Nokia, Microsoft Schedule September 5th Windows Phone Event, Put Samsung On Notice

If you’ve been waiting to see what Nokia and Microsoft have up their sleeves next, you need only wait till September 5th and a newly scheduled press conference now on the books. Coincidentally or not, September 5th just so happens to be the opening day of Nokia World, and we have a feeling there is a reason this press event is behind held on that same day. Our best guess is that new handsets will be front and center, but with the invitation focusing on Nokia Maps, it’s possible the Maps service will play a big role as well.

With the launch event scheduled, Nokia’s Chris Weber is taking some time to put Samsung on notice with a simple tweet:

“Samsung, take note, next generation Lumia coming soon. #nokia”

Them’s fighting words and so we’re of two minds here: either Nokia is really excited with what’s going on behind closed doors, or they are just looking to drum up interest with a shot across the bow of the worlds largest smartphone maker.

With a market increasingly dominated by just two platforms, we’re still hopeful that Microsoft can use Nokia’s excellent hardware to wow us.

Engadget, The Verge via @CWeberatNokia

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  • Whiskers

    I wonder if Microsoft will announce the WM7.8 update release at that time as well since WM7.5 users can’t upgrade to WM8 OS.

    • Magmaspawn

      Winmo died 6.5 its wp now but we know what you meant. Wp 7 honestly fixed a lot of problems. I am curious if re-introducing multi tasking will expose more stability issues in wp 8

  • bruce_leer0y

    Hey David, a few of the comments on are thinking that there might be a Nokia version of the Note. The whole “Samsung take note” part. What do you think?

    • That’s very possible, it’s an interesting form factor and now that Samsung announced 10 million sold, Nokia could go for it, it would be interesting to see how the size of the screen would affect the Windows Phone 8 tile layout.

      • WW

        I wonder if Samsung has a patent on the “phablet” concept.  If so, will they pull an “Apple” on any such device from other OEMs.

    • AM3RIG

      Bruce, Wow!You are right… I never in million years thought of that..

      • bruce_leer0y

        its possible, but some comments also it might be Nokia saying this is how you make a device that isn’t copying Apple

  • MarcusDW

    Nokia, take note, you pose no threat to the Android/Samsung combination.  It must feel good to dominate in an OS that only holds less than 3% of the world smartphone market.

    GL though because a Nokia WP8 phone would be something special if I were into that.

    • Bratty

      Maybe you are right but 2 years ago, HTC was king and Samsung had the Vibrant debacle on its hands. This is tech. Things change.

      • fixxmyhead

        LOL this is too funny nokia is not even a threat

      • Roswell_V

        Vibrant debacle? You must have owned one, because that means nothing to someone who never owned it.

      • fechhelm

        I was still rolling with a vibrant until a month ago. Great phone never a problem with it. The 3 other people I know who had it never had a problem with it. Personally I believe the vibrant and other carriers galaxy s’s were what started Samsungs rise to the top.

      • MarcusDW

        LOL this is funny two ways.  What does the Vibrant “debacle” (you must be one of those “Behold II debacle” people) have to do with this?  Also, the vibrant “debacle” lead to what? Samsung owning the lion share of Android?

        • Bratty

          Ladies, relax. No need to defend your precious lil android platform. You all get so defensive its cute.

        • fixxmyhead

          but hes right u know

        • Getsome

          vibrant debacle? how? the Galaxy S started their dominance, how does that translate into a debacle? Please Explain

        • Getsome

          I use an iPhone first of all, second; the galaxy series started there run towards dominance. Please explain how that is a debacle…

      • Spanky

        Samsung has become my preferred smartphone manufacturer. The Vibrant, however, was indeed a steaming pile of carp.

        • Spanky

          Carp = crap. Damn autocorrect.

    • eanfoso

      Eh yeah nokia doesn’t own the whole windows platform just so you know, they share it with the big boys like htc and samsung

      • MarcusDW

        Man I overestimated Nokia.  That’s real sad because (at least in my mind) Windows Phone is synonymous with Nokia.   Their marketing is so in your face compared to HTC or Sammy and yet they’re still behind them .5, .3, .5%.  I have a feeling that it will change with WP8 though.

      • MarcusDW

        Turns out I was right.  I only found the US Nokia/WP marketshare but apparently, and like I thought, Nokia dominates Windows Phone.. 

  • notice or not it won’t outsell the Galaxy (unless Apple helps lol)

  • Roswell_V

    Nokia take note, you’re still using Windows Phone.

  • AM3RIG

    Nokia is actual Delusion! Samsung devices are Superior to Nokia. 

  • Tortionist

    You know what would be cool? The announcement of Nokia releasing the Morph. It’s just a dream though.

  • efjay

    Carry on with the WP hate boys, it suits you!

  • Firstcoastbmx

    I agree, so sick of the iphone this, iphone that, and android blah blah blah, looks like a clutered desktop pc with all the icons.  Who cares if you have an app for that, while you were looking for it, I already did it.

    • steveb944

      Ever heard of widgets on Android?

      In the end every OS has their ups and downs, to each his own

  • Stevegriffin27

    I have been using Windows Mobile for 11 years.  every time I try Android, I keep running back to Windows.  Maybe it really is smoother, faster, more stable, more intuitive, and integrates more fully with my desktop.  Maybe I’m just so used to it, that I just think that that’s true.  Whatever.  I’m currently using a 2-year old HD2 (still running 6.5) with a recently cracked screen, and I’m holding out for a WP8.  And I can’t WAIT!!