Upcoming HTC One S Update Will Allow Changed Menu Functionality

Do you hate the way your One S menu button requires a 48 pixel black bar at the bottom of the screen just for a menu button? Just days after AT&T One X owners received an update allowing owners to choose what functionality the button has, the update will soon be introduced to One X and One S devices everywhere.

The boys at AnandTech learned directly from HTC that they are working on the update for other devices. As many apps still haven’t implemented the action bar in Ice Cream Sandwich and continue to use the menu button for legacy reasons, HTC devices have shown a black action bar that overflows onto the screen in many applications. The result is an ugly-looking UI with lost vertical pixels. It’s frustrating, and thankfully — it’s fixable.

Let’s hope this update comes soon, as it’s going to make a lot of HTC One S owners happy.

The Verge via AnandTech

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  • whiteiphoneproblems

    I think you meant to write “…decide what functionality the RECENT APPS button has” (in paragraph 1). This wasn’t clear to me until I clicked over to the source article.

    It’s nice HTC is addressing this; surprised they didn’t anticipate the problem. Guess they figured apps would be “ICS compliant” more quickly than it’s happened…

    • Anonymous

       yup, it’s definitely oversight on HTC’s part. You can’t just force things on people, and HTC learned that the hard way with this gen of phones.

      -Lack of microsd storage because they thought people would be streaming, without thinking about data use and quality of the connection..

      -small non removable battery because they thought people prefer thinness and form over function, without thinking of all day use

      -recent apps instead of menu button because they though developers would instantly update all their apps for ICS

      Lots of glaring oversight that bit them in the ass, and imo, it effected their sales directly

      • elarella

        I would agree with you on all fronts, but I think HTC was future-proofing their phones. 

        Let me explain:

        – Lack of microSD card –  everything is being pushed to cloud computing, so it isn’t a surprise that HTC is seeing this as something that would hopefully catch on soon.  I am still leery about security and such, so I don’t do cloud computing.

        -small non-removable battery – I can only guess that battery technology is advancing at a very quick pace and that they can get a lot of mAh from a small package (the battery on the One S is definitely physically small compared to the mAH rating), not to mention that processor technology is getting smaller and more efficient especially with the S4 processor that is in it. So the need for a “bigger” battery becomes moot.

        -Not having the menu button is an ICS UI.  Instead of using soft keys, HTC opted to use capacitive keys.

        So I don’t see these as oversights and it wouldn’t surprise me if the One S sees a series of OS upgrades in the future. 

        • Anonymous

          i know they were trying to future proof their phones, but they didn’t. They made phones for the future without taking into consideration the current state of the market (without including current day and older/compatible features), that isn’t future proofing, that’s oversight.

    • Newskinnebula

      I think we are looking at apps such as HBOGO where when I am playing a movie I have a menu button on the right side at all times, it is the three dot notification bar sized menu button. I suppose I would prefer that it would hide itself or disappear until I tap the screen to pause. The image would a little larger and it did bother me for literally .5 seconds but I really don’t care. This is an awesome phone and I haven’t needed to root or do anything to it so far. 

  • MarcusDW

    Not having a permanent menu button actually on the device would suck.

    Samsung made the right decision with the GS3.

    • Herb

      How do you know? Have you spent more than a day with a device with the new button configuration? I used to say the same thing, but I have been using my Galaxy Nexus for a month and the lack of a menu button hasn’t even crossed my mind.

      • Anonymous

         How does he know? Well they already pushed the software out, so apparently it’s a large enough complaint. Need more convincing? seriously?

      • MarcusDW

        “How do you know?”

        Because I owned a Nexus.

      • FILA

        thats because it appears when you need it, lol

    • davedsone

      Opposite for me.  Having a task button and not have to long press the home button is WAY more important for me.  I love the way the One S does all that, and most other things.  I do wish they would allow folder in the app drawer, but other than that, I like the choices they made.  Sense is the best as far as I’m concerned.  I love the Pre-like card handling also.

  • klrywuzhere

    IMO, the One S suffered from the release the GS3 right after it. I use the One S. The battery is much better than on any of my other android phones, and there are a ton of free apps that let me stream my music from the cloud from wherever. And over multiple platforms. It’s all opinion anyway. Every phone is not going to be perfect for everyone. No need to be snippy. I wish they would address the calling issues, that is the real drawback to this phone.

  • Directusveritas

    I have a One S and have no real idea what you’re referring to as being such a problem…is this referring to the black menu bar that shows up in some apps that aren’t actually functional?…can someone post a picture?

    • J-Hop2o6

      Yes, the black menu bar pop up in some apps. This is the new menu options for your preference (below):


    • Anonymous

       yes, it’s the fact that they don’t have a hardware menu button (and use a “recent app” button instead), so apps that need a menu button will have a portion of the bottom taken up by the dots that are supposed to be an empty space (for more screen size)

      • Omar

        Aaaaah. Thanks for this. Now I get it.

  • Guest

    I don’t like the nonremovable batteries.!!!!!!!!!!

  • tomarone

    I like my One S my gripe is the buttons are not lit up normally. It’s a great device.

  • can’t say i’ve ever been bothered by this but i guess it’s cool to give it more functions

  • s10shane

    Can’t wait for this update. I hate not having a menu button and having that stupid recent app button. Also I wonder if it will upgrade our T-Mobile one s phones to android 4.0.4

  • The Dude

    A solution to the “menu bar” problem on this handset is long overdue. In fact, it should have never shipped this way.

  • The Dude

    10 days later… Still waiting…. patiently…

  • s10shane

    damn where is our update?? come on htc get on it. lol 

    • The Dude

      Doubt it’s HTC that’s the hold-up. ATT One X already has it.

  • The Dude

    One month later… still waiting… Zzzzzzzz

    AT&T has had their update for how long now???

    C’mon T-Mobile. Get your act together.

  • The Dude

    Good thing I’m not holding my breath.