Google Now Official Landing Page Now Online For Your Perusal

In my eyes, one of, if not the single best feature announced by Google yesterday during the day one I/O keynote was the introduction of Google Now. Google’s new card-based system will personalize your life, learn your habits, searches, today’s weather needs, anticipate your traffic concerns, guess your local transit direction needs and so much more.

Google’s official landing page for their Now service is —- now live and you can head on over to get the complete rundown on the service. You can also refresh your memory with the official Google Now video as seen yesterday. Google Now is easily one of the standout features in Jelly Bean and we can only hope we all get a chance to test it out soon.

Android Central via Google Now

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  • souggie


    • JmC

      Google has found out how to access the information the goverment already knows about us.

  • None

    I may be (and likely am) old fashioned, or even an alarmist at times… but I really do not like when phones and technology “learn” my next move.  I will get used to that, but it is still just a little creepy sometimes.

    • UlyssesGhost

       They learn your next move just before the toasters become sentient and they take over the world.  Everyone knows that.

  • Andy

    When can my GS3 Google Now (4.1)? 

    • fixxmyhead

      next year. true story

    • Mirad

      Mid July ( unless u trade in ur GS3 for a GNex) 2013.

    • Fish

      Next month when my 2 year old nexus s gets 4.1 and your month old s3 doesn’t I’ll be laughing at your sad face cause you didn’t buy nexus! Trade it in before its too late!

      • Drew

        Don’t know how much of that will be forced laughter… You’re gonna split hairs on 4.0.4 vs 4.1 and not to mention your Nexus S being outclassed in every other category (screen size/resolution/processor speed/MicroSD/Camera…etc, etc..)

    • Xda Rulz

      If xda has anything to do with it, your rooted GS3 will have it before stock GNex owners do.

  • Google will soon rule the world

    • UlyssesGhost

       No, only fragments of it; ……  73% Gingerbread, 7% ICS, .000001 Jelly Bean.  You get the idea.

    • Tmo_Fan

      They will