plan was like $55 monthly well i went over and it totaled $200 plus. sprint gave me the option to upgrade to the next higher plan so i didn’t have to pay the overage fee. i paid $85 for the next plan and didn’t have to pay the overages. my point of that example was to show you you can switch monthly plans back  in forth forth and back lol and not be charged extra like people have said for t-mobile.
    lastly t-mobile talks about they are refarming this year and next year releasing lte. well people you all assume t-mobile is releasing lte early 2013. more than likely they are going to release lte 2nd quarter, probably the same time sprint released lte this year except next year for t-mobile. maybe you haven’t heard  sprint is refarming their network is called shutting down their iden network they already decommsioned 9,400 nextel towers with the complete shutdown scheduled for June 2013. sprint is going to recommission these towers to improve their 3g cdma and lte data and voice networks. by sprint shuttiong down the slow iden network and retuning it they will be saving billions. they are already making smart moves by putting their slow “4g” wimax old devices on their prepaid brands boost and virgin. also sprint is unloading them old iphones on virgin brand in order to sell some of them iphones from the deal they made with apple. plus i heard sometime in september they will unload more old iphones on boost. with them releasing lte two weeks ago sprint only has it in a few markets but is still ahead of t-mobile in lte and by the time t-mobile has lte i’m assure sprint lte would have grown to a lot more markets. i live in houston,tx and on my freind’s evo wimax device we were watching youtube video and the speeds weren’t that bad. also when i had sprint if i had a problem and i called them not only would they fix it. but a supervisor would call me the next day to make sure that my problem didn’t come back and to make sure i was satisified thats how good they customer service is. like i said im happy with my t-mobile monthly 4g non-contract plan and i wrote this for the people that bash sprint and they have no idea wtf their talken about. the reasone i left sprint is because i had too lol.

  • Dakota S

    Well we just had another bad customer service experience with the outsourced nonEnglish speaking Prepaid Reps (We may go back on contract but with things like this happening, maybe not).  We refilled our account like we always do a few days ago well ahead of our deadline (like we do every single month – and we also use about the same amount of minutes/data each month too – we have the $30 1500 plan)..Anyway go to use the phone, and it says your service is discontinued until you pay.  The handset an My Tmobile says that too.  Yet I have a receipt of the TMo refill and its been charged to Visa Already.  Finally after hell with an automated system we get the rep. As usual, they dont listen and speak over you. And then theres the script.  We kept telling her that our refill was paid 2 days ago and we have the receipt.  Then she kept saying we had used up our 1500 minutes- which was ridiculous- we used less than 20% of that.  After a lot of back n forth where honestly she was making no sense , she said she would “fix” it.  Apparently her “fixing” included changing the date of the account so in the process we paid for several days she deleted from our billing cycle.  Not a huge deal given the amount of usage t his phone is getting right now…BUT still its the principle.  And even half an hour later, MyTmobile says that our account has not been paid…Yet it also has said all along that we have a $30 balance.  Thats the thing that never made sense; how is the account not paid if you have the money?  you need to apply it correctly.  Thats another annoyance with prepaid.  They give you a reminder to pay – which is great.  But even after you pay, they keep issuing you a reminder every day for like 3-4 days until the deadline.

    Again I know none of this is a big deal – and even one poor rep is not a big deal..The problem occurs when the bad reps are not the exception – they become the rule.  We’ve had bad experiences in the recent year with US-based reps (we had been with Tmobile contract for 8.5 years and the customer service used to be outstanding)…The Prepaid ones are honestly the worst and it seems most are in the Phillipines..maybe those jobs need to come back to the US.  I know you postpaid people look down on the prepaids – some of us just prefer this for a variety of reasons depending n what your needs are at the moment -but Tmobile is Tmobile and even though they seem to run prepaid as a separate company (you even have to port your number from postpaid to prepaid) it all falls under the Tmobile brand name and thus when people have a bad experience with those prepaid reps, they tell friends and family that Tmo sucks.  Sprint at least has Boost and Virgin so its under another name.

    Again I know this is trivial but its my frustration with a new problem every month or two – and the dread of calling 611 and knowing youre in for a horrible experience with a rep who doesnt seem to understand anything you say.

    • MisterBlue

      I think you hit the nail on the head with your last statement.  I used to tell people that I will always stay with Tmobile because their customer service was top notch.  However, now I’m like you.  I dread calling 611.  Either they don’t understand what you’re saying when it doesn’t fit the script or they don’t do what you asked for, like changing something on your plan.  The store reps around me are still good but you can tell even they dread calling their own customer service lines.  

    • Gouv

      Why not give sprint a try? They are much closer in price to tmo, much more so than AT&T & VZW.

  • whocares

    This is what I expected .. Take my job and give it to someone in another country after giving us some stupid speech about getting back to our roots which was the customer is 1st.. what a joke .. customers are dead last you proved that when you took my job to give it to someone out of this country.. your service sucks and so does your business ethics

  • UMA_Fan

    What ever happened to Sue Nokes?  Wasn’t she responsible for making T-Mobile’s customer care industry ground breaking to begin with?

    T-Mobile NEEDS her back as a leader and T-Mobile will be back on track with these metrics.

    • kalel33

      When Sue left, the entire CS went downhill with all the changes to push sales, with service being secondary.

  • oneiopen

    its funny how all of the changes you make are supposedly better for the company, but you still lose customers and your customer service is dead last… Employees are leaving because they realize that the changes are pointless as most of them are to drive sales to stop the bleeding. The reps were never the problem, how about LEADERSHIP? Bad decisions on device selections, their coverage (which is actually not too bad) and poor marketing has always been the issue. 

    • Gouv

      It’s a consequence of being a subsidiary of DT’s telecom empire. They don’t have the resources to build out. Their money gets siphoned to DT, the poor bastards are fighting and uphill battle. They are probably doing the best they can given their power to actually acquire and buy resource lies within DT’s bosses.

    • BigMixxx

      It’s proper to give employees incentives, not commission on sales.  This is what makes Apple’s model for success work.  Foot traffic in the store, will equal sales.  Stores must be attractive, meaning people must want to come to work to help with the attraction.  ALL Phone stores are the same.  Why not do something different.

      Consumers are hurting because they can’t get the devices they want and the service they want.  They don’t take the time to understand that if you go to verizon, and NOT get an LTE phone, you can’t use voice and data at the same time, or 3g on CDMA is REALLY slow when compared to GSM 3g providers. They don’t get the advantage of being with a GSM carrier.  Tell them, Hey, if you don’t like this phone, come in and buy another and move your SIM card to that one, explain the risks but also explain the rewards.  But to build that relationship, your employee’s must power themselves to help build it.  Salary them up, make a career out of helping them help you….

      Yes, device selection REALLY sucks…That’s slowly changing.  I firmly believe two devices will get them back.  a significant motorola device ( similar to the RAZR or Atrix) and iPhone.  Samsung is in line, I think the padphone will end up being a nexus device (lol) and stop selecting sub tier HTC devices.  Amaze was a good pick, only if they didn’t have the sensation already. and Price them competitively….

  • Dhtjejfjdjs

    If tmobile executives would stop filling their pockets with the commissions they cut from their reps and the salaries from all the reps they fired then outsourced, tmobile would stop loosing so many customers and might move up in jdp power. Go talk to any rep thats been there longer than a year, most will tell you they dont care anymore and are looking for another job. And the new reps they hired, could care less cuz they dont get paid enough to worry about it anyways.


      That’s not how it works. Savings acquired due to the cuts that were made are going to the bottom line and modernization. We also eliminated multiple upper management jobs in order to save money. Cuts did not just happen at the customer care and front line levels. 

      That being said, I do agree that we need to re-focus on customer care and sales. I also think that if we spent more money on building new cell sites we would not have to worry about customer care so much because the network would speak for itself. 

      • HJ

         i have to agree with tmotech. cell sites with LTE then lower your prices for your loyal customers then  sales will add up. the fact that your pricing for new customers are already low. fact is current tmobile customers cannot get the new customer pricing for the phones.

        • BigMixxx

          you know what would be cool?  Let customers upgrade upon new devices arriving, don’t tier them in.  Yes it a hassle, yes it costs money as you eat the subsidy, but to sign a loyal customer up for another two years, is worth the price….
          Somehow T has to get ahead of ATT.  While T does not have the cash, they can get innovative and bring OTHER devices and plan changes to the mix.  T was first to announce unlimited, first to offer android, first to offer a complete wifi calling solution, first to the table with a lot of stuff.  They can get back in the race, just need to spend a little money….

        • JB

          Man you’re right T-Mobile was innovative and daring back in the day… they still show flashes of it now with their Value plan model. It works if you can understand it..

          Even if they couldn’t do what you propose, I wouldn’t mind being eligible for for a full upgrade yearly..Realistically, There’s only two or three major phones that’s worth buying on a year-to-year basis. So I wouldn’t mind a rotation of me paying full retail then getting one on full upgrade. Though I’m totally behind your idea! 

      • Gouv

        All of you techs should form a secret underground alliance and hijack DT headquarters in exchange for tmo’s liberation!! Viva laTmo!!!

  • Johnee

    Wow, att isn’t looking so bad. Apple keynote and the note 2 is next month. Let’s see how many more people jump ship. I predict tmobiles fourth quarter earnings to the years worst.. You read it here first..

    • Spanky

      I jumped ship to AT&T last month, but that was due to a long-term service issue. As long as I get good service, I couldn’t care less about the purchase experience. However, to paraphrase David’s quote, the mighty have most certainly fallen.

  • Marcels81

    Knock yourself out with your apple and att while we tmo customers will enjoy truly unlim data at a fraction of the cost. Oh and with just as good phones with the and improved quadcore htc one x and s3.

  • Prakash.TV

    I have been a T Mo customer for 9 years. T Mo is a crumbling company – there are issues from May of 2012 that they are yet to resolve on one of my lines. Their advanced tech team is a piece of joke. When i do get to call customer service, my issues that were resolved were not resolved in as many as 7-12 calls in a single day. I hardly call them anymore – don’t have that kind of time. They lie to you now to keep your account. I have been lied to a lot this month. Feel cheated by them. Managers are rude as well, and put you on hold without consent. Reps don’t concur on available features and services. T-Mobile is a shame. The only good thing about them is their value. I hope they will get back to be the great company they once used to be when i first ported in my 5 lines to them in 2003.