Updated X2: Deal Alert: Walmart Selling T-Mobile Galaxy Note For $349.99, No Contract

Update: Sounds like the deal may have been short-lived as many of you are complaining of canceled orders. Perhaps the pricing was a mistake and the influx of orders alerted someone to the problem.  Walmart says the price was incorrectly stated and has canceled all existing orders. Boo. 

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, Walmart is in fact selling the T-Mobile Galaxy Note for $349.99, no contract. They are also selling it for free with a new contract, add-a-line and $29.99 with a qualifying upgrade. In other words, they are decimating T-Mobile’s own corporate pricing.

Yeah, there is almost zero reason to pass this up if the Galaxy Note is on your Radar.


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  • Scarfacemario

    Wtf! I just bought the AT&T version for $430 on Craigslist plus $60 for tmo ..flashing radio on it … ahhhh now I gotta sell this one and buy that one LOL this makes me angry LOL


      Wow dude. Did you miss the fact that we would be launching this? and ours has dual carrier capability for about the same that you spent. 

    • jawash22

      No, keep the ATT version. When TMO gets LTE up and running you’ll be the only Note with it. This Note and the SIII aren’t LTE compatible with new network coming.

      • Wabaloo

        If I’m not mistaken At&t’s LTE and T-Mobile’s upcoming LTE will be running on different frequencies. 

  • Znny23

    Got it for free through customer loyalty :)

    • Dishrag

      Details? Are you on the Value or Classic Plan? 

      THanks :-)

      • Znny23

        Classic plan…told them walmart was offering it at 30$ and would rather buy it through t-mobile so it wouldn’t screw up my data and text. Was stuck on a Galaxy S1 and was offered the note for free! 

        • Bonnie

          I’m hoping I can upgrade my husband and my brother’s phone’s this way. 

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      How do you get to Cust Loyalty? I’ve never been able to get to them easily. 

      • Znny23

        When the automated speaker asks what are you calling about say “contract” 

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          Thanks, I’m going to try it.  I’m not one for calling them and begging for free phones like so many do, but I’ve bee a customer for 11 years and I think I should be able to do it once. 

          And I’d much rather give T-Mo my money than Walmart. 

  • Thomas Li

    I wish it’s Galaxy Note 2

  • NOTE Taker

    Thanks for spilling the beans… Now it’s gone

    • Kevev

       Yup. It’s gone.  :o(

      • TMOTECH

        Click the link above. It opened right up to the page for me. 


      Click the link above. It opened right up to the page for me. 

    • superg05


  • Ahkeen

    yea its not available anymore…can’t even find it on their website

  • Google search wireless.Wal-Mart it’s different from Wal-Mart.com/wireless search galaxy note third one down

  • Rob Daman

    I tried this a few hours ago and got the confirmation and it just now got cancelled. 

    • Wazmow

      Are you on the Classic or Value plan?


    And it is 29.99 with eligible upgrade and contract extension. 

  • Thank you for your recent order from Walmart Wireless.
    Unfortunately, we have been unable to contact you to let you know that we are unable to complete the processing of your new Samsung Galaxy Note. We have cancelled this device and any accessories that you ordered with it. We are also releasing any funds authorized on your credit card for this device.
    Order Number: XXXXX768 
    Rate Plan: No Service – Phone Only 
    Carrier Name: No Carrier 
    Date Cancelled: 08/08/2012

    • whiteiphoneproblems


      • They are all gonna get cancelled, they got flooded.

        • predation

          already got my shipping confirmation # :-)

        • Screenshots please. I haven’t got any new emails beside the original one this far. I hope it does ship

        • Did you do ‘no contract?’ It says I did not pick a carrier or plan

        • None

          I believe that confirmation basicly means that they printed out a shipping sticker, not that is is passed off.

  • BigMixxx

    I KNEW walmart would be killing folks on the price. I think I might now really go monthly 4g….there is no reason not to…

    • tmofan

      Does wifi calling work on monthly 4g?

      • BigMixxx

        IDK…I use the vonage app for my wifi calling, if I use wifi calling….

        This, for 349…whooping on T mobile’s pricing…talk about buying power

      • Yes

  • Ballofice2

    I just checked and it wasnt free for add a line??

  • Ballofice2

    just rechecked free for new contract 79.99 for add a line

  • ceegii63

    so is it still working or not?

    is this a site only thing or are the stores selling it for $349 as well

  • DJWiteboy09

    It’s just the right price for old technology..

  • Mnaz105

    I just ordered one and waiting for a confirmation email to see if this is for real or not. I’ll let you know.

  • They should have to honor the price

    • None

      they do not have to, but often they will anyway to avoid a bad rep. 

  • i ordered it and still have only received the first email thanking me for my order, how long did it take for you to receive the second email canceling your order…… i want this phone but do not want to pay the $600 that tmobile store is offering it…

    • Same here. Awaiting for tracking number email from them.

    • Wazmow

      Same here

    • Wazmow

      The website just kicked my ship date out one day. We’ll see….

  • Steve102680

    Its gone. They have pulled it. I bet someone fat fingered the price. They put a 3 instead of a 6.

    • symsoul

      I wondered the same thing since it’s not available in my zip code (Portland, OR) either.  Seemed to good to be true.  Oh well, more power to those who can get it at that price. 

  • Mardi

    The site won’t sell to my Philadelphia zip code

  • predation

    just got tracking number!

  • Zen

    Yeah, I got an error message politely telling me to piss off.
    That deal is no longer offered.

  • Tatdude806

    Mine says it has been approved, awaiting inventory. So they sold out what was in stock and I will have to wait… That is ok with me for only $29.99… Now let’s see if it actually happens or not…

  • jef benigno

    I would get it, but this phone is just way TOO BIG

    • None

      …things that make me snicker like I am 14

  • Hurycne

    What’s the etf for T-Mobile?

  • Hurycne

    Found it..200 if more than 180 days left…Walmart has it listed free with new line…interesting…

  • i am waiting for the second email, as they say validating my order…. and still no cancellation

    • Wazmow

      I’m on the Value plan, so I’d be paying full price for the phone anyway. Wonder if they’re out of stock already?

  • GwapoAko

    Got my tracking number yahooo!!!!!

    • are you paying the 350, or getting it as a upgrade or replacement phone

      • GwapoAko

        $350 off contract. I am the first one who ordered. LOL

        • Jatt187

          any screen shots to show?

        • GwapoAko

          I’ll post picture of my new Galaxy Note this Friday!

        • both wal-mart wireless and fedex show it validated in route verified etc so geeked what a bargain 

        • GwapoAko

          Satisfied? LOL!

        • sexually yes ! LOL

        • Dumbazz

          Look a$$hole not everyone thinks to take a phuckin screen shot. 

        • GwapoAko

          Relax bro! :0)

    • ceegii63

      talaga lang ha

      • GwapoAko

        OO naman noh!!!!

        • Buti pa kayo.

        • ceegii63

          ahahahahahah all orders cancelled

    • Dakdlak

      Nobody got an tracking number. If so, where is the screenshot, exactly

  • jwtheblueprint

    I ordered 2 hours ago and mine says it has been approved, awaiting inventory. Hopefully I will get a tracking number….

    • are you getting as replacement phone/off contract

      • jwtheblueprint

        I upgraded my device.. It was $29.99

        • thats different, than the straight out price that people are getting cancelled orders, $350 we believe its a mistake, that is why they pulled it from their site. i am still waiting for the cancelled order..

        • jwtheblueprint

          Yeah I was eligible for a full upgrade..

        • my full upgrade is not till August 7th 2013, a year from now, i could get 100 off, but at 350 i thought that would be even less then what tmobile would offer..

  • I’ve been saving screen shots ALL DAY lol off each step in the transaction ! OMG I come home and bam new email it shipped checked with fedex too its been dropped off in transit so they cant cancel it now and there website shows it validated and delivered !!! tooooooo geeked what a great price !

    • GwapoAko


  • rif

    How long to get the second email can anyone tell me plz

  • Guest

    There selling them cheap because of the lack
    ” LTE” Samsung just wanted to dump there overstock
    On the cheap value plan people at T-Mobile. LOL.!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am waiting on the note ll with “LTE” on ” ATT.

    • Little Jimmy

      There, where?

    • Lol by Theory perhaps but it’s all circular theory. Plenty of times more recently I tried data on at&t note and it was about 3 mbps down while hspa+ was over 11 mbps

    • jawash22

      I pay full price, yet i’m cheap..righttt..lol 
      You pay lower price upfront , but more monthly..that would make you not very successful according to people like Trump,Gates,Murdoch,etc..etc..

      • Guest

        I am still very successful and Handsome.!!!!!!!!!!

        • jawash22

          LOL…good one! No harm,no foul.

        • Exibitsugly

           No, you’re not, that pic of you driving is ugly with a capital U!
          Yo mama got hit with the ugly stick

  • Gues

    can’t access the link:(

  • Gibi310

    I wwas able to snag three of them.two off contract and one upgrade! They’ll be here Friday!

    • Gues

       how? I clicked on the link provide on the thread it gave me an errors

      • Gibi310

        I did it in the morning when I saw a user post a comment about 7 hours ago.

        • Gues

           thanks…. i guess they took it off.. can’t find any tmobile note on walmart wireless

    • buddy can you please post screen shots of your order saying it is going to get shipped. that will sure help everybody else how did ordered and their order got cancelled. dont know if we complaint to BBB.ORG might get order shipped!

      • Gibi310

        I was able to get them before everything was taken down. Order was placed around 8am PST and received a confirmation email not long after that.

        • Intekmdma

          I also ordered mine around 8AM PST. received shipping confirmation at noon.  Expected delivery is Friday.

  • Guest

    I’ve been stuck on “Processing” for my order for the last 6 hours. Wonder if it’ll go through.

    • pirateswife

      thats where I am at..I placed my order at 1:27 pm today and its just processing…I have numerous chats saved with customer reps that PROMISE my order will go thru

  • jian9007

    They obviously entered the wrong price. I assume that with the new MyTouch/MyTouchQ also coming out, they entered that price for the Note as well. The MyTouch/MyTouchQ are $349.99 off contract so I’m sure that’s what they did. Would be a great deal if anyone got it to go through completely (as in paying $349.99, having it approved, shipped, and then received without any additional charges to pay). 

  • they cancelled my order and few others too. Can i complaint to BBB.org about this, or its useless ???

    • None


  • Jon

    Crap! This would have been awesome if it was truly that price. I don’t see why it isn’t that price especially since it is an old device (new to T-mobile). Then those who bought it without contract could have used the upgrade for the Galaxy Note 2.

  • Boricua Boy88

    I’m glad I didn’t go through Walmart for mine now…

    I had to get mine by calling T-Mo Customer Care, $262 after taxes w/overnight UPS shipping. I’m in North Florida, and the only 2 markets in the whole state that were carrying the Note in stores were the Orlando and Miami markets, so I got frustrated, then calmed down and called Customer Care, lol. I will admit that I’m curious as to what the Note 2 will look like, but I’m perfectly happy with getting the phone that I’ve been waiting almost 6 months for, paying it off, and possibly getting the Note 2 within a year, if it appeals to me. Who knows, maybe there will even be a Note 3 announced this time next year, that’s T-Mo LTE ready/capable…

    • Rif

      did you update your contract or was it off contract?

      • Boricua Boy88

        Technically off-contract, since I’m on a Value plan. I paid the $236 down payment (My County in FL has 6% sales tax, so it’s $200 + $36 dollars.), and $25 dollars for overnight UPS shipping. I’ll then have to pay $20 on EIP for 20 months, or until it’s paid off. It’s worth it, if you really want it, but don’t have enough for the retail price up front. You save money off of the plan, not the phone, so there’s less chance of bill shock.

        • Alda

          so your going to pay 236 down and $20 for 20 months? You do realize that $636 right?

        • Guest

          On a value plan, if u are paying $20 a month for the next 20 months, do they charge u tax on that $20? If so, then he would be paying more then $636. 

        • bob90210

          The tax is on the full price of the phone. $36 is the tax on total of $600.

  • Sun

    Missed that!

  • pirateswife

    I ordered mine about 1:00 Eastern time..thanks to this site. I got two of them on an upgrade pricing plan with overnight shipping. However

    Thank you for shopping with us! We are
    currently processing your order.We will send you an email with tracking
    information and update this site as soon as it is ready to ship.

    Cancel an ItemReturn Or Exchange an Item

    Estimated ship date:8/9/2012, pending order validation

    Estimated delivery date:TBD

    Phone Number
    Date of Service

    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Transferred After Delivery

    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Transferred After
    Deliverythis is where I am now..I have numerous chats saved with the customer service reps who say they wont cancel my order

  • pirateswife

    I am stuck in this odd limbo with walmart. They say the phone is not in stock…I will keep yall updated on what happens. AN AMAZING deal. gotta love tmonews I read this site everyday checking for deals and tech news. Today (hopefully) it paid off.

    • DannyTheGynecologist

      follow them on twitter… much easier

  • Mnaz105

    Eight and half hours later…order is still processing…to be continued…

    • Rif

      I’m in the same boat, maybe that’s a good sign? Lol lets just see what happens… Keep me posted, il do the same

      • guest

        mine is still processing?! wut the heck..

        • Rif

          after reading it looks like they will prolly just pull back the order

  • None

    Our horrible store (Columbia, MD) didnt even get one, so I have little hope for WalMarts (and the people creap me out there)

  • GeekNerdStuff

    This makes me glad I was able to just pick up my Galaxy Note at a T-Mobile store yesterday. T-Mobile Retentions were awesome on the phone. They paid my monthly bill and lowered the price on the note. It’s an awesome “phablet” device so for anyone with doubts and are spec whores – it performs just as well as an SIII. Just huge.

    • Maribelle

      Wait, how did you do this?  (I am new here) What is T-Mobile Retentions?

      • GeekNerdStuff

        Call T-Mobile Customer Support. When the automated machine asks what you need help with say “contract”. Many people make the mistake of going through regular customer service. They will NOT help you. I was actually able to upgrade a line the day before release and they said I can go in store next day to pick it up and noted my account. I know some stores throughout the states aren’t selling it but as NYC is a bigger market I had no issues. They paid my bill for the month (I checked, Lol.) and they also lowered the price of the note. Depending on which retention specialist you get they will offer you different options. Good Luck!

  • predation

    Wow. All bull shit…
    To update everyone.
    So I just got and email from Walmart saying that their returns department has accepted and received my galaxy notes returns.

    It gave the esn numbers of the two phones that were shipped.

    Wth? How can they say I submitted for a return when I clearly did not initiate anything. Anyone else who got tracking numbers get the same emails?

    • Intekmdma

      I just checked my e-mails and it says the same thing

    • Is that legal? I thought if something rings up they have to give it to you for that price and going further if the customer didn’t initiate a return isn’t THAT illegal now this may qualify for a BBB complaint you can’t forge my name on a request YOU made !!

  • predation

    complete BS. 

    i just got an email (for my shipped phones) that customer care has accepted my returns for the phones and i should be due credit xx amount of business days… 

    so walmart is deceptively changing my order and saying that i initiated a return?

    complete BS. 

    • guest

      i havent even got any emails yet besides the intial one..its still “processing” wth..

  • guest

     getting frustrated about this, i havent been able to talk to an actual customer rep because it doesnt have that option at the moment but when I chatted with someone they said I can call 9AM EST. Ive just been chatting with someone and they just say its out of stock at the moment and we’ll process the order once its in stock. Im not trying wait for days, i need an estimated date so I’m not here just waiting for nothing and it ends up being cancelled.

    • Intekmdma

      Most likely you wont get it, seeing how the ones that were shipped to me are automatically getting returned.

  • predation

    update :

    chatting with walmart india right now:

    “Manoj : How are you doing today?
    me: could be better
    me: i got an email saying that i initiated a
    return for my order when in fact i did not
    me: I never requested a return
    Manoj : That’s great.
    me: the item is already being shipped to me with a
    tracking number
    Manoj : I do understand
    you completely and help you with your order.
    me: thank you.
    Manoj : For security reasons, could you please verify the
    last four digits of your Credit card number used on file?
    Manoj : You are welcome.
    me: xxxx
    me: my cc has already been charged too
    Manoj : Thank you for the verification.
    me: no problem
    Manoj : I see that this order is placed to two lines with
    two Samsung Galaxy Notes and both the phones has been returned back to us on
    me: i never requested
    Manoj : I do understand you
    completely; however, due to some reason the package get back to us on
    me: i purchased each
    phone for $349.99 total of $699.98
    Manoj :
    Yes, I understand that; however, the authorized amount of $699.98 will be
    release to you within next 24 hours from our end.
    me: for what reason?
    me: i legitimiately purchased two phones, it was
    verified and shipped.
    me: like i
    said, i never requested a return
    Manoj : I
    do understand what you are saying and apologize for the inconvenience you have
    Manoj : Unfortunately, I am
    also unable see any reason on the order to return the package.
    me: there is no reason becuase i never requested a
    me: walmart can’t just
    initiate a return with out me knowing and not give a reason.
    Manoj : , I really apologize for the inconvenience
    caused to you.
    me: who do i need
    to talk to to escalate this?
    Manoj :
    Unfortunately, I am unable check any reason of return; however, both the phones
    has been returned back to us in acceptable condition.
    me: i know you’re just reading what you see on
    your screen, so who do i need to talk to to escalate this matter?

    Manoj : [myname], unfortunately, we are unable to do
    anything now, so I would suggest you to place another order for the same.
    me: i’m looking for the phone on walmarts
    website and i don’t see it
    Manoj : I do
    understand you completely; however, the phone model is not available in our
    stock now, so you can check it after 24 hours.
    me: i’ll call corporate walmart in the US.
    me: thanks manoj”

    Piece of SH!T walmart. at least honor the people who got their order #’s.

    • Intekmdma

      Seems like you had the same idea as me.  I am too talking with their chat support

  • Intekmdma

    I just finished talking with Walmart chat, and they said they now for me to ignore that message and it will be shipped out today again?

    • predation

      Wth? Make sure you’re getting it at the $350 price point. I hope enough people make a stinky about this……you copy your chat?

      • Intekmdma

        I did copy my chat.  If they charge me anymore, then I’ll need to run a storm with them.

      • Intekmdma

        Looks like my original orders were credited back to me, but i received a new charge just now for the $359 price

  • Intekmdma

    I just checked my order status on the .com website and there’s a second shipment now that says processing.  Looks like what everyone else was in.

    • guest

      this is so annoying.. has anyone been able to speak to someone? i keep trying to call but I haven’t been able 

      • guest


  • Spanky

    Take a look at Walmart’s pricing/advertising policy:


    Sorry guys (and gals). Looks like Walmart’s web masters  entered the wrong price for the Note, so Walmart is exercising its right to cancel the orders.

    • While Walmart.com strives to provide accurate pricing information, pricing or typographical errors may occur. Walmart.com cannot confirm the price of an item until after you order. In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price due to an error in pricing, Walmart.com shall have the right, at Walmart.com’s sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item. In the event that an item is mispriced, Walmart.com may, at Walmart.com’s discretion, either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.”

      Perhaps BUT don’t lie and say the consumer requested a return. Say YOU the merchant initiated a return due to an ERROR THEY made not a false request. OWN your shit ! Don’t pacify your integrity as a hopes to remain in business. 

    • Intekmdma

      I’ve seen many online companies cancel orders, but toship then out then recall the shipments…well that’s a new one.

  • On the phone with Fedex…. :( please come tomorrow I’ve waited long enough. And I emailed Wal-Mart for the games. Fedex has nothing to add other than it should be delivered still tomorrow (I guess) but yes so what we all jumped on the deal  price why wouldn’t we. I remember being a cashier a 14 stuff rung up wrong all the time we had to give it to the customer for the sale price for OUR mistake. Wal-Mart can afford to pay for THIS mistake now honor the price or I refuse to patronize liars (lol j/k) but I expected perhaps a whoopsy email or a request to charge additional funds or even once you receive the item return it or be charged more but even then still is their error so they should eat it. But to lie and say the consumer requested a return is a new low….. 

    • predation

      Just got an email from customer relations stating that I’ll be getting a refund.


      • This has got to be a joke LOL I wonder if they will OWN up to it in a press release or at least acknowledge it and not try to cover it up with false return request 

  • Chat people ‘Susan’  wal-mart said the orders were put on hold until they receive approval from “higher management to process it further and they have recalled the package and it has been returned to them ; however once they receive confirmation from higher management they will ship it out again and to wait up to 24hrs for email updates

    • pirateswife

      come on..Theres probally only 50 or less people who caught it and ordered it. Just let us get out devices and chalk it up to mistakes happen. WE deserve it considering all the walmart chats and hassle they have given us.

    • Intekmdma

      That seems like a way to calm you down now.but management won’t approve to send it out again

  • That email I sent got a reply : 
    On 8/9/2012 a credit in the amount of $349.99 was issued to your credit card ending in

    • Intekmdma

      I just got an email saying the same thing. But the other 2 orders I made still are pending

  • Gibi310

    After coming here and reading all this I have little jope of receving mine. I still haven’t received an email saying they accepted my returns.

    • Intekmdma

      Did they send yours out already? What time did you place your order

      • Rif

        i ordered mine 24 hours ago, still haven’t received anything from them yet 

  • Amanda L

    The link works again but the price has been fixed

  • prototipcars

    Just received an email from Walmart:
    Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Note was incorrectly priced on our site, and we have cancelled your order in accordance with our Terms of Use.  For more information on our terms, including our policy regarding pricing and typographical errors, please visit:

  • pirateswife

    just got the EMAIL of DOOM from walmart about how there was an error on there online pricing point and they are cancelling my order and refunding my money…I have all chats saved. Im ready to do battle. let us know how yalls stories turn out….so dumb!

  • Just got the email they made a pricing error and they cancelled the order based off there tend and conditions lol damn

  • Mnaz105

    Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Note was incorrectly priced on our site, and we have cancelled your order in accordance with our Terms of Use.  For more information on our terms, including our policy regarding pricing and typographical errors, please visit:




    Your account was not charged, because this item never shipped. However, credit/debit card issuers generally place authorization holds that reduce the available balance in your account. Any authorization hold placed on your account will automatically expire in accordance with the card issuer’s policy. Please contact your financial institution for more information.


    We always want your shopping experience to be a good one and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.  If you would like to speak to us regarding your order, please visit our Customer Support site to chat with a specialist.  We’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (ET) or Saturday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (ET).


    We are currently working on updating the item information, so please check our site at a later time if you’d like to order these items again.




    Your Walmart.com Customer Service Team


  • Budman3931

    Just got an email from Walmart canceling my upgrade order stating that there was a pricing error.  Guess $29.95 for an upgrade was really too good to be true.  If you look at Walmart’s pricing terms it looks like they do not have to honor the mistaken price.  Oh well looks like I will wait for the One X+

  • bonnierz

    Just got my cancellation email.  Said the item had been priced incorrectly, and they were cancelling in accordance with their policy.

  • Alda

    cancelled :/

  • Well, theres all the hope of getting a good deal. I too got the email of DOOM. They cancelled my order. At least we tried right?

  • Raul

     Just received my email too. I was speaking with customer support and Majdi assured me my order will be shipped tomorrow and as soon as he said that my order went from processing to cancelled.

  • BeeJay

    I will never buy anything else from Walmart

    • Zach Mauch

       I’d bet my house that you don’t follow through

      • Pilotibe

        It’s like you people have noting else better to do with your lives. 

      • BeeJay

         You will be homeless then cause I stand behind my word and there are too many other stores I can go to.

    • Sanman202

      It was a mistake on their part and they corrected the price. That’s all there is to it. 

  • Dreadlocdiva

    I’ve just received an email from Walmart stating that the order has been cancelled due to a pricing error and now the contract upgrade price is $349.99.

  • Spartan087_

     I know a chat log was already posted, hopefully something useful comes out of this “Special” team. but I’m not getting my hopes up.. :/

    Das : Hi XXXXXXX. Thank you for contacting our chat support group of Walmart Wireless. I’d be glad to help you to Save Money and Live Better.

    Das : How are you today?

    ME: Could be better honestly.

    Das : I will check and assist you with the information required to get the order processed.

    Das : For security reasons, could you please verify the last four digits of your Social Security Number?

    ME: XXXX

    Das : Thank you for the verification.

    Das : Please allow me 2 minutes to review your order.

    Das : Thanks for your patience.

    Das : Unfortunately, the order has been canceled by the system.

    Das : As the selected device Samsung Galaxy Note is listed at an incorrect price due to an error in pricing, this order has been canceled by the system.

    ME: Ok, but that’s not my fault. I never canceled my order, so I’d like it sent out to me for the $30 agreed upon.

    Das : I apologize the order cannot be reinstated as there was error in pricing for the selected device.

    Das : You can certainly try to place another order with us. The information will be reviewed and verified by the system for further processing.

    ME: So my inconvience means nothing to WalMart? Neither does an agreement? What is the big deal with one phone being sent out??

    Das : Please accept my sincere and unreserved apology for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Das : I am checking the order information for you. Please allow me 2 more minutes.

    ME: I feel a little better for the remorse. But it doesn’t exclude that fact of this being wrong.

    ME: I did everything correctly. So please send my phone.

    Das : Thanks for your patience.

    Das : According to the updates, the order cannot be reinstated.

    Das : Walmart.com shall have the right, at Walmart.com’s sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item which is listed at an incorrect price due to an error in pricing.

    ME: Is there a manager I could speak to possibly? Not that you haven’t been helpful, but all i want is my phone. Policy or not this isn’t right.

    Das : I apologize for inconvenience caused to you.

    Das : May I have your best contact number so that I can arrange a call back for you related to the order?


    Das : Thanks. I am forwarding the order to specialized team. You will get a call back for the order information within 4 hours.

    ME: Thank you sir.

    Das : You’re welcome.

    Das : Is there anything else I can assist you with regarding the order?

    ME: Nope that’s all I need.

    Das : Thank you for contacting our chat support team.

    Das : Have a great day!

    • AnnoyedAlready

      Why are you going through such great lengths? CLEARLY it was an error, and Walmart is in no position to lose money just because followers of a blog tried to take advantage of a pricing mistake.

      “Is there a manager I could speak to possibly? Not that you haven’t been helpful, but all i want is my phone. Policy or not this isn’t right.”

      This isn’t right? It’s not right that Walmart made a pricing mistake and you should take advantage and feel obligated to exploit that mistake?

      It also says in their “Terms of Use” …
      “In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price due to an error in pricing, Walmart.com shall have the right, at Walmart.com’s sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item.”
      Give it up already, the way you’re acting “isn’t right.”

      • Fuckyou

        Honestly, and I think you are legally correct but wrong. In your “typographical error” scenario when you walk up to a cashier they catch the error. Also, since that is a paper flyer they have no way to fix it. In these cases we have ALREADY BOUGHT and paid for the item. A contract has been entered into. I gave you money and you agreed to send me an item. It isn’t my fault your chosen cashier ( the backend computer) is stupid and didn’t catch your mistake. What they want to do is fix the website and pretend the whole transaction never happened. That is wrong.

        • Stupidcomputers

          Gah! stupid auto correct. please remove this.

        • Sanman202

          Again, they reserve the right to not honor pricing. You hadn’t received the product yet, correct? The transaction wasn’t complete because the item wasn’t in your hands yet. Transaction is complete once the customer has the product and again Wal-Mart reserves the right to fix any typographical errors. What don’t you understand? 

    • Sanman202

      Have you ever heard of “not responsible for typographical errors”? This would apply to any price printed say in a weekly sales flyer for a store. The same would apply here. If the price is $30 and it sells for $349.99 or whatever, how would you expect the selling party to eat all of that cost difference? They have expenses as well even though we see them as this big and mighty powerhouse of a retailer that they are. Live and learn!

    • I mean yes we exploited the error I’m not denying that but my issue is the word usage they were better off just saying we made a mistake in pricing and the terms/conditions does protect this error I was only upset by the way they went about canceling the order but Im sure it was systematic that it showed “refund request” but either way o well its not that serious complaining is a waste of time nothing you can do about it now just put my $ back into my account LOL 

    • Newsfinder

      Ugh. another whiny crybaby. Read the TOS the rep spouted off to you. They have SOLE DISCRETION. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is. My tax dollars go to pay for the unbelievable ignorance and entitlement attitude of people like this. Sigh.

  • Jwtheblueprint

    Wuck Fal-Mart

  • andy budhu

    everyone who got screwed should start a class action lawsuit.

    • Sanman202

      I doubt that would cause one little ripple in the big ocean called Wal-Mart. They’ll laugh! It was a pricing mistake that was corrected and their lawyers have it all covered when there is a typo. They can offer something like a small discount to the customers affected but really don’t have to. You either buy it for the correct price or you don’t. It’s that simple. 

  • Guest

    Did they keep your personal information i.e. telephone or email for promotional purposes. How much will they make from that? Send phone with apology or personal info including cc should be purged with proof.

  • ceegii63

    this crap happened 2 years ago with PS3 FAT 60gb with TARGET was selling $39 online

  • Everyone says they got their order, I don’t believe them lol.  There is no way that Wally world would let this happen, and lose all that money.  Show me some proof that you got your order

    • you are right, the only way they got it was a upgrade, new line, but NO ONE that ordered the phone for 350$ got it for that price… no way…. i got my cancellation email, they say the price was a mistake, and that those that ordered a phone for that price was CANCELLED…….

      • Agreed, they sent me another email today check it out below.

        Thank you for contacting our Customer Service Department.I am sorry to inform you that we  are having a pricing problem, so the order is cancelled and we have released the authorized amount  $349.99  to the Card on 8/9/2012 2:19:37 AM.If you have any additional questions, please reply to this e-mail or you may log on towww.Walmart Wireless .com and chat with a Live Agent. Agents are available 9AM-10PM ESTMonday through Friday and 9AM-9PM EST on Saturdays.SincerelySusaneCustomer Service Departmen 

  • RBB

    That’s pretty funny. I got gas at a gas station last summer and the cost for gas was at $0.389 rather than $3.899. So, When I realized I just filled my tank for $6.00 when I looked at my receipt at work, I called the gas station. They said they realized it was an issue after about an hour of people coming and going. I stopped in after work and said that I’d pay the difference. The owner was there and not only did he say that I didn’t have to pay for the gas, he gave me a $100.00 gift card for being the only one that came back… But, Walmart is a terrible company, they deserve to lose a crap ton of money, just because. 

  • None

     This is why I do not buy online.  In a b&m store they are required by law to honor the price.  this to me is bait and switch, and hence why I will NEVER buy anything online.