Rumored Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Upgrade Timetables

We do love reports that tell us when we can look forward to the newest Android updates, even if they are just rumors for now. The latest report out of SamMobile, which has a good track record of Samsung intel, says we should expect to see the Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update coming in the third quarter.

According to the site, internal testing on the Galaxy S III has proven successful and “public” builds are now being put through the ringer with launch anticipation hovering in the late third quarter or very early fourth quarter.

Not to be forgotten are last years Samsung flagship models with the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note also being tested with Android 4.1. According to the site, Samsung plans to update both devices to Jelly Bean, though any decision has yet to be finalized. The site does suggest that if Samsung goes through with the update, we should expect it before year’s end. The site also suggests that if Samsung doesn’t go through with the update, a “value pack” may arrive that brings some of the best Jelly Bean features without the full update.

With the Galaxy Note 2 launch just around the corner, current intel points to a launch with Ice Cream Sandwich — however, given that these are Samsung flagship tablet models, a Jelly Bean update is expected to hit in the fourth quarter, if they do in fact launch with Ice Cream Sandwich.

So for a full breakdown and remembering this info yet to be confirmed by Samsung:

  • Galaxy S III – End Q3 begin Q4
  • Galaxy S II – Q4
  • Galaxy Note – Q4
  • Galaxy Note II – begin Q4


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  • FormerSensationUserGoneGS3

    I have no problems with my GS3…So this update is really nothing crucial to me.  Unless I am missing something…I have the best phone on the MKT right now, period.

    • Guest

      I think the note llwill be the on the market when it’s
      Released on August 28.

      • Spanky

        Just because it has a bigger screen? I highly doubt it, as the hardware specs will most likely be the same as those of the GS3. Not everyone wants a phablet.

        • Guest

          It’s Samsung latest device so there for it has to have better specs then Gs3

        • Spanky

          Not exactly. The original Note came out after the GS2, and the specs were pretty much the same (other than the larger screen).

        • Joseph Tongret

          This guy wants a phablet, and an up to date one to boot! Love my s3, but I’ll be rocking the Note 2 ASAP!

    • Mark4090

       I’d like the upgrade just for the “Google Now” feature.

      • MarcusDW


      • Little Jimmy

        I would like Google Now too, but the worst thing about Touchwiz 4.0 is the skeleton-like lock screen. Jelly Bean’s lock screen shortcuts would be a welcome addition to phones running on older versions of Touchwiz. The self-rearranging widgets and expandable notifications are a plus. Not to mention the smoother navigation. Here to hoping that Touchwiz 4.0 doesn’t inhibit any of these features, and is simply a virtual skin.

        • exeot

          They really screwed up the lock screen for sure. Feels so gimmicky to unlock, and honestly the gingerbread galaxy s 2 one would have been nice. This one just feels stiff.

        • bmbrad720

          There is google now is on the gs3 if your rooted. I put it on my htc amaze yesterday and it works like a charm. As people have already mentioned, ROOT your damn phone. Plus you can flash a kernel and get some wicked long battery life. Over 4 hours screen time on with moderate use is amazing!!

  • Marc Klein

    What would be the months according to the timetable?

    • Jose Hernandez

       Q3 would be July – September and Q4 would be October – December. I have owned nothing but HTC devices prior to just getting the GS3. They always and I mean always sucked when it came to deliver updates to the devices. It would be a nice welcome for me is Samsung did better on their upgrades. So far, by them testing the Jelly Bean update on the Note and SGS 2 it makes me feel I made the right choice to have them as my phone maker. Hope it happens as expected.  

      • Marc Klein

        Thanks.. Well I hope that if JB comes on to these devices, that nothing is removed and we get everything that is on the Nexus 7.

        • Greg Davis

           You’ll get TouchWiz on your stock “upgrade” to Jelly Bean. TouchWiz is the cause of most of the slow-down people have suffered with ICS. Just skip all of this stock bull and root your phone, put a custom ROM on it and be done. Currently, Jelly Bean custom ROMs are already available for the higher end devices like the S2 and S3. The only issues so far are with the camera. The custom crowd will have Jelly Bean by the end of August.

        • Marc Klein

          So far my touch wiz is not acting up.. Having said that, I have no clue how to ROM my phone.

  • Xavier

    face gestures to unlock is pretty cool, come on jelly bean!

    • Mark4090

       ICS already has the face unlock feature.

      • Xavier

         o…i wouldn’t know…my g2x no ICS : (

  • rizo66

    I sincerely hope that Sammy can get their updates out in a
    timely manner. I was part of the Vibrant debacle and switched back to HTC. I
    now find myself owning a SGS3 in hopes that we’re not left behind. But like
    @FormerSensationUserGoneGS3 said, it’s not that crucial to me, it’s just the
    point of customer loyalty from here on out.

  • TBN27

    A grain of salt to put on my french fry.

  • Todd

    I wouldn’t be too eager for this upgrade.  Got Jellybean about 10 days ago on my Nexus S.  Don’t notice anything significantly better as far as functionality or features … in fact, my phone has rebooted in the middle of phone calls twice since the upgrade … which it had Never done before. And even worse, my HBO GO app doesn’t work anymore.  If there was an easy way to revert back to ICS right now, I would jump right on it.  

    • fixxmyhead

      hbo doesnt work cuz the app hasnt been updated to JB thats the price u pay for having the latest version some apps wont work

      • Todd

        I understand completely why HBO GO doesn’t work, and if JB was significantly better than ICS I probably wouldn’t mind.  But since (from my perspective) it really doesn’t appear to be that way, I think I’d prefer that all my apps still worked.  :-)

        • fixxmyhead

          it is better. i tried cm10 and its much smoother and less stuttery than ics its just that not all apps have been updated so its gonna bother some people. i also have a  nexus 7 and JB just functions so smooth but not all apps work :(

          maybe its cuz u have a low end nexus thats why but on my s2 JB is smooth

        • Judi

          Todd, you are well spoken, how refreshing! lol… Could you give me an honest appraisal of a developing android trend I found out about the other day? It might/could be be a game changer in all this, not sure. Would like a techy opinion. Catch me on Facebook (Judi Boss) when you have a few spare moments, if you’d be so kind.

  • MarcusDW

    Please God don’t start the “Value Pack” sh!t again.  Thankfully at this point it’s just a rumor.

    If my GS2 doesn’t have Jelly Bean by the time I get solid Nexus information then I may be skipping the GS3 and trying a Nexus again.  I’m sure this time it will be advanced compared to what’s currently on the market.

    • 21stNow

       Advanced how?  The hardware for the Nexus line is supposed to represent a minimum requirement for OEMs to use for Android going forward.  I think advanced software is a given with Nexus (minus all the “features” of OEM skins).

      • MarcusDW

        I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the next Nexus to do the following:

        DualCore to Quad Core (I’d be happy with a dual S4 though)
        1GB RAM to 2GB RAM (This should be standard as of the GS3 release)
        PenTile to RGB (Its just time already)
        5MP crappy camera to 8MP+ advanced sensory.

        • Little Jimmy

          The camera upgrade is pretty much a given. As for the rest, it depends on which manufacturer is making the device. If the rumor is true, probably all of them, giving you tough options to choose from.

        • MarcusDW

          Yeah Samsung better bring a GS3-like Nexus and ill be ecstatic.

        • 21stNow

           I agree that what you have there is not too much to ask.  Many people who want more advanced features on the Nexus aren’t as conservative as you are.  Some want a minimum of a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, microSD card slot, removable 2,500 mAh battery, 8MP rear camera/2MP front camera.  There are many other wishes that I have seen thrown about besides these.

        • Greg Davis

           The quad processor is over-kill. In no instance will a PHONE use FOUR cores. Threads are what matter with Android. A dual core will provide all the power you need granted it has more than the two threads. Everything else seemed spot on though.

        • MarcusDW

          Exynos’ LTE incompatibility (at least outside of SK) will prevent that from being an option and I hope Google doesn’t even LOOK at NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. S4Quad isn’t out yet so it looks like the S4Dual is the only real option right now anyway. Which like I said is cool with me, I know quad isn’t necessary in a phone besides better battery life.

          I wonder what TI is up to with their OMAP.

    • Little Jimmy

      What about the One X+? Just root it to stock if you don’t like Sense.

  • kod

    Ewwww s2 getting jb…..Im glad Im getting for my s3 ..s2 dead device

    • Little Jimmy

      Really? You’re an idiot. The S2 is not dead. It’s still selling well, and this update will please many of it’s owners who were ready to upgrade, making them think twice. You didn’t hear Galaxy Nexus owners complaining after they got their upgrades. The same goes for the Note. Now there’s really no excuse to bash either one, unless you want to be considered a douche-bag.

      • Knamliss

         Regardless of if it’ll make people who upgraded AT THE TIME OF IT”S RELEASE happy. They still only sell well now because everyone and their mom’s is doing a fire sale of “Buy one get one free” on the S2’s.

  • Mirad77

    The S2 is going to get JB and am still on OS 3.2 on Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G. And am to buy anymore products from Samsung?

    • Davenycept

      Yes and the stock ics update makes my gs2 so smoothly

  • Nemichoco

    I really hope and pray that my T-Mo GSII gets Jelly Bean. Because the ICS update really messed up not only my GSII but all my friends GSII. And thats sad to say. Since the GSII is still a great phone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    It’s nice to see Samsung updating it’s hot selling phones. I can’t wait to get Jelly Bean on my Galaxy S3. I am also glad they may still release it for the S2 as well because that should mean the S3 may possibly see the next few Android o/s updates. It also shows that Samsung is standing by its products and giving HTC some competition when it comes to updating their phones.

  • jarjar2007

    After the vibrant… its a miracle they’re even going to update their stuff.

    • Spanky

      Samsung has certainly come a long way since that disaster of a phone (Vibrant).

      • AV

        I have the Vibrant now with the new Galaxy set to arrive tomorrow. I didn’t see anything wrong with the Vibrant…any apps including Touchdown for corporate email work great. So it sounds like this new phone will really be a big improvement, right?

    • Davenycept

      I hear that but i just sold my vibrant for $300 haha

  • Give the USER the option too BOOT default Jelly Bean OR Touchwiz save all the rooting and hacking. Its a waste of time they spend more time and revenue on adding bloatware and skins when it should differentiate itself via HARDWARE and LIGHT optional skinning that the user can decide to us or not Between testing and approval it shouldn’t take more than 30 days to get it out. I need a new phone BAD but my options suck the galaxy nexus doesn’t have enough memory space and only hspa+21 not 42 and the speed difference is noticeable even if I did sacrifice speed im losing my music 32gb card. The note is new same internals nice form factor from the gs3. I ran jelly bean on my gs2 and it was BLAZING fast so I have no quams on the S3 or S4 anymore so Im leaning towards the T-Mobile note. even if the note two comes in dec/jan if its that serious I can always switch and pay difference. The specs are not CURRENT but the S3 processor is better than the TI one in the galaxy nexus and the idea of being pure google  is GREAT I just wish the HSPA+42 would work and I would hop a board ! I hate touchwiz skins but have to use it I notice when I use 3rd party launchers or roms that is when I see lag

  • Vinh7706

    what is the gs3 interfacce going to look like in jelly bean? anyone know? how does it differ from ICS

    • FILA

      doubt it would look to much different then what it is now. Not a big change from ICS to Jellybean. Just like you hardly see a different between FroYo and Gingerbread phones half the time, lol

  • I’m to the point now, I don’t even care about updates. As long as my phone works.