T-Mobile Takes A Shot At Verizon’s Share Everything Plans

While T-Mobile and Verizon are cutting deals over spectrum, T-Mobile’s still taking shots at their competition. Verizon’s new Share Everything plans launch this week and they’re a big shift away from the traditional style of pay-per-line rate plans we’ve seen in the industry thus far. Verizon’s new plans have no doubt created a lot of discussion across the web, the majority of it viewing Verizon’s new rate plan options negatively. T-Mobile feels the same way and they’ve expressed as much in a new blog post:

For more reading, head over to Verizon’s site to read all about their new Shared Everything plans.


Full Blog Post:

T-Mobile’s Take on Verizon’s Share Everything Plans: Costly, Complicated, Punitive

By Harry Thomas, Director of Segment Marketing 

Verizon’s new Share Everything plans launch this week. These new plans extend the old concept of shared minutes and messages to what consumers want most (and more of) in a 4G world…data. Verizon’s plans have generated lots of discussion among wireless consumers. Like any smart competitor, we’ve done our homework to understand how Verizon’s plans measure up to the value that T-Mobile offers and whether they truly are in the best interest of consumers.  Here’s our take:

  • They’re COSTLY – Verizon is charging more for what consumers want by raising rates on data, but promoting the “value” by pointing to unlimited talk and text even though today many consumers use less of these services. This is especially true for add-a-lines – now with Verizon’s Share Everything plans, adding a line starts at $30/month for a basic phone (non-smartphone) and, for accounts with at least one smartphone, requires unlimited minutes whether customers want unlimited or not.
  • They’re COMPLICATED – Verizon is forcing customers to share data when many customers don’t know how much data they’re using, which makes it hard to stay within their limit when trying to balance multiple users (not to mention the family data hog).
  • They’re PUNITIVE – At the same time that Verizon is making it harder for customers to manage overages, they are also increasing overage rates from $10/GB to $15/GB for accounts with at least one smartphone.

Before these plans were announced we said this approach would not deliver a better value to customers and would be complicated for families to manage. Now that we have the details, we’re even more convinced.  As this accompanying chart shows, for customers looking for fast, 4G data at an affordable price….it’s a great time to be with T-Mobile.

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  • C’Mon

    The value plan comparison is a moot point seeing that you have to add on anywhere from 10 – 20 dollars each line for the handsets. 

    • Jarrod

      Even if you still have to pay $10/$15 a month your still saving $5/$10 a month and over a year that goes up to $60/$120. I don’t see why you’re complaining thats money you can use for something else. Its similar to what I plan on doing in December when my contract is up with them, Im going to go to the walmart plan and use At&T prepaid when I go out of state in areas that are roaming only and still save $40 those months when I have to do so.

      • MarcusDW

        TMO is almost falsifying their attack on VZW by not even putting “phone costs not included” or “bring your own phone”.

        • 21stNow

           Yes and no.  The prices for both carriers is the BYOD price, since VZW doesn’t offer a discount for it, whereas T-Mobile does on the Value plan.  I imagine that this is the reason that the Classic plan is shown as well.  There are two scenarios for T-Mobile vs. one for VZW.  Either way, customers can compare their situations.

        • MarcusDW

          Ouch!  Yep when you add the VZW phone cost then it certainly goes way up.

        • GUEsT

          Shouldn’t they be penalized by the FTC for false advertising

  • FatFredJones

    This surprises no one. Verizon has always been expensive compared to other carriers. I still cant understand why so many people pay Verizon so much money. I understand if a consumer needs the wide coverage area that VZW’s network provides, but many of their customers are strictly city-dwellers and can receive good service from any of the other major providers. 

    • Guest911

      Verizon is within $10-$20 on family plans and offers much better coverage. Its really not that much when you get ~25% more coverage. Plus a decent portion of their customers are outside major cities – TMo struggles in those pockets.

      • kalel33

         I agree 100%

    • Babygirl

      Depends… A lot of customers are with Verizon because of their employer etc. employers either give away phones to their employees or offer huge discounts. For me, I’m saving more with Verizon than I did with Tmobile. My bill was $110 and my employer discount was only 6%. With Verizon I have the

      • Babygirl

        Share everything plan totaling $110 plus I get 20% off through my employer. So in a nutshell, better coverage at a cheaper price. Say what u will but I can attest to better coverage with VZW over TMO.

  • MarcusDW

    Shouldn’t T-Mobile mention that unless you bring your own phone, you have to pay like $20 a month on top of the monthly rate for almost 2 years?  The 3 phone deals are pretty identical less about ten bucks. 

    They “got” my sister-in-law like that because they faild to explain to her that she had to pay “extra” for the phone. Or it wasn’t explained clear enough to her. Either way, THAT can cause confusion.(she signed up at a T-Mobile kiosk if that makes any difference)

    • Guest

      Dont forget that on a value plan, you can buy your phone at full price, and not finance it through the EIP Program for 20 months.

      • MarcusDW

        “unless you bring your own phone, you have to pay like $20 a month”

        I haven’t forgotten.

        And at any rate, paying the $600 for your phone sort of negates the $60/mo savings.  In 20 months when you’re ready to buy the Galaxy S 5, you have to once again fork out over $600 and negate the $60/mo saving.  

        Those plans are really good for people who don’t care about swapping phones though cuz then you WILL save the $60 each month.

        • If you swapping phones most likely you will sell your old device so it should assuming you selling a phone for $200 and buying one for$600 price range brings the phone to $400 no insurance on devices so it should save you $120. So basically you upgrade every two years you save around $320. You upgrade every year around $260 Assuming you sell your previous device.

        • MarcusDW

          Good point, I hadn’t thought about reselling the phone.

        • Erik Neu

          Not to mention the fact that you can now buy a very nice phone, the Galaxy Nexus, for $349 no contract, direct from Google.

          The angle I never see discussed is family plans. I have 5 lines, 4 of them only $10/month minimum data. Even those cheapie data plans qualify for upgrades. So I can get a new phone every 5 months, and hand me down to a family member.

        • jay_max

           You negate the cost of the phone after only 10 months (10x$60) on a $600 phone purchase.  The next 10 months in your 20 month scenario save you another $600.  You still come out way ahead.

    • KPB

      That is true but if you aren’t upgrading every ~2 years your rate goes down once you’ve paid for your phone rather than continuing to pay the high rate even if you don’t want to upgrade your phone and lock yourself in for another 2 years.

      • MarcusDW

        “$20 a month on top of the monthly rate for almost 2 years”


        • GUEST

          Most of todays customers don’t want to be told they have to wait 20 months of a 2 year contract to start saving money.  Same as Tmo raising the price of SG3 and saying trust me, eventually after x months, you’ll start saving.  People want immediate gratification – why doesnt Tmo realize that.  

    • GUEST

      Exactly ,its total bait and switch and dishonesty.  More TMobile Marketing shenanigans.  When you add the $20 per month, its not that great a deal.  If a customer feels lied to by a company before they even become a customer, what do you think they’ll think of the brand.  STUPID TMOBILE SEEMS TO NEVER GET IT RIGHT

  • Aaron Peromsik

    If T-Mobile really cared about letting people pay for what they will actually use, they would have ways to add data on an ad-hoc basis on prepaid lines. Also by saying that overage shouldn’t cost more for smartphones it sounds like they are almost saying “data is data” but that so far hasn’t stopped them from charging an extra fee for tethering. 

    • Jarrod

      Its included on the 5Gb+ plans. I do agree they should also offer it on the 2Gb plan.

  • Jank

    how about throw in a tablet to that comparison?

  • Srockrras4

    All u simple minded losers INCLUDING THE FOOLS AT TMOBILE need understand something tmobile sucks!!!! Tmobile classic plan compare to verizon (extra $20 bucks a month and ur telling me I get REALLY 4G SERVICE!! AND EXTREMELY BETTER COVERAGE!!!) Yes ill take Verizon over shiT-mobile and day!

    • Grimbeaver

      Wow… um do you feel better now?  Hate to break it to you but I’m not a fool and I’m going to guess by your typing ability you did not graduate high school.

    • ChadBroChillz

      Tmobile does not suck. yea sure, I will not get service in the middle of nowhere, Montana, but I have visited Montana exactly ZERO times in my life and I have no plans to change that. 

      Also What makes it “REAL 4G SERVICE”? Does it meet the ITU definition of 4G? NOPE! Is it a technology that is capable of meeting all the requirements of 4G? NOPE.

      LTE-Advanced is a technology that can be considered 4G, since it is capable of meeting the requirements, however only Clearwire has enough spectrum unused to actually meet the requirements. 

      And lastly, Do you really need to get 30Mbps on your phone? Does it really make that much of a difference?  Id much rather have 8Mbps consistent and good service for a great price, where I am not worried about getting burned by overages. 

      • jay_max

         I visit Montana frequently and have zero issues with getting voice and data service.  TMO uses a partner there (Cellular One a/k/a MTpcs), and it has decent coverage..

        • WW

          So ChadBroChillz would have to visit the middle of nowhere somewhere else to get zero service on his TMo phone.

      • Eric

        Verizon will start building their TRUE 4G LTE Advanced network next summer.
        (Theoretical speeds of 1 Gbps) (200 – 700 Mbps real speeds).

    • NexusO

      Doesn’t reading a tmobile forum make you a loser too? Such a fool. We don’t need you here.

    • Chumlee

       I would rather take Tmo and save that $20 (or, much much more) and get pretty much the same service than to do any business with Verizon, and pay more for it.

  • Srockrras4

    Stop being haters!!!! Tmobile ppl hate more then Lebron James haters!! UR OWN CEO LEFT!!!!! GET THE PICTURE!!!

    • Jamille Browne

      Whats your point? Because alot of CEOs leave their companies at some point. Get a clue, Get a life. 

  • TMoFan

    These data share plans are a joke, but no big surprise coming from Verizon.

    • juanmondragon

      Why would they be a joke..in my opinion I think they are okay

      • WW

        Depends on your particular situation (coverage, data, voice, text, etc.) but TMo’s nearly always going to be cheaper than Verizon.  
        For my situation, Verizon would cost $270/month while TMo costs me $150/month which will drop to $120/month for the last 4 months of my contract.  
        They serve me with pretty solid coverage and have only mistreated me once (I was asking for a “concession” that I didn’t deserve but wanted; corrected by a VP of customer service).  
        I bet Verizon would give me better coverage and faster data performance but for 5%-20% better coverage/performance, it’s sure as hell not worth an extra 80% cost.

  • Asdasd

    i wonder if the clownshoes at tmobile had the overseas call centers do the chart since they like to offfshore jobs.. losers

  • GwapoAko

    Those people who hate tmobile, you are all free to go with Verizon or At&t or Sprint. :)

    • Gues

      and the churn stats say they are going…so if you want tmobile to succeed, you probably don’t want a 16th consecutive quarter of customer loss

    • Spanky

      Personally, I don’t hate T-Mobile. I do, however, hate the fact that I can’t get more that 0.5 Mbps in my neighborhood, which happens to be in the biggest U.S. city. I’m going over to AT&T in about two weeks. If T-Mobile improves their service in my area, I’ll definitely consider coming back. If not, I have no problem paying a bit more to a carrier that will provide better service.

  • Shared data plans in theory can be a huge benefit for both consumers and carriers but as implemented by VZW they are a non-starter.

    • Eric

      Huge benefit? They only benefit is their greedy minds and their banks with this. You can’t even choose anything below unlimited call/text and data is too expensive.

  • Grimbeaver

    Someone might want to fix that math error on the last column.  $200 – $135 = $65 not $60.

    • fixxmyhead

      Why is the world gonna come to an end if they don’t fix it

      No one cares except for weirdos like u

      • kalel33

         It’s an error that should not have happened.  If they can’t even do basic math then why would you trust them with complicated billing.  I’m not saying that’s the case but it does make them look stupid.

        • fixxmyhead

          its just an error by the marketing people i highly doubt thats on the computers

        • NexusO

          You should really live by your name and fixxyourhead

        • fixxmyhead

          i used to do coke and meth thats why

  • so they give TMO some spectrum and then TMO smacktalks them .. lol is that right?

    • fixxmyhead

      sounds about right

      • lol thought so

        • loopyduck

           That’s business. They aren’t out to make friends.

    • tarusdg

      i thought T-Mo purchased spectrum?

  • Guest

    T Mobile calling someone elses plans complicated.. thats beyond ironic.

    And the graphic is really misleading.. this is actually a heckuva deal for an average user.. 140 bucks for 4 gb of shared data and 2 smartphones with unlimited talk and text.. thats a lot cheaper than TMo.. and better service.

    • kalel33

       How is that a lot cheaper?  It’s $139.99 with T-mobile for 2 lines with unlimited talk, text, and web(2GB each with no overages). 

      • shazam

        Well at least its the same according to you and you’d get a more reliable LTE network.  Where Tmo is cheaper seems to be on individual plans..although ATT will get you 3gb of data and 450 min for $70 which I think is what Tmo charges for 2gb isn’t it?

        • kalel33

          It’s 500 minutes, with unlimited text and 2GB(with no overages) for $70, but you forgot the unlimited texting with the AT&T plan, which makes it $20 more expensive or 28% more.  Thank you come again.

        • kalel33

           Also, how is LTE more reliable.  They’ve had multiple outages and Verizon’s LTE is in much fewer markets than T-mobile’s HSPA+.  Is it fasters, absolutely but comparing 18mbps to 25mbps downloads isn’t that big of a difference in real world usage but the latency is much better with LTE.

        • Ejsorto

          Thats strange considering i pay 130.00 per month…that inlcudes taxes and handset insurance which is 7.99/line and have 5gb of 4g web unlimited txt and minutes

        • Spanky

          I’m on a grandfathered plan (2 lines), with 1000 shared minutes, unlimited messaging, and preferred data plans (5GB of 4G, available only through loyalty). I also pay $130, before taxes of course. I hate having to give this plan up, but T-Mobile’s data coverage of my area is absolutely attrocious.

  • GwapoAko

    Tmo has the best plans ever :0) STOPPPP  whining and complaining!!!!

    • Spanky

      If only their coverage was as good as their prices.

      • Eric

        It will be later this year!

  • Rysi

    Tmo doesnt seem to offer much savings (They’re comparing their value to a fully subsidized plan which is not fair cuz the Value plan will include a phone payment)…but it is a huge price difference for individuals…Not only should Tmo compare to VZ but like they said, not everyone wants unlimited calls so compare it to Tmo 500 min, unlimited text and 2gb data so the difference is starker.  What will ATT do now..ON the one hand they’re the only carrier now charging per text or text packages…but they also have a ver low entry point for smartphones and iPhones at 59.99…and if you can use your data for your texting you can get a high end smartphone and get 450 minutes PLUS ROLLOVER and a whopping 3GB for only 69.99…That is competitive which is why I always laugh when people claim Tmo is always cheaper…Its not you have to do the math…And Tmo should hire a CEO with marketing experience.  Their marketing and promotions just suck – No one cares about a chick on a motorcycle or that a so called 4g android beats a 3g iPhone – especially when that will become an LTE iPhone in a few short months….I really wish Tmo could get the iPhone  -sell it both on postpaid and prepaid…Cant DT make a deal for all their companies or is that Tmo spectrum is incompatible and they’d have to make a new one.  I don’t know.  If Sprint can get its LTE running and keep unlimited everything, it could make a comeback…But its gonna be a while but Im wondering.  I live in ATL so they’re supposed to turn on LTE here in July 15 and Id be willing to give it a try since I don’t travel a ton right now with my phone

    • WW

      “Always” IS a pretty strong term.  I would suggest that for COMPARABLE (sorry for the caps but I don’t know how to italicize) contract plans (with phone included), TMo would be cheaper than the competition (Red, Blue, Yellow) 80 plus % of the time.  
      Everyone’s own scenario determines suitability and value of a plan but Verizon’s new (admittedly simpler) plans kill me because you can no longer tailor individual lines in a family plan.  
      $270/month Verizon vs $150/month (drops to $120 for the final 4 months of contract) TMo.  5 phones.  I’ll spare the details but taking away the choice to customize lines is why there’s such a stark difference.

  • John Pisano

    idk where they got the math for the second column for the vzw plans… it would cost 160 for 2 smartphones with 6GB of data, not 180 for 2 smartphones with 5GB… and if they only needed 2GB each thats $150, which is $20 less per month than their classic plan. Not to mention saying their punitive, if you think you’re going to go over simply change the plan and its $5/GB not $15 idk, I just think their smack talking for the sake of smack talking

    • kalel33

       It’s $15 per GB of overage.  Just google it and you’ll see they raised it just recently from $10 per GB over, otherwise you are correct on everything else.

      • WW

        I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like the poster is saying that it costs $5/GB if you pay for the extra data before you go over your data cap.  

    • IamnotStuPidTmobile

      Yeah, it fuzzy math. It all depends on your usage. Plus with T-Mobile, what happen if you need more data? Nothing. You can’t buy any more! You are throttled down to 2G. No thank you!

      • WW

        You can do the exact same thing with TMo.  If you need more data, mid-month, you can upgrade to a higher data cap.  
        If you see that you’re going to go over, simply change the plan for the remainder of the billing cycle.  I don’t know about Verizon (probably the same), but TMo prorates so you’re only paying the higher cost data plan for the days remaining in the billing cycle.  In fact, I would venture (I am speculating here) that if you’ve already gone over and get throttled by TMo, they’ll upgrade you to a higher cap data plan and “unthrottle” you if you ask.    I wonder if you went over your data cap on Verizon, they’d waive the overage charge and upgrade your data plan instead, to cover the overage.  I suspect yes (they’re known for good customer service) but it wouldn’t be easy.  Probably similar to trying to get carriers (all, not just V or TMo) to waive talk time overages.  

        • Spanky

          Changing a plan automatically triggers a contract renewal, which is something most subscribers don’t want.

        • kalel33

          But he’s not talking about changing the plan, he’s talking about changing the a feature.  Changing a feature does not automatically trigger a 2 year agreement, only rate plan changes, upgrades, or corporate discount.

        • WW

          Thanks for the correction to Spanky’s statement.

        • Nunya Beeswax

          No it does not. You can change the data amount as much as you want to and it does not renew or extend your contract. I swear, I some of you people really need to get your facts straight before you go spouting off.

        • WW

          Thanks for making the correction to Spanky’s statement.  

    • Vic

      The math is based off the 10GB plan (which translates to 5GB for each device). $100 for 10GB of data + $40×2 smartphone cost.

  • Service

    and verizon has service!

    • Chumlee

       Guess that depends where you are. Here in Jersey, my TMobile phone gets every bit as good service as my Verizon phone used to. Verizon is literally paying more for…nothing.

  • Iguessimalwaysright

    With T-Mobile charging well over $300 for a lesser capable smartphone that their competitors are selling for $199 it’s T-Mobile who gets the egg on her face.  There goes the savings out the window and you get a network that is mostly GPRS

    I’m talking to you Galaxy S3 with no LTE

    • iknowimalwaysright

      Its $279 after MIR and $329 before, how is the WELL OVER?. Less capable? T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network continues to out performed LTE networks from Verizon and AT&T with tests conducted by a 3rd party company. A network that is mostly GPRS? Do you live in a town or village where they allow you to have sex with your sister? The difference is I don’t guess that I am right.

    • philly8

      wow your dumb….230 for downpayment on value…..if u cant afford that than u cant afford a verizon bill either…

  • Yeah T-Mobile saves on the value plans but that’s before putting into account the interest you have to pay for your newly purchased device. Add about another $20-$30 per added phone, per month and you’re actually paying MORE than the competitors. Not to mention the fact that you have to pay more UP FRONT. Wow is all I can say to that.

    • Merica

      You need to understand how the plan works. On a Value Plan, T-Mobile is not subsidizing the cost of the device. They are allowing you to make a down payment on the device and split up the cost of the device over 20 months. They do not charge interest on the remaining balance across the 20 months. The maximum is $20 a month for the top end devices. Even with that you are still paying less than with any plan AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have to offer. The upfront cost for the device is at or lower prices than the competition.

      • WW

        Very magnanimous of you not to slam him for his ignorance.  Only 2 of 5 points was even partially accurate.  
          $20 is the max.  Not up to $30.  
        There is no interest.  
        Vast majority of customers pay less, not more even including the phone installments.  
        “$20” was possibly correct $20 or less would be accurate.  
        “More up front” may be accurate.  Zero down (after MIR) is frequent due to the various “free phone” sales.

    • al

      did u not get the 20 months no interest all u do is pay for the tax of the phone one time there’s no way u save more at only of the 4 leading providers do ur homework before you post stuff u will look slot smarter ;)

  • Imprezaowner27

    It annoys me that tmobile make VZW plans rounded off to 100, 180, 200 then show their plans as $XX.98, .98….youre not fooling anyone, just round it up morons.

    • Imprezaowner27


      • RR

        That’s just how much VZW charge: 100, 180, 200.

  • Perry_F

    I priced out what I have with tmo and what it would cost me with verizon. I’m saving about $60 per month with tmo and that includes the $20 per month I pay for my GSII since I’m on the value plan. Once I’m finished with those payments my savings go up to $80 per month!

    TMO FTW!!!

  • In terms of overall coverage, I agree that Verizon handily beats out T-Mobile.  Even after the $10-$20 phone subsidy, T-Mobile’s Value Plans smoke Verizon’s prices.  I don’t live out in the sticks and don’t travel to those rural areas where Verizon is the only reliable carrier very often.  They don’t have LTE yet, but I get comparable speeds to my friend who has a Droid Razr on Verizon.

    For quality of service per dollar, I would say that T-Mobile is the lesser of the 4 evils.

  • bleeew

    First tmobile need more coverage and need quick lte rollout. Once that happens people will go to tmobile. I hate how verizon wants to take away my unlimited data.. might aswell get tmo prepaid

  • Dave Wiliams

    Harry Thomas should make selecting a plan as easy as picking one of the options on the slides above. Go to the T-Mobile web site and try to build the 3 smart phone plan that is shown above, good luck with that. T-Mobile needs to take lessons from Apple in simplicity! 

  • philly8

    some of you people really need to get your facts straight before you go spouting off.

  • Shaynajoy

    Who’d they hire to design these new plans? Must’ve been the guy from Netflix…