T-Mobile Galaxy S II Up For CyanogenMod CM9 Release Candidate 2

T-Mobile Galaxy S II owners take note, the CyanogenMod team is getting ready to release Release Candidate 2 for a small group of devices, including the Galaxy S II on T-Mobile. As noted on the CyanogenMod team blog:

“This release serves to stabilize CM9 as a product that you’d let your mom use…”

Release Candidate 2 includes bug fixes and updated translations all leading to a final release of CM9, which is hopefully right around the corner. So if you’re just not ready to take the plunge with the Galaxy S III and want to breathe some new life into your Galaxy S II, this may be the perfect way to do exactly that.

On a side note, the Galaxy Note on AT&T is also listed here, so we’re hopeful that when the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile drops, it will be quick and easy for the CM team to ready a release for the T-Mobile variant.


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  • Nathan S.

    awesome news!

  • Javier Ponce

    Ufff!  Great news!!!

  • Jctusa7

    What about wifi calling?


      This phone will more than likely never have wifi calling on an aosp ROM

      • UMA_Fan

        CM7 had WiFi Calling… don’t know if that was aosp though.

        • kalel33

          I had CM7 and yes it’s aosp, but I had the Wifi calling app downloaded to my phone.  They no longer offer that app and it’s built into the OS.

        • It’s very easy to extract the apk and upload it for others if it’s compatible with aosp of course.

        • kalel33

          It’s no longer an apk but it’s built into the framework.

  • Asdfassdf


    • Jlperk88

      i got it as well…

      • King

        Fix it by using DARKSIDE.TOOLS

  • anhmuonm

    Wifi calling is one of the best feature for me during the 10 years relationship with Tmobile. Well, I guess I will be stuck with Darkside ROM until CM9 include the wifi calling.

    • Kondiak_bar

      until? it never will…

    • Baltimore_skipjacks

       What are you talking about? It’s in there now. I’m using it on my Sensation running CM9 and it works great.

  • michael carter

    i got the bootloop too

  • Eldriclong21

    What is this and how do i get it

  • Dvanreuler

    What does this mean. Im dutch and dont understand this

    • Eldriclong21

      How can i install cyanogen on my phone

  • Jh

    This is Gibberish.  What is CyanogenMod and why should anyone care?

    • JennyTalya

      ignorant and lazy!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CyanogenMod

    • scottmog

      You wouldnt want it until youve had it.

  • guest

    I installed this rom and was able to fix the boot loop by using the darkside tools. However everyone that I spoke with told me that my audio was garbled. Switched back to the stock rom and the issue was gone.

    Anyone else faced this?

  • As good as it is that the CyanogenMod exists, it really loses out on some really vital functionality. On my Vibrant, I can’t dial 911 at all. I was in a pretty bad car wreck off the edge of a hill a few months back, and wasn’t able to call 911 to get help. I had to call a friend and have them do it, and it took them a damn long time to find me, since there was no location trace going in via an E911 call.

    And if I try to use the stock 2.2 rom on the phone, the TouchWiz interface is so slow that it barely works, and 2.2 is such an ancient version now. Tmobile abandoned the handset and only ever pushed out one or two updates. Sigh … I wish we had the technology to make *good* smart phones …