HTC One X+ Is Codenamed The HTC Endeavor C2 Says Stuff Magazine

HTC’s flagship One X is already rumored to receive a spec bump in the form of the HTC One X+, coming soon to a T-Mobile theatre near you. Now, the folks from Stuff Magazine are calling it by its supposed internal HTC codename: Endeavor C2. The One X+/Endeavor C2 is said to ship with a 1.7GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU processor, improved battery and more. Stuff also claims that current One X accessories will be compatible with the revamped model.

Along with the revamped hardware, some software enhancements are said to be in store including ClearVoice tech for improved call quality, and HTC Watch 2, a new version of HTC’s movie watching service.

No word on whether the new device will launch with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and/or HTC Sense 4.1 as we’re sure that depends on the timeframe regarding the release.

For now, let’s just hope our own intel and hopes for the One X+ to arrive on T-Mobile store shelves in late September is ready to come true, because this is going to one baaaaaad phone.

Android Central via Stuff Magazine

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  • charles4

    this is a great looking phone! i don’t personally like sense but man i wish my galaxy nexus looked a bit like that

  • Get_at_Me

    Im keeping my eye on this one. I just wish it was vanilla ics/jb…why does everything outside of a nexus have to be skinned? Tech savvy users hate skins for the most part and your average joe could care less, so why bother? Oems need to focus on hardware and battery life.

    • 21stNow

       The average Joe/Jane may not be aware, but I think that they do care.  If you ask average Joe/Jane Android owner what Touchwiz/Sense/MAP is, they probably don’t know.  But if you hand them a Galaxy Nexus and ask them to set up their email preferences, they get upset over some of the features that are “missing” (i.e. sync hours).  They know that they want the flip-clock on their homescreen or the Friendstream thingy.  They usually care, but don’t know that they care.

  • Derektni

    I’ll stick with the GS3. Looks like a nice phone though.

    •  I feel the same way I love my GS3 but it’ll be interesting to see the One X Plus and what changes the final form takes.  All my previous phones before the GS3 have been unibody Aluminum htc phones so I still have a soft spot for the company. 

  •  if it comes i’ll own it :)

  • FILA

    I’ll wait to see what the next line of Nexus look like. Thats the better option. Thou Im already on my Galaxy Nexus which is a sweet phone also

  • Surgio Armani

    David do you still think think this is the HTC Era 42 from that internal leak? I’ve seen at least 3 different code names all supposedly linked to the One X+. Is it weird to have so many?

  • So this is rumored for Sept. release right?

  • None

    what happened to the rumored (heavy leap I think) version with Vanilla?  Could this be?

  • Kristin

    What s the screen size?



  • Aaron vita

    I had a question ?? I got a a deal on the gs3 $199 from customer loyalty but I was waiting till friday when I get paid . I wanted to know if the note the deal in the computer and I walk in the store and just buy it for $199 instead of ordering it over the phone ,the reason why I ask because I want to use half cash and half credit card .??????????

    • Jdelgadoutsa86

      it was a customer care offer so only customer care can sell you the GS3 for 199.99.  

      • Aaron vita

        Thanks for the answer . How is the gs3 if u have it . Is it worth it.

        • Guest

          If they can charge half of the price of the phone to the account (defer to bill), then perhaps you can just put the cash into the account via Tmobile store as a credit. I’m not sure it’s worth all the headache though, because there may be a problem

  • Aaron vita

    Can I walk in the store and get the same deal I got on the phone .since its noted in the computer????????

    • Herb

      No. When the company makes you an offer it is usually limited to the sales channel making the offer. Stores typically do not honor phone offers because it would come out of their budget.

  • pdo pod

    David, please fix the popup ads. Specifically the Sprint ad will not close when clicking the close button. I used MSIE, Chrome, and Firefox. Please don’t flame, just trying to help.

    • Qayin

      Yeah it’s pretty bad I use Chrome for android and I have to turn it side ways to barely click the X button in the sprint ad

      • juanmondragon

        Yes I really hate those ads….I can’t really see the new articles with that annoying ad…please fix it David

      • exeot

        I can’t even close it when using the desktop mode on my s3

    • just join sprint already so they stop hounding you LOL sike but yea I feel the same way its annoying 

    • Deadeye37

       I saw this request on another post and David basically replied back saying that he doesn’t have power to specify which ads show/don’t show on the site.  Basically, the company that drives the ads for the site is who can make that change.

      The funny thing is that when I check this site from my laptop in Firefox, I don’t see any obnoxious full screen/part screen ads.  However, checking this site on my phones will give me that stupid full screen ad about 50% of the time.  On the other hand, when I check the site by using my gReader RSS app, it doesn’t give me that full screen ad.

      • My earlier statement stands, I don’t specify which ads are shown, I can’t decide who buys a part of the quarterly ad campaign, I just know that I want people to do so — so the site can continue to run. If you ever have problems with the pop-up ads, I’ve never found one that isn’t removed after a refresh of the page or two. It’s a rough fix, but a fix nonetheless.

        • loueradun

          Hi David, the X in the corner of the ads is too small and can only be clicked in landscape on my phone (sometimes) because the ad is so large and no way to zoom in… I usually have to hit your page twice in order to get past the ad. Is there any way you can reduce the ad sizes? At least on mobile devices???

        • I’m going to report this again today and see if I can’t get it rectified, unfortunately it’s just part of our ad buy. It happens across the network which likely includes a dozen other tech sites you read and are very familiar with.

        • loueradun

          David, thanks for taking the time to respond, and for looking into the issue.  To be honest, the only tech sites that I follow is yours and XDA-Developers, and of course Google news as well, so I can’t comment on receiving the same ads on other sites.

  • Pros compared to GS3

    Cons compared to GS3
    -Sense UI (i used to like Sense, but that was like 2 years ago when stock android was not refined). Nowadays I prefer stock Android but if I have to choose a skin, it’s Touchwiz.

    *Since not enough is known about the device no clear decisions can be made but unless HTC includes some of the features the GS3 has the quad-core may not be enough for me to wait an extra month for it. 

    Some features GS3 has that I want:
    -NFC (and an enhanced Android-beam)
    -Ability to scroll to the top by tapping the top of the phone (you would think this is a small feature but the amount of webpages I view that are extremely lengthy and having to spend the time to scroll up on the regular is an annoyance I could do without)
    -Having a CAPACITIVE MENU button, instead of the ICS on-screen menu-button. I have a Nexus 7 and not having an always-there menu button along the bottom next to the home-button is maddening. 
    -I was excited for S-voice, but since Google Now is embedded in JellyBean S-voice is no longer relevant really.

    -In general it just seems Samsung has been thinking of innovative ways to make their hardware and software more useful while HTC continues to have great hardware but just slaps on a new version of Sense and calls it a day. 

    I love HTC (i’m the proud owner of a G2 that still runs fairly well even 2 years after I got it) but if the One X+ is just a One-X with a quad-core I’ll probably pass. The GS3 may not have a quad-core but the S4 is no slouch and 2gigs of RAM kind of help make up for it.

    • MarcusDW

      I agree all the way down your page of words!

    • Android

      Ever hear of root? Then you know my name. ~ Android

      • Guest

         :) I have heard of root, played the game, got the t-shirt.   Big deal.  Will the bootloader be unlocked?  It’s HTC so you will likely have to use the HTCdev tool at their site which means they have your imei that you unlocked the bootloader and warranty may be an issue.  Even if you unlock the bootloader, how easy will it be to go S-OFF?   On my mytouch 4g slide, you had to do juopunutbear and use a wire trick to short from the metal casing on the sd card to a point on the case while running software (no risk there, right?)  And how long until 3rd party roms are stable enough to use and have all features working properly?   While this phone should have decent 3rd party roms (cyanogenmod and miui) most phones do not.

        Like I said, I have played this game before on G1, Mytouch3g,Behold II, Nexus One, Vibrant and Mytouch4g.  It’s not as fun as it used to be.  For this device, which is a flagship, there should be decent support but for most phones you root and have a rooted phone without significant rom support, like I said big deal.

    • I’m also an owner of a G2  – got it by pre-order. Still works fine – very nice phone just getting a little bored with it. I appreciate how solid it is – fine build quality, even the hinge. What I like about the G2 that the One X does NOT have, is the removable battery and micro SD. I can get a SG III for a great price – perhaps the best choice for a TMO branded device for my needs as far as spec goes, but dunno – the SGIII seems to be fragile, but I could be wrong. I’d like the One X (original or the + version) – but lack of removable battery, and micro SD – unacceptable. 

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      I don’t think “Tap To Top” works on web pages (I tried it out in the store) — it only seems to work on lists like Contacts, etc. This disappointed me, because I also read long web pages, and thought that would be a really useful feature in the browser.  To make matters worse, it seems like Samsung has changed things in the browser; hitting Menu no longer brings up the URL bar (the way it does on the Vibrant), so you have to manually scroll all the way to the top to find it(?) This is just based on some in-store time with the GSIII; maybe someone who owns it can help confirm…

      I agree with your list, and would also add the One X+’s screen as a possible “Pro”… the GSIII’s screen doesn’t get nearly as bright as the Vibrant’s (even with the GSIII at max brightness settings with power save off, “auto tone” off, etc.), and I like a bright screen for reading.  This is the big thing holding me back from the GSIII.  (I’ll check out the One X, but I really don’t dig Sense…)

      • 21stNow

         Samsung has made that change with ICS on their devices, or maybe it’s an ICS change.  The Note used to bring up the address bar when you hit the Menu key in Gingerbread, but it doesn’t anymore with the stock ROM or the custom ROM that I’m running.  So maybe it is an ICS thing.

  • Ungibbed

    I would love to jump to the quad core Tegra. Games made for that chipset rival the PS Vita in visuals. I have a Vita and it’s a monster in the right hands. To have a phone that would rival that or possibly surpass the Vita would be awesome. 

    I’m still rocking my Galaxy S2 which is still a great phone, but if you have “old” stuff, it means “ur poor” on the interwebs… Lol 

    Honestly, I’m still torn on upgrading at all. I have the option if I choose to do so, but I’m not in a rush either. I’d like to see how the new iPhone stacks up and if it will ever come to T-Mobile. 

  • Mike in FL

    I may have to use my upgrade on this. I read a rumor that it will come with an LTE radio. I hope so, but I doubt it. Hopefully, by the time this is launched, we’ll have some more details on the 5 Nexus devices to be launched soon afterwards.


    • Jay Sandora

      AMEN.  I’ve been DYING for more updates to the new Nexus line.  I’m due for an upgrade too.

      The One X+ looks like a specs beast, but that damn Sense UI and HTC bloatware … do not want …

  • HTC G2

    if this HTC One X+ is now codename HTC Endeavor 2…. then what is HTC Era 42? (leaky and photo)  is it that for HTC G3 ?

    • Herb

      It looks as though Endeavor is HTC’s internal codename and Era is Tmobile’s.

  • Mike

    I’ve always found it interesting that the URL to the One S on T-mobile’s site has a directory structure like this: 

    Almost looks like there is room for more One series phones after the /one/.  Almost like this could exist at some point:

    More proof that an X variant will find its way to T-mobile?  I don’t think any other T Mobile phones follow this url structure.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    i am waiting for this

  • Meh. Still no removable battery or micro SD expandability. So it has a faster processor – no extra utility for the vast majority of TMO consumers, and a larger battery – needed because the new Tegra 3 will suck more juice – battery life may actually *decrease*. The  “ClearVoice tech for improved call quality” – maybe that is a good thing. Who knows at this point. So overall not so excited. This is the best time ever not to upgrade phones unless you really like the SG III or the Galaxy Nexus directly from Google Play (value plan customers).

  • rtechie

    The biggest problem will likely be that the phone doesn’t support LTE and will be released only a few months before T-Mobile’s LTE network goes live (in one city). That’s a tradeoff for the quadcore CPU.

    • symsoul

      To your point, T-Mobile really needs to ramp up their marketing efforts over the next 6 months to a year given the transition to LTE.  Any somewhat tech-savvy customer is going to think twice about renewing a 2 yr contract for an HSPA+ phone with the prospects of LTE on the horizon for Magenta.  I wonder how long it will be before they start selling LTE-capable phones in advance of the network.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see a fall or winter push, perhaps after it gets deployed (to the one city you referenced… LOL)  But I’m definitely curious to see how the deployment goes given that the bleeding seems to be getting worse.

      • My friends that have LTE (A&TT) don’t think it’s a big deal. If they want fast connection, they use WI-FI. LTE just sucks up data and most people don’t need it, especially with 5GB or 2GB data caps. imo. Of course you might really need LTE. For me it’s not an issue. TMO’s data network is fine as far as speed goes. No comment on coverage. Also the first generation of LTE phones really suck up battery, but those are on the way out.

      • jon

        LTE AND a quad core??? Remember this thing does not have a removable battery. You’d be tethered to a wall charger! No thank you. I will take a quad core and HSPA+.

        • bleeew

          Lte release 10 has same battery life as hspa+

  • midnight_marauder

    I’m happy that T-mobile is finally releasing the best of the latest phones out there.  

  • tomarone

    Compare the One-X+ with the One-S? They must be doing much better power management, so no word on LTE?
    These HTC phones are so nice. I don’t miss a removable battery and SD card (yet). It’s a charm now.

  • ozil da best

    I think all new phones have lte… T-Mobile just don’t want to tell us… wat yall think

  • Gouv

    I love HTC hardware… I find it almost devastating that they are doing so poorly :-(

    • Youngtexas_balla06

      They invested too much money for beats audio and it’s not up to par, my ipad, and ipod sounds a lot better, the no removable battery and sd card slot is killing their sales, great phones but sucks for them..

    • Anonymous

       i feel the same way. tbh, the only thing that the galaxy 3 has over the one x is:
      -larger removable battery
      -microsd slot
      -larger storage options

      htc underestimated the need of these features, and it bit them hard for this generation of phones

      lets hope they learn from this big mistake and get back on track for the last qtr of this year

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    I’m using the S3, but got word today that Tmobile will get the Note 2 and iphone, very surprised, but it’s true… Can’t wait…

    • bleeew

      Then apple should have gave tmobile a nice deal, but i doubt it.

    • Trevnerdio

      They’re not getting the iPhone

  • Rfgenerator

    So let’s take a stab at what T-Mobile’s pricing will be.  In line with their up, up, and away  device pricing I’m thinking $749 off contract, $399 on contract (after $50 dubious rebate).  

    • We don’t know some of the specs – like # of GB’s – 16, 32, 65… my guess is 16gb with a MSRP price same as SGS III – $600. That’s the direct competition.

  • Anonymous

    i just have this guy feeling tmo and/or will mess this up

    regardless of which version of this one x + we’re getting tmo will:
    -not include a LTE radio to save on cost
    -include tons of bloatware that will make the phone lag
    -get inferior hardware compared to other companies (att)
    -price it out of the market (both retail $749-799 and new contract $299-$349)

    regardless of how good this upcoming one x + could be htc will:
    -not include a microsd slot
    -not allow battery swapping (personally, not a big deal)
    -or put in a smaller capacity battery vs it’s competitors
    -not include a lte radio per tmo’s request
    -not include a dedicated 2 stage camera button
    -not have large storage options on launch (tmo will prob only get a 16gb version no sd slot version.. trash)
    -not be launched simultaneously on all carriers
    -launch at a ridiculous retail price of $749-799
    -not include JB on launch: “jb is coming soon” for 6 months, then finally update to jb when the next thing comes out
    -not include decent earphones
    -include useless beats audio branding
    -again choose speed vs quality for their camera (the iphone 4s manages to balance both nicely)
    -not include the international versions processor

    I’m so used to htc and tmobile having these problems, it’s expected already

    that being said, i don’t like my samsung galaxy s3 (and it’s touchwiz), and will be returning it soon and waiting for this. Despite all those issues, htc still makes a nice phone.

    • Phanboi

      Sounds like you don’t actually know what this phone is…

      • Anonymous

         No one knows exactly what this phone is until it comes out. Nice try.