Nokia 808 Pureview Coming To America Unlocked, Ready For T-Mobile’s 4G Network

Nokia is looking to bring its most unusual smartphone over to the US, together with to launch the Nokia 808 Pureview.  The smartphone with the 41 megapixel camera will be available unlocked and unsubsidized through Amazon in a special partnership in the US. Those looking to grab this unique smartphone will fork out $699.99 and it’s ready for both AT&T AND T-Mobile’s 3G/4G networks.

The Nokia 808 Pureview features a 41 megapixel camera with Nokia’s highest performance Carl Zeiss optics pairs with “brand-new pixel oversampling technology.” In other words, this is one powerful camera built into a smartphone. Pureview technology takes typically sized shots and overamples them to combine up to seven pixels into one “pure” pixel, eliminating visual noise often found on other smartphone cameras.  Add in 1080p video recording with 4x lossless zoom and you’ve got one powerful device.

Pre-sales at Amazon will start later this week and you can sign-up at the link below to be notified when sales begin.


Check our CNET’s most recent smartphone camera shootout with the Nokia 808 Pureview. Spoiler, it wins — easily.

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  • Racer X

    How much room would a 41 megapixel picture take up? Seems like you would need a HUGE memory card…

    • Andrew Brown

      good question

    • alfonzso

      It’s a 41mp sensor but it doesn’t produce that big pictures.

      • Rudy Belova

        I was going to say! Like a few pictures and your past your cap for the month uploading them! Where would you even upload a 41mp pic that would accept it? lmao

      • Deadeye37

         Last I checked, 41 MP was in the realm of medium format cameras.  While I would love to have a medium format camera on my camera phone, the size of the sensor alone would take up a lot of the back of the phone, and then there’s the optics…

        FYI – the Pentax 645D has a 40 MP sensor and it goes for ~$10,000.  If I had $10,000 to blow, I would buy that camera without a second thought.

    • It only takes up a small amount of megapixels size-wise, but it captures a huge amount of data and crams all of that into each and every pixel thanks to the large image sensor. I don’t even think the phone can even take photos at the full 41 IIRC… depends on how they have it set up.

    • It only takes up a small amount of megapixels size-wise, but it captures a huge amount of data and crams all of that into each and every pixel thanks to the large image sensor. I don’t even think the phone can even take photos at the full 41 IIRC… depends on how they have it set up.

  • If it has Symbian, it’s garbage even if it has a 100 MP camera. 

    • Deaconclgi

      Which symbian are you talking about from experience? I know which Symbian it has and chances are almost 100% that you have NEVER used the version of Symbian that is on the 808. Please enlighten us on your horrible experience with the Symbian that is on the 808.

      Don’t disappear from the internet now, if it is garbage to you, please explain why, FROM YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

    • Deaconclgi

      Which symbian are you talking about from experience? I know which Symbian it has and chances are almost 100% that you have NEVER used the version of Symbian that is on the 808. Please enlighten us on your horrible experience with the Symbian that is on the 808.

      Don’t disappear from the internet now, if it is garbage to you, please explain why, FROM YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

      • whiteiphoneproblems

         LOL… “nerd rage”… :)

        • Deaconclgi

          Sure, that’s what it is. :P

      • It doesn’t matter. I’ve used Symbian on various Nokia devices and since it’s based on Symbian, I’m sure that they aren’t going to magically going to make the software bug and lag free with an actually somewhat good-looking UI just for the 808. If Nokia wants a device to compete they need to adopt either Android or Windows Phone as they are doing now. 

  • Slide

    How is this news story relevant to T-mobile? Aren’t all international GSM phones T-mobile ready?
    Why do you waste bandwidth with such info. The Amazon news is two days old.

    • CS252

      Go away little troll.

    • It was announced YESTERDAY afternoon as coming to the US – hardly “two days old”

      This relates to T-Mobile because it works on their 3G bands and NOT all international GSM phones operate on those 3G bands. The switchover to 1900mhz 3G later this year is beside the point – only a very limited number of GSM phones outside of the ones T-Mobile USA directly sells will actually work on 3G (they have all worked on 2G).

    • Heisenberg

      Most unlocked GSM phones don’t support T-Mobile’s 3G/4G band, so this absolutely pertains to T-Mobile.


      you like the sound of your own voice, don’t you…you little insignificant hater!  READ the post!

    • Slide

      Whoa, 3G what a shocker! Even Huawei makes 3g phones today  — it’s no longer 2007, hello!? STOP covering this dying brand with its retarded OS. And T-mobile doesn’t have any beef in this phone it’s just a Nokia desperate marketing push. As for the 41-megapixel thing – it has been reviewed on other forums – it’s not really what it sounds like.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Because it ISN’T yet Another Android phone coming to T-Mobile

      and I WISH Tmo would subsidize this device and I wish that this device was running Full MeeGo

      • MarcusDW

        Reveal your third wish and it shall be granted!

  • morbid

    If this was running maemo/meego… I’d be all over it.  But I’ve run symbian for too long already.

  • Deaconclgi

    I will be buying one. My N8 is 2 years old and performs like a potato with a lense compared to the PureView.

    Anyone want to buy my ICS GSII and One S…anyone…ok :)

    • MarcusDW

      One for the Price of Two!

  • Who here actually thinks this will do well at this price?  I don’t.  Also, with today’s market…it will be hard to get buyers for something with a price tag of $699.  With NO android…not gonna happen.

    • MarcusDW

      I’m sure this phone is only for photography aficionados and won’t be mass produced like an iPhone or Galaxy S III.

      It will sell to those who it was mean’t to be sold to.

      • True. I just think they are taking a risk by not putting android or WP7 on it. I like the design, but not the OS.

        • Bulltex

          I bought it fast to get Symbian….If you travel they have GPS worldwide even without a data plan…Love my 808 so far!. Didn’t want WP7 which is what might happen later…i have no regrets thus far maybe your use of Symbian wasn’t the best for that OS but it’s great forn many people..not so much for those that like to load phones with tons of aps.

    • Bulltex

      Well it’s an open unlocked phone any could unlocked smart phone will cost you and you can use it on plans around the world so you are not stuck with ATT lousy world traveler!..Just find a cell phone provider in any country and use the card that is the best bargain while you are there…Great for travelers with a great handy cam on it too! GPS free anywhere inn the world even without a data plan through symbian belle and that is also hard to top…..I wasted enough to pay for this camera 3 times while traveling with US ISP world travel deals….then I bought the 808! LOVE IT!!!!.

  • Dumbeddown

    Everytime you send a MMS from a photo you take on this phone you’ll either get a message:  File too large you must send over WiFi,” or the picture will be crammed into a tiny file package and severely dumbed down. 

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    They should have done this with the N9 (only not sold it for $700, obv…).

  • pinto

    instagram will hate you for this phone

    • MarcusDW


  • JBLmobileG1

    A 41 mega pixel camera on a phone??? Are you kidding me? It’s a little overkill IMO…. heck even some of the fancy SLR cameras don’t go that high.
    What on earth would you possibly take a picture of and print? A life size version of the Sears Tower? Honestly I think this phone is all gimmick to say I have the most mega pixels on my phone.

    • If you use creative mode and turn off Pureview, the file sizes get up to 10-15mb.  

      Read about the Pureview process and how it uses the full sensor to make 5 megapixel photos that compare with SLR cameras.

  • Ummmm to my knowledge, this phone only works on T-Mo’s 2G network Dave. You may need to research this bro.

    • According to the FCC, the Nokia 808 PureView supports WCDMA band IV (and thus is pentaband) like all previous high end Nokia phones. Both it and the AT&T Lumia 900 have the band, but it isn’t listed on Nokia’s website for some reason…

  • Arvin

    I take like 1 picture a week on my phone and it looks perfectly fine to me….i dont need a cancerous growth on my phone for pic of my girlfriends dog shitting on something he should not be shitting on. 

  • i don’t like the design of that phone…so the awesome camera isnt’ enough to hold my interest in it.

  • Mike

    Comical…what a waste of pixels…Optics is what makes a camera great not pixels…you can have a million mega-pixels and crappy optics and it wont outshoot a camera with good optics and 1 megapixel …

    if you want more pixels ( which wont help the image) just juice it in photoshop!!!

    total gimmick to fool uneducated consumers

    • JBrowne1012

      Carl Zeiss is one of the best optics so really what’s your point exactly?

      • Mike

         as a professional photographer and digital graphic designer for over 20+ years I guess my opinion of quality optics is skewed … It is physically impossible to produce a small lens that can handle the elements of a $20,000 quality piece of glass as some Zeiss lenses are. Dont fool yourself into thinking Zeiss makes the lenses for phones and other consumer electronics with the same design and manufacturing as their high end reputation building gear…just as every company they found it very profitable to sacrifice reputation for money…

        FYI…its not even zeiss optics

        Im not saying it isnt the best camera on a cell phone…just that its designed for label reading…

        Their isnt even a realistic chance that the chip on that thing is even large enough to handle that many pixels physically…its impossible.. The specs are completely misleading from a pure pixel count standpoint…total BS…They throw in this “superpixel” term to further confuse people … oversampling only is good for small prints that can hide flaws…you blow one of these pictures up large and you will see the flaws… compare this to a Canon 5d mark III with ONLY 23 megapixels and its comical…

        Add to this that NO consumer has a need for a high megapixel camera because 99.999% of output done by consumers wont even break through the 3MP mark on output…unless you have some pretty amazing printers or displays which if you did you would own a real camera…

        like I said… comical…thats my point

        • Ravenhill
        • Bulltex

          Love mine! I think Zeiss has done a great job of going small on the sonys and on this phone. I don’t plan for it to be the same as the 20,000 camera …but I have great results with mine and  as a handy cam it is highly desirable. I like the phone and the GPS anytime anywhere even without a data plan as well. If folks love tons of aps then it doesn;’t have as many at the moment.

    • It is not a waste of pixels.  The additional pixels are used to create an oversample picture with super pixels that allow lossless zoom.  If you don’t believe, just read the results over at and see how this phone with amazing optics is wreaking havoc: 

  • MegaPIXELPimpin’

    can you imagine:

    – the girl-butt-on-sink photo 
    – over head bathroom pic
    – sneaker collections pics
    – instagram MAYHEM!
    – FB Mobile Upload folders hit 1000000+++ pics

    • StonersLane

      I’m weak for the butt-on-sink photos. It beats the duckface pose.

    • YAHHAHAHA LOL love it

  • Mloudt

    I like this site and for the most part you are right with your statements on other articles, but ever since you made a deal with  phone dog and the other droid sites in order to make a little more money you have slacked a little with some articles. David in your title you state ready for tmo usa 4g network that is not true. If you would of said after tmo usa refarms their network it would be ready then you would of been more accurate. I read 2days ago on phonescoop with which i’m sure you’re familiar with and which you know is a very credible site that it will only work on att 3g speeds not t-mobile. To prove my point here is the direct link and on this link it goes to a nokia link if you want, just making sure you got the facts straight.

    • I’m sorry, I took the link straight from Nokia and I will trust their word over anyone else’s. I absolutely disagree with my “deal” with PhoneDog which is what, 3.5 years old now? So that’s really not a good argument to make about “slacking” with articles. You have NO idea what it takes to make a site like this run, I can’t just make up news stories and I put a lot of time and effort into the articles I do write so I’d appreciate a little more respect for the work that goes into it.

      Also, do some more research before YOU comment, because the Pureview is a five-band phone with AWS on board so it will work T-Mobile’s 4G right out of the box, refarm or not. Just saying, it helps to make sure you know the “facts” before picking on me. Since you commented on Phonescoop, you should look at that article again because their Nokia source link is the same as ours which updates the article to say that it will work on T-Mobile’s 4G right away.

      • Stephen_P

        Am I the only person here who’s feeling were hurt for Mloudt by the stomping that David just delivered?

      • Imprezaowner27

         David, you could’ve at least provided some lube for that thrashing.

    • StonersLane

      Where’s your site? And does it generate this much traffic?

  • Ne0

    i getting this over s3 instead, is main reason i sold my canon s100, i want the best camera device that fit my pocket,

  • Nokia

    Best camera on a phone is what GSM arena says. Picture/video/sound quality that sets the bar higher. Hands down better in many ways than any Andorid phone or iPhone. Great processor efficiency and battery efficiency. Improved and fluid Symbian Belle FP1. Nokia will sell millions if just they properly oversee the quality of manufacturing and not have defects like Samsung always does. Nice to see Nokia back again. 

  • this is the best camera phone that will be there for maybe the next 5 years, now buying this would be a wise investment in technology :) and at last a deserving replacement for my N8.