(Updated x2) T-Mobile Suffering Data Outage Says Early Reports?

Update: T-Mobile has confirmed the outage via Twitter

Update 2: T-Mobile now says full data services are restored.

We’re receiving early word on Twitter that T-Mobile may be suffering a data outage in some areas across the country. As it stands, we can’t pinpoint an exact location as reports are popping up in random spots across the US with T-Mobile users suffering data connection issues. Others, like myself are having no problems. Let us know in the comments below if you are having trouble and we’ll start looking into this.


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  • Mickster95

    no data galaxy s2

    • Darkbandit

      Charlesto SC

  • Chris Blanks

    Data out in Albuquerque, NM, but strangely not on my USB modem, only on my phone/families’ phones.

  • angela

    Having problems in the Orlando, Florida  and the  Melbourne, Florida area… About 70 miles apart from my BF and we both are experiencing issues of zero connectivity to the net.

    • Scase66

      Mine is working in Palm Bay

      • angela

        Lucky you! I can’t even call 611.

  • guest

    San Diego

  • Pappasan D

    I’m in Portland, Oregon, and we’re in the midst of said data outage.  It went down approx.  20 – 30 minutes ago.  Per the Tmo rep, tech. resources are working towards resolution.  They had no ETR.

  • Jackdr0id16

    New York, Brooklyn =( no DATA Since 8:40pm

  • William McAllister

    Yes we are n lexington and we are haven truoble with dada internet servis and we cant get ahold of t mobile or customer care neither we need need us up and running

  • gekswag03

    Issues on my SGS3 in LA, Cali and then when i got home in Torrance, Ca too

  • Serotheo

    LA Area, data been out for near an hour.

  • rwc1792

    No data in San Francisco and Oakland

  • Beba19911

    I just got off the chat with one of the tmobile people. This is a new phone so I thoought there was something wrong with it but after about 10 mins of doing stuff to my phone they told me there was an update that there is a data outage and that they are working on it. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Guest

    Data out in Tampa, FL

  • Luvnclo

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Lanh Nguyen

    Data out in Kansas City

  • Bob

    GS2 in Spokane metro area, 2 lines affected

  • RJL

    Data out in las vegas as of 634pm PST

  • Erin

    Mine is out in Woodbridge, NJ for about an hour now

  • Originalitykills

    no data Galaxy S III in Columbia SC

    • Guest

      Same here across the bridge in West Columbia…

  • guest


  • Pdx_cpl69

    Out in Portland, or

  • Tre Goolsby

    Having problems in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida 

  • Advancedvendingnc

    nc down

  • Guest

    Cleveland, OH – No Data

  • Guest

    No Data on GS3 in NYC

  • Guest

    Philadelphia. Oddly enough, my wifi isn’t working either??

  • Prisi

    Data out in Denver

  • Lizzyb0374

    Out in Dallas

  • Lynn

    Maryland, No Data!


  • RIch

    No data in San Francisco

  • Out in Lynnwood, WA. North of Seattle

    • imcdona

      I’m in Lynnwood too. About an hour ago I called CS and was told it was a global outage. ETR was 2 hours when I called cs about an hour ago.

  • Nobody

    not able to get data on EDGE or 3G
    South San Francisco, CA

  • A Payton21

    no data in kansas city, mo with samsung galaxy s2. Called customer service and they said there was a national data outage and should return within an hour. 

  • Guest

    Denver, CO down

  • Mdljunk

    nyc – no data for about an hour.

  • Aaron636r

    No Data in Riverside, California

  • scb1898

    Maybe that’s why I keep getting a busy signal when I call CS!!

  • Jacky

    Racine, WI. Was wondering if my phone was acting up. Now I know it’s not my phone. I can’t even dial 611

  • Gooncityfl

    No t-mobile data service in Orlando either. Thank god for Wi-Fi

  • Classifiedangel

    Data out in ny

  • In NJ…It’s been out for a little.

  • Mrnerdnet

    no data in st louis, yet my friend with t-mobile in the same building is fine…

  • Dose

    Down in Las Vegas (tried both of my phones) 6:37 pst

  • Mdljunk

    also, all customer service numbers (including 611) that i could find are down.

  • Josh

    Im in Orlando Fl & My Parents are in Miami. Were BOTH experiencing outages 

  • Not2fly

    No issues on my android phone, and but the wife’s iPhone is having issues in tn

  • Jokerr_13

    Just went out in DC about 20 min ago.

  • TmoNews_Inuyasha

    It’s working in the San Antonio area.

  • gargoyle999

    Data working just south of Minneapolis.

  • blah

    Down in Brooklyn NYC. Their 18009378997/611 also seems to be down

  • Pitch

    No data here slc Utah

  • Me

    Galaxy s 2 atlanta

  • I have no data in Stockton, Ca but my husband in the same house with the same phone, on the same acct has data. ???

  • mapozi

    Seattle down! 

  • DiwiGarden

    Out in Austin,Texas. “User ID or password Unavailable Retry?” Ugh.
    No Data.

  • Firemort

    No date for the past couple of hours here in south jersey.

  • Andre

    Out in Los Angeles

  • shralp

    Its out in Redmond, WA… (near Seattle)

  • Wigs1992

    Hammond, IN is out.

  • oukidder

    Out in Columbus.  I was just searching to see if I had a settings issue, too.  Now I can stop.  :-)

  • Sarah Cway

    no data dallas/ft worth

  • Twin Cities, MN – no data

  • mrbean86

    Im in Denver CO No data

  • Aa

    Los Angeles, CA  Connection to Mobile Network failed.

  • Alex Jarvis

    Pullman, WA

  • Inkstain74

    Vegas down too.

  • asomicait

    No data in Sunnyvale (HTC One S or Galaxy Tab)

  • Ztreichel

    I have two t mobile phones gs2 and galaxy nexus, my gs2 has no service but my nexus does…odd

  • Hypnoticalpixie

    No data since 830pm est – Trenton, NJ

  • Fat Walrus

    Data out in San Diego…called CS and they said nationwide.

  • Napajs13

    Rochester,NY. Data and service is out.

  • RJT

    Chicago northern suburbs data out.

  • Jim Mack

    Maine no data, had problems registering on the network. This smells like the national outage from a few years ago. 

  • jobber99

    Sitting here in brea, CA next to my brother and wife. I have data. They don’t

  • Joe

    Out in Sacramento, CA

  • not working here in San antonio Tx

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

      Working for me in the northeast San Antonio area.  Just double-checked, and was able to surf the web and check my gmail.

      • JBrowne1012

        Just whatever you do, do not restart your phone right now Btw what phone are you using?

        • TmoNews_Inuyasha

          Sorry, had to take an iPod apart really quick.  I have an Amaze.  Just checked again, and still working for me.  I’m out near The Forum.

          Edit: Checked my fiancee’s myTouch 4G Slide, and it’s working fine, too.

  • NYC

    No Data NYC

  • Au123

    I was actually mid phone call with CS when they lost there service and I couldn’t get back in touch. It’s nice to know its t-mobile and not my brand new S3!!!

  • yeehaw!

    Outage in Birmingham, Alabama area. Yes, we have computers, mobile devices, and such. We even got one of those tooth doctors a few months ago! All joking aside, it ruined my dog walk. I had to listen to fatty pant the whole time lol! I’m glad to see tmonew.com reporting this. I was about call customer service which is busy by the way. oh well…

  • jasonblankey

    South Bend, Indiana. No data connection at all

  • Lindy Hendrickson

    Greenville, SC – no data

  • Candlelady

    Out in Minneapolis can call out but no data 4G

  • Jarrod

    Its working on EDGE in Houston I just received a picture over iMessages, just can’t send pictures because it isn’t carrier supported :(

  • OMG !!!!!!!!!!! my GSII with ICS Andriod 4.0 has no data service in Columbia, SC not 4G, no 3G or a E the pain !!!!!!! 

  • Marc

    no data in south texas… thought it was phone and did factory reset… :/

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

      Can you be a little more specific?  South Texas covers a large area.

      • Marc

        it does.. mcallen to be precise 

        • Mickster95

           no data in brownsville texas

  • Matt

    Aurora, Colorado (Southeast of Denver)

  • Gimli89

    Data coming in strong in North Minneapolis suburbs.

  • aBowlOfNoodles

    Out in most parts of Los Angeles

  • Tj123456788

    KCMO downtown…no data

  • Relikk356

    Data out in Wichita KS. LOL, I just set up my Galaxy Nexus and thought I had to regester it or somthing. LOL. Figures, this is the only time I’ve ever had a data outage in my 9 years as a customer; the day and time i setup my new phone.

  • Sspatola78

    I’m in bellmore, Ny connection to Internet failed

  • Dumbazz

    Down in Atlanta. Can’t even call customer service

  • Fish

    Melbourne, FL and surrounding suburbs, no data.  611 doesn’t work but 411 does.

    I asked the lady at 411 about 611 and she transferred me to a supervisor that said she was unaware 611 isn’t working and thanked me for the information.

  • LabattZ

    Everett, WA – no data around 4:30pm is when it started, now 6:45pm and still no data. 

    edit: wife’s phone (Nexus S also on Tmo) still has data service

    • LabattZ

      7:20pm, 4G service restored

  • Me1396

    Mine went out in Chicago about an hour ago.  My sister’s in Chicago also though and her connection is fine.

  • Aajjanjua

    wtf ? NO data in dallas. :( 

  • Marc

    ok.. my htc one S (android) is disconnected, but my wifes nokia 710 (windows) is connected… is this just an android thing?

    • JBrowne1012

      Try calling 611 on the Lumia and No this affects a lot of devices including an old flip phone of mine.

      • Marc

        i was able to call out on the Nokia… of course t-mobile is busy, but i did check my daughters g2x (android) , its out also… 

    • Pitch

      Dad has a blackberry its dead as well

  • Rfgenerator

    No data here in Central Massachusetts.

  • NYC

    +1 for NYC, out since ~8pm ET

  • aBowlOfNoodles

    With the amount of money we pay monthly, and then they have national outages, they should give us a couple of months FREE!

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

      A couple of months?  Please tell me you aren’t serious…

      • aBowlOfNoodles

         OK a year..haha

        • TmoNews_Inuyasha

          This isn’t Verizon where they have constant data outages…

  • Zanefbanks

    No Data – Albuquerque, NM – HTC One S

  • yeehaw!

    Data out in Alabamar…

  • Hudi G.

    hope to g-d this wasnt from refaming stuff?!?!?!?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Connection To Mobile Network N/A ; Only On The Galaxy S ll though -_-

  • Davenycept

    Out in east El Paso

  • Jen

    Down in central jersey! Glad its bedtime. Yikes.

  • JBrowne1012

    San Antonio data out 

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

       What part of San Antonio?  It’s working for me, and I’m in the northeast area.

      • JBrowne1012

        North Central in the area by Ingram Park Mall

  • Guest

    charlotte nc metro area no calls or data connections

  • Adalbertogomez71

    No data in El Paso Texas.

  • TheApeofGod

    No data in San Francisco, CA.

  • jdd

    No Data here in Milwaukee area.

  • Kevin

    Orange county CA. No data!

  • Zme1035

    Some of Pittsburgh is out right

  • Ish Fish

    Out in Tampa for some people (I’m out but my dad isn’t ).

  • Tmonroe2

    No data in Bakersfield, ca

  • chef_w

    No data in Minneapolis, MN

  • crxmanpat

    Out in the Phoenix area too.

  • 256springer14

    Huntsville Al no data!

  • ami1982

    We’re out in Seattle, WA

  • Eric Gonzales

    No Data in Ft. Worth, TX

  • Medina_oc

    montclair , ca .. no data and can’t call cs.. says network busy .cant access them online either .. !!! terrible

  • Medic201093

    Florence, SC no data

  • Aaron

    No data in Seattle or Lynnwood, WA.  Glad I found this article because all tmobile numbers ring busy and I am number 956 in the chat queue….

  • Rob

    No data in Queens, NYC. Customer service numbers are not answering either.

  • Emily

    No data in Austin, TX

  • Bonay

    No data Upstate South Toiletlina

  • Hotsauceandcoffee

    No data in Boston… Ugh!!!

  • Down in phoenix, az

  • this is a global outage. i talked with an agent online bout it

  • Pissed In Chi

    No data in Chicago, IL

  • melon3531

    Seems to be out here in SW Brooklyn, NY – haven’t shown a data signal since I got home at 8:20, although I was getting data before that on the commute in lower Manhattan and on the Gowanus down the west side of Brooklyn.

  • Ronandchris

    No data in Pilesgrove, NJ

  • TheReder

    Looks like Chicago’s down.

  • Jennifercwmtp

    No data in Goose Creek, SC. Suburb of Charleston.

  • Marco338

    No data…tucson, az

  • Idollyz

    Trippin in Los Angeles :

  • Robb

    No data in NW Houston

  • Email

    Out in Portland Oregon. I too thought I needed a factory reset. How Frustrating!

  • Kacompton

    Reno, NV. No Data. 

  • Ginop100

    No power here in NJ! Really sucks!!!45 minutes on hold prompted several times to press two for Spanish! How annoying!!! Then the music omg talked about sticking it to you!!!

  • The Savant

    No data in Los Angeles – Nexus One
    Also, can’t call any support number;  611, 1800tmobile, 18774531304 all don’t even connect

    • The Savant

      Strangely, my gf, also in Los Angeles, has data but she uses a Nexus S.

  • Dumbazz

    I thought only Verizon went down?

  • Ron

    So Cali……down……I can make calls…..no data

    • NuShrike

      Same with Ron.

  • Guest

    Northwestern Suburban Area/Cypress – Houston, TX – Although strangely enough, I still have Full 3G Bars.  

    • Guest

      Also cannot connect to Customer Service (611). Other calling & messaging service is working perfectly fine & normal. 

    • Jarrod

      I’m in Atascocita/ humble area I’m only using edge though because of having a iPhone and dont have any issues data wise I would try using edge if you need data.

  • TiffyChick

    Hubby and I both have t-mobile.  We both have mytouch 3G slides.  I am out and he is not.  What the heck?!

    • TiffyChick

      We are in Las Vegas, BTW

  • aBowlOfNoodles

    Can everyone make calls?

    • Chris Blanks

      It seems that some people can and some people can’t, guess it just depends on your area. I can make calls(Albuquerque,NM-HTC One S)

    • Pappasan D

      Yes I can make calls out.

  • Staceyt213

    no data Buffalo, ny

  • Ariel Rivas

    no data in the bronx, new york

  • gamefreakgcb

    No data for me or my dad (family plan)

  • atheno

    no data San Diego, Ca also cannot call 611

  • Jarrod

    My theory is that they are doing software upgrades for their new equipment and it has a bud which caused the 3G network to stop working data wise.

    Posting from my iPhone 3GS on EDGE.

  • Nickel

    No data network in Frisco/Dallas TX

  • 757eliashz

    Out in Long Beach California, all 3 lines, for the past 2 hours now…

  • Inthisdiary24

    out in LA

  • Fortknox3

    No connection in Maryland.

  • ohdear

    out in LA :(

  • Mnaz105

    NYC, Brooklyn and Staten Island are out!

  • z0phi3l

    No 4g in New Haven County CT
    Yet Wife’s Vibrant has data :/

  • Ben

    I had the same issues in Richmond, VA but I thought it was just poor signal.  I hope this is because of the planned refarm.

  • Elaki

    Sacramento, CA is down as of 5:40 local time.

  • guest

    central florida area here no coverage for data and cannot contact tmobile via phone landline cell or by chat

  • Cait

    Does t-mobile have any sort of network status page anywhere?
    I’ve been with T-mobile for over 5 years, and never needed to *look* before.
    So that’s good, but not having one is almost asking for problems.

  • Fjones243

    Data works on my MyTouch 4G Slide and the wife’s iPhone but not on my g slate. Northern VA.

  • T-Mobile PR

    No Data in Puerto Rico

  • Sarah

    Cannot connect to the internet or send pictures. Also their phone line is busy and I am currently 1052 person in the queue to talk to a chat agent. I am in the Fort Collins, CO area.

  • George

    oh. that’s why my internet is faster now:)

  • SoffMouf

    Jacksonville FL, both my wife and I have voice-only since this morning.

  • Redelrops

    I’m out my wife isn’t. So frustrating!!

  • Bnzr05

    No data in Houston, TX

  • Staceyt213

    Has anyone found out why yet?

  • Daniel_hicks

    No connection here in dc….. Im usinv wifi as we speak

  • Paul

    Down in Southwest Houston

  • jagmil22

    none in charleston, sc or richmond, va

  • Mn6

    Menlo Park, CA down since about 5:30pm PDT

  • Bakerboy

    NYC here with no service

  • mark

    No 3g or 4g in Houston TX on my blaze 4g

  • JOseph

    out in northern jersey.  can text/call, but no data

  • bob90210

    I think this is my fault. I tweaked my wife’s iPhone to use mms on T-Mobile and the data stopped working right after I finished.

    Sorry everyone.

    • guest

      na i did that with my sister’s iphone over 3 weeks ago and it worked just fine lol

  • Frescoln513

    no data in PA.

  • Mr L

    no data in Queens, upsell to 5 and 10GB data plans!

  • Genoh8

    Both my T-Mobile Galaxy phones have no data in Charlotte, NC still as of 10pm. I have spoken with T-Mobile. They are aware of the outage and said that data services are expected to be up within the next 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Guest

    Down in Boston, MA

  • Tulsa is down

  • Bcabaj5

    I tried to chat on their website and I was 1116 in line. Lol

    • Bcabaj5

      Chicago suburbs. I have my friend is fine and im not. I

  • Ronnie

    No DATA in Aurora or Denver Colorado… 4G or EDGE

  • Mn55

    down here in chino hills, ca

  • UMA_Fan

    Just data out for me.  For those having voice outages as well this is where WiFi Calling REALLY comes in handy.

  • Ybkorn

    im in passaic nj. I cant get a 4g signal for the past hour. reboots and stuff dont help. i have an amaze. and the constomer service umber is bust on my cell and land line.

  • Publicnudity

    My friend in Manhattan, NYC lost all network.

  • Scarlett Craig

    Data out here in the Planet called Brooklyn. What a warm welcome TMo is giving me just having arrived here from the Sprint Network. SMH

  • Tom

    No data in Cincinnati, OH

  • adrianp87

    Outage here in L.A.

  • Josh Eck

    We’re down here in Southern California also, near San Diego county, no data whatsoever.

  • Kelvin_njuguna

    Houston area having problems

  • Dpozo000

    No.data in Charlotte

  • Ppoo

    No connection in Panama City, FL and surrounding areas

  • All services gone in Starkville, MS

  • alexislwright

    No data on one of our phones, but the other is working fine…in Las Vegas, NV. Cannot get through to 611?

  • Jminyety27

    Bronx, NY. since 7pm now 10pm still not data coverage

  • No data here in San Diego, CA

  • jn34

    No connection here in the KCK area

  • Karriehubbard2011

    Down in rock hill, sc :( loving wifi :)

  • WhoKnew

    Schaumburg, IL out since at least 8p CT

  • Looking pretty much like a US Data down, Geeesh if I wanted this I would have stayed with Verizon!! LOL

  • himynameisjuan

    Works just fine on my Bold 9780. Doesn’t work on my sisters Galaxy S II or Sidekick 4G. In the greater Los Angeles area.

  • Kevy87

    No data in Norfolk Virginia

  • Tlones1

    I can call locally here in  Canton, Ohio but 3G has been out since at least 8PM ET

  • I’m in metro Louisville, KY. Currently no data, first noticed about 9:45PM.

  • hd2 to g3

    My wife’s sidekick 4g can call out, but no data. My rooted hd2 gets phone and data… however 611 failed.

    Bethesda MD ..DC metro area

  • jian9007

    No data here in Garland, TX (I’m close to Rowlett, TX just down from Lake Ray Hubbard).

  • None

    Atlanta, down since about 9 pm, can’t even call support 800 number or 611.

  • Guest

    No data connection in New York City.

  • Suferboy17

    Canton,oh down

  • Gam

    Just dropped out of data about an hour ago… 8pm central in Kansas City, MO.

  • Voice Works

    WOW!! Thats alot of Outage.!!!…  Dayton Ohio Data Down…..I can still make calls…

  • Tdtyler07

    I hope when it reconnects my international one x will have 3g :-) lol

  • Boricuawit3

    No network in Bronx N.Y.

  • Malarco4

    Scattered issues in Arlington TX one person can have data and the person right next to then won’t, most likely they both may be on 2 different towers depending on where they are between towers

  • Suckit

    Orange County, CA
    t-mobile sucks

    • Core_Frequency

      Working fine in orange county, ca for me…

  • Ramon

    Late this evening I noticed late this evening that I didn’t have a data connection.
    No connection in VA Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hamton and Newport News.

  • Scarlett Craig

    Here’s my propagandist statement: I have a friend who works for TMo corporate and she says that TMo’s network wasn’t ready for the influx of new subscribers due to the release of the Galaxy S III.

    *I’m kidding.

    • Dumbazz

      Your friends wouldn’t use the word humorous to describe you would they.

  • I am in Morris County NJ and I am under a TMO tower and I have had no data for the last 2 hours.  Only can make calls and normal texts.

  • RJKmadison

    No data in Madison, WI

  • Livinginstrument Be

    No data in Long Island, New York….not cool. Will they be doing something to accommodate my lost business today? I spend 65 dollars/month (another phone bill) just so i can have mobile broadband service…this is now costing me MUCH MORE.

    • Lanh Nguyen

      how is this costing you anything?  You pay the same data or no data.  Don’t be a troublesome customer and call asking for a credit.

      • Exactly. No mobile internet for a couple hours and all of a sudden T-mobile is the devil and owes us a free phone bill or 3. It’s a pain, but, damn, it’ll be okay.

        • JBrowne1012

          Hey you can’t hate a man for wanting to get something free when something goes wrong thats just the nature of things. Things go bad, good go free. 

  • Mikedee718

    I have no data coverage in NYC. Can’t get through to T-Mobile customer care either

    • Lanh Nguyen

      no need to call customer care they can’t fix the data outage.

      • TMoReP

        Agreed, no matter how many people call in and clog the phone systems in customer care it won’t get fixed any faster.  Engineers are aware of the issue and are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue. Also yelling at the rep isn’t going to help either, they have NO control over the network and don’t have an estimated time of resolution. So if everyone will relax, enjoy a nice evening with friends and family I am sure it will be fixed soon.

  • Rick

    No data@ Tampa bay area

  • JBrowne1012


  • mgseattle

    I’ve got 4g here in NE Seattle

  • Matt

    Out here in Cleveland, OH and cannot reach Customer service.  Good idea T-Mobile not to release a statement via Media/Social Media

  • Bravosfan1025

    Oddly, I am not having problems but my girlfriend is. we’re in the same house. odd…. in Erie, Pa

  • Arias951

    No Data in Riverside, CA on the bright side I am 848 on their customer support chat queue :-/

  • JBrowne1012

    Can still make calls in San Antonio, Tx the web however is not working at all.

  • Suckit

    t-mobile should give everyone a month free data
    lord knows they can afford it
    and no 611
    this is bullshit

  • U Flippin Idiot

    Lansdale PA both GS2’s are out but my Nexus is still running strong

  • itched

    I didn’t have service around 5 pm in Anderson, Indiana when I was at work. (Sucked for the drive home since I solely use streaming audio in my car)

    Had service when I got home in Fishers after rebooting my phone. As of now, 10 pm EST, I do not have data service.

    • itched

      My girlfriend doesn’t have service, either.

      • CouldNotResist

        I will give your girlfriend service if you like.

        • itched

          I set myself up for that one, didn’t I?

  • Lounaya909

    boyle heights los angeles im still have 4G

  • Nancy3133

    No Data in Scranton Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania area

  • Kristgal

    National data outage, that from a friend at oregon call center. Can’t even get through to 611 from my phones.

  • John

    Have no d.ata in Philly.

  • Jordon Wii

    I’ve got 4G over in Spokane, WA. Appears to be working just fine.

  • yves theodore

    no data here in south florida..oh well

  • MplsGuest

    No data @ Mpls, MN since 7:00pm CT

  • Dredrana

    No data in Cleveland, OH. No success at calling customer care either.

    • Sagnik

      I’m in Cleveland heights. Full bars and 4g here…

  • Robertparrish79

    Greensboro NC

  • Johnnilam

    Nothing in Washington DC as of 9pm

  • calls are fine but no data in downtown Los Angeles on my Mytouch 4g

  • Hugscub

    Out in NJ….so annoying!

  • ZunarJ5

    No data is south central Pennsylvania.

  • Johnnilam

    Can’t reach their customer service either

  • Cubanb562

    Out here in LA

  • John Rocke

    Data out in Bloomington, IL. Voice and text still work. Tech support said to wait 2 hours and that engineers are aware and fixing it.

  • Eloy Antunez

    no data in whittier and reported also no data in san bernardino area califoenia state

  • snarkyman

    Down in Arlington MA

  • Mrsjonesisme

    Out in Modesto, CA

  • I’ve been having to use Wi-Fi calling due to no service for the last few hours……Seattle, WA

  • out in the oc…

  • Inamay

    We cannot send or receive picture messages or call 611 in southern RI.

  • Amandaleeneace

    down in Pittsburgh, PA as of 10:17 PM

  • Tim M

    I have 4G on my Galaxy Blaze, but my wife’s exhibit II is right next to me and has no data. This is in Massillon, Ohio

  • no internet connection in Plano, TX

  • Ro

    I am having problems sending pictures and my BBM does not work. This is ridiculous, people have business to take care of and this company is ruining peoples chances of succeeding with their outages happening on a regular. This is happening in portland oregon and needs to be fixed ASAP. This is a joke and customers going through this need to get a free bill this month since it is happening on a regular ESPECIALLY with the new T-mobile Blackberry bold, how is that even possible. The 4g is outrageous.

  • ozkerr

    Thank god for our WiFi calling feature on our smartphones……

  • shutterman

    Down in Twin Cities

  • Tjwstraka

    out in myrtle beach sc

  • Stoober

    no voice or data here in vegas

  • Derekdorks

    No data service in Fall River MA…..

  • Frycat222

    No data in Mantua, NJ for the past two hours. I can send and receive regular texts, no photos.

  • Mpressive

    out in Hawaii

  • Zance4

    Out in PA…..WHAT THE….

  • FlyOhMy

    no data here in NYC :/

  • no internet in phoenix arizona

  • Mike antici

    No data here in Danbury. CT, maybe they’re trying to fix the problem with the gs3 only working on half their towers

  • A2c3r3

    Ft Lauderdale… DOWN

  • Jonathan

    Out in Phoenix Arizona, I also can’t get ahold of customer service, rings then disconnect or rings busy. Tried 611 and the 1800 number

  • Jp108

    No data in western subs of MPLS.  We have 2 Vibrants. 1-rooted with ICS and 1-stock. Both billed to a Mpls address but my wife has a Florida area code.  Both can call but no data.   The stock version is with my wife in northern WI. Her sister in the same house has service with TMO.  My rooted Vibrant is with me Mpls.  Seems like it is related to the billing address not the specific area you are physically in.

  • Gagglecon89

    Upland, CA…..No Data!! Didn’t even notice until I went on tmonews lol.

  • Steven

    Just got back from a ride around Central Park in Manhattan. No data the whole way.

  • Sdluvsfam

    Henrico county va  Lg Optimus  internet was working an hour ago now its not

  • Fab

    Bellevue, Wa

  • stevetree

    No data in Oklahoma City, phone service works. Tmobile support either wont connect or just hangs up on you.

  • Curtishamm27

    Wichita, KS!

  • Jim

    Los Angeles down… from downtown to west side

  • danny

    Down in Austin, TX

  • Ray

    Austin TX….going down in flames

  • Marleencook

    no data in manhattan, ks



  • tried to call tmobile and its dead air off my landline and my cell hmm strange

  • Ish Fish

    Spoke to customwr service and ot was a waste of time so dont bothercalling. They dont know when it will this be back up and just said to power cycle it periodically .

  • Migwickert

    No data here in Tulsa, OK

  • Jackbnimble

    Down in Houston, Texas as well!

  • Adla

    out here in LA. i thought it was my phone & did a full reset :/

  • Ravynblaize

    Chattanooga, TN …No data at all, started abt 20-30 mins ago

  • Lovecats3

    Saint Paul, MN

  • Liestman

    No data here. Wisconsin

  • Sooton

    Bronx, ny… No data, very few outgoing calls

  • Misslizz217

    No data here in southern cali fornia IE area…was okay most of day until about 530pm…please fix!!

  • Coupetastic

    Out in Hollywood Cali

  • Kev30591

    No data service in Gainesville, FL

  • Jeff

    Manhattan/Junction City, Kansas no data

  • John

    I have no data or phone service.  I have tried calling customer care on both a landline and my wife’s cell and cannot get through

  • mattjensen25

    Austin, Texas no data on my galaxy s II but my Nexus is still rocking 4g.

  • South-central Texas represent! T-mobile, you wild, girl.

  • Jdmap1

    Chandler, AZ. No data

  • Ray Cool

    No Data here in Westminster CA.

  • spartanburg sc is down to has been since about 8

  • Oldmoney

    chicago no data

  • Brian W. Forum

    San antonio, Texas

  • Samanta913

    No data or incoming calls. Orlando, fl

  • Amwort

    No data in St. Louis.  No t-mo contact numbers answering – either hangs up the phone on me or goes to a busy signal.  Irritated!!!!

    • TMoReP

      As with every automated phone system only so many calls can be in  queue at one time and when more then that many people are calling in at one time it will disconnect or fall to the fast busy signal which indicates all circuits are busy. It won’t make any difference if you are able to get in to care.  They know about the outage as you are not alone.  They don’t have a magic button that will fix it.  Engineering is deployed across the country at this very moment working to resolve the issue and investigate what caused it so it doesn’t happen again. 

  • Rockinfrontman91

    here in richmond, va no data as of tonight, worked good during the day and right around 8 it went out.

  • Dafuqtmo

    Memphis TN, greater here and all around us, I cannot use ANY data, NOR can I even dial 611…

  • Tommy M

    No data, houston Tx

  • percette

    Seattle, Washington down as well….

  • Thih

    Employee in upstate new york

    No Web access in an area that’s normally 4G…been about an hour now

  • Rgillardjr

     I’m in Los Angeles. Data is down here.

  • Yvi8

    no data here in charlotte, NC 


    Chicago, IL everything is working fine..

  • Givtan

    No data here in Dallas Tx. Called 611 call just disconnects with fast busy tone

  •  If only there was some other way to access the internet! GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US?!?!?!?!?!1!!11!

    • JBrowne1012

      Wi-Fi isn’t even close to everywhere

  • kfpylon

    Stockton, CA: data and voice OK

  • Andy Phoeng

    Some customers in Columbus, Ohio

  • Samuel

    Overland park, KS no Data

  • Roroandjesse

    Norwalk, Ca!! This sucks!! 

  • Christbeliever17

    Kansas City MO is having a data outage with T-Mobile. Also in KC MO we’re having Time Warner Cable Outage too!

  • cutienoua

    not working here in Seattle
    cannot reach them on the phone,via chat I was number 1600 !!!!

  • Ortafederico


  • Papilucca

    Tampa out

  • Tux

    No signal period on GS4G, Nokia 710 or MT3GS just outside of st Louis

  • Chris Blanks

    Data is back in Albuquerque,NM-HTC One S

  • Jeremiah

    No data in Winchester, VA.

  • BlahHHH :D

    No data in Laredo, TX

  • mike

    Philadelphia – no data

  • Realest Ever

    Winston Salem,NC has been for out for at least 2 hours

  • Judy Szekely

    Colorado Springs, CO, restarted phone, lost data

    • Judy S.

      UPDATE: Switched my SIM card back to my HTC Radar (from HTC One S), and the Windows Phone has data! Bizarre.

  • JadedNYer

    Brooklyn, NY no dats.

  • Ian

    mine just came bank in OKC, OK

  • Netterzkastle

    Cambridge Mn is good, but Monticello Mn is having issues, and I can’t dial 611.

  • MH3015

    Ventura/Santa Barbara area no data coverage. Able to make calls & text.

    • MBH3015

      Data is back!

  • ThatGuy

    Down in Columbus, GA for the past hour.

  • indoguy

    Yup…here in inland empire, socal…approx.. data loss start @5pm pacific time until now…..no 4g, 3g, even 2g…also call signal has been dropping to1-2 bars

  • Eric Deily

    No data on 2 HTC Sensations (ICS update) in Seattle (South Lake Union -> Downtown) or along I-90 from Seattle to Issaquah.  

  • moon shadow

    Puerto Rico .. no data. 

  • A.

    nashville, tn. no data.

  • Mardux2585

    Im in LA CA. My phone Tmobile G2 has nothing and my wifes line ( Vibrant) has full covrage. What is going on!?

  • JBrowne1012

    Data back in San Antonio, Tx thank god

  • Randy

    Inland Empire, just east of Los Angeles, CA  no data

  • Ayd39

    Chelsea MA

  • No data here in Los Angeles. And I am “currently at position number 1199 in the [TMO Online Chat Support] queue.”

  • MagentaMadness

    I know what the outage is caused by and you will not be able to pin point it to a specific location. It is specific customers all over the country. Its due to specific piece of equipment.

    • Tim Bolin

      care to enlighten us, oh mysterious one?

      • MagentaMadness

        Related to a specific HLR.

        • Tim Bolin

          oh, well, that answers everything.

        • Jslcpd157

          Yep, clear as mud now!

        • MagentaMadness

          Its technical related to specific equipment on the network. HLR stands for Home Location Register. Every customer’s profile starts within the HLR, this has all the information. Before a customer can do anything with their phone, it pings the HLR to see if their profile allows what they’re trying to do. What HLR a customer is on(there is more than one) is picked at random, this is why it cannot be pinpointed to a specific area or location. Can Google HLR to learn more about it, its cool stuff how it all works.

        •  Or it was like rain or wind or something not as pretentious sounding as “You don’t know this random thing, Google it!” Or not, whatever.

        • MagentaMadness

          Huh? lol

    • TheApeofGod

      Care to elaborate?

    •  Is it because I don’t have an IPhone?! Damn!

    • Jslcpd157

      Yeah, whats up??

  • Rachel

    No data in south eastern Virginia!

  • CsK

    no data in Richmond VA, customer care rings once 

  • Bran_thadon

    jacksonville fl 
    was wondering y

  • Adc

    Arvada , Co had no data but this weird thing that’s on my notification bar instead having a seperate 4g etc and a phone bar their like together now

  • M Anderson9

    No data and extremely slow text with wifi in Indy.

  • MMontanez

    all good here, Bronx, NY

  • Izzybrexx

    Data back… Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

  • littleangl19

    no data orange city florida here ,, cant get online to chat through website cannot call customer care from a cell phone or land line

  • gekswag03

    Data Back up and running here in LA, Cali and my girl in the OC

  • Kelvin_njuguna

    i am back in Houston!!

  • Charles Sexton

    In a hotel in Stone Mtn, GA. I have Phone but no data at all. My wife has full bars of 4g in the same room.

  • Lareina528

    No hone or data in Minnesota can’t get thrugh

  • Jdphenix

    Central Oklahoma, no data!

  • Scarinzi

    No data in Spartanburg, SC. Can’t call customer service either. Hangs up immediatelly.

    • Traviss51

      data back up in spartanburg sc

  • Qtfrat715

    I’m in Clarksville Tennessee HTC sensation 4g getting full 4g even though I used up my data plan

  • Hilced_7

    Lumia 710, Oklahoma City, OK

  • Jay Martin

    Data is out in Cincinnati

  • Dharris69

    Issues here inOahu,HI

  • Noé Martínez Ibarra

    No data in Glendale, CA 91203 @ 7:33pm PST

  • Bob Overman

    Data is working just fine in the Northwest burbs of Minneapolis.  

  • Ed

    Puerto Rico.. data is restored.

  • Tim Bolin

    no data in dallas, tx, since about 7pm. unable to complete a call to customer service either, so it appears to be widespread.

  • rp91

    data is back in SoCal

    • Kevin

      I confirm!!!!!

  • Codyswife05

    No data in Maricopa, AZ for myself and my husband.

  • No data in DC. CaBi uses T-Mobile so their service has basically ground to a halt as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_Bikeshare

  • Bigsammoe

    i got data but cant send or get pictures… service response error message
    Chicago, IL

  • jz 1177

    YES….down. Cant get any 4g/3g – using wifi to make calls  this sucks…. how long is this going to last.  i need need need my phone.. now i get my husbands arguement for keeping the house phone even though we NEVER EVER use it  :( :( :( :( :(


    • jz1177

      BTW – Columbia, SC

    • Kevin

      Phone service isn’t down. Just 3g and 4g. Besides what is wrong with wifi calling. I use it even when the networks are running just fine

  • Sbrown


  • Tommy M

    I just got Data back

  • Beachbum3350

    no data for the last 45 mins in Tempe,az

  • John Rocke

    Its back in IL

  • misscari

    no data in kernersville, nc

  • Punkrawk033

    No data in Washington, DC…but can text and make calls

  • twerli

    San Diego no data including blackberry messenger.  Unable to reach customer care as well.

  • sandwichmasta

    yeah no data for me, california north bay area

  • Michael Cisneros

    Data outage in Greeley Colorado (North-East Colorado) Also, no access to customer service via telephone. Been in the chat queue for about 30 minutes, was 1300+ in line, now down to 627. Called a local corporate store, was quoted 2 hour downtime. But not really putting much stock into a local sales rep. Sigh…, yet another check in the con column in the debate to stay or not…

  • Ritojr3221

    No net in South Texas!!!!!

  • personwithnoname

    Washington DC, no data

  • Volmiro

    Still No Data in MA, and can’t reach to Customer Care!! I was going to break my phone!!!

  • Markmccartha

    Mobile Hot Spot is down in Pooler Georgia

  • Givtan

    Data is up and running again here in Dallas Tx

  • MBH3015

    Data now working in Ventura/Santa Barbara, CA area

  • Data is back in Portland, OR.

  • Sbrown

    whooooooo! got my connection back in PA :)

  • Everyone I know in DC seems to be completely dead in the water with T-Mo at the moment. I wonder if the other locations reporting data outages are actually getting routed through DC or if a pop going down caused a massive routing error.

  • Edy6401

    Working ok in Detroit, MI.

  • John

    Data problems in kansas city missouri

  • T-mobile chipmunked my money up…. i went to sell this guy a phone a couple hours ago (blackberry) it was an AT&T phone but i unlocked it for use with T-mobile… He put his T-mobile SIM card in it, and data wouldn’t work so he didn’t buy it. missed out on 60 bucks. i thought thought the blackberry was broken or something. come to find out, my whole city (Greenville,NC) is out of data for the T-mobile network.. THE CHIPMUNK IS GOING ON??? CHIPMUNKING UP MY MONEY!

    • Bleh

      Owwwwzzz no!

  • Jslcpd157

    No data in Clinton, MO.. 8/

    • Nathan

      Yes, because GPRS is so helpful to have anyway. :-( They might as well leave it turned off.

  • Nancy3133

    Data in and out here in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  • Bitflip

    Drove through large parts of Denver, no data service but voice worked. Pwring off/on did not fix data service. North part of denver pwred off/on and now have data service again.

  • Joa45678

    Jersey data not workin or 611 !!!

  • Jctusa7

    new york long island out

    • Jctusa7

      Just came back

  • Oldmoney

    its back in chicago

  • guest

    Virginia beach,virginia

    • guest

      no data in Virginia  beach va*

  • tmorulez

    in and out here in stl MO weired 

  • guest

    No data in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and other parts of the IE. 

  • melon3531

    Seems like it’s back in Brooklyn, NY – cycled my One S to airplane mode and back and I have data again.

    EDIT: Spoke a little too soon, after about a minute it looks like I just lost all signal now.
    EDIT 2: It’s back again.

  • Kaysoh

    Data back in San Antonio, Tx …..restart your device

  • TheApeofGod

    Data back in San Francisco, CA. 7:45pm Pacific

  • Bre

    No data in Annapois, MD. Voice working. Power on & off does not reslove issue.

  • Calpoly087777

    I’m back So Cal!!,!,!

  • Looks like it’s finally back. Took about 2 hours.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Shel692

    22:45 Still no data here, Bethlehem and Easton PA. Also Belvidere NJ

  • RJKmadison

    Back in WI

  • Sjdreyes

    yes, suffered a surprising data outage a few mins ago here in riverside, california. back online now, at least for the moment…

  • guest

    Los Angeles, Ca — Miracle Mile area… No Data service or 611

    • Ab

      same here

  • dupsatou

    dallas, tx – seems to be coming back as of 10 minutes ago.

  • Canionboyd

    Out in Houston  :(

  • Salazar Lalo

    Outage in Oklahoma.

  • Back in south-central Texas. WORST 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE!!!!! (firstworldproblems)

  • ps329

     Cant get email or internet.

  • Djillmoney

    No data SC

  • Shoyt113

    No Data in Cleveland,OH

  • Culex316

    Data working fine in Miami fl

  • kev2684

    no data for me too. luckily it went out after i get home.
    Jacksonville, Fl.

  • It’s back on in Tulsa…for now! that’s a good sign!!

  • Data is down in Downey, CA

  • Long Island Steven

    Data working after a restart.

    • Saxyfredgeenecks

      Yup, same here

  • JaMafia

    No data here on Washington, DC.

  • shazam1203

    No data here in Dallas, TX

  • Davidmolina1993

    Data issues in the san Fernando valley, ca…

  • Gpugs2000

    No data in New Jersey.  I had no problems all day and then my brother mentioned that when he switched back from WIFI on his Galaxy 2 he no longer had a data connection.  I then enabled WIFI on my Nexus S, turned it off, no data connection.  Rebooted my phone, no data connection.  Did the same thing on my wife’s Nexus One, no data connection.  So it seems like if you had previously had a connection you are fine, but once you turn on WIFI or reboot your phone, re-establishing the connections fails.

  • Chad D

    No data in Ship Bottom, NJ since I noticed it around 8 PM or so

  • Guest

    Data is back in Cleveland, OH! 8-)

  • ValuePlanFan

    In Pittsburgh PA, my Amaze 4G has voice, but no data.  Fiancee’s Amaze 4G in the same room has voice and 4G data. Really odd.

  • guest

    No 4g in MN.  Can make calls fine..except to T-Mobile. 

  • Jalfaro2001

    Data comes and goes in Kendal, FL

  • Flacko1211

    out in waukesha wisconsin 

  • pcjnyc

    Data is back in Manhattan, New York, 10:55 pm.

  • Roy Harrigan

    Miami, FL

  • Ty

    It was working all day here in Utah until about an hour ago, so I restarted my G2 and it’s good to go again.

  • Shel692

    22:55 and its back Easton PA

  • Guest 2012

    Is Verizon going to post: “While @T-Mobile your network was down we sold Samsung Galaxy SIII for $199 and many of your customers jumped ship”?

    • Guest

       No they were going to reply, “we sold the Samsung Galaxy SIII for $199 and charged you significantly more for the same service.”    There, fixed it for you.

  • guest

    Data back in Arlington MA

  • Slipkid

    Here in Pittsburgh PA my phone no data, wife’s phone 4g, same phones same plan

  • Dc1128

    It was out on the drive from Columbus, Georgia to Atlanta. It just came on a few minutes ago.

  • Sharbepakon

    no data in my bathroom…unbelievable!

  • MagentaMadness

    Its not over yet, people who are regaining data access may lose it again as it is currently being worked on. I will share when the official Outage Notification gets sent out and Resolved.

  • Ron

    back on in palm desert ca, area

  • LehighNewb

    Data was out in the lehigh valley in eastern PA for about two hours but its back up now.

  • Rikki Gonzales

    4g out in parts of los angeles, ca county!

  • geenecks

    Here in Walla Walla we had a data outage, seems to be over now.

  • guest

    Been out in the STL for a couple hours too. Just switched on airplane mode and turned it off…Have my 3g back.

  • LehighNewb

    Hello from Easton! :)

  • nxtiak

    A-OK in San Bernardino county, southern california.

  • Tattoodchicky

    no data here in oregon and i cant get through to customer service no matter what number i call!!

  • Johnsifu

    I haven’t had data since 5PM CST, Dallas, TX

  • Hugged

    In Chesterfield Missouri data is out.

  • Safaree

    Still no data in SC!!!

  • jamieob256

    I haven’t been able to connect to the network here in New York City (Manhattan) since at least 5:30 p.m. today

  • LehighNewb

    Hello fellow Eastonian!

  • Browntown

    It’s coming back sporadically. Not every user in the affected areas experienced the outage. If you’re still down: do a battery and SIM pull. However, picture messages seem to still be down for most people.

  • jz1177

    Data back in Columbia, SC  No apparent loss of information  :)

    • Safaree

      Really? Mine is still gone.

  • T-Mobile Ghost

    Was out in West Palm Beach on brothers non modded Android Galaxy S II and my HTC Radar 4G Windows Phone but oddly my pops modded Android Galaxy S I custom ROM’d still had net at 4+Mbps! Its beyond me! I did a factory reset to phone cause of that thinking it was my phone… T-Mobile is great but they never cease to amaze me!

  • Joey

    9:00 PM…yep!! my internet on my iPhone isn’t working here in chicago area.  it says “Cellular Data Not Activated” and then it says PHP Failed.

    10:08 PM… internet back up and running :).

  • Bre

    Service back in Annapolis, Md after switching to airplane mode then back to network.

  • Guest

    Out in the greater Boston area

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      Epc.tmobile.com is working in the Salem, MA area

  • ees

    Chicago = no data at all

  • Browntown

    Customer care has been down for hours now with no real explanation. That seems to be company wide. Whatever you do, don’t waste your time going into a store tomorrow to get a rep to fix it. They’re just as helpless in this. Their direct line to care is down, too. I know this because I am a customer service rep.

  • Djillmoney

    Mines working now SC

  • Ritojr3221

    south texas is out aswell

  • GonzO Rodrigue

    Back in Austin, TX

  • Rbandy78

    Haven’t been able to connect to internet/data service in several hours now in St. Louis, MO .. Phone and text services seem to be working OK tho .. haven’t tried any multimedia texts…

  • young01

    Mines not working in PA. 

  • BC

    I’ve heard that it was a planned two hour outage. Possibly to set up LTE or refarming. That’s what a tmobile rep said, but who knows

  • Mchern76

    Still no data here in North Austin, TX. Pflugerville, TX to be exact.

  • KeIIer

    Data is back here in Greenville SC.

  • Joe

    Down here in Sacramento, CA

  • TMoFan

    My situation is different. I’ve been out of 4G and running on edge for a week and a half. I took a walk around my neighborhood and it appears that we all got knocked out of 4G and up until this happened I had absolutely perfect 4G coverage. There’s a coffee shop nearby that doesn’t have wifi. I never had a problem with 4G there, but now it’s all edge and it’s so painful doing anything besides quick emails and I can forget about streaming Google Music. It appears that T-Mobile did something to a tower nearby that screwed this whole area out of 4G. I phoned them several times to make them aware of this issue, but I keep getting different answers.

    Please T-Mobile check your Manchester CT towers!

  • Some

    Down in Schaumburg, IL

    • HE_TOWN

       im down in hoffman estates, IL

      dont have service at all since 2PM today!

  • Melanie Brown

    My data connection is out in Philadelphia, PA

    • Taron19119

      Where u live at in philly cause I have data

  • tmo-manager

    Its weird. I work for tmo and in Chicago. Some people dont have data and some do. I do. So I am happy.

    • MagentaMadness

      Its an HLR issue. I’m fine too, we obviously aren’t on said HLR.

  • Tom

    I’m in Chicago it’s been down for me since 5:30pm. Care has no answer or timetable…

  • sweetstarshine1

    i had lost data for a few hours and i’m in DFW. I finalyl have it back now

  • Elpapipr

    Databwas down Knoxville, TN. But now its back

  • indoguy

    Data is on again here in socal at about 755 pm pacific time…first 10 minss 4g is still slow…after that is as normal before..

  • shazam1203

    dallas is back up, wonder what caused it

    • MagentaMadness

      Scroll down a ways to my post.

    • Johnsifu

      mines still down

  • MagentaMadness

    Latest update, there was a work around put in place that should of resolved the issue for most customers.

  • Joa45678

    Jersey is backkk!!!

  • Scottyinkcmo

    Kansas city, mo and outline area mobile broadband is out but cellphone internet works.

  • Yancy

    Salt lake up and running!

  • Yep in San Diego having issues…

  • Bman

    Cambridge, MA is out. I have no data connection

  • JoeyKhache

    Glendale, CA. Up and running now. 

  • Scpineda

    My data was out here in Norfolk, VA.

    For Android OS, go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Uncheck “Use packet data” box, then Check box again. Also, select “Access Point Names” within Mobile networking settings and ensure that the radio button next to T-Mobile US is selected.

    • Melanie Brown

      Thanks for the tip. It worked!!

  • Sam

    While T-mobile was down Verizon download billions and billions of photos and videos….

  • Guest

    Chicago still down. looks like data servers are in Atalanta, GA.

  • Ashley23

    No data here in Lawrence, ks for a few hours ow.

  • Dopejayoh

    I thought I was the only one that was going through it. I’m in Los Angeles, CA and it’s up and running now.

  • LR65

    Out for several hours now in south jersey.

    • LR65

      It’s back.

  • T-Mobilizer123

    Had an issue in Jersey Shore, looks like it’s back now.

  • Rob Mendoza

     Sherman Oaks, CA (LA Area) is still down. Thank God for Wifi.

  • EK9

    My phone was out for almost 2 hours while my gf had no problem

  • phill

    Up and running in SoCal

  • Csantos1204

    Data also DOWN here in Fairfield, CA…been out for a few hours now..went to the t-mobile store and was told it should just come back up and i just have to wait…starting to get pissed!!!! Lol

  • anonymous

    I had no data for about 45 minutes in the Detroit Metro area. I also had problems with signing into my account via T-Mobile’s site to pay my bill, and I’ve also been contract free since 8/2011, which on my device upgrade section always has shown that I have been eligible for an upgrade for close to a year, whenever I so choose. Now, it’s for some reason showing I am not eligible until 5/2013, which is way off because I haven’t changed any plans, added any lines, nothing. I think they’re having a bit more problems than just a data network outage. I talked to a rep. on LiveChat, but of course, they “don’t know why” and “they’ll send a note through and contact me within 24-48hrs to let me know what the problem is.” Been there, done that many times, and have never been contacted back as they claim to do and let me know why I’m having these (not just tonight) issues.

  • Emilyca

    I’m in San Jose, and my phone was without data from about 5:15 until probably 8:15. I tried to wait for chat support (queue of over 1,000!), but my data magically reappeared around the time I got to position 400-something…

  • Frolex85

    Data services down in Spokane, WA

  • Johntaajacobs

    My 4G is working :-) full 4G ahead… Columbia, SC

  • Dalibay82

    No data for hours in Lebanon Pennsylvania. So sick of this.

  • tmo employee

    No data connection in Chicago

  • Getsome

    I wonder if it’s an infrastructure issue resulting from the power outages the last few days on the east coast

  • Miggs

    Back up in Miami, FL (west Kendall area) 
    It was down since around 8. Not sure when it came back

  • Defiantbeast

    Data went out for an hour earlier today. Im on and htc one s my cousin turned out to be having the same issue, hes on a galaxy s2. Data has been sketchy all afternoon and night.

  • Brett

    I’m in corona ca and our data went out around 3pm and is still out as of right now

  • J-Hop2o6

    I always wondered this, but how does this (Nationwide Data Outage for a Cell Carrier) happen actually? I understand it can be down regionally for upgrades and stuff. But whats the trigger for a Nationwide outage?

    • MagentaMadness

      Its a nation wide outage because it has to do with the equipment that holds customer profile information. Customers who’s profile that are on a specific server is degraded. No matter where the customer is or travels to within the nation, they’re still on the specific server. Everyone mentioning where they’re located is irrelevant for this outage. Hope this helps.

      • J-Hop2o6

        I had a feeling it had something to do with that. I remember a couple of years back the same thing happened with ppl with newer sim card numbers. But thx for the conformation.

  • Omar Gonzalez

    West Texas here. Network would stay on 2G then completely come off :(

  • Lawrence

    my Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, have data down. WA

  • Jeff

    I was using my Hotspot device to surf the net. I kept gettng a message saying that I don’t have tethering on my account and keep redirecting me to upgrade my plan…

  • Joshua Boyd

    My data wasn’t working, then I got a notification saying that my data was turned off. I had to go into settings and turn on the data package. Not sure if this is related.

  • Hd2brick

    Had to drop a comment here. Data out all over Denver, and I’m the one dude who still gets web. I’m using a Galaxy Nexus that I bought from google. Yet my other phone, a HTC G2, wasn’t working. Seems fishy to me. Anyone else using an unlocked phone that didn’t have any problems?

    • MagentaMadness

      Nothing is “fishy”. Its an outage thats not affecting everyone, myself included. Can scroll down a ways to my explanation of the outage.

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

      Neither my phone or my fiancee’s phone are unlocked(Amaze for me, myTouch 4G Slide for her), and neither of us had problems in the northeast San Antonio, TX area, so it wasn’t something to do specifically with T-Mobile branded phones.

  • Joe

    Chicago nothing happened to my data all day

    • Em jones

      well lucky you, at about 8pm mine went off

  • Kutosgrl

    Phoenix/Tempe, AZ – reporting data outage~~~

  • Wild

    Been down in NY since 820pm really getting annoyed

  • ash

    my data is out over here in New York

    • jakebarnes

      Mine too,I live in Brooklyn. Did you lose data after you received the my account update from TMobile? As soon as I got the my account app running in my notification bar, it killed my data

  • JBLmobileG1

    No outages in the Las Vegas / Henderson, Nevada area that I’ve experienced on my Amaze 4g. The only issue I may face is I am about to hit my 10gb mark however my data starts over tomorrow so I am good. Hopefully they get this issue fixed soon for everyone else though.

  • Jgomezsti

    Was down in sacramento ca for 2 hours its good now

  • Gwjbspd

    No data in va beach

  • htc sensation 4g

    im in new york, ny & my internet on my htc sensation 4G is off

  • Ted Ashley28

    I think my data is out too? Huntington beach CA

  • Brandonhurley

    Mine is working now b

  • d.wade

    my data is off but i have a full signal —> nyc

  • Boricua Boy88

    No Data, Gainesville, FL.
    Good. I thought that my phone was on it’s deathbed… I’m glad it’s not.  

    • Boricua Boy88

      I forgot to add that I was so desperate for Data, since I was Working, that I went wardriving to find some wi-fi. Needless to say, I found some…lol

  • Stephanie

    No data..in Los Angeles, california

    • gekswag03

      I’m in LA and i have data on my SGS3

  • Guest

    Chicago is back

    • easteuroboy

      when was chicago out?

  • jasonblankey

    Still no data connection. 

  • Nikki

    No data— petal, ms

  • ZunarJ5

    South central PA still no data.

  • Jenartist

    Parma Heights, Ohio no network or calls….still.

    • Mauler61

      brookpark, ohio I have full use of the phone data and calls

      • Mauler61

        I did have to restart my phone before everything started working though.

  • Charles Robison

    Big time problem for me at 6 PM in Seattle

  • Trunten0

    No calls coming in, but get notifications of msgs and am unable to male calls other. HOUSTON TX

  • Duck Dodgers

    My wife had no data on her myTouch 3G while I had data right next to her with my Galaxy S3. I had her reboot her phone and she had data again. So if still have no data try a reboot.

  • Angle

    No data in Newark NJ

  • Angie

    No 4G at all please fix program Newark NJ
    I need my phone for work ..

  • angela

    no data in sacramento, ca

  • GuyTSuckH

    No voice call in Austin, TX

  • Sick122803

    Like around 6pm no data in Los Angeles CA

  • David Shankman

    My new HTC One S STILL doesn’t work (NJ).  No
    phone service or data.  When I finally got an online tech support rep, they told
    me I had to call tech support to “manually reconnect” my device to the
    network.  I would like to see how much they are willing to credit me for
    making me do this…

  • TrUsTmEiMaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

    I live in Harlingen, TX and data is completely out here, which really sucks because I depend on it to check my online classes on the go.   

  • Lvaaron1

    Data not working and some problems with calls.  Las Vegas, Nv

  • TrUsTmEiMaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

    @ David, Completely off topic, but I have been trying to order my Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB in White through customer care and they keep saying they are out of stock.  Do you have any idea when they might be restocked?  If you don’t, I completely understand.  I had already placed an order for mine and they forgot to submit the payment and I had already hung up with the rep.  They had assured me the payment had gone though and then I got a phone call the next morning from a Loyalty Supervisor apologizing for the mistake, and he gave me the bad news that they were sold out. 

    • GSIII Fanatic

      Are you really that stupid? This is an “UNOFFICIAL” T-Mobile blog…not customer care or a direct T-Mobile Forum. David is not able to provide you information on when T-Mobile will have  any phone back in stock. All information is from “LEAKED” sources and is rumored information most times but he in no way is a direct employee for T-Mobile. I guess there really is such a thing as a stupid question because this one take the gold for it.

      • kindness

        Be kind.

      • TrUsTmEiMaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

        Look Mr. GSIII Fanatic, your a real dumbass!  1st of all I was asking David, not some jackass on the net.  2nd I have been a member of this blog since David started the site and know exactly what kind of information is presented on the site. 3rd take some time to go back and read some of the previous posting before sticking you foot in your mouth.  David always posts up when phones will be back in stock and when customer service will have them available again.  As a matter of fact, every time that Tmobile releases an anticipated phone and it is sold out, he always has info on when the phone will be back in stock.  I just thought it was odd, that he hadn’t posted anything this time and was wondering if he had any insight on why it was taking so long this time and if it had anything to do with Apple’s injunction of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and with the ongoing Apple lawsuits with Samsung.  I didn’t need some assholes opinion on what he thinks he knows.  Obviously you don’t know Jack, so why don’t you go read up on the information before you post something on an sight meant for educated individuals, who know technology. Oh yeah and 90 % of the information on the sight comes from reliable people in the business of technical community, i.e. T-mobile Employees, Company Reps, and 3rd party employees with inside information, etc, etc. Only about 10 % of the info leaked is more rumors than facts. 

  • Salgado1601

    since 5pm no data in bakersfield,ca or customer support

  • Cranky

    No data since around 5 p Pacific in Monterey, CA.   Grrrr.

  • Achilles81

    Data fully on in Long Beach, CA on my SGS3

  • Abe_The_Babe

    Got my data back about an hour ago (Los Angeles, CA), so glad to learn the problem was their network and not my brand new Galaxy S3!

  • easteuroboy

    i am in chicago and have had full use of phone and data all day and evening ….i am tethered now via my phone for net connect on netbook

  • red

    There is a bunch of people (more than 10 when I was there) in t-mobile store in San Jose, CA at Valley Fair Mall around 8:00 pm, complaining about data outage.

    • red

       Overheard one lady saying that she connection is down more than 5 hour :(

  • Joe

    still no data in sacramento ca

  • SZL

    I was in ATL airport. It worked for a few minutes then the data died.

  • Nahoou

    Yeah I had an outage in Bronx, NY for about two hours starting at 8. But everything is fine now.

  • Ravercwb

    San Diego…..no data late afternoon, now data is verryyyyyy slow

    • NMoosekeys

      still no data for me in east san diego.  

    • Maddm1k3843

      Had no date last night in myrtle beach for 2hr


    I had no data last night between 9PM eastern and got it back around midnight. I had to power cycle my phone to get it back. When I got up this morning @ 6AM my wife’s handset still had no data. I toggled Airplane mode on her GS2 and the data services were restored. When there is an outage like this sometimes you need to do this to re register your phone to the network. 

  • Tedboddie

    I am in Boston…service is back…data was down from 8pm until at least 1 am…But woke up to everything fine…How does Tmobile make up to customers for that?

    • Maddm1k3843

      I called TMI this morning and got my DAta price dropped from 30 to 20 cuz of the outage

  • el_perezo

    thats why i switched to att.

    • Fortknox3

      An Art doesn’t have outages?

    • GwapoAko

      And you are paying more :0)

  • Kendric

    I had no data connectivity in the Bronx , New York area from 3pm till 11pm.

  • Fortknox3

    Back up in DC, MD, VA

    • Daswahnsinn

      Yeah, that storm that came through was crazy. Haven’t seen one like that in year, well really never. Lost service for a day, no tears.

  • Guest

    Still down in Tampa, FL @ 7am.


      Restart your phone… 

    • jon

      Tampa is just fine. That’s where I’m located. It was out from about 11pm last night until about midnight. Like tmotech said, restart your phone….

  • Zance4

    Still down in philadelphia region PA

  • Jesz8150

    still down in DC

    • 21stNow

      Really? I’ve had no problems in Prince George’s County.

  • Qpn427

    Still down in Houston, TX

    • Qpn427

      Restart phone and all good now

  • Xavier

    no issues queens, ny

    • Xavier

       that included yesterday

  • Sunflowerdecor

    Still down in new Jersey and not expected to be back up till lunch time.

  • Verizon should be chiming in, in 3,2,1….

  • Jeffreygreen1315

    The storm in the northeast (Friday night) is the reason for the problems. Been able to get 2g sometimes. My job uses AT&T and it been affected very little if not at all. I have tried to make calls and T Mo says system busy. Really thought I would have seen this article yesterday! 

  • All good here in the SF Bay Area. Interestingly enough, I’m pulling 8 megabits on my G2 at home whereas I typically get 1 megabit if I’m lucky. I wonder if they did some sort of recent upgrades to the towers. Hopefully would have fast data at work too, would be a god send.

    • Jarrod

      I noticed I was getting faster speeds on EDGE in the town I went to because its typically really congested,

  • Greg

    All good in Long Island, NY

  • guest

    Still down in Fayetteville, NC.

  • Frankieblue

    Southern Minnesota is OUT. I haven’t had a data connection since 7pm last night, and neither have other TMobile folks I’ve talked to around here.
    I better get a credit for this!  I pay out the *ss for 4G and on a good day, I still only manage to get 1-2G.  Irritating.

    • monkeybdb

      You don’t pay out the *ss. one because 4G doesn’t cost any extra and two because you’re on the most affordable nationwide carrier. Excluding corporate discounts you cant beat the prices. So either give your phone some credit and stop complaining. (you’re really complaining that you dont think phones are worth the bill that any carrier charges, i know your type.) Or just stop complaining all together.

    • ScarfaceMario

      Frankieblue people like you should not be in T-Mobile :)

    • Guest

      If you think you pay out the *ss for 4G on Tmobile, try one of the other at twice the price.

  • Johntaajacobs

    I was data roaming on AT&T last night going to get charged for it ?

    • Guest123

      Never charged to roam while in the US. Worst that would happen is you will be cut off if you exceed the threshold…(50mb-200mb depending on your data feature)

  • Scase66

    Up in Central Florida and getting 15mbs +

  • Mark Schmaling

    I was out last night in Phila. On now pulling 7.5m.

  • Jason Shen

    Was out for 3-4 hours last night until around 11PM. All back now.NYC

  • Droid4Life

    It was out in kansas.

  • Dmak

    waiting for Verizon to tweet about it…

    • Jose Hernandez


    • Scarfacmario


  • Amie

    It is out in Oklahoma City. From last night to current (Tues 3 Jul, 8:30am).

  • Sparky

    Hold your hoarses guy’s. Who knows, magenta may kick off the forth with a big bang, right from the roof tops. The grass is greener on the other side. All good in OC.

  • Nathan S.

    Working in the Blue Springs missouri area. 9.57mb down and 2.04mb up.

  • All good here in Orlando

  • tommy

    tuesday night around 8:45 or so, could not connect for awhile, in NYC, queens.

  • Susan3556

    I have no data connection in Roswell, GA – north of Atlanta

  • Sf49erdave

    Was out in Toledo oh for a bit last night around 11 pm

  • Gr8belief

    spotty and painfully slow connection in Roscoe IL since Sunday


    South Suburb Chicago ill 8:00 out for couple hour, working now

  • Pmorrsn

    Lost data last night SF bay area about 6pm for an hour.

  • casillas94

    Lost data for about 4 hours. Dallas Tx

  • Scarfacemario

    I lost data yesterday in the Los Angeles thru long beach area I thought it was my phone so I factory reset it nd im just finding out it wasnt just me well I was affected for 1 hr.

  • Scarfacemario

    Restart your phones

  • Mueller2051

    lost data yesterday in phoneix area. was wondering what was happen

    • Mueller2051

      working here now was only out from around 1pm to 4pm ish

  • Piedrauno

    Lost Data yesterday around the Mass/ Salem line

  • ozil8

    Still no connection sometimes in Orlando near Orlando studios

  • Anthonyryan22

    Lost data Yesterday and the day before Coral Springs, FL

  • jumbz

    Lost data for a few hours yesterday in Los Angeles

  • ND5

    I thought I read a rumor that this may have been related to their refarming efforts?

  • rico

    still no data in tampa

  • Alex wardlaw


  • Rwood71

    Lost data only last night from about 7:30 PM TO 10:30 PM IN Minneapolis suburbs.  Restarted phone later that night and data back on..

  • Aidabach

    I couldn’t use website, MMS or BBM on July 2, 2012 since 16:50 Pacific Time.  It came back and off around 21:00

  • kahlayoh

    San Diego seemed fine. Not sure if anyone else here experienced no data

  • Alex wardlaw


  • Alex wardlaw

    I think we should get CREDIT when the data goes down…
    Its only fair.. if we go OVER we get charged!… I use my phone CONSTANTLY on the web, and when it is down/out… it SUCKS… 

    • Sean Shannon

      I called they said 5 dollar on a 300 dollar family plan I told them to shove it

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

      Since when do you get charged on T-Mobile when you go over your data unless you are on a small data allotment(200MB)?

  • Dkdontforget

    lost it for about 5 min in the Sacramento, CA area nothing big to worry about

  • jordany argueta

    I lost my data on 6/29 in Houston area, went to the t-mobile store and they gave me a new SIM which fixed the problem.

  • David Vargas

    Chicago land area. No data for the last 6 hours for all phones on my family plan.

  • Sheeksjelyn

    Lost data here in jacksonville florida yesterday monday july 2nd!!!

  • Sean Shannon

    Lost data for over 3 hours. I called and was told it could take up to 4 fours to recover and that was just a estimate. I called today to get a credit and they said they could just give me five dollars and I told them to shove it  

    • M123

      They offered me bonus minutes and I have an unlimited plan.

    • csr2

      If you’re data was down for 4 hours you only pay 30.00(maybe) for it a month or 1.00/day. If things were equal you should only get 17 cents (30.00/30days=1.00/24hours=.041*4 hours of outage = .166). You should be happy to get a five day credit for a four hour outage.

  • Gouv

    All better now… Carl-alt-del fixed it.

  • M123

    Tmo will only ever give a 5$ credit for network outrages

  • 114

    My SGS3 says that I don’t have the right data plan….I bought it today and it doesn’t work anymore…it started doing that out of now where…i live in Katy TX is that the outage or do I have to go to tmobile?

  • Jason Crumbley

    I have absolutely no signal right now. Not edge or anything in North Las Vegas. My phone is now a paper weight. 

  • Jason Crumbley

    I have absolutely no signal right now. Not edge or anything in North Las Vegas. My phone is now a paper weight. 

  • Ndnikoi

    No signal. NW Washington DC.

  • Ndnikoi

    No signal. NW Washington DC.

  • Kerrih23

    No service now in houston. it says im not registered on a network.,I have already rebooted my phones and nothing.

  • Oscar

    5 days without signal or data, I have to use wifi to make calls and use text, and talk to customer service, they changed the phone, and not yet recieved, I’m just waiting to receive it. if I continue without corvertura, I will cancel my contract philadelphia PA.

  • me

    have lost wifi over half-dozen times over past 24 hours in Sonoma County, N of San Francisco; sometimes can reconnect after restart (phone and/or router), usually not, although it will sometimes auto-reconnect after a delay…

  • Guest

    OC, CA, US. Still no 4G data, and my regular signal is really flaky.

  • Maureen Alex Garcia

    Internet is very, very spotty. Tethering is almost impossible. Other phones in my plan are even experiencing dropped calls.

  • Maureen Alex Garcia

    Internet is very, very spotty. Tethering is almost impossible. Other phones in my plan are even experiencing dropped calls.

  • slayr

    Lost data on NYC on 7/2.  Removing and re-inserting battery will fix most data outages.

  • slayr

    Lost data on NYC on 7/2.  Removing and re-inserting battery will fix most data outages.

  • honuboy

    July 5…still very intermittent internet and blackberry coverage in LA.  Have pulled battery multiple times.  Starting to think #tmobilesucks

    • Jarrod

      They could be refarming I saw a post saying that someone was getting 3G in Oakland Ca

  • Cynthia

     Ive been on and off of the blackberry network since the 2nd of July, I’ve been with Tmobile for over 6 years, hopefully they can fix this SOON!!!! :( Inglewood, CA

  • Gggg

    T Mobile sucks!!!! I just got the Blaze and my emails won’t update!!! They send me messages but those are the only ones I get.  They’re way full of shit!

  • Bones95

    4G Exhibit – had service earlier today but now have been unable to get any kind of service for at least the last hour – Am in St. Paul, MN

  • Thegeeknme

    Noticed 4G, 3G, and 2G Edge were ‘down’ for about 20min starting at 12.01AM July 1st…. came back about 20-30minutes later… perhaps part of their refarming efforts?  If it’s planned outages to make the things ‘better’, than I can handle a data outage every once in a while.l… but, if it’s a failure of their operations teams to manage systems… then that’s not so cool…

    • Thegeeknme

      about 20min south of Seattle

  • chrisolicious

    3g data very slow in Hannibal Missouri pings in the 1000 milisecond range. Edge is faster.

  • happytobesafe

    tmobile cell phones not working since Sandy blew through PA. Still down today.

  • Jerry Cross

    T-Mobile data has been down all around S. California for the last two days due to a bad network upgrade.
    4G lte phones are affected. How does a big company like this take down their own network” Stupid!