CyanogenMod Releases Preview Builds For CM10 On The Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III owners looking to get some CyanogenMod 10 action in their life should take note of a new preview build now available for the Galaxy S III. As with all preview builds, this is definitely not a fully baked recipe for CM10, but the preview builds are available over on XDA-Developers. With a preview build, anyone willing to take the leap should recognize that almost nothing is guaranteed to work and it definitely shouldn’t be used on a daily device.

We’re still excited at the teams progress though and while this isn’t anywhere near being ready to “ship,” we’re one step closer to availability. You can grab the ROM from the XDA link below, but consider yourself warned over stability.

Android Police via XDA Developers

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  • Sprite

    Cannot wait to see someone who knows how to use the 2gb of ram correctly. Samsung did an awful job of memory management, I know the CM team will do it right. 

    • bakgwailo

      Why do you claim that? Also, memory management is handled by the underlying OS in this case that is shared – Linux. Obviously the Dalvik VM also has a bit to do with things (garbage collection cylces/etc), but that, too would be the same between a Samsung release and a CM release if both are on the same Android version.


      LOL, love it when the average joe flashes a few ROMS and then thinks he’s smart. 

      • exeot

        If you can flash a phone(especially something like the hd2), and actually know the uses of rooting your phone, coupled with the experience and customizations you have… I see no reason to believe why your phone is smarter than the next guy and conversely.. your own capability.
        Flashing roms is the first step, and already more than your average joe. If anything, it is a precedent to compiling your own.

        In other words, you feel at least a bit smarter and confident.. because you are. 

      • Sprite

        Any idiot can root/flash on new devices. One-click roots are available on most devices. That has nothing to do with this.

        Read the real experts on AC or Engadget and see how poorly Samsung uses that 2gb of ram. You will always have ~600mb open, which is not a good thing. Open memory is wasted memory in Android. 

  • Joseph Tongret

    This will be the final release or at least release candidate that I’m watching for! I usually with until alot of bugs have been worked through, several youtube video previews are made, and it’s been thoroughly tested. Not because I don’t trust cyanogenmod, but because it’s that much better to me to jump in & have everything, or close to everything, working! It’s like Christmas morning! Lol, I know aokp is feature packed & they do a great job with a big following, but CM was my first Rom Love, and oh’ how I’ll always be true to her! Lmao

  • Guest

    It may be worth warning people about the missing IMEI issue as seen: – as of this moment it still isn’t know how the IMEI is lost in the ROM flashing process or how to backup/restore the IMEI.

    • Yep, CM on SGS3 is definitely a risk at this point.  Just like the hack to get Google Wallet working or forever banned on that specific device.