T-Mobile Launches Samsung T-159, Just $19.99 For Flip Phone Glory

T-Mobile launched the Samsung T159 flip-phone this morning, amidst the glory of the Galaxy Note, we don’t want this little bad boy getting lost in the background. All too often around here we focus on just the smartphone lifestyle, and forget that not everyone is ready to leave their feature phones behind.

The T159 sports a 1.3 megapixel camera, text and picture messaging along with bluetooth connectivity on T-Mobile’s 3G network. It’s not a spec stunner, but then again, it isn’t supposed to be — this is perfect for Mom, Dad, Grandma or anyone who just doesn’t want their whole life tied to a smartphone.

Take a look on T-Mobile’s website.


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  • Deadeye37

    Finally!  A worthy replacement for my Nokia 3550!  I hope they have a demo of parachute lander on there…

    • Spanky

      Maybe they have Crab Catch on it?

      • None

        Sorry guys, it is the Snake II demo.

  • Sam I Am

    I want this phone. Please T-mobile, take my money! I read somewhere else’s that this runs on bada, anyone know what if anything that is? Is it a good thing? I need a regular phone but any cool features will not go unappreciated.

    • Guest

      No it does not

      • Sam I Am

        Obviously you don’t know how to read. It’s says so in the description for the device.

        Now, anyone that actually knows, any info on bada? I know it’s Samsung’s proprietary OS based on Linux, but how is that interesting or cool for a basic phone device like the t159? I don’t need a “smart phone”, I already have a tablet that takes care of most of my mobile needs, so I’m curious about getting a new basic phone to replace my aging Nokia. This looks like a nice feature device.

  • Guest


  • elijah

    Just think, what If flip phones become the thing to have again. I mean they can put smartphone features on them.

    • None

      flip phone smartphone would help save the screen in a fumble.  someone will try it.

  • Dakota

    How is retail 119 when you have some Androis for @ 50-80 more? People prob want prepaid..conttactfree for these phones vs an expensive contract…I had a basic phone 10 months ago on old contract ; my prepaid Android ended up with $20 less per month…and no crazy fees which added 20% to my bill

  • can you teether? LOL j/k

  • Mgmessner

    Is this Quad Core. 

  • Mj73

    I’m sorry. 1997 called, it wants its phone back.

  • Alda

    Bobby Digital is going to love this thread! dream come true for him!

  • My parents just received this as an exchange haha. There not much into smartphones, its simple and easy to use for them. 

    • Bobby Digital

      What phones were replaced? It looks like a good feature phone disregarding the idiotic questions/ posts on this thread. It’s ironic how many morons have smartphones. This is a basic phone people. Its primary function is to receive and make calls. Probably does a better job than some of your “smartphones.”
      Anyway, I’m surprised they are already out in stores considering there was little info on this device (or media coverage).
      And Alda, thanks for caring. This news would have been more interesting before it was already fully available on T-Mobile’s site. I know you find the humor in my interest, but seriously T-Mobile is not just about Android smartphones. A good number of us just want good phone service and we fill our mobile computing needs in other ways. I for example don’t need a smartphone because I have an iPad on Verizon for business. In other words, I don’t have a need for a “smartphone” or it’s added monthly cost.
      I just hope David doesn’t forget the non-smartphone readers. We click on the ad banners just like any other readers if not more.

  • FILA

    im glad to see T-Mobile still releasing these types of phones. As ATT, Verizon and all the other carriers go strictly for smartphones, hardly ever releasing any new “dumb” phones, you need these phones for older people or people who just dont care about the new age. Brings in more customers, also the cheaper plans on T-Mobile, especially prepaid are pretty damn nice

  • Nearmsp

    I find it cheaper to pick up  a prepaid T-mobile phone and then switch it to the contract after activating it for my mom. I appreciate T-mobile continues to sell and support such phones. I don’t see my folks or my in-laws going for a smart phone ever. Each generation is open to new technology, but when I get old, my grandchildren might say, let these people keep their old generation smart phones, we will use what ever the new technology is then.