Be The First To Own The T-Mobile Galaxy Note Thanks To eBay

Every time I see a yet-to-be-released T-Mobile phone show up on eBay, I cry a little inside as I assume an overzealous employee is taking advantage of the system. I hope that isn’t the case this time — either way you can still be the very first T-Mobile customer to own a Galaxy Note for the low, low price of $655. The seller does have 100% feedback so that’s a good sign, and delivery is estimated between August 10th and August 16th so maybe, just maybe someone isn’t gaming the system here and won’t take delivery of the soon-to-be-sold device until after the legitimate launch date.

Who is forking over the cash?


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  • Budhu1

    Not worth $15

    • PCJ

      It is if you have the G2X.


        Ive had alot of Android phones & a 10.1″ Android tablet & none compare to how much i love my G-Note i got about a month ago. Its the perfect size for a device in my mind, gaming on it feels better than Any phone tablet or potable gaming system ive ever had. Videos look incredible on the full HD screen nomatter what ppl say about pentile. No more squinting trying to make out things on your screen. Then you get the advantage of the S-Pen that nobody else gets & it really is a cool feature that youll be surprised how often it comes in handy. The Galaxy Note in my mind is the best device on the market right now & when it gets Jelly Bean there wont be anything it cant do, its the ultimate device.-KID ANDROID

        • Note Lover

          Thank you, it’s so good to hear positive ‘reallistic’ feedback, instead the other garbage that some tend to put up here.  I agree, the Note is awesome!

  • Anthonyluisgonzalez

    That makes no sense isn’t the tmo note coming on the 8th?

    • kalel33

      Employees can order phones much earlier.  I bought the Mytouch 4G more than 2 weeks before it was released to the public.

  • Bjh2379

    Might be worth it. I’m getting it on the 8th and tax will be about $660

  • Get_at_Me

    not a bad buy it now price actually….

    • Bjh2379

      If it shipped out on Monday I might buy it

      • Guest88

         I emailed the buyer he told me he would send it out right away, I’m just trying to get some cash together

  • Dominickford

    I just bought the wife the unlocked international version for $475 from if you gonna get one might as well be the unlocked one cause you at least get updates faster.

    • Bjh2379

      Yeah but no 34g though!

      • LTEstyles

        After the refarm is all set and done I’m sure it can do HSPA+ :)


    Yay, a currently-outdated phone that’s soon to be even more outdated.

    I have to ask – I love the screen size and S-Pen, but is it really worth an extra $300 over the Galaxy Nexus considering all the advantages it offers, especially with the Note 2 around the corner?

  • mbcls

    what so special about tmobile Note?
    att Note also works on tmobile 4g! and it’s cheaper too!

    • MatthewMurawski

      The tmobile note works with tmobiles hspa+ 42.

    • Aaron Tant

      in addition to HSPA+42, it will also have 4.0, whereas ATT’s is still on 2.3

      • F-Mobile

        Actually att note is on ics. And it has lte which is much faster the hspa 42. Just saying.

  • TangoCharliePDX

    The picture looks a lot like they already have it in their possession…

  • Andrew

     There is a possibility that Tmobile will release the white edition also. sellers on ebay already have the oem white digitizer part for sale for the Note. Hopefully tmobile will release it eventually :)

    • Tony

      Does anybody know if thurs going to be a white galaxy note on TMobile ?

  • Guest88

    This is Legit, I emailed the buyer and spoke with him, I wish I had the cash. But how did he get it before the release date?

  • Guest88

    214-718-6491 That’s the guys number that’s listing it, He just replied to my email and said he’ll ship it out and He has plenty in stock… 

    • Guest88

      678-667-4628 That’s his Ga Number…

  • Miss Anne Thrope

    All that money for an outdated phone. Might as well just wait a few more or pre order the note 10.1 tablet. At least spending over 500 bucks would be worth it for the specs of that tablet.

  •   Yay, a currently-outdated phone that’s soon to be even more outdated.

    I have to ask – I love the screen size and S-Pen, but is it really
    worth an extra $300 over the Galaxy Nexus considering all the advantages
    it offers, especially with the Note 2 around the corner? @XMAGUSX:disqus, I am blessed that i stumble upon this home income system… It saved me literally… Now i fell i should share it with others… Here it is 

    • Tbyrne

      I’m so sorry Derrek but, David’s going to remove your post. Nothing personal, just………No selling on this blog!!!

      • Guest

        I have uploaded a photo of myself.?

  • Chaz

    Two kinds of fail here…. #1 usully atleast one idiot in the world buys the phone no matter what especially on ebay at that price yet it has already been over a day and noone has even placed a bid. #2 this is tmobile we are talking about…. Not the 15% of subscribers who are smart and want to save money on a carrier and can buy any phone any price any time (and those are the ones who know all the techs and specs of what phone they are getting) im talking about the 85% who cry at a sg3 being 250$ or the 85% that want top phones for 50$ . So i see no buy it now happening for the seller.

  • Gues

    probably stolen

  • Dakota

    Does anyone know for sure if you sign a 2 year contract for lets say 200mb and then 3 months later you want to upgrade to 2gb , can you do that without penalty or do you then basically reset your contract and start over for 2 years (ie extend your contract) and then if a few months later, you find your using less data and want to go back down to 200mb , same thing again.  Ive now spoken to 2 reps on phone and did live chat with 2 and gotten all sorts of conflicting responses, including Bernadette on Live Chat whose responses I copied and saved, who contradicted herself in her own responses.  I bet this is one reason why Tmobile customer service keeps getting bad reviews.  I have a feeling that your contract does get extended which is quite ridiculous.

    Also what is the avg range of the HSPA+21…My friend in ATL has Tmobile and she says she gets an average of 2mbps in atlanta and that seems pretty poor.  She said her speedtests have gone from .57 to 3.21 but average in the low 2s…She also told me that whenever she tries to use the Google Navigation, the phone is constantly losing its GPS signal (and this is all over Atlanta which is supposed to have good Tmo coverage) and itm akes it impossible to use

    • Gues

      no you don’t renew your contract changing a feature does not make a change on the length of your contract only changing you minutes renews your contract. 

      • Spanky

        You most certainly renew your contract any time you change/add/remove a feature. Take a look at T-Mobile’s support forum – the amounts of complaints about this are simply staggering.

        For what it’s worth, I believe all carriers renew your contract any time there’s a change.

        • Urdumb

          This is incorrect. Changing minutes or the overall rate plan renews the contract, but changing the feature does not

        • Spanky

          @Urdumb and JoeyKhache:

          Take a quick look at the T-Mobile support forums. There are countless reports of T-Mobile reps renewing contracts (many times, without informing the customer) for any slight change. Here’s a sample thread:

          Personally, I haven’t had this happen to me. Last time I made changes to my plan was when I got the G1 in 2008. My plan remained the same until I switched carriers last month.

        • JoeyKhache

          This isn’t true,I change features on customers accounts daily and not one of them has ever had their plan renewed from any feature I’ve added or removed. 

  • Sanman202

    Gnex GSM unlocked version is 10x better than the Gnote will be on Tmobile. Never again for carrier branded phones. Can’t wait for the Nexus devices coming this fall. Tmobile is a Fail when it comes to device offerings. The only good thing going is the GS3 from then, but again there is bloatware and Touchfiz. 

    • no2apple

      bloatware and touchwiz ?? I mean, you didn’t find anything else to put down GS3 ??.
      GS3 is way better then gnex and any other thing out there. It alone is good enough to make up for a lack of models in t-mobile..


      Bloatware & touchwiz are not real good reasons to hate a phone because both issues can be easily solved. Cover up touchwiz with a launcher from the playstore. As far as bloatware you can go into settings & then applications & disable those apps so they will not be taking up any RAM or anything. You can only do this on ICS or Jelly Bean.Ive had both the Galaxy Nexus & the Galaxy Note & I really have to disagree with ya the Galaxy Note is a far better device & well worth the extra cash.I dont see any downfalls to the G-Note & much more is offered from the Note that the G-Nex doesnt have. The 2 best devices on the market are the Galaxy Note & Galaxy S3 & it is just which one feels good in your hand that is the big factor in choosing between the 2.The HTC ONE X is also a great device up there with the other 2. -KID ANDROID

      • Note Lover

        very well put and I agree…love the G-Note!

    • fixxmyhead

      i love touchwiz

    • kurtyz1

       First of all, you may want to check out another website if you think that “T-Mobile is a Fail”. Secondly, there is also another device that T-Mobile offers that is a great device called the HTC One S. Lastly, there is going to be bloatware on any device that comes out, period. But with an Android device you do have the option of rooting the phone and taking off any bloatware that you personally do not like on the phone, to even include removing the launcher and using a launcher of your choosing.

  • Tbyrne

    I love it when I see “comment removed”. It gives me goose bumps!

    • I just caught it, but deleted!

  • Guest

    Umm no thanks I will wait for “ATT,S NOTE ll to be released in two week’s
    At least I will get real 4G LTE. I don’t want a outdated device.LMAO.!!!!!!!

    • GeekNerdStuff

      The Note II will not be released in two weeks. Samsung plans to “announce” the phone in 2 weeks (on August 29th). An announcement does not mean a release. You will still be waiting a while before you will be able to get your hands on a carrier variant of the Note II.

    • fixxmyhead

      ‘real 4g LTE’ ur such a sucker

    • guidomus_maximus

      If everyone waited for the next totally awsome phone, no nobody would ever buy anything

  • Wickedblue2007

    The tmobile galaxy note will be released in 3 days 8/8/2012 :)))

  • TKfromCLE

    The only thing sillier than buying a T-Mobile Galaxy Note is paying $600+ for a T-Mobile Galaxy Note.