Deal Alert: HTC One S Available For $99 At Best Buy, Good For New Accounts And Upgrades

Do you hate rebates? Do you need a phone TODAY and just can’t wait until T-Mobile’s weekend sale? Good news as Best Buy has dropped the price of the HTC One S to $99.99 for both new and upgrade eligible accounts for a limited time. No word on how long this deal will last and since most Best Buy stores don’t carry T-Mobile these days, this is one deal you’ll have to pick up online. Either way, it’s a pretty big discount on a beautiful smartphone. I’d act now, before the deal disappears.

Best Buy

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  • mike

    tmobile has it at 49.99 no thanks…

    • James O

      That price is for new customers only.

      Eligible upgrade price is $249.99.

      I did notice an $18 Upgrade Fee too – when did T-Mobile start charging for this?  Are they trying to follow after Verizon?

      • niftydl

        Yes. Basically whatever the big guys do, T-Mobile tries to eventually replicate at a lower price point. 

      • googlephone

        T-mobile charge $18 upgrade fee at least 4 years ago.

  • Xavier

    damn…my office is a block away from a best buy though…..(impulse buy, impulse buy)

    • mike

      its only online sorry….

      • Xavier

         NOOOOOOOOOOO LOL o well

        save $50 going into a tmo store..but damn…coulda got 100 points on my rewardzone card lol

  • rwc1792

    This ad was in the circular that came with my Sunday paper, so I’d guess that the price will be good until Saturday night.

  • chum lee

    I work at a T-Mo corporate store. I love how…….everyone has T-Mobile stuff for less money than…..T-Mobile does. And they wonder why we don’t hit great numbers. Why would anyone bother to come to the store when they get better deals elsewhere?

    • niftydl

      As a customer I agree, although I think more savvy customer will understand that dealing with a T-Mobile rep directly in the store to resolve account/phone problems is way easier than going through a third party dealer. That is the only advantage it seems.

      • googlephone

        You can still go to the store to resolve account/phone problems even if you bought it from a third party dealer. No difference.

        • Frogman

          ? No difference? Let me know how going to a third party dealer works out for ya

        • googlephone

          Of course no difference if you are smart enough…..think about it.

        • Matlock

          All you have to do is go to a major branded third party retailer like Best Buy, and Walmart! Of course if you take the risk of going to a small mom and pop third party, authorized retailer than that’s when youre more liable to run into issues! I recommend most friends and family members who have t-mo, to shop around at Walmart or best for good T-Mo deals on phones.

        • niftydl

          I guess dealing with just network-side support should be the same, but I’ve heard enough horror stories with people attempting to return/exchange devices to third-party sellers to always recommend dealing with a corporate store exclusively. 

  • Gallokaze

    Just picked up this deal this morning. Was pondering it for days, THIS DEAL HAS BEEN ACTIVE FOR DAYS. Yeah you can get the HTC One S for $49.99 from T-Mobile but expect to pay $99.99+ Tax out of pocket and get a $50 MIR Card. Also that price doesnt apply to upgrades!  Lastly, please keep in mind that Best Buy’s upgrade fee is $35!

    • googlephone

      I don’t know where you saw the $35!! It clearly says $18 for t-mobile upgrade. Maybe $35 for verizon or something else. Or maybe you are not t-mobile user.

      • Tmochick

        Your Right the T-Mobile fee is only $18 but he clearly stated Best Buys fee is $35… I think before you call him a non user, you read things twice.

        • googlephone

          What do you mean best buys fee?  If you do t-mobile phone upgrade through best buy, best buy only charge $18 upgrade fee which is the same as you do it directly through t-mobile. There is no best buy fee. Bestbuy only collects the upgrade fee for t-mobile and then transfer it to t-mobile then extend your contract.
          Before you response, please read it clearly.
          I guess he is not a t-mobile user because other carriers do charge $35 upgrade fee instead of t-mobile’s $18. No offense at all.
          The fact is bestbuy charges only $18 upgrade fee for t-mobile phones and charge $36 for ATT and sprint phones, $30 for verizon phones.

        • Gallokaze

          Read the contract in the best buy page and you’ll see the $35 during checkout.

        • googlephone

          Read it twice. $35 is activation fee for new customers. $18 is upgrade fee for upgrades. We are talking about upgrade here.

    • Xavier

      it’s18 here in ny

  • I tried to take advantage of this, but Best Buy says I’m not eligible to upgrade. My T-Mobile says I’m eligible for Best Upgrade Pricing on 08/25/2012 but “you can always upgrade a phone at any time, regardless of how many months have passed since your contract began.
    ” I then reach out to T-Mobile chat, and they start talking about how I can only upgrade through or a T-Mobile store. After I press the issue, he’s finally able to clarify that I can upgrade anytime via T-Mobile but if I want to upgrade via a 3rd party, I have to wait till August 25th.  :(  Hopefully, Best Buy will have another sale in a few months.

  • Nitefallz

    It’s really annoying that T-Mobile has yet to announce pricing for the S3 ahead of their Father’s day deal, and this one now.   I need information to make decisions!

  • manfred lothar wedell

    Just tried to get this deal to upgrade my phone, but BB is requiring you to sign up for a new data plan, even if you already have a grandfathered data plan! They suggested that I add a line with a new data plan and then call T-mo and cancel the data plan (huh?)

    • manfred lothar wedell

      Here’s a transcript:

      3:19 PM  Lisa: Hello, my name is Lisa and I want to thank you for contacting Best Buy Mobile, where we always promise you straight forward pricing without mail-in rebates. To better assist you, would you please verify your phone number and email for me. I show your phone number as xxxxxxxxxThank You.
      3:19 PM  manfred wedell: Yes, that’s correct. my email is xxxxxxxxxx
      3:20 PM  Lisa: Thank you!
      3:20 PM  Lisa: How can I help you today?
      3:22 PM  manfred wedell: I was just trying to purchase the htc one s online as an upgrade to my current phone, but I’m being asked to sign up for a new data plan even though I currently have a grandfathered data plan.
      3:22 PM  Lisa: Unfortunately, there is no way around not changing your data plan on our website because we only have the updated plans from the carrier. I recommend calling the carrier to see if they will allow you to keep the data plan. If so they need to note your account so after you order the phone they can change it back to your original plan.
      3:23 PM  manfred wedell: okay, thanks

      • Tmochick

        If your grandfathered data package was a Required data feature than you can keep the same one as long as you do not switch to the Classic or Value rate plan. Although keep in mind most of the grandfathered rate plans are more expensive than the newer plans. and most grandfathered data packages are $20-$30 anyways.  A 2GB data package is only $20. Mind find it more beneficial to upgrade to the new plan since you will be doing a two year contract for the phone anyhow… although I wouldn’t make this change through Best Buy. Call 1-800-TMobile or go online. Or just wait till this weekend for the best deal. A few days never killed anyone.

        • Xavier

          !!!! maybe you can help me!!!

          i’m doing it through tmobile for 2 reasons.

          if i do i for tmo, i wont get it at 49.99….it will cost me 249.99…even though i’m “eligible for best upgrade pricing” i believe i’m a year into my contract…cuz it currently expires in may 2013…but i’ve been with my grandfathered plan for a while

          3000 share minutes,  unl text, unl nights weekends…5 gig high speed unl data..(5) at like base price of 119.99…for 2 lines.

          when i hit up best buy…i would get the htc one s for 99.99…that’s  a huge difference from what my very own tmo is giving me….but i did hit a wall regarding the data plan.

          the best buy rep said they would take care of it in store, they would call my carrier and inform them to keep my current data plan.

          please please hit me with info if you having any regarding this.


    • Tmochick

      Also, Like it or not, you have to contract the data package with an upgrade.. not really going to find too many company’s that will do different if you want that smartphone. The way technology is advancing those fun little devices cannot even work w/out using data whether its to update an app on your phone or just keep you in the loop on facebook… always going to need it.  The new 5GB and 10GB data features include Smartphone hotspot instead of paying an extra $15 like you would have to do with your grandfathered plan, food for thought if you ever plan on doing that.

  • EHJ2000

    I want to know what’s up with that $329 price tag for the phone on the front of the sales add on best buy for the One S. Anyone know??? If its buy straight out then that’s not a bad deal for a phone like that @ that price tag.

    • EHJ2000

      Never mind they changed smdh…. I seen it Sunday.

  • Jaw415

    bought mine at Best Buy last month. Called to get a price adjustment after I saw this. THANKS!

  • Ed Tanas

    I actually got mine from Best buy here in Canada on Rogers for $49.99 about ten days ago… but I returned it and got it a Samsung Galaxy Note instead..the One S had the “death grip” issue and after reading that this issue popped up on so mant ONE S , I did not nor will I trust a product from HTC ever again…

  • Bu

    Anyone knows of a sale going on today at T-Mobile. I bought the HTC one s, but the rebate says something different than what I was told in store. I’m filling out the form now I am an existing customer