Nokia, Microsoft Schedule September 5th Windows Phone Event, Put Samsung On Notice

If you’ve been waiting to see what Nokia and Microsoft have up their sleeves next, you need only wait till September 5th and a newly scheduled press conference now on the books. Coincidentally or not, September 5th just so happens to be the opening day of Nokia World, and we have a feeling there is a reason this press event is behind held on that same day. Our best guess is that new handsets will be front and center, but with the invitation focusing on Nokia Maps, it’s possible the Maps service will play a big role as well.

With the launch event scheduled, Nokia’s Chris Weber is taking some time to put Samsung on notice with a simple tweet:

“Samsung, take note, next generation Lumia coming soon. #nokia”

Them’s fighting words and so we’re of two minds here: either Nokia is really excited with what’s going on behind closed doors, or they are just looking to drum up interest with a shot across the bow of the worlds largest smartphone maker.

With a market increasingly dominated by just two platforms, we’re still hopeful that Microsoft can use Nokia’s excellent hardware to wow us.

Engadget, The Verge via @CWeberatNokia

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