Samsung Successfully Tests Jelly Bean On Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note?

The boys from SamMobile are back once again with a follow up to their report last week on Jelly Bean and the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note. Thankfully, if they are correct (and they usually) are, the news is good, nay it’s great as Samsung has successfully tested the Android 4.1 update on both devices and plan to make it available via Kies sometime in September/October.

How long it will take US carriers to bring the updates stateside remains an unknown, but the good news is that the Android modding community will find official ROMs to play and experiment with to their heart’s content.

However, we urge a bit of caution with this news anyway as this isn’t official confirmation from Samsung. As it stands today, Samsung hasn’t said anything about Jelly Bean for either device, so while we have faith in the boys from SamMobile, we still have to give you the usual “take with caution and grain of salt” line.


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  • Steve102680

    Looks like Samsung is keeping it’s commitment to keeping it’s devices updated.

  • Iucidium

    My wife squeed (Note)

  • Nick Picone

    Great news, my wifes SII has been so wonky since the ICS upgrade that she went from loving it to disliking it. The biggest problem is thumbnails/Facebook pictures for contacts that are appearing all blurry. Calls to T-Mobile have not been helpful, as she is the only one that has called about this problem apparently..I’m on the verge of doing a factory reset, but she doesn’t like that idea. Here’s to hoping 4.1 is out soon for her phone before I have to buy her something else!

    • fixxmyhead

      really, an update thats supposed to make the phone better made it worse -__-

      also facebook app is known to be a crappy app just look at all the one stars in the market its so buggy. unless her phone is randomly shutting down all the time, or hardware problems then the phone is fine. the ics update made my s2 better and i dont have any problems. most likely the cause of ur wifes phone is due to crappy apps that are buggy

      • Nick Picone

        ha! yeah you would think that its crappy apps, but she is running nothing. I remember the morning I had to LOL when she asked me where the app market was after the Google Play change over..but yeah, maybe my initial comment was too harsh. The phone is fine, no random restarts, no freezes, no glitches really. But of course for her, FB is the only thing she cares about..go figure!

        • fixxmyhead

          LOL yea my wife too when the market changed… women. i always try to let her know about stuff but she never cares

          but yea seems like the culprit is that crappy app

    • H Nathan

      ICS crapped my phone out too! Had to root it and install Gingerbread again, and all is well again.

    • TBN27

      You ate going to have to do a factory reset for it to work right. Just back up all her stuff on her phone and do it. I have a problem also where it would freeze up, tldo a soft restart, and then pushes the time up 5 hours.

    • SamUser

      Speaking from experience it is always best to do a factory reset when doing major updates like gingerbread to ics. I own 2 Samsung Galaxy Slls and after doing a factory reset on both they run so much better.

    • Nemichoco

      Just get the GSIII… problem solve!!!

    • Serotheo

      The thumbnails are going to be blurry because of the way ICS handles thumbnail resolutions, paired with the that they use the icon in a larger view instead of the little squares you’re going to see the pixelation moreso than before.

  • Johntajacobs

    ICS is just uggggggg always pauses up, System UI crashes all the time. All kinds of crazy shit happens when I updated my phone to ICS I hope Jelly bean is more stable. I hope…

  • Skip Bayless

    My s2 is awful..always crashes n freezes cant wait to see the new iphone

    • Tbyrne

      But mine and hundreds of thousands of others aren’t Slava. My point is, do a little trouble shooting or have someone you trust who’s good with tweaking Android phones try to correct your s2’s problems. It actually is a great piece of hardware.

      • Skip Bayless

        i have restored it and still a noob phone

        • Anton Yatsenko

          ????? ???????? ??????? ?????, ????? ????????? ??? ?????????…

    • fixxmyhead

      ur just trolling i mean look at ur avatar

  • Root Kar

    ICS on the S2 is horrible, just another way for T-Mobile to force you to upgrade phones periodically.  Root the phone!

    • fixxmyhead

      stock ics is fine liar but yea root the phone for a faster rom. currently on jedi mind trick 5.1 and its super fast. loving the s3 feel

      • dvd37

        No its not its hot garbage

        • fixxmyhead

          yes it is. for regular people its fine but for people that like fast custom roms its gonna be “garbage”

        • Root Kar

          stock ICS it lags like a champ

        • Anton Yatsenko

          BS, I got it stock on ICS from T-Mobile. It worked fined, but I still rooted it :)

  • dvd37

    The ics update ruined my experience for the gs2, phone just isn’t the same since the update, I’ve done TONS of trouble shooting, resets, root back to gingerbread, back to ics same result, I shouldn’t have to spend HOURS fixing my device after an update, that’s what quality control is for before u release something to the market. I hope the jellybean update fixes my issues but I’m not going to hold my breath, its Samsung….

  • ….why wouldn’t you factory reset and wipe you’re service device duh

  • bryan

    mines is working just fine remember if you didn’t get the ICS update you would all be complaining then too. Root the phone, back up your apps, debloat your phone also then factory reset, restore whats missing poof presto problem solved. That is all!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    The title of this article makes me think that Samsung are done upgrading the S2 and Note after Jelly Bean.

    • Xfmokc

      Just went to and the Galaxy Note is gone. Anyone know what happened??