Apple Won’t Block Galaxy S III Launch, Will Still Go To Trial

Apple won’t be able to stop the June 21st launch of the Galaxy S III as US District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple’s request for an early injunction due to having no time to hear the case before the date. Unfortunately, this does not affect the trial date itself, which will go on as planned, just not before the launch itself as Apple had hoped.

For both sides, this is a pretty big decision as the Galaxy S III is expected to sell very, very well as it launches on five US carriers right out of the gate, including T-Mobile on the 21st. The real question is whether or not the Galaxy S III will attract would-be iPhone buyers and is that behind Apple’s motivation to seek a moved up hearing date before the Judge seeking an injunction. Either way, the court decisions don’t affect Apple’s courtroom efforts, they can just appeal the rulings and Koh’s decision had nothing to do with the merits of the case, only the time in which the case will be heard.

Apple’s decision may have more to do with their fears of letting the public get their hands on the Galaxy S III and signing two-year contracts that will prevent them from picking up the next-generation iPhone when it’s unveiled later this year. Whether or not that is how any of this will play out is anyone’s guess, but given that the Galaxy S III will have at least a 2-3 month head start on iPhone 5 sales, Apple may have plenty of reason to be concerned.


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  • 30014

    Even if Apple has blocked it, i doubt it would have had a huge impact on sales. When apple delayed the one series it was only for 2 weeks and didn’t hurt sales at all. It’s like David said Apple is worried about people getting locked up in contacts.

    •  Yeah I actually wonder if in this case it’s going to do the opposite. I have a much higher incentive to get the SIII on opening day knowing that it might not be available in July (for example).

    • GwapoAko

      One Series is different from S3. I think Apple did not block One S from Tmobile. Apple only blocked One X . Why? because At&t  and Spring have iPhone. Also, S3, I believe is really better than the iPHone right now.

      Sent from my iPhone 4$

  • MarcusDW

    I didn’t think they would be able to stop the day 1 release.  Bast*&ds.

  • mmeyer4663

    Finally!  Some sanity in the world again!

  • This may be the biggest Android-based threat to date for Apple. Not that this is going to be an “iPhone killer” (no ONE device will ever be an iPhone killer), but I could really see this phone drawing current iPhone users to Android more than any other has before.

    • Spanky

      “no ONE device will ever be an iPhone killer”

      Never say never. To me, an iPhone is more of a fashion accessory/status symbol than a communication device, and fashions are very fickle.

      • 21stNow

         I don’t think that the iPhone is just a fashion accessory.  I don’t think that the iPhone 4S is the best phone out there now.  However, I do recognize the value that an iPhone has to a person that is already using the Apple ecosystem.  If you are heavily tied to iTunes and use a Mac, I totally understand choosing an iPhone as your smartphone.

        I’m not tied to that ecosystem at all; the first and only Apple product that I have owned was the iPhone 4.  I consider myself “free” to choose the best phone for me, and not the best phone for my existing software and hardware.  Hint, it will be a Samsung Galaxy S III.

        • Spanky

          I definitely agree about the ecosystem compatibility. I love the ability to use my iPod Touch as a remote control for my Apple TV, all through a simple app. Instead of using the supplied remote control to scroll through the virtual keyboard to enter searches, I can use the iPod’s keyboard to type them in. Again, it functions well in a unified ecosystem.

          With that being said, I am not particularly interested in owning an iPhone. Apple TV and iPod Touch are excellent devices, when it comes to their respective functions. iPhone? Not really for me. 

      • And a fashion will stay a fashion. And yeah it is possible for one phone to just wipe an iPhone out of existence but i doubt it. it would take years of a OS (Android) with many options to make iPhone’s go away. 
        I mean look at all the charts that show android growing every year. If you notice iPhone maybe be shrinking in percentage but they are still growing in numbers . iPhone 4S sold more than any other iPhone out. it would be sad if it didn’t. but still They are growing and would be growing faster if it wasn’t for Android. Regardless I hope for Healthy competition not lawsuits and we will all get along and have better mobile devices.

        • Spanky

          “And a fashion will stay a fashion”

          On the contrary. Fashions change every season. While I don’t think that the iPhone will ever go away completely, it’s experiencing a bubble that will eventually burst.

      • whosaidwhat

        The truth to Apple’s success is in it’s marketing and just doing enough to wow the regular Joe. When the 4S was released, my wife was telling me about a friend who bought one and was showing her. He friend was so happy and going on and on about what she can do with the new Iphone. My wife waited for her to finish and said, “that’s just like my Nexus S, see, I can do this and that too” and her friends mood changed.

        She had no idea other devices could video chat, full touchscreen, browser, movies, games and GPS.

        Now that others like Samsung and HTC are advertising the strengths of their devices, Apple is getting scared. Wait until Apple starts showing off the new maps and navigation on TV ads, they will sell it as if it is exclusive to them and that they invented it.

        They need to grow up.

        • Tortionist

          My wife’s uncle told me that I-phones are the best because they have face-time. I just laughed and walked away. Face time? really? He never heard of Google talk until me. Then he tried to say that 4G is useless. Obviously it was because he has an I-phone 4. Face time runs on Wifi only. Google talk runs on, get this, Wifi, 3G, and 4G. Also, Google talk has texting integrated in with it. Therefore face time is seriously irrelevant unless you have an I-phone. Compared to Google Talk, it sucks. Here, I thought some of the Android fan-boys were delusional. Apple fan-boys are much worse.

      • phills

         I agree, I can see the iphone fading away soon (as well as the entire apple ecosystem).  It’s kind of reached that point where it is over saturated and no longer special because everyone has it.

        Also now that they are marketing to the average joe, the quality and innovation in mac devices is decreasing dramatically in my opinion (constantly have issues with my mac book pro…which has looked exactly the same for like 10 years now).  I feel like they no longer care about the core user who uses their products for intensive professional work.

  • GwapoAko

    Apple is afraid!!!! my iPhone 4$ is getting boring and boring everyday!!!!

    • I use Android but also have an iPhone and it was cool for ten minutes then i got bored. i could not make this phone my own. which Android i can. if i don’t like something i can fix it with a replacement app. With iPhone it is you don’t like it, you better hope they make it better in the next version. :( Android is the Superior OS especially if you like choice to make your phone your very own.

      • Tortionist

        How cool can constant side scrolling get when looking for a specific app among your tons of other apps because they’re all in one place? With Apple, not very…

      • Tortionist

        Not only choice, but more functionality a well. I tried windows 7.5 for a while and even though it had quite a bit of functionality, it still had less functionality than Android.

      • GwapoAko

        Now I am stucked with my unlocked iPhone 4$ for 5 years :0) Oh well If only I could trade this with a Samsung Galaxy S3 :0)

  • deeoh1084

    god damn apple please leave SAMSUNG & HTC alone!!! i don’t really get apple why can’t they be like other companies and just go with the competition? i’m pretty sure apple infringed many patents as well this is why i’m never never ever going to buy apple (plus steve jobs even though he is dead i still hate him)

  • I know the launch date is on the 21st, but is there any word of if, and when, they’re opening up for pre-orders?

  • whosaidwhat

    The headline should read: “Apple can’t block…” The headline makes it almost sound like it was apple decision to make this slide.

    Anyway, this is good for the consumer. I wish Apple will 1. License the technology crap they claim is stolen, and by that, I mean real technology, not the crap like rectangles shaped devices. or 2. Get lost and let technology grow. They are just doing all this crap to destruct others from selling. They are allergic to competition.

    They don’t have any plans on getting damages or licensing their so called patents. The steal peoples ideas, change it around and patent it. Then they get the nerves to sue for those patents.

    Who the hell gave them a patent for rectangle shaped mobile device? Hasn’t that been done before, making it prior art?

    I always watch Apple announcements and I’m always fascinated by some of the cool stuff they release but if every thing they make is protected and not licensed, we will all be screwed. Imagine if the company who made the first TV said no one can make one like it. I wouldn’t be sitting in front of the 22 inch monitor right now.

    • Check out the Retuers full article, it should be “won’t” rather than “can’t” based on the reasoning as to why Apple decided not to push this up.

      • whosaidwhat

         I read the article yesterday. I still don’t think it should be won’t because without the Judge’s presence and reasoning, Apple would have gotten their way. But I understand your point.

      • mbcls

         here is the CORRECT TITLE from phonescoop dot com
        “Judge Denies Apple’s Attempt to Block Samsung Galaxy S III”

        • Craigers

          Correct? That’s funny I thought this was David’s blog. In fact the correct title is whatever title the author uses. This blind, ugly hatred for all things Apple really is getting old.

        • mbcls

           funny, that is what i expect a sheep would say!  haha

  • charles4

    apple is afraid of this phone and should be!! because its looks and feels very nice and has hundreds of more features than their iPhone. 

    • Tortionist

      Any mid to high level Android phone is going to have a lot more features and better functionality than an I-phone.

      • dkbnyc


        • Tortionist

          And yet still true.

    • dkbnyc

      Really?  Hundreds?  

  • Aliriano194


  • Franklins

    LOL, at the headline!

  • Xavier

    fear fear fear…the android reaper is here!!!

    • Get_at_Me


  • mbcls

    did you hear apple new laptop cost 2100$ ??
    just like the idiotPhone, only idiots buy it!

    • Wow, talk about an uninformed comment. Do you know why the laptop costs that much money? Being informed is usually a bonus.

      • IRIE4IPIER

        I’m well informed on the subject and that thing is not worth $2100, no Apple fan could convince me to spend $2100 on an Apple laptop when there are muchtter ones out there for a fraction of the cost. C’mon David, why are you so biased towards Apple, its really annoying.

        • Craigers

          Clearly you are not informed. Put aside your blind hate of Apple and inform yourself. And btw if you are so troubled by David’s very clearly unbiased views you are more than free to find another blog. I assure you this community won’t miss you.

        • Spanky

          All I keep hearing is “you’re not informed”. What are you waiting for? Inform him, already!

        • Guest

          Good point. What is there to inform him of?

          Basically, you are charged a premium for a brand. It happens all the time. Just look at Porsche, but a 400 hp can out perform 200k+ cars…so with Porsche there is a reason why one would pay such a high premium. With A…I am not too sure…there are emotional factors that are definitely in play. 

        • kahlayoh

          I must say that with the last macbook pro I purchased, it’s been well worth the money spent. I think I’ve made the best choice over any laptop. And before you troll me and say I’m just another apple fan…I have a samsung S2, so that makes me a person that chooses quality

        • LanceMiller

          Are you aware that the retina screen is glued to the lid so you can’t just change the lcd screen. Also, the ram / HDD / battery can’t be changed or upgraded. If you want something larger than the small 250gb hdd that’s installed in the $2200 model you have to spend another $500 to move to the model that has a 750 gb hdd & a faster cpu. Can anyone actually argue that this notebook is a worthwhile purchase when you’re locked into hardware that can’t be upgraded. That great retina screen has got to cost you a $1000 to replace due to you being forced to buy a complete lid & not just an lcd screen? It’s ridiculous to expect apple to be fair when you’re forced to send in your notebook to have the batteries replaced. Holly battery charge, I can’t imagine what they’ll charge for that service. Read the “iFixIt” teardown report, Apple made sure that we can’t replace one single think inside this without paying the piper, Big Time.!! No one should be forced to risk their $2200 notebook becoming a $3000 expense if they want to keep it past the warranty period.?

      • TBN27

        Is it because of the parts they use?

        • GwapoAko

          And it is because of the logo :0)

      • LanceMiller

        Are you aware that the retina screen is glued to the lid so you can’t just change the lcd screen. Also, the ram / HDD / battery can’t be changed or upgraded. If you want something larger than the small 250gb hdd that’s installed in the $2100 model you have to spend another $500 to move to the model that has a 750 gb hdd & a faster cpu.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I just noticed something, David, You can make the Samsung logo the Leaf that comes off the top of the Apple. Instead of having that bland leaf, use the Samsung Logo. It may look pretty cool. Just an idea.

    Also Cool! I’m glad they can’t/won’t block the GS3 launch. I am thinking of gerting that nowthat I know the Note 2 is coming out soon. I’m debating on getting the Note but I need to see specs and pricing before I get it. I’m FINALLY going to use my upgrade so I need to make sure that I can be satisfied with the device for 2 more years.

    So the GS3 has the 5 Nexus devices coming out in November going against it and the Note has the Note 2 coming out in October going against it. I’ll have to wait until Google I/O to decide which to get. I/O is on the 26th if I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Also has it been stated that either of the Galaxy’s coming out are Waterproof? That’s a feature that I’d like to have as well. I haven’t personally heard anything about Waterproofing on either device yet. I’d like to know that my device can get wet without me worrying about it.

    The GS3 should be waterproof with all the talk about Fluid, Liquid and Water that they talked about during the conference.


    “Won’t block the Galaxy SIII launch”

    Sounds like a butt hurt apple fan wrote that title. You might wanna change that title David.

  • mbcls

    “Apple Won’t Block Galaxy S III Launch, Will Still Go To Trial”

    i hope this is just a bad translation!  it sounds like apple have a change of heart and decided not to block galaxy SIII,  rather go to trial instead!
    here is the CORRECT TITLE from
    “Judge Denies Apple’s Attempt to Block Samsung Galaxy S III”

    • You have to understand the WHOLE story, this is still going to trial, just not by the 21st, when Apple had hoped to have a hearing.

    • MarcusDW

      Understanding of misunderstanding fail.

    • MisterBlue

      The judge didn’t deny Apple’s attempt. They can still block it, just at a later date. That title should be:
      Judge Denies Apple’s Attempt to Block Samsung Galaxy S III Launch

  • TBN27

    Instead of suing the nakers if these phones, they should just embrace the competition and then go make a revolutionary iPhone. The first gen iPhone created an influence of touch screwn everything and it is a shane thst they are acting like they ran out if concepts. All the have to do is to gat more powerful hardware, and change up the UI of the iphone so it won’t be just be app icons.

    • LanceMiller

      They think they are offering such a great new model by going to a 4″ screen. If that’s all they’ve got left to innovate no wonder Androids marketshare is continuing to grow.

  • WOW, all of you people on here talking about the title…STOP it. DAMN.  Just read the ENTIRE story, and let it go.  

    Fact of the matter is, the SG3 is going to be here next week, and we can all enjoy it.

    • kahlayoh

      There’s a reason why we get to post and reply!!!

  • Is there anyone else who preordered this phone not seeing it on their credit card bill.

    • Get_at_Me

      U prob wont be charged until it ships

  • TrUsTmEi”MaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

    David, I’m confused it says in the article that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available on June 21st, but Tmobile has not even added this phone to their coming soon lineup on their website.  Should we be worried?

    • No, it’s coming on the 21st. Don’t worry.

      • Any word on if and when they’re opening up for pre-orders?  I was able to pre-order my G1 a week or two before launch.  Can’t remember what I did with my Vibrant.

        • Get_at_Me

          There prob wont be preorders…..just head to your local tmobile store on launch day. youll be able to get one.

        • Spanky

          There were no preorders for the Vibrant.

    • No, it’s coming on the 21st. Don’t worry.

  • TrevorMadden

    Good. Apple can suck it, that crapshoot of a company. Idea: Innovation, not lawsuits.

  • LanceMiller

    I’m waiting for the Google Nexus that’s hopefully produced by Asus. Not only will I get a bloatware free version of ICS, or maybe even Jelly Bean, but I’ll not be forced to go through the upgrade fiasco that I experienced with my SGS2.