Nokia, T-Mobile Partner For “The Dark Knight Rises” Promotional Tie-In For Lumia 710 Buyers

Nokia and T-Mobile are looking to add a little “The Dark Knight Rises” into your life with a brand new promotion targeting Lumia 710 buyers both future and past. The promo offers specially designed Xpress-on covers in Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Black, and White with a special Batman logo.

Nokia has officially announced the details surrounding the promotion and we’re pretty happy with how easy they are making this:

  • The promotion will run exclusively at T-Mobile stores from June 20 – July 31, during which customers can pick up their covers in T-Mobile stores.
  • TDKR Xpress-On covers are free to existing Nokia Lumia 710 customers, as well as with the purchase of a new Nokia Lumia 710
  •  Learn more about the exciting 4G Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone and the TDKR Xpress-On cover offer here:

Honestly, this is a pretty sweet deal considering it benefits existing Lumia 710 owners, that’s just good customer practice from Nokia.

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  • Andrew Brown

    My mom got the magenta cover. It’s actually pretty awesome.

  • So they’re charging ridiculous amounts of money for the SGSIII to drive people to buying this?

  • chum lee

    Heh. The other day I sold one, asked the guy “Do you like Batman?” and he says “Yeah……I don’t really need a Batman phone though.”

  • bravomatador

    So, if I just walk into a store with my Lumia 710, they will give this cover?  I didn’t buy the phone from T-mobile, so I do not have the receipt.

    • We just walked in, asked for it, and walked out.  They just wanted to know which color we wanted.

  • Deaconclgi

    I got the original Cyan Nokia express cover from the previous free cover offer, so I may get one of these also. I don’t like Batman THAT much but another alternate color won’t hurt. Great offer and excellent customer service and incentive from Nokia again.

    • cprigge

      I also got the cyan cover in the first promotion, however it is not letting me get one from this promotion. It says i’ve already redeemed mine. 

      I’m a bit upset since the yellow batman cover would be a perfect throwback to the original yellow/black batman color scheme. 

      • cprigge

        It appears they fixed the bug, I can now (and have) submitted my request =)

  • NewZ05

    I have black, white and blue ones if anybody wants em

  • Wilma Flintstone

    They should’ve partnered for the Pureview 808.

  • Dawnoffaith2000

    Ummmm my store has been having them for about 2 or 3 weeks now :/

    • What do we need to bring into the store if we already redeemed the mail in one and don’t have the UPC code?  (Just the receipt and phone?)

  • redman12

    Bring the Lumia 800 to T-Mobile and I’ll give it a try. Otherwise no bueno.