T-Mobile Posts YouTube Video For Future Advertisement Spot Highlighting Tower Numbers

T-Mobile’s newest YouTube video destined for televisions across the nation highlights the company’s 35,000 towers and the depth of T-Mobile’s nationwide coverage. This new marketing spot shows Carly driving around on her motorcycle visiting cities across the nation and listing them off as places T-Mobile’s 4G network will cover “from Kalamazoo to Anaheim to Miami.”

“Buckle up for faster and more dependable 4G.”


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  • Guestwho

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!! The first great ad talking about our network and not dissing the iPhone… who ever the new marketing people are good job..

    • MarcusDW

      I agree.  I’m glad they dropped the attack of the iPhone (for now at least).

    • 21stNow

       Does the average consumer understand the network and tower penetration/bandwidth capabilities?  I think that VZW had the right idea years ago.  The average consumer doesn’t go around counting towers.  In large cities, they may not notice them due to the placement on top of buildings.  The average consumer does talk on the phone and has inevitably asked “Can you hear me now?”. 

      The new marketing motto should be keep it simple and relatable.

      • UMA_Fan

        I think the point of the ad was to play up the quality aspect of T-Mobile.  Something that badly needs to be rectified with mainstream perception.  I think this ad does a good job of that over all the other ones that feel like they are just attacking the iPhone which is a losing battle.

        You would never see an ad like this from a Leap/Metro and I think that’s the point.  When T-Mobile was advertising their Value Plans they were just coming off as cheap.

  • I actually like the last two commercials they’ve done. I hope they keep it up because after all if they don’t talk about their Network upgrades and hott phones people actually want, then nobody will ever know except fans and geeks.


    Sure, but when is T-Mobile going to realize you might need your phone between point A and B? There’s a lot of (roaming) real estate between “Kalamazoo to Anaheim to Miami.”

    • Deadeye37

       Amen to that!  Just drove from Salt Lake to Vegas and I got 4G at the start and at the end.  In between, I had absolutely no data for the most part along I15.  Every now an then, I would get 2G for around 5 minutes.

      I know this because I was using Waze for GPS.  Every time I would go to report something like a cop, I had no data.  I think Highway Patrol is getting pretty smart.  Everytime my data would drop, they were there…

  • Me


  • Ricky

    I like it !!!!!
    Good job

  •     The biggest problem of T-Mobile is they use 1900MHz or 1700/2100MHz, the penetration of the signal is really really bad. Unfortunately this problem will not be solved!


      Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all use 1900MHz for 3G as well. 700 MHz is only on LTE and their blocks of usable spectrum are small. Their spectrum in the 700 MHZ band will run out of room way before they ever start to deploy LTE-A. Congestion will kill their network and they will be using 1900/1700/2100 for LTE before long. So enjoy an unloaded network on BIG red and Blue for now. When they start unloading the capacity on their 3G networks for LTE and ours is running strong we will see who has the last laugh…

      • Jose Hernandez

         That will be a thing of beauty! lol

  • MarcusDW

    My consumer though:  “Towers everywhere.  35,000 damn that’s a lot of towers”

    My real thought:  I hate when I’m away from my REAL fast and reliable WiFi…    Laggy, up and down “4G” always frustrates me in Kansas City.

    • mreveryphone

      Really? What part of the city are you in? I work across most of the metro, and suburb area and my signal stays pretty strong for the most part.

      • MarcusDW

        South KC, Raytown mostly.
        The situation for me isn’t really the bars but the quality of the signal.  I can have 3 or 4 bars of 4G and only pull 3 – 6Mbps on my GS2.

        While those 3-6Mbps should be plenty fast to open web pages and run apps like IMDB, I get a LOT of slow and freezing connections.  Sure when the connection is good, I can run YouTube in HQ but the ability to do so is unreliable in my case.

        • Xm5

          Lucky ; my +21 device only gets 1-2 mbps in metro Atl. Funny reading commentscuz Tmo always blames ifone for churn when network quality & declining cust serv.

        • MarcusDW

          Better get a +42 device.  Then you’ll get AT LEAST 2-4 mbps lol.


      That is only the ones that have 4G now. We have 52,000 cell sites total and are modernizing 37,000 of them in Phase 1 and 2. That means we are going to be adding 3G to 2,000 additional sites. Then we will move on to the rest and start building more once again. It will only get better.

      • MarcusDW

        All that is sounds gravy and I know TMO is improving on their network immensely but at the end of the day, my full bars of “4G” should be comparable to my 12-15Mbps WiFi(in terms of consistency and quality).

        It’s my understanding that KC is only an HSPA+21 city so I really hope my “4G” location improves when +42 or LTE comes.

        • TMOTECH

          With the Spectrum we acquired from AT&T plus the spectrum we are buying and trading from Verizon plus the 1900 re-farm I can guarantee that your coverage and your speeds will improve. KC is a +21 city because the spectrum we have there is not enough for dual carrier support. Meaning 2 signals from each cell. This increases congestion, interference, and slows data speeds. When we launch 2nd carrier on AWS and 1900 MHZ,  interference will go down, which will increase coverage and speed, there will be less congestion, which will increase speed and it will give you the +42 support. So all around good for you and anyone else that is in a single carrier +21 market. 

        • MarcusDW

          THANKS TECH!!

          That’s the exact kind of information needed.  I’ve been watching and testing the 3G in my area since 2009 and while it has improved, its always felt sub-par compared to what I hear other people saying about their area and now I more clearly understand why.

          I’m gonna take a flight to David Beren’s house to see if I too can pull 25 meg too :-P

      • What about over here in Starkville, MS? We only got EDGE late last year, and I really want 3G or 4G here. Every other carrier has at least 3G, with Verizon Wireless and C Spire offering 4G here now. AT&T’s bullcrap 4G is still basically at 3G speeds, so it doesn’t count for 4G.

        I want some genuine 3G or 4G at an affordable rate, and T-Mobile needs to be the one to step it up!

    • Tmobile

      Kansas city is 42 dude r u serious they have 42 in neb

      • Tmobile

        Kanas city should have the 42 network

        • MarcusDW

          Yeah we should but there’s the lack of spectrum issue and not some other bullcrap reason thankfully.

          I wonder if LTE will come before 42.

        • Tmobile

          Probly 2013 they said lte

        • MarcusDW

          That doesn’t explain when HSPA+42 will come to KC though…

          Either one could come first.

        • Tmobile

          if they didnt get kc yet idk but they should get lte with the refarm

        • Tmobile

          it looks like kc is pretty bad

        • Tmobile

          kc has very spotty coverage i bet you use wifi

        • MarcusDW

          KC isn’t as bad as what I’ve seen with sprint but yeah I stay on WiFi at home.  I have a tower by my house though so I get full bars even in my basement.  

  • Mitch Helle

    Sadly I’m sitting in my home with zero service and there is nothing I can do but buy internet service to run wifi so my cell phone works. Crazy!! After 7 years with tmo as soon as my contact expires I’m leaving. They have lied multiple times.

    • mreveryphone

      Wait for the refarm, then make your decision

    • Tmobile

      Tmobile has service in new york city…….

  • Psaux

    There are at least 3 towers that overlap my location.  None of them is more than 1/4 mile away.  My G2 (Waiting on SGH-T699) sitting right by the window (which you’d think would give prime signal)  has 2 bars.  This is sad.

    • Tmobile

      Thats what all tmobile customers problems r is no serivce wtf how r they gonna say they have all these towers i mean verizon must have like120000

      • Tayshaun

         The genius of TMO’s commercial though is that Verizon/AT&T aren’t likely to ever release their total number of towers in a commercial like that, so consumers will never really know if Verizon has more. Most will just see a big, impressive number.

        • 21stNow

           Thanks for sharing the reasoning behind this.  I noticed that I have a hard time finding the current number of towers by carrier online now.  I can find some really old numbers.

        • Verizon Wireless and AT&T use roughly 52,000 cell sites across the nation. Most cell site configurations are primed for 850MHz, as that is the frequency that the two carriers started out with. Not so optimal for 1.9GHz and AWS, so we may see them build out lots of new towers to fix that once they start beefing up capacity and start using those bands for LTE.

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        Verizon has 50k+, if I remember correctly. I believe AT&T has a similar amount. The thing you gotta understand is that AT&T and Verizon have massive amounts of 850mhz which has like 3 times the coverage capability of 1900mhz. That means in rural areas, that they would need 1/3 of the towers to cover the same area.

        • TmoUSPloyee

          Actually no they don’t, they have much less, I think it was 28k or so, most of their towers are leased by US tower corp or something can’t remember the name.  But yes 850 and 700 go a lot further but not so great for network speed when you space them out.  TMO has a lot more towers so you get high speeds when you get a signal because more towers to share for all people but because of the frequencies they suffer coverage drops a lot more often as well. Its kinda the trade off you get.

    • MarcusDW

      Three T-MOBILE towers?  Or Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon?

      • Psaux

        3 T-mo.

        At least.

        I know this from the tower-based location circle centers on gmaps, among other methods.  When I leave home and head one way, I wind up in one circle, another way a different one, and so on.  The circle all overlap extensively and the centers are all close by.  Also, the buildings here aren’t particularly tall.   

        My guess is they’re just not maintaining the towers properly.  

        My parents have had similar issues with the towers by them, and they’re leaving T-mo because of it.  There’s more churn for you.

  • 21stNow

    The commercial left me wondering how many towers other companies have.

    Did anyone notice that this follows the nursery rhyme that starts “one, two, buckle my shoe…”?

  • Xm5

    I went to an appt two miles from home in major metro area & had no data. Fell to E which was totally useless. All others had att + vrz, & had no issues.

    • Tmobile

      Tmobile is i the smallest coverage at of all the carriers

      • Sidekicker89

        …isn’t Sprint’s network mostly roaming? I feel like they have the smaller native footprint right?  plus it says their unlimited plans ONLY work if you’re on the Sprint network.. so if you’re roaming it won’t be unlimited? :/  I think i’ll stick with T-Mobile lol

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          They are still unlimited when roaming, but if you use a massive amount while roaming, then they reserve the right to terminate your contract. Some people have said 300mb, while others have said as long as you use their network more than a roaming partner you are fine.

          Sprint natively covers about 278million people, so I would not say that their network is mostly roaming. Not sure if tmobile or sprint is larger.

        • Alan Salazar

          sprints 3g/4g footprint sucks!! End of story.

      • Mloudt

        i will clarify something sprint and t-mobile are way smaller in network coverage than the BIG 2. but what people don’t understand in your replies underneath is that sprint offers it network to smaller regional carriers and mvnos of the sprint network through roaming agreements to use the sprint network where the smaller carriers don’t have coverage. so that the smaller carriers can use the roaming agreement with sprint to offer nationwide coverage such as cricket does due to the sprint roaming agreement they have. sprint doesn’t really roam other networks like you people mentioned below. t-mobile has agreement with att to roam so that makes t-mobile’s coverage a little bit better than sprint.

    • MarcusDW

      I can say the opposite for TMO inside my house.  ATT and Sprint are lucky to get data whereas T-Mobile has full-on reception.

    • Gouv

      This happens more often than most people here want to admit.  They will usually reply to a comment like the one you made with something like “Oh really, that’s strange?? it’s totally opposite here on my end where every other carrier sucks but tmobile”…  

      Somehow people don’t want to admit that it’s network footprint is simply smaller.

  • Ricki_Bobbi

    Don’t know about tmo bragging about how many towers they have when a good bit of their coverage is still EDGE & GPRS. I travel for work & just got back from visits to a couple of states by road, once you hit a big city sure you will get the HSPA+ coverage 7 the minute you leave that city or town for the remainder of the drive all you see is E, G or SOS until you hit anymore major city or town. I didn’t realize that GPRS coverage was still active in the U.S until I started using tmo service.

  • BigMixxx

    it’s about time.  Talk about it…let’s talk about this for real….

  • Tmobile

    They like 40000 more towers

  • MarcusDW

    I watched a DC Shoes video just yesterday of a guy drifting up that very same curve in the picture and that tower is not there lol. 


    • Dave Mallari

      then it looks like they only have 34,999 towers then…

      • MarcusDW


  • Jarrod

    Im glad they are spending their money on relevant stuff customers want to see in commercials that further confirm the positive things they have thought.

  • creator2000

    LOL!!! At least I can see their towers in youtube video! At my house, if not for my own wifi internet setup my t-mo phone signal is ZERO. And after contacting t-mo support, after a few weeks of their research they came back with an answer that they DO NOT plan to add any more towers in the area! So, i’m glad they are “added” to youtube at least!

  • Chumlee

    I live in NJ. Coverage is not an issue. Doesn’t really matter who you have here, Jersey is densely populated enough that everyone is pretty much equally good. Although, I tend to have more 4G service than my friends on other carriers.

  • Huricaneoleg

    I’d gladly finish that commercial as “but won’t work in 18210 or, pretty Much, anywhere else in Pennsylvania. T-mobile, we talk a lot of shit and out 4G network isn’t really 4g”.

  • Mike Horner

    Ha!  She actually said the area that I live in (West Phoenix) in her song.  I’m sitting here on my new Galaxy S3 looking at 1 bar of reception.  Crazy.

  • T-Mobile needs to improve indoor building coverage in urban areas such as NYC. UMA is great and all but there’s not going to be wifi access everywhere people go. And also current unlocked iPhone users on T-Mobile don’t have UMA as the iPhone doesn’t support it.

    Now my question is simple… Will the refarming of their 1900 MHZ network improve coverage without additional towers? Basically to break this question down more, is 3G/HSPA+ stronger at penetrating buildings than edge/gsm technology?

  • johntowers

    the comercial is full of places with towers photoshoped into the scene. I live in Ventura County California and 2 scenes for sure are local and do not have cell towers in those locations
    1: Magu Rock and PCH (0:13)
    2: Portrero Rd, near CSUCI. Camarillo, CA (0:19)

  • Guest

    I am sitting here with 4 bar’s on my galaxy notes with LTE and HSPA +42.mhps
    LTE is so much faster then hspa+.and I am only paying 23.49$ per month more. Then what I was paying on T-Mobile.

    • Mario

      You sir need to learn your facts before you post your carrier that you switched to may have lte but it doesnt have hspa+42 cough cough AT&T now good luck paying more but I guarantee youll come back once T-Mobile has the most advance 4G network once there done with there modernizing plan 4GHspa+ 42/4GLteAdvance Can’t Wait!

      • Exibitsman

        My network is the most advanced network today. We have the iphone we have the galaxy notes we have LTE. All for mybe.25$ more a month its worth it to me to pay a few penny more

        • Those $25/mo add up. That’s $300/yr. $600 over two years. And you lose a lot of nice extra features like unlimited Wi-Fi Calling, cheap/free tethering, and no overages on data.

  • Guest

    In comments from the other article, Pilot Trial Will Start Moving Customers Off 2G Network some said that they experienced signal strength and 2G/3G/4G changes 2-3 weeks ago.  To add to that:

    The last week of June I noticed I was no longer connecting to Edge roaming on AT&T, but it said I was on T-Mobile on GSM.  I’ve been living in a roaming area a while.  I never bothered to change carriers and seldom use my phone for calls.  The only T-Mobile tower was too far away (4 miles) way out at a highway interchange, and it was always regular 1G GSM – probably just strong enough for preventing dropped calls from drivers. 
    So they are apparently adding some equipment into some new towers in my
    area of Missouri.  (AT&T towers or whatever.) When I tried to switch it back to AT&T Edge it
    said that my SIM card doesn’t allow roaming… that’s a change.  But now my signal fluctuates between nothing and 3 bars, I used to get 2-4.  I have the feeling they’re going to roll out faster speeds.  I noticed while driving that my phone said 4G briefly the other day.  I also got the OpenSignalMaps Android app going to get an idea where the towers were.  So anyway, changes are happening, hope this anecdote helps.

    • Mario

      Thanks nice to know