T-Mobile Engineer Currently Doing Reddit AMA

I’m not going to give too much away, but a current T-Mobile RF engineer is now doing a Reddit AMA (ask me anything). He’s already been at it for a while and my original intent was to post the questions and the answers after he was finished, this is making the rounds on the blogosphere so I want everyone to join in on the fun!

Not a Reddit user? Just click the link anyway.

I’ll update the post later with all the relevant Q&A’s.


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  • T-Mobile DJ

    Is the reframing of the 1900 mhz frequency to HSPA+ still scheduled to be complete by Q4?

    • IAMA RF Engineeer AMA

      AFAIK, yes, in areas where we made that commitment.

      • Jacob

        is there a place where you specified the areas that you’ve committed to refarming?

        • None

          Would be nice, right?

      • For the record, this is NOT the person who did the Reddit AMA. Please don’t confuse people.

  • TMoFan

    Thanks David, I’m going to post a question. Hopefully he could shed some light on my sudden 4G blackout and if that has anything to do with the refarm.


      Where are you located. 

    • None

      Same here, Columbia, MD 21045

  • J-Hop2o6

    Very interesting. Hopefully we get some great Q&A.

  • Based on the answer given to the above question it seems like he’s just giving standard T-Mobile scripted answers.

  • GinaDee

    Even if T-Mobile won’t cover the entire US from a GEO perspective I hope they at least cover all the highways that connect the towns with LTE or at the very least HSPA+ 42

    Let the extreme rural folks keep their Verizon service.  I just want to know that when I travel or go on roadtrips my phone will work just as well as it does here at home.



      It will not. Only core areas will have LTE or UMTS 1900. This will not be everywhere services. If you are hoping or holding out for that. You will just be disappointed.