Conan O’Brien Takes On Apple Vs. Samsung, With Hilarious Results

If you thought late night talk shows didn’t stay up on their tech news, Conan O’Brien out to prove you wrong. The good news? He’s doing it with hilarious results. It’s a short clip at just under 90 seconds, but we’d absolutely pay more attention to the trial if Conan made these videos a lot longer.

Phandroid via TeamCoco

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  • Deadeye37

    Go Team Coco!  I’m glad to see him doing good after he got the shaft from NBC.

    I’d like to see another one where they make fun of Apple…

    • Spanky

      I think they DID subtly make fun of Apple in this video.

  • omnirep

    Ouch !!

  • Jason Crumbley

    Though meant to be funny, this will hurt Samsung far more than anything Apple does at the trial. 

    • Guest

      yeah since this and the exec email from the other day will be deciding factors lol! you people have no idea how the legal system works….

      • Jason Crumbley

        LOL. Use your brain before you try to troll me “guest.” I was talking about public opinion, not the trial. 

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Not very funny.  Also, showing Samsung products with the app drawers open, in comparison to iOS, is pretty stale… I don’t think even Apple would assert consumer confusion or trade-dress dilution can result from the TouchWiz app drawer — even “post-sale confusion” — since no one sees the phone that way except the user.

    • Cybersedan

      This does really get to me, every comparison image shows the phones / tablets with the app drawer open, which is misleading at a minimum or downright deceitful at worst.  If that were the case then every phone’s App drawer (Android, Windows Phone, or even Blackberry) would have stolen from Apple which is clearly not true.

      Apple is just pissed that their tired 2007 app-launcher of an OS is being bulldozed by much more functional and modern technology, their only goal here is to limit the consumer’s choice, which is pathetic.  F*&k Apple!!

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      By the way (coincidentally) — this issue apparently came up in the trial y’day:


    That was dumb

  • George

    As a Samsung’s huge fan, I still found this video very funny:)))) Who cares, both copy from each other, the only difference is that Aple takes it very aggressively (Despite the fact that it uses some of the Samsung’s technologies in their iphones) 

  • Bratty

    This is funny coz its true! Go team coco

  • Dumbazz

    I love how the retarded Android Fanboys are freaking out because they cant tell if this is pro-apple or pro-samsung so they dont know whether they should hate or love it. 

    • Dumbazz

      “OMG I better go to an internet forum so other people can make up my mind for me”

      • Ash

         You better use iphone so apple can make up your mind for you.
        Don’t call other people Morons, you Dumbazz.

  • FILA

    haha funny,

    look how thick that dudes eye brows are

  • Ungibbed

    I thought this was really funny. Then again, I’m a gadget geek and have products from both companies. 

    While Samsungs phones eventually did look rather similar after a number of years after the iPhone hit the market, does anyone remember the first Android phone from Samsung? The SGH-T939 known as the Behold II. 

    It was a really nice feeling phone with great build quality but combined a number of face buttons in addition to the touch screen. Early TouchWiz on Android 1.5 was horrendous. A slide out app drawer from the left side of the screen and the entire OS combo was a disaster. It was the flagship Android phone for a while but it’s great feature of wiping the data from your memory card really annoyed lots of folks and made the Mytouch 3G a raging success. 

    Only when I seen the Galaxy Vibrant did it look something similar to an iPhone, but even the average consumer can tell the difference between a Galaxy series phone from the iPhone before the iPhone 4 which is completely different. 

    Icons, OS elements etc. Why didn’t Apple have a hairball with the BlackBerry Storm? The Mytouch 3G? Who knows. Spite the lawsuit madness they still use Samsung components in the iPhone anyway…

  • WirelessRefugee

    Stefan Jobes here. You all better quit laughing at me…. or else.