So, How Is Ice Cream Sandwich On The Galaxy S II?

So here are we, around twenty hours or so past the release of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II and I want to know — how’s it going? Any hiccups during the update process? Any problems with the update itself? Any additional features you love? Any missing features you need?

Still looking to do the update? Don’t forget to check out either T-Mobile or Samsung landing pages with both text and pictures to help you get through the update process.

T-Mobile Update

Samsung Update

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  • Henry

    It would be great if someone listed all the new features =-)
    Not sure if I want to update yet if I can’t revert back to GB if I hate it.

    • patrick
      • Henry

        Thanks. I saw those top features.  I don’t get it though, I thought we all already had motion gestures so I don’t know why they listed that.  I’m more interested in cosmetic changes and minor details like the changes in the lock screen the battery percentage, what’s be disabled now, etc.

    • TBN27

      Cosmetic changes of course, easier access to options for functions, gmail app has a new look and repositioned functions for toggling through e-mails in a more convenient and quicker way without having to press options to get them, face lock security feature, new features in the browser plus quicker access to multiple pages open, still messing with it to find out more.

    • fajitatt

      Found this:

      Don’t think these are all the features, but it’s a good amount of them. :)

    • It also has data monitor and new menu structure

  • no2apple

    I like it…

  • Pudakis

    im having a lot of lag and freezing im going to reinstall it and see if that helps

  • RWS

    I advise to wait.  I updated mine last night, and now I have spontaneous reboots.  6 today, 3 in the last half hour.  

    People like me have wanted this update that we were assured would have been ready by late March, and I’ve heard the constant drone of “let Tmo work out the bugs first and they’ll release it when it’s fully ready.” No, they won’t.  They’ll wait until the cutting edge people pre-order the S3, then release it, wait for XDA to fix it, then release a fix.  I’d call and complain, but I doubt it will stay running long enough to make a phone call. 

    • Pudakis

      just try a reinstall of the firmware

      • None

        How do you reinstall?

  • D4whatver82

    I LOVE IT! My phone feels slightly slower, but other than that, its pretty cool. Although texting is kind of annoying…

    • Krash1287

       I will agree about the phone being a little slow, I notice it much more when I am texting…

  • TBN27

    None whatsoever. Except i had to uninstall and re-install Kies to stop a glitch. After that, it was smooth sailing. My only complaint about the update is when setting up the home screens, i notice when selecting apps, there is a significant pause before before registering my desire to select apps. Away from that, ICS is smooth, refined and gives TouchWiz a more pleasant feel.

    • Mememe

      Yeah, I have to say that the ICS update wasn’t too bad, but Kies really sucks.

  • Charles Berry

    I honestly loved the update.  I hated having to be on a specific build of GB, but once I was able to unroot, I was able to update.  Then today I was able to regain root, boy I missed my Titanium.  But all in all I have liked it.  My scrolling seems snappier and the only complaint i really have is now I have to de-install all the faux ICS apps I no longer need.  But yeah ICS!

    • Gonepostal4162

      How did you reroot? I had to give up root to get the update too. Like to get it back, thanks.

  • Kyzecyte0405

    peaty cool but my music player is not working for some reason and i don’t really like Google music. i restarted it and turned it off but nothing and my battery is dying fast third time that i put to charge since the change and as it is i have 65% life not liking this so far.

  • Hhhdb

    People do a reset after updating and lag and freezing issues resolve

  • Davidkphan

    I hate it!! the wallpaper no longer scrolls. my corporate mail looks weird. you can no longer adjust the brightness but holding down the top of the screen. this stupid keyboard icon pops up in the notification bar. .. I’m really not happy about the wallpaper though


    To all below…
    Factory Data Reset after a software upgrade is always a good idea to keep these little glitches from happening. I bet it cures most but not all… Good luck!

    • LTEstyles

      Yes I agree. I always do that after a software upgrade.

  • charles4

    gallery looks the same why? and no people app?


    So far not impressed. Seems like I had to put phone on charger much earlier than normal today. Generally can get use from about 6:30 Am until 6:00 or 7:00 PM before getting the beep saying battery is getting low. Today went from about 6:30 to 2:00 Pm and it was critical low. 
    Hopefully this was just a one time thing, but so far not looking good. 

    I don’t see a big difference in performance or capabilities. 

    • Kurtwatson1

      I have the same problem with battery. please go to settings -> about phone-> status. Does Battery status say discharging? mine does.

      • TMOLOYAL

        Mine says discharging as well, but it should. Your battery is either charging or discharging. That is what a battery does. 

        • Kurtwatson1

          Before mine said not charging now discharging.

        • anfrey

          they both mean the same thing.

        • Kurtwatson1

          I have an asus transformer tf 101 4.0.3 os and when it is unplugged it says NOT charging

      • Umalum1990

        Discharging simply means that your phone is no longer charging. 


    One of the best features of ICS was killed by Tmobile.. You cannot disable or hide Bloat ! MAJOR FAIL.. Im glad I have a Gnex.. My wife is not bothered on her SGS2, But it pissed me off

    • deeoh1084

      just root the device and get rid of it!

    • Bryce_jp

      I just finished doing the update and I am able to disable bloatware in the apps menu in settings.

      • TBN27


        • SweetCheeks

          Settings > Applications > All > Choose app and “click disable”.  May have to uninstall app updates before you see it.

        • TBN27


      • Dassfada

        How? Only a few

    • Dumbazz

      It really isn’t a big deal.

  • F5ive8f5ive

    it looks realy really nice all of the subtle changes in color, animations and fonts really did a lot to pick it up I really like what they have done. I agree it is a tad slower in the texting and messaging department but everything is smooth i think. No glitches so far. Im just waiting for samsung to remove touch wiz altogether so we can get real almost stock vanilla ics build

  • LTEstyles

    It’s a pretty cool update, I did a master reset after the update to fix the little hiccups it had. The only thing that still kinda gives me problems is my keyboard, I’m noticing it’s not as responsive as before, it lags. It’s annoying since I type pretty fast, a problem I didn’t have with gingerbread..

    • JBLmobileG1

      I noticed the keyboard issue with ICS on my Amaze however it eventually started working like normal. Odd but hopefully the same thing happens for you.

      • HelloAmaze

        I agree, the lag is still there for me on my amaze, the only area that seems to stutter, in addition, the bookmarks in the browser force closes every time so I hope they eventuallystomp on all these little bugs soon

  • MobilePilot

    I have a couple glitches. Texting is very slow and laggy, it is constantly showing the voicemail icon in the status bar even though I have no messages, and I’ve also had a cold ever since I downloaded it this morning. I’m going to try the master reset later tonight. Hopefully it will cure all 3 problems, but I have my doubts.

    • Guestt1

      to fix the voicemail thing you have to call yourself from a different phone and leave yourself a voicemail and listen to it….

      and for texting i have been having the same issue let me know if a master reset fixes this

      • impasse

        also, if you skip reading all your messages (hit # i think?) and go to the main menu, you can “leave a voicemail for another t-mobile customer” and just enter your number to give yourself a voicemail, rather than having to call from another phone :)

    • forks n spoon

       just go to call setting and clear it


       Yea voicemail issue just call yourself to fix it master reset wont solve it. Texting lag still happeneds after reset..

    • Dumbazz

      Updating your phone gave you a cold?

      • MobilePilot

        Yes. I think I accidentally downloaded a virus. Good job picking up the sarcasm.

  • Jack Danini

    Sweet, but only with Go Launcher and Kovdev ICS Theme :) Otherwise TW is same old crap! Camera is nice, Beam is cool… Faceunlock is crap… hmm what else… I highly recommend everyone to get a better Launcher like GoLauncher, it makes all the difference in the world!

    • J-Hop2o6

       Since its ICS now, use either Apex (which I use) or Nova. The best ICS launchers on the market.

  • larry d

    apex launcher !

  • Brian

    Is anyone else’s wallpaper all disproportionate after the update?  The live wallpapers work fine.

    • alfonzso

      Mine is too. :-(

  • t4231

    I see a few people have complained about lag and the keyboard and I’ve been having a related problem. When typing with Swype the suggestion bar above the keyboard will appear for a few words and then go away when I stop typing for a moment causing the whole screen to adjust up or down a quarter-inch or so. It’s extremely annoying and gets worse the faster I type. The whole screen kind of “catches” so to speak for a brief moment. Anyone having similar problems? Swype was working fine before the update.

    • MobilePilot

      I have the same problem, but I’m using Swiftkey 3 Beta. Strange.

    • the only fix I have found for the keyboard issue (as it affects any keyboard) is to disable t-9 predictive text. Once disabled, it will not keep going up and down. Hope this helps :)

  • Nemichoco

    I’m having a few problems/glitches. 1) My Keyboard is responding so slow I don’t even feel like texting or typing anymore. 2) The Native Android browser doesn’t work anymore. I have to use a 3rd party browser which sucks for me. 3) my GSII has gotten slower then what it was on Gingerbread 2.3.6. 4) Startup/bootup Takes longer and its slower then before. T-mobile/Google Please Fix these bugs ASAP!!!

    • TBN27

      Have you tried a factory reset?

    • 1.) ICS keyboard
      2.) Chrome Beta
      3.)hold HOME and kill running tasks

      • Dumbazz

        That DOES NOT kill apps. That is a simply your most recently used app list.

    • UMA_Fan

      It’s always a good idea after large updates like this to perform a factory reset.  Clears out all the junk.

    • Arbyn Dollars

      Had the same browser issue, all i did was clear the browser cache and data and seems to work now.

  • Lalkobes87

    Swype is having a little bit of issues other than that running smooth…my wifes phone tried to brick itself while applying ics but got lucky and recovered the phone works great

    • Qayin

      I don’t think Swype is compatible with ics

      • J-Hop2o6

         It is. Been using it on my ICS G2 for awhile now.

  • Kurtwatson1

    I have a problem with battery. please go to settings -> about phone-> status. Does Battery status say discharging? mine does.

    • Younggodde

      Yes mine does. What does that mean?

      • Scapegrace

        It means you’re using your phone.

        • Kurtwatson1

          I have an asus transformer tf 101 4.0.3 os and when it is unplugged it says NOT charging

        • That’s a completely different thing.

        • Dumbazz

          I think that means it’s discharging

      • Qayin

        That just means you’re using it the battery is being used that’s all if you plug it in it says charging

      • Dumbazz

        You should do a warranty exchange.

    • Dumbazz


  • Tceptut

    lag when loading apps / lost root and cant get it back using the old method

  • Get rid of SWYPE and try ICS keyboard from Market, works excellent! 
    Root and install bloatware remover REMOVE all T-mobile crapware along with CIQspyware and the shitty security called LOOKOUT and download AVAST which is 100% free and superior to Lookout.


    • J-Hop2o6

       What’s wrong with Lookout? Its great since they give u Find Your Phone for free.

  • xSAVAGEx

    I decided to wait and am very happy that I did.

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for my Blaze 4G update..

    • TBN27

      It will be there soon.

  • mike_hilly

    Would you do for a Klondike bar?

  • I hate that the Browser refresh is at the top of the screen.

    Makes it hard to refresh a page.

    • jerry

      Thats the biggest complain i have, especially when football season start…..

    • Dumbazz

      If only at the bottom there was a option when pressed that brought up a menu with refresh as the first choice?

      • When you press the menu button, the refresh option is at the top of the screen.

        It should be at the bottom.

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    Loving it, i think they will fix all the lil problem they have soon, but overall its one-of-a-kind….. Top 3. 1.the restarted button, 2.Browser, I like the new look, 3.the new setting we have to make our phone “ours”….. the Texting is very annoying, the faceunlock is ok, never will use it tho. Ill give it A-

  • scolbath

    Can I just say, for the record, that Kies is the most unmitigated piece of crap ever to be foisted on an unsuspecting public?  It took 40 minutes to INSTALL, and the backup I’m running took 15 minutes, and crapped out with a ‘disk full’ message on a laptop that had 15gb of free space.

    What summer intern at Samsung built this thing?

    • Dumbazz


  • Battery life is horrible. I couldn’t even make it through a work day with very light usage.

    • Pat

       i really really hope they fix this over everything else.  The last update for Gingerbread was perfect.

  • anthony

    wifi calling is gone after the update did anyone else get this problem?

    • Uzauza

      you need a special SIM to have WiFi Calling, can you confirm that your issue is not related to the SIM being incompatible?

      • anthony

        i just did a factory reset and it fixed the problem prior to that it was saying incorrect sim with that red symbol, so whoever gets that problem just factory reset it

    • niftydl

      It is now under the regular network settings instead of being a separate app. Check one of the Settings menus, its in there.

  • AndroidKura

    Um I love my phone no matter what but the update has messed up everything. It freezes to much when I text there’s a lil delayed for the letters to come one out it’s not on point. And that’s pretty much it for now untill I find out what’s wrong with it

  • Roger

    Is that a rooted Galaxy SII? if not, how did he get the percentage next to the battery like that?

    • Arafko

      it’s in the settings under display

    • Mwieberg

       Home Screen… Menu Button… Settings… Display… Scroll down to “Display Battery Percentage”

      • Roger

         Rats, was hoping if it was available on the GSII that it’d be available on the Galaxy Nexus….(and no, I really don’t want to root, as safe as it is on that device.)

  • Ai15381

    I think trying to upgrade my moms phone bricked it!!!!!!!

  • Pop

    ICS slowed my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy 2- VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!

  • Ai15381

    It keeps saying firmware update encountered a problem please select recovery mode in kies and try again. I can’t get it off this screen. right now I’m trying to apply it from kies and but I dought it will work since this is the 3rd or 4th time i have tried. this jaunt even my phone which makes it even worse.

  • One lock-up post ICS when I went into apps and did a screen swipe,  but so far, so good. I’m not happy about the Power saving going to two lines, but hey-at least T-Mo and Samsung kept their end of the deal about deploying ICS on the GS II. This may keep me from getting the SGS III or Note. 

  • I noticed that there’s a disconnect between Gingerbread and ICS on the startup screen-under Gingerbread the music started to play when the Android launched; under ICS, the music starts playing well after he’s launched. 

  • Wlogan12

    I am thinking about finding out if I can go back to Gingerbread :(  I agree, the last 2.3.6 update was PERFECT. ICS is ruining my battery life and my GS2 keeps freezing on occasion. I must say I am rather disappointed!

    • None

      What is the process to go back to gingerbread?

  • Guest

    Updated my phone today and not sure how I feel about the update so far. Maybe someone can help me get some of my preferences back. After the last OTA update a few weeks ago it felt like my GS2 display was brighter, the vibration was louder so I didn’t need a ringtone, and I liked red notification circle when I got a message. Now my display seems dull (even though its at the same setting), the vibration seems dull (same setting as before) and the notification on the lock screen is a orange/beige color. Is there anyway to get these things back to the way they were before? Thanks

  • Rcwillrun

    I dont like how the phone is answered, and I was also disappointed that google wallet still doesn’t work despite it being listed on the market. 

  • Rcwillrun

    I dont like how the phone is answered, and I was also disappointed that google wallet still doesn’t work despite it being listed on the market. 

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  • Note to PhoneDog LLC: Your bottom browser ads suck dead donkey d***. Remove them or I’ll go get my mobile fix elsewhere.   

    • Phonedog

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        • Dumbazz

          LOL 1000000 pounds of stupid

  • Pat

    Are they gonna fix the battery  life?  The lase Gingerbread update made it perfect.

  • Pat

    Are they gonna fix the battery  life?  The lase Gingerbread update made it perfect.

    • Guest

       Yeah I think the last update made my phone perfect. And the new update to ICS got away from a lot of the improvements that was made

  • Garykrusch

    Well, besides the battery drain, the slow text input…..I am unable to view email(yahoo), unable to reply to tweets

  • Garykrusch

    Well, besides the battery drain, the slow text input…..I am unable to view email(yahoo), unable to reply to tweets

    • Jschoeneberg

      Try adjusting the font size in email. That fixed my blank exchange email

  • Agent360

    hmmm no problems with battery life at least i haven’t notices that .. use some of the developer options for that.. Anybody else notice we cant “capture screen ” anymore? My top 3 restart button 2. Face unlock 1. how smooth it seemed to have gotten.. still i want my “screen capture” back

    • Riceuguy

      It is still power + home, you just need to hold it longer.

  • scolbath

    Can anyone find the new stock email app?

  • Ton206

    Is anyone able to use the restart function when pressing and holding power. Mines gets stuck on the tmo/samsung screen and does nothing…. this update is a fail

  • John Bachemin

    I agree…bottom banner ads are very annoying.

  • Raven Dmensah

    Anyone know how I can downgrade? I am really dissappointed with the upgrade…the LAG is ridiculous. My phone was perfect on Gingerbread, damn ICS. I even did a factory reset..

    • Andydrew2011

      just go to the XDA forums and youll find all of the information you need

  • scolbath

    And where the hell is the new calendar widget?  Is ANYTHING new here???

    • Dumbazz

      no there is nothing new 99.9 percent of people are downgrading to fro yo

      • Aliriano194


  • terryjohnson16

    Im might go back to gingerbread. My phone is freezing and locking up now. Not cool.

  • Agent360

    update “screen capture” is now vol down and power … Everything seems to be working great sucks for you guys having so much trouble.. id reset my phone and try again…

  • Deaconclgi

    The major problem that I have is that my games have horrible framerate drops. NBA Jam is almost unplayable now, Virtua Tennis drops so many FPS that I miss the ball and other games either skip frames or run slowly. My main reason for my GSII is gaming. I don’t do anything else with it,  no calls, emails, nav or anything. Games, and games only. With that being said, there is a BIG performance hit with the games. The games are still showing as compatible with the GSII and the games are from the Play market.

    Besides that, I like the menus as they are similar to stock ICS compared to my One S.

    • JBLmobileG1

      If you are ONLY using your phone for gaming then why not just buy a PS. Vita? Seems like a waste if your not using your phone for nothing else. Why even waste money on a monthly bill? You could use that money every month to buy a new game instead. Don’t get me wrong… I Love to game on my phone too and the gaming on cell phones has come a long way in the last few years… but I wouldn’t say it’s the best for portable gaming yet. After all its still a phone.

      • Deaconclgi

        I didn’t buy the GSII just for gaming, I bought it as a main smartphone. I have several phones and I just use the GSII for gaming now that my most recent phone is the One S. I have 5 lines and got the GSII at launch so I got my money’s worth already. I don’t get rid of my old phones, I uses them for comparison, movies, games, and whatever else. I use 2 Sims, one is in my One S/Lumia 710, the other in my N8/N900/C7 or whatever other regular sized sim device. 

        Buying a Vita would be an extra expense as my phones are always subsidized or billed to my account and I would have to pay full price for a Vita that I wouldn’t use that often. I am not a serious mobile gamer and I don’t even own a game console. I do own a lot of classic N64 games that I play on N64oid though. Since the GSII isn’t used for calling, but rather gaming, I notice the performance difference.

        I have bought many Android and Symbian games yet I have only beaten one game…Spiderman HD on Symbian….the rest I buy just to casually play and look at the graphic improvements. I do use my GSII for Google Talk and Skype. I just finish watching Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol that I rented from HTC Watch via MLH HDMI on my One S with my wife and kids WHILE GTalkin with my friend in California on my GSII via WI-FI.

        Lastly….It is easier to convince my wife to agree to spend a few hundred on a multiple use smartphone versus a portable gaming system. :) Marriage works better when both parties agree.

        • JBLmobileG1

          Makes sense. :-)

    • Why don’t you just game on your One S? It should be much smoother on that in any case..

      If you just play games why don’t you wipe the phone? I mean you lose game data but that should fix weird app issues after major upgrades.

      • Deaconclgi

        Most of my games, especially NBA Jam are not compatible with the One S and newer games such as N.O.V.A 3 are still not compatible so I stick to my GSII.

        Edit: I thought about doing a reset, the only thing I am concerned about losing is my downloaded movie, Inception. I hope I can redownload it. The only time I have wiped an Android phone is to sell one so I will have to research the restoration process.

        Thank you for the suggestion.

    • UMA_Fan

      Try checking the ‘force GPU rendering box’ in your settings.

      • Deaconclgi

        I’ll try that later. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Deaconclgi

        I’ll try that later. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • watbetchh

    Told you guys ICS was freezy and not an improvement over GB in terms of speed or battery life. Can’t wait to get my Galaxy S III though. 

    • fixxmyhead

      yes it is an improvement over crap GB. are u retarded or what? in GB everything was slow now in ics thanks to HW acceleration everything is smoother and faster. anyone saying ics sucks is freaking retarded and doesnt know anything. my phone runs smoother and faster

  • Decalex

    Wow. So looks like it’s going well for everyone.
    /end sarcasm.

    Once everything gets smoothed out, I’m pretty sure everyone will like it. It really is a nice improvement, and should run magically on the SII hardware.. maybe there’s some work to do on their side. They should check XDA for tips.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Seems like a lot of people are disappointed with the ICS update. I am telling you… I honestly think they released this update to please everyone wanting ICS but also to help test the software for when the GS3 comes out. That way any issues you may face Samsung can fix sooner when they release their latest phone. Or perhaps they want you to notice these issues in hopes you upgrade to the latest and greatest without the problems you may be experiencing. I believe they did this with my Amaze in hopes you get the One S. This is just my theory and personal opinion though.

    • FlyOhMy

      sweetie, the galaxy s 3 is already out and it runs on a different version of touchwiz.

      • JBLmobileG1

        The Galaxy S3 isn’t out for Tmobile yet. Last I knew the carrier still needs to approve any software update before it’s released. Why would they want to release a perfect build of ICS so people who planned on getting the GS3 would decide to hold off because their phone was perfect after the update. The only reason I say this is because Tmobile used the leaked ICS build for the Amaze as the official update. While it was a pretty good build it did and STILL does have issues. I myself noticed that my radio signal has dropped quite a bit while others had issues with wifi. Since the One S is similar to the Amaze I find it funny how the issues it had were fixed right away after the Amaze received its version of ICS. Funny too that the version Tmobile approved was the EXACT same version leaked a month before. Bugs and all. So you tell me…. why the month long hold up if nothing changed? Do they have crappy beta testers and I am just a genius who noticed the issues days after the leak? Believe what you want I am just giving you my opinion to what’s going on. You can’t really blame Tmobile… after all its business and if they updated every phone with the latest and greatest to make an older phone perfect then how would they or the manufacturer of the phone make any money? I think they feel so long as it works… better or worse that’s all that matters and you still get the update that you wanted whether it’s perfect or not.

        • JBLmobileG1

          On an added note…. I bet the Amaze was released with sense 3.6 instead of 4.0 because of the business and money making side of things. Just like the GS2. has a different version of touchwiz than the GS3. Technically the GS3 is already out so why doesn’t the GS2 with ICS have the newer version of touchwiz? Why because every little thing that makes the older phone better and more like it’s newer model will keep people from upgrading or paying more when they could have just kept their current model or purchased the older model that does the same for less.

        • Guest23


        • JBLmobileG1

          Did I miss something?

        • mike

          yah man chill out…

        • Dumbazz

          did you take your medication today?

        • JBLmobileG1

          Medication to just point out business tactics?sorry you don’t understand. Man you are a sucker aren’t you? Big companies like to do business with people like you because they take your money without you even realizing it.

        • Dumbazz

          You need to make a spooky video and blow this conspiracy wide open!

    • Dumbazz

      wow man your tin foil hat is on a little too tight

    • Guest

      What are u talking about? The S3 doesnt come out until the 21st….get your facts straight before rambling on about it.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I really hope your not talking to me. I never said that the S3 was out yet. FlyOhMy below did and he/she is correct if your talking about the international version. I know it will be released on the 21st in the states. Maybe you should read my post a little better before you start rambling about what I posted…. eh?

  • Mystrobiggz

    I don’t understand all the complaints. I have been using it all night and day and I think the ICS update is overall excellent! No problem now with typing. Everything works beautifully. My battery life has massively improved. I am on my 15th hour with no charge. Pre update, I couldn’t get 8 to 9. Color me a happy camper.

  • Dumbazz

    instead of crying on an internet forum do a factory reset and that will fix a majority of your issues

  • Eguardadojr

    you really have to do a factory reset for all options to be visible and work correctly. Mine has no problem now..also use the nova launcher…smooth as silk

  • im on cloud nine with it. only gripe is the text hiccups while texting but voice to text seems to have evolved to superb heights i use that instead of swipe and its spot on accurate….. P.S. im from the south and thus country as hell and it still can figure out my words.

  • urmom

    Played with the galaxy s 3 today and I was blown away. Screw the ics on the s2. Playing with the s3 made me put away my s2 and go back to my galaxy nexus. Everyone is going to LoVE the s3!

    • mike

      where did you check out the gs3?

  • Orin30

    It’s funny to hear all who have been complaining about this update, because I’m sure you are the same lot who complained about the first update the gs2 got.

    In the last update there were only two things that was worth anything, the brightness, and the sound fix. Whatever else they changed, screwed up half of my twenty plus apps.

    As for this update, the only thing that truly annoys me about this update, is the God awful sounds that’s made when you hit record when using the stock camera.

  • larry d

    anyone else not getting message notifications properly ?

  • Jumbo

    Issues faced so far:

    1. RAM usage has gone high [Earlier it used be hovering around 380 MB and now it is on the higher side of 600 MB.

    2. Display of contacts list. It is displaying both SIM contacts and Phone contacts at the same time and it annoys me as there are two entries for both. Unable to select a specific option from “Contacts to display” I make a choice then once i exit contacts and come back again, it displays all the contacts again. Annoying.

    3. There is a lag  which is noticeable; EX. once on clicking a button the feedback sound is played after a delay and phone has crashed many times.

    4. Ability to change brightness level by swiping on notice bar is lost.

    5. Option provided to disable the built in applications but it still runs in the background.


    1. Face unlock

    2. Scroll is more smooth but it still stutters at times.

    3. Can install Chrome beta now.

    4. Improved Gmail.

    Overall lots of bugs to be fixed and will get back after more exploration.

    • anfrey

      when you customize your contacts view, be sure to tap the checkmark at the top right of the screen instead of simply hitting the back button.

      • Jumbo

        Even after selecting the check mark the issue persists with contacts. Displays Gmail contacts, Outlook contacts, Sim contacts, Phone contacts all in the same window. Not working as it was intended to do so. Buggy.

        • anfrey

          odd, it worked for me… granted i had to choose the customize option and uncheck all the different accounts i wasn’t interested in.

  • PunkAssVic

    What happened to the microbes and nexus live wallpaper?? Those two were my favs! Only issue i had after ICS was a voice mail notification that wouldn’t go away. Had to reinstall Google voice to fix it..

    • Hi

      Call from different phone and leave voicemail and delete it

  • The IPv6 Gumy
  • Installed it for my uncle. Pretty much good except for the same complaint I had with the amaze 4g update. Sense 3.6 and Touchwiz 4 greatly limit the UI of ICS without using a 3rd party launcher. They don’t incorporate the elements of ICS like sense 4 and touchwiz ux. So it feels like half an update.

  • I do not know if I am the only one with this issue, but I can’t Update my White Samsung Galaxy S II (T989) to 4.0.3 ICS update. Every time I open Samsung Keys, and go to Basic Information and then Firmware Information, it says “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies”. Samsung Kies is updated to the latest version. My sister has a Black Samsung Galaxy S II and I was able to update it to the latest 4.0.3 ICS update without any issues. That is weird. I called Samsung and explained them what was my issue with my White SGS II. They told me that I was the only one so far with the upgrading issue. Since my phone is still in warranty, they told me to send them my phone so they can see what is going on with it. I will reply back once I get my phone back from Samsung Repair Center and finally know what was wrong with it.

    • larry d

      is your usb debugging checked ? 

    • Lmao you shooting yourself in the foot

    • quaestor99

      No. I tried all day yesterday from home with two different GS2s on three different machines (Win7-64, Win7-32, WinXP). It would never upgrade either phone no matter what I tried. And before anyone asks I did try the ‘debugging’ selection, re-installing kies on each machine, removing the battery, and even the dialer *#7284# USB (Modem/PDA) trick. NOTHING. I tried once more on my Win7-64bit laptop before I came to work this morning. Still no-go. As soon as I connected at work using the very same laptop – BAM – upgrade. It might possibly have something to do with your firewall or router settings. I called my daughter at home and she still can’t get the upgrade there.

      • Latino and Proud

        I am going try it at work then to see if I am able to update it. But, the funny thing out of this is that I was able to update my sister’s BLACK SGS II without any issues. When I connect my WHITE SGS II is when I get this message “Your phone does not support software upgrading via Kies”. The issue is just with my White one. Debugging was checked all the times. Tried it out in 3 differents PCs.

        • Latino And Proud

          I am at work connected to the internet and it gives me the same message. I am going to send it to Samsung Repair Center to see what is going on with my White Samsung T989. it Sucks. It is a good phone.

  • Am I the only one with this software upgrading issue?

  • Cncj04

    Very happy with the update other than the fact that I cant get my Facebook pictures to show up in go SMS pro. Is anyone else having this problem if so how do I fix it?

    • Facebook pictures no longer sync up after Gingerbread from what I understand?

      • Ramonhawk

        Having the same issue here…i thought i was doing something wrong so i resetted the phone and all that but still didnt work! This is kinda annoying though

      • Mystrobiggz

        My Facebook pictures sync just fine.

  • Seanmmvi

    My pertictive text and auto correct stopped working with swift key beta 3…anyone else have this problem?

    • Seanmmvi

      Never mind, my 30 day free trial ended and those features stop working after the trial is up…

    •  Mine works fine did you save it on sd card if not probably erased it all

  • Korm1203

    anyone find the scrolling in contacts unusable?

    • RWS

      At first I thought it had been removed, but I found that I really need to get close to the edge.

  • Craigjgilbert

    The update is about what I figured it would be. But I didn’t count on the radio being so bad. Getting about half the signal I used to. Also wifi calling is a real hit and miss.

  • anfrey

    it’s still there, you just have to hold it down longer.

  • Dfireballwow

    Something I have found helps with some ofthe problems I see a lot of people having. Reset your your phone. If you back it up like you should have done.. You will not lose any pics music, ect.

  • Inchrist6

    Is anyone able to use google wallet yet?

  • Umalum1990

    Overall, ICS is OK.   I am noticing some lag when opening some programs..  It is sporadic.  Did I need to leave Gingerbread???  Knowing what I knowo now, probably not.  After waiting one year, I guess we get all worked up.. but nothing that is imperative that you get this update.  If you are on the fence, jsut keep Gingerbread for a while to see how other users are likig the update (or not).

  • AndroidKura

    Idk if u guys have something to do with the GPS also but if u are need to fix it. I put in the address and it ends up like 2 the 3 block away from destination. Also when I type and I wanna go back to a word and fix it, it jumps and ends up to another word gives me a hard time to fix the text

  • Pat

    Is there a way to go back to Gingerbread. ICS is great and I love it, but the battery life sucks with the upgrade. The last Gingerbread update made the battery life perfect.

  • Ability to change brightness level by swiping on notice bar is lost.

  • Adpzazz

    I’m noticing battery life is pathetic now. Android OS used 80% in 9 hours. Turned off USB debugging in Developer Options, hoping that will reduce battery usage. Nothing else much different, should have stayed with Gingerbread.

  • I like this update so far no complains but WIFI calling is not as clear as it use to be…maybe the next update would fix it?

  • Ykpauha

    it sux. Slow to respond in some cases. See lotsa artifacts in games. Skype cant start….takes a few reboots for it to finally connect. ICS has a few nice features…. but bloatware (from T-mo) is still there and its always running.

    • You can check in the manage apps section if the new update lets you disable the bloatware apps. ICS has that feature to disable apps you don’t use but can’t remove. The Galaxy Nexus lets you do that but I’m wondering if that feature got passed along to the customized versions of ICS

      • CrazyUkrainian

         Nexus is different then S2. T-mo loads their bloatware into a core…theres no way to remove, uninstall it… and as for disabling… not all the apps can be disabled.
        some u can…which is a big +


        • Damien328

          Preach Brother!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Allen

    Is there anybody having problems taking still pics while shooting a video? And I can not drag and drop other apps behind each other to make folders.

    • Dumbazz

      we do not have that folder ability.
      Try Nova launcher.

    • guest

      You have to hit menu and edit when you look at all your apps from the menu and hit edit… Then custom grid then you can put bloatware and apps in folders :)

    • Nemichoco

      You Can’t take pics while recording that’s only for the GSIII. If there is then please correct me.

  • Pat

    Is there a way to go back to Gingerbread till they fix the battery………..battery life got worse for ICS.

    • DSC888

      Yes. My battery life went down the drain as well. I’ve tried to disable all of my widgets but battery life is definitely not as good as it was on Gingerbread. Plus WiFi calling now has very poor sound quality. It sounds like they went way down on the nitrate. It used to sound almost as good as cellular voice calls.

  • Princeasi

    I love the update. This has definitely added a newness to sgs2.

  • Gary Caton

    Working great for me. Enjoying now that I have my scrollable wallpaper back.

    I had no side effects from the update but in most of the forums i have checked and the problems reported it looks like doing a factory reset solves most of them

    • Jazz

      You’re wallpaper scrolls again? Mine doesn’t. Did you have to change a setting?

      • Jazz

        Sorry, “Your” wallpaper

        • jazz

          I used to use Launcher Pro on my vibrant, never downloaded it to my S2. Maybe I’ll do that. Thanks.

        • Dimartini72

          Launcher Pro doesn’t play well with the GSII. I used it for a while then I couldn’t answer calls or make them. I took it into T-Mobile and they said that Launcher Pro was the cause and after I uninstalled it, my phone was fine. Nova Launcher works great after the update.

      • Gary Caton

        Discovered by accident. But I use Launcher Pro+ . Install Dodol wallpaper and QuickPic wallpaper.
        I use 3 screens almost all the time but after I set it up it also worked on any number of screens.First I set up a 3 screen set up of random wallpapers with Dodol then I went into Quickpic and chose the wallpaper I really wanted to use and it scrolled and cropped perfectly. I tried this with Apex and Nova and GoLauncherEX and couldnt get it to work. Will probably work with the Launcher Pro free version but I didnt try it . 

  • Cody Grimaud

    I was expecting a new keyboard. Doesn’t ICS have an ICS keyboard?

    • tspx23

      there is a new keyboard but it’s a new samsung keyboard lol. just go to the market and download ics keyboard its so smooth.

  • Loski507

    It seems you can’t screen capture does anyone else have this issue or know how to screen capture.

    • Volume Down and Power button.

      • Nicholasrmitchell

        HOLD volume down and power button for about a second or two. The picture then shows up in the notification bar, which is nice, but still seems more difficult than the previous home + power screenshot

        • Nicholasrmitchell

          Correction, home + power DOES still work as well, but you also have to hold it for a few seconds for it to work. In the long run it’s probably a nice change

        • Nemichoco

          Thnx. I hate using. Power+Vol Down
          It sucks

    • Adpzazz

       Just found the answer and tested it (you have to be a contortionist though), Power, Vol Down AND Home (quite ridiculous). Can be viewed from gallery in Screenshots folder.

    • Loski507

      Guys Thanx for helping me resolve this issue.

  • Mjerpca

    Hello all, I still cannot get the ics update. I cant get the kies update todownload. Iv uninstalled and reinstalled it several times to no avail. It will download about halfway and give a network error then kies app. Iv checked my pc setting and still cant get it. I was just wondering does it seem worthwhile if im considering getting s3 when it comes out. Beecause Im not im not horribly diss astified with s2 now. But have been wanting ics because of all the hype.

  • After reading these comments, I think I’ll be passing on the ICS update and keep Gingerbread.

    • fixxmyhead

      dude u seriously have no idea. gingerbread is pure garbage ICS makes the phone faster and smoother. please dont tell me GB is better cuz its not. the hardware acceleration actually pays off and makes everything faster. they obviously would not have made it if it made the phone crappier

      • guest

        You criticize his comment for being subjective but yours with lack of any valid, objective facts is even more subjective..

        • fixxmyhead

          i just think its retarded that an update thats suppose to actually make the phone perform better could make it worse. its a FACT ICS is better than GB. u cant argue with that, the hardware acceleration is enough to update cuz it makes everything smoother and faster. trust me theres lag in GB in ICS its sooo much smoother and more responsive

        • Guest99

           Just because it’s newer doesn’t always mean it’s better. In this case gingerbread was far from perfect and ICS thus far also isn’t perfect either. Bloatware aside ICS performs better for me. I think there are a few lag issues but that’s better than the issue I had on GB when sometimes after clicking on the call button it would take 10 seconds for the call to go through.

      • Tim

        Yep makes everything faster including the battery drain.

        ICS is better, on its own.  But once Google let Samsung and tmoble go to town on it they created a bloated pig of a device, that performs as fast as my old mt3gs on CM7

        • fixxmyhead

          i will admit they did pile in alot of bloatware but its still fast and i removed most of it. i pulldown the notification bar really fast and that thing keeps up, it tracks my finger quickly in GB it lagged. i highly doubt a mt3gs on cm7 is on par with an s2 with ics touchwiz. i never believe anyone that says there 2yr old phone is on par with a dual core high end cuz  that phone really sucks

          battery life is the same or better. honestly it really doesnt even matter to me as i have 3 spare ones cuz i like everything synced (no garbage FB,crap twitter, or stupid google+,) just email, gmail and dropbox and full brightness but it does last me til i get home then i abuse the crap out of the batteries (its  my only computer)

  • Scurvymeat

    I had no issue downloading the upgrade went easier than expected actually. May be a bit slow due to EVERYONe at the same time.

    I must say most the issue listed I have not experienced. Only issue I have is wifi calling being hit or miss.

    Using Nova Launcher and I love i everything seems to work very smoothly i haven
    t had issues with going app to app. Over all I love it

  • Guest

    Is there anyway to change the color of the notification circle thing on the lock screen that tells you when you have a message? After the last update it was a bright red and now its a light orange and it blends into my lock screen background.

  • Evos469

    To be honest the update has increased battery life but some of the apps including the browsers can stand to have a maintenance update.

  • Silent17ninja

    I had a small problem with some apps stopping or completely force closing, but after a little research I found that going into the applications from the settings and clearing the cache seems to have cleared that problem up. Other than that I have a slight bump in battery life and smoother usage overall

  • Chris

    Touchwiz honestly CRIPPLES ICS. Rediculous.

  • Meel000

    I’m unable to use landscape wallpapers after the update. Anyone else having that problem? Did a factory reset fix it? Otherwise everything is great!

    • Nemichoco

      I’m also having this problem. Although I don’t think its a problem
      I think they just took it off for some stupid reason. Which sucks now. And I’ve tried a factory reset doesn’t do anything.

    • TBN27

      That is normal.

  • Robert

    Update works great don’t much care that it took the contacts tab from the phone. You have to go to contacts to make a call. Also for some reason the time on the lock screen wallpaper will be wrong.

    • tspx23

      if you know the person’s name you are trying to call just type in the phone app. been using this since it came to touchwiz and i love it, saves a lot of time. Ex. dialing HOME = 4663

      • Lani

         I dedicate a screen to my frequent dialed contacts.  I use direct dial shortcuts, so when I want to call someone, I simply tap on their contact icon, which shows face-name-and type (mobile, home, etc).  One tap is all it takes.

    • Damien328

      just hit the menu button and the contacts option will pop up

  • Lighting

    I love it. The thing that I hate though is the pink hue circle in photos is still there. Why would they not fix this?

  • christian_owers

    I like everything about ICS except the fact when texting. The text messaging isn’t very responsive and it lags really bad. It also hurts my eyes because it is constantly jumping up and down in between words. I hope someone from samsung realizes the issue and fixes it. Does anyone else feel the same way about the messaging

    • TBN27

      Do a factoru reset. I had the problem and it stopped the lag.

    • Christopher Roberts

       same here! I hate the new experience in the messaging. I recommend you download one of two messaging apps that I am using and am very impressed with. This will not allow the jump around and it is not laggy. smart keyboard pro or swiftkey 3 beta…

  • dajaun williams

    i am having trouble installiing period my pc keeps asking to look for the hardware and says window needs to install software for your CDC serial wth is that and it never finds the driver also keys wont connect to my GS@google-c57d2757baf66c8a1e1cb0f3bab51481:disqus  any suggestions

    • Guy Atkins

      Same problem here. Tried it on two different PCs, and also one MacBook Pro. No luck… always looking for that “CDC serial” driver.

      • ramvid01

        Try reinstalling your phones driver. I had the same problem before but once I reinstalled the phones drivers it picked up the phone.

  • Dimartini72

    Anyone else getting a force close on the contacts app when editing contacts? Also I use Google Voice for my voicemail  and I have the stock voicemail notification icon in notification bar that I can’t get rid of. Any idea’s of how to lose it

    • bwooceli

      I’m experiencing the same, fixed the VM notification by connecting to TMO VM (from the notification) and leaving myself a VoiceMail, listening to it, and then deleting it. Haven’t cracked the case of the contacts app

    • M159265

       Just ordered a handset exchange. My text is really lagging especially in Swype. Also my web experience has slowed down too.

  • if i am rooted and i upgrade to ICS, will i lose my root access?

    • MarcusDW


    • Damien328

      If you are rooted just go to xda and get a ICS ROM

    • Ton206

      yes but u can gain it back there is a new if using odin

  • Damien328

    Use Apex Launcher it will give you a stock ICS experience

  • cspek

    There seems to be a slight lag when typing messages. Not as quick as it used to be.

  • bwooceli

    Go to Google Play Store, look for Tim Hutt, install the stock launcher, calendar and messenging apps.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agent360

      good looking out… thanks 

  • Has anyone else’s phone just literally stopped working after the update? Less than 24 hours after updating It shut off and will NOT stop vibrating and wouldn’t turn on….I took it to the store and the guy said he has never seen anything like it or heard of anything like it for the s2. They’re sending me a new one but I definitely won’t be downloading ICS again

    • Will_B

      Same thing happening here. 

    • Raven Dmensah

      Same here…my phone is kind of shit now…very laggy

  • anfrey

    i’m having an issue in instagram where i get crazy artifacts when using the blur or tilt-shift tools.

    screen capture:

  • ren&stimpyrock

    Has anyone noticed you cannot sync contacts from Facebook to phone contacts any longer without downloading the facebook app from the market.

  • guest

    Kind of unstable after upgrade……

  • guest

    Stop working, slow typing, etc.  I think something is wrong.  Samsung should do fix soon.  Otherwise, phone does not work properly.

  • Shawn

    Driving me nuts. Terrible battery life, it’s draining at 2% every 3 minutes. Crashes a lot. Turns off by itself and starts vibrating all crazy and the flash starts going on and off. Service signal went down. Total disappointment. :-(

    • Nehemias Rodriguez

      try a factory reset. it did the trick for me. if that doesn’t work or if you’ve already tried it. then it might be the phones main board or something internal not software related. just trying to help a fellow GSII Friend.

      • Shawn

        Factory reset was the first thing I did right after the update. :(

  • Inchrist6

    I updated my s2 yesterday afternoon. Before I did, I did a factory reset. 24 hours later I havent had any problems that have been mentioned below. Phone runs smooth, battery life is great(unplugged since 430am its now 4pm and I am at 87%. That includes normal use with texting, email reading talking to my customers, and of course reading updates on TMOnews). Im not saying that folks arent having problems Im just saying I havent had any thus far.

  • Amendiola01

    Still playing around with the update. Did a reset to fix the lag like alot of people suggested, seems to help a little. Don’t like that they took away the landscape wallpaper, but that is minor. My issue is with my email.  One on my regular contacts emails are now being delivered in what looks like Chinese. Secondly, it looks like I can only get then in a text form, I used to get them with pictures and all….maybe it’s something as simple as a setting change for this one, but like I said I am still playing around with it.

  • Vlad2277

    Guys, anyone knows how to go back if possible before ICS?
    big problems for me lag, some apps close, freeze for like 15- 20 sec. Had couple of hot restarts
    Using go launcher, but don’t think it’s the fault.
    Tried reset, only helped a little.

    • Ton206

      xda has the stock rom of HC– i am going back myself

  • rkwarner2

    Update was smooth and pretty much everything has been fine with ICS. The one thing that I did notices was that using the default messaging app and Swype, there was a lot of “fluttering” as the Swype suggestions appeared and disappeared while typing. Didn’t notice it any where else while using Swype. 

    So far so good…

    • Vandybear

       This has been my only “issue” also.  I would love to know if anyone knows a way to change this.  It’s fairly annoying.  Other than this fluttering, I am loving the update.  The phone is definitely faster and many functions are smoother.

  • Ifrankoyanedel

    My ics on my gs2 works super good, battery life is better it last me more than 8 hours and also runs really smooth. The only thing was the swipe keyboard but you have to go and chose that languages for the keypad you use the most.

  • Nehemias Rodriguez

    So far, so good… ever since i did the factory reset. everything has been working better then it was before. there are still a few bugs and glitches. 1)lag on the keyboard, 2)some apps close, freeze for like 15- 20 sec. 3)phone goes blank and freeze. 4) had to restart my phone a few times. either then that. Everything else is fine. still missing a few things and features from Gingerbread, like having the option to pick the wallpaper or lock screen to portrait or landscape.     

    • Vlad2277

      Sounds like you having bug problems like me.
      I don’t see how after all freezes and stuff, you still saying all of rst is good.
      I was expecting better system after official upgrade, now too many problems on such a powerful phone.
      Not suppose to see any lag on 1.5 processor

  • For those having problems factory reset. Gingerbread and ics handle data completely differently. Majority of the problems come from gingerbread data transferring to ics data. Which causing lag etc. 

  • Malisha1

    Horrible data connective. Even phone reboots don’t help sometime I just take the battery out. This reminds my of my previous phone HTC hd2. Browser crashes, crashed while writing this comment

    • Malisha1

      I forgot to add ics uses a lot more ram or memory. Forces me to kill my processes a lot more often

  • Damien328


  • Chinkiie

    Someone please help. I did the update and my phone keeps freezing and resetting. The error is system process failed. I want to go back to my old firmware please some direct me. I cant even dial out half of the time

    • Damien328

      Go to xda and look up tmobile sgs2 in the forums. They can help you out.

  • Rich0290

    Hey Guys,
    I keep getting the message “Your device does not support software upgrading via kies” I am still on android 2.3.5 Has anyone else had this problem?


    • Damien328

      You need to be on 2.3.6

      • Rich0290


        Any idea how to get the 2.3.6. I just got the phone a few days ago and looks like it did not recieve the last OTA.

        • Damien328

          settings>about phone>software update it should be there.

        • Damien328

          settings>about phone>software update it should be there.

      • Rich0290


        Any idea how to get the 2.3.6. I just got the phone a few days ago and looks like it did not recieve the last OTA.

    • Latino and Proud

      Is your phone a White Samsung Galaxy S 2?

  • b’more

    The best time to install is at Night or when you know that you will not have to use or disturb the phone, but prior to installing make sure that the samsung kies is working correctly on the latest software which you could download from samsung and also make sure the data cable driver also is installed correctly when that is up and running and you have your phone connected follow the instructions of accepting the polices/rights to install, it takes some time, About 90mins to 120mins , it will install it’s self , reboot and every thing should be working.

  • b’more

    The best time to install is at Night or when you know that you will not have to use or disturb the phone, but prior to installing make sure that the samsung kies is working correctly on the latest software which you could download from samsung and also make sure the data cable driver also is installed correctly when that is up and running and you have your phone connected follow the instructions of accepting the polices/rights to install, it takes some time, About 90mins to 120mins , it will install it’s self , reboot and every thing should be working.

  • A day and a half in and working great for me. Definitely faster all around and better battery life — so completely different experience from a few others it seems. Gmail is a huge upgrade. All Google apps seem to be enhanced one way or another. Wasn’t feeling the fact that Touchwiz means not a big UI change so am giving the Apex Launcher a try for the true ICS experience and really digging it. Upgraded mine and my wife’s SII. Mine went smoothly but took a long time. My wife’s gave me a scare when it hung midway through the download to phone but I held volume up + down and power and it rebooted to Gingerbread and I started again with no prob.

  • You know who

    I think I will wait until they fix the bugs. Mine works good enough with gingerbread and why change something that’s not broke with something that’s broke as of now. I am glad I’m not one of those people that have to have something as soon as it comes out and can wait for the bugs to be worked out before buying or in this case upgrading. I wish you all well.

  • JessyM

    I for one absolutely love the update. I have no issues. It’s smoother and faster and I love the new keyboard. It does not look much different though. I downloaded apex launcher as per someone’s suggestion on here and I like it a lot because it has the look of ICS and more options to customize.  I feel bad for the people who are not having a good experience, because it’s reflecting poorly on samsung and t-mobile too, but just because the update messed up one phone does not mean it will mess them all up. If you’re having problems my suggestion is do a warranty exchange if possible and try it again. It’s worth it to have ICS.

  • Osasco

    My upgrade has been smooth. I first factory resetted and then upgraded. The CD driver was problem. I had to go to program files/samsung/kies/usb driver and run the driver installation after I had already installed Kies. This driver isntallation takes forever, but I did not wait to finish and connected the phone after starting Kies, of course. After that all was smoth. The s2 is working fine. It seemes to be more responsive, but it could be because all garbage was deleted during the process.

  • Egorre

    So far so good. I really like the new ui.. I have no problem with the touchwiz overlay on my galaxy s2. The transition when rotating the phone is way smoother.. I updated mine yesterday and loved it since.. My only problem is the battery life.. For the most part it’s okay.. But doubletwist app is now killing my battery twice as fast from gingerbread.. And now I’m forced to use play music (Google) to play music. I like dt’s lockscreen but ICS standardized all music lockscreen.

  • Khkid26
    • Sammy4281

      Do not listen to this guy. Went there did that and lost connection had to factory reset to eventide this.

  • Dlls_james

    As for me I have noticed that there is a signal problem the network and wifi. i just don’t get a strong signal like i did pre-update. needs to be fixed. other then that i like it

    • Krash1287

      I agree, for some odd reason I don’t have the same signal strength with both my wifi.and cellular network .

      • Mark Schmaling

        I’m seeing fewer bars as well.  However you don’t know if this is a signal problem or just a different way of measuring.

        • Ics is now accurate at measuring. Gingerbread just show you bars you really didn’t have. If ics said you had two bar. You would have max bars on gingerbread. Ics actually measure cell signal precisely. 

  • Cole Belke

    mine keeps freezing and restarting by itself….I think I may need to do a backup, master reset and then a restore…

  • casillas94

    Mehhh it’s ok but really these are all features that have been on the galaxy note without ics so I am not really happy and like they said I also see a signal issue as well.

  • None

    loving it, no issues here.  Roboto is not my favorite font for reading paragraphs of text, but oh well.  Lots of interactions are faster and there are more settings available.  Not to mention the latest Gmail, Chrome, Talk, Navigation all require ICS and we finally have it.  Sometimes there is a weird wallpaper issue with a yellow line on the left side, but re-choosing the wallpaper fixes it.

    LOVE IT.  Thanks for finally getting this out, Tmo / Samsung.  Now, if only no TouchWiz….

  • Christian

    Ics was cool but it needs to be fix. I also was having signal problems, apps forcing to close, slow even though I did a factory reset to erase everything, also the clock for some reason wasn’t accurate every time I shut down the phone with correct time and I turn it on while phone is loading Sd card a messege “Sync not Allowed” pop up and the time for some reason goes three hours ahead of the actual time and I needed to go to setting a set again. I didn’t havethis problem with Gingerbread. Last night I downgraded back to Gingerbread 2.3.6. When they fix all these thing I will upgrade again.

    • Vlad2277

      I was having lots of issues too.
      Some good apps habit hard time running, plus phone lag, freeze, restarted, how you go back to 2.3.6

    • Pudakis

      me too on the clock the keyboard is horrible and theres a ghosting problem when messaging and now words with friends freezes after every move

    • Rea702

      Please tell us how to downgrade back to GB

  • Osasco

    Less than a day with the ICS and I know I have a better experience compared to GB. My S2 is running faster. I think it is critical that a factory reset is done before the upgrade so all apps are reinstalled after ICS is installed. I think that not doing the factory reset will leave a lot ot junk and the apps will be confused with the new OS. The Keis recognizing the phone was a problem on my Windous Vista. I had to reinstall the drivers from Windous Programa Files/Samsung/Keis/… While the drivers were installing, I connect the S2 and it was reconized. I think if I had waited the driver installation to finish, it would not work. This is nonsense.

  • pq

    My battery life has been challenging for the past two days, probably because I’ve been tweaking and installing apps like made.  I hope once my usage goes back to normal the battery life will return as well.   I have not had any FCs or performance issues, beside some apps which have known issues with ICS, so I’ll say that the implementation is somewhat stable.  From a features perspective my two days with ICS, I’ve started to identify what Samsung, TMobile and Google have done wrong. 

     First TMobile really needs to stop with the bloatware, I know they get paid by the developers to place these products on these devices but we too pay money for speed and memory.  I know I can root the device and do as I please but I don’t want a brick and need to shell out another $200 for a new device.

    My Second Tmobile gripe is, the LifeContacts Sync.  I’ve turned it off, cleared my USB storage and did a factory reset as described but the LifeContacts Sync is still in my Accounts list.  
    From Samsung’s perspective.  There are some nice things about TouchWiz, but I really wish they would leave the vanilla as an option as well.  This goes for the Calendar, Messenger and such.I think my biggest gripe has to be with Google.  Consistency has never been Google’s strong point and they struggle with it constantly. Removing the List View from Favorites was a horrible mistake. The images on the new grid view do not scale well and I don’t have the ability to swipe for call or Message like I do with the List View.    I also hate that the Dialer does not have a search ability, I’ve gone and installed exDialer and exContacts to fix both of these ‘design’ choices. Next challenge with Google is the inconsistency (again) in UIs between GMAIL and the EMail apps.  I get that GMAIL has its own strengths and features but is it too much to ask to have the Reply, Forward, Delete and Send options in one place?  GMAIL has these options on both the top and the bottom of the screen while the EMail app has them cleanly on the top.  As it relates to GMAIL, Google does not even follow their own design recommendations that they have on the Android site.  Microsoft has long learned that consistency across applications makes for a better User Experience, it is plain to see that Google’s teams just do what they feel. 

  • Pat

    For those who like the ICS upgrade, your not experiencing reduced battery life per charge? 

    Are they working on this?  Cause they improved the battery for the last GB update and to make it worse for ICS is infuriating. 

    • Also Pat

      Battery life improved after the update for me.

  • I Hate ICS and T-Mobile

    Samsung and T-Mobile should be embarrassed to put out such swill. I’m kicking myself for doing this so-called upgrade it ICS. Junk. Nothing works right. My existing apps barely work. All I want to do is revert back to Gingerbread but can’t find a post anywhere that instructs me how to do it.

    I’m the idiot here because Gingerbread was working seamlessly. Never a problem. Now I’m stuck with this living piece of dog crap. T-Mobile and Samsung…Go F yourselves.

    • osasco

      Do a factory reset.

    • Schmitstix

      yep do a factory reset smart one 

    • guidomus_maximus


      Ever notice on EVERY software update there posts like this.  I think its the same hater over and over.  There can’t be that many people that are so dumb that the first thing they think of is to post bleh on an Internet blog, instead of call customer support and telling them to fix it.

      Its like on HoFo there are 4 guys that complain about the same thing on ANY coverage post.  They have thousands of posts and its the same thing over and over.  One guy doesn’t even have a Tmo phone any more and yet he whines on every coverage thread.

      So lets just say:

      Android Software updates are sometiimes problem prone, however for every 1 person with a totally messed up install, there are 1,000 that have no problems.
      The standard fix is to factory reset and reload. Deal with it.
      This is not the manufacturers fault.  They don’t write the code (except the bloatware LOL)
      This is not the carriers fault.  They don’t write the code, at all.
      SH*t happens, grow up, get a life.
      80% of all wierd ass Android problmes are APPS, not the Androids system or manufacturer code.

      Also a bunch of the bugs you have will disapear, you’ll get a whole new set to replace them.

      The dang thing is free, quit yer whinning.  The carriers and manufacturers get NOTHING from the upgrade.   

      • Nofool

        Yes they do. They get your money after you get fed up with using your new laggy device that is full of bugs with less free memory and battery life.

  • Deadastronautinspace

    Over all I love the change! I know its not a drastic change, but i love a lot of the new features that got added because of the update. Battery life is ok, only slightly worse than before, although i use juice defender and have since i bought the phone due to all the negative feedback about the battery life to begin with. I factory reset my phone last night and spent like 5 hours messing with it non stop just to get everything all back in order how i want it and still had a little battery left over…My one and only true complaint is with the keyboard…i find that on my phone it frequently freezes and won’t allow any keys on the keyboard to be pressed at all…the rest of the phone will work fine, but i wind up having to restart the phone to get it working again and i have to do this quite frequently…is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know a fix? Ics will be perfect if they/i can get this ironed out!

  • Nodraw

    Loving Ics love the lock screen notifications, go straight to launch, I’m not allowed to play with my phone at work so this is super awesome phone has no hiccups, way faster.

  • Andres Garcia

    excellent on european Claro network version of GS2

  • ss612

    ICS is average update. They sure talked it up though. No problems with most apps. The only problem I have had is with Instagram. Tilt shift is no longer functioning. Read many other forums where others have had the same problem, so it must be a ICS thing. Tilt shift around the picture becomes black with distorted color lines. Anyone else having this problem?

    • ocdavid25

      I’m having the exact same problem. Tried uninstalling, rebooting, and re-installing. Didn’t help. I have now sent a message to IG detailing the issue. 

      • ss612

        Ya me too. IG doesn’t have a good support team so, I figured I wouldn’t be able to get a response or a fix probably until they put out another update.

  • Als83

    My phone seems to freeze a lot…..especially my web browser after updating to ics…..any tips

  • I still have the Gingerbread 2.3.6 that came with my Galaxy SII and I’m loving it, everything works!!!!

  • Tatgirl661

    Mostly only good things I have found, I do have an issue with my speed dialing….I get a black screen and then a message that says “unable to process request” and doesn’t connect the call…started after upgrade…any one else have this happen?

  • whodat

    My words with friends stalls out and asks to send a report after i send my move every time. Texting is slow to process.  instagram is slow now and doesnt send notifications. I should have read first about how you only get 769mb of ram after. Im not sure how other people are claiming their phone runs smoother or faster mine is the opposite. This same thing happen when i had verizon. I updated my droid x to 2.3 and pandora ruined my phone. Now with 4.0 words with friends is ruining the phone. Also  im not sure what people are talking about, DOING A FACTORY RESET DOES NOT REMOVE 4.0 AND PUT GINGERBREAD BACK, so stop saying it does.

  • ocdavid25

    I use the screen capture a lot and noticed it changed from pressing the Home and Lock/Power buttons in Gingerbread to holding the Volume Down and Lock/Power buttons in ICS. Hope that helps anyone trying to figure that out.

    • Kasean

      Or holding the the lock button and home button

  • ocdavid25

    My Text Messaging is so slow now. Whether I use the factory app or a 3rd party, it’s excruciatingly slow now. Not acceptable.

  • Tightsn14

    this update FUDGED my phone up! Half the time when i swipe to answer,it wont answer! Texting is slow, wifi calling hardly works now, and you cannot sync facebook contacts now without adding the facebook app, which has been giving android users problems since it was invented. When facebook contacs from the app are syncronized with the phone, the pictures are blurry. The only positive is that my battery is a little better

  • Polarcap25

    Please tell me there’s a way to turn my phone the way it was before I updated it to ICS.. my phone used to be so fast, never lagged and everything was great. What have I done…. Everything is so laggy, it freezes up and force closes apps and just goes to a black screen. I did the factory reset and it’s still on ICS.

    •  Uninstall some of the crap you have on it would help the phone to be fast.

    • Ton206

      xda-developers has the old version – run odin load stock rom. its easy i went back

      • Polarcap25

        Thank you for actually answering my questions and not replying with some ignorant smart ass bullshit reply.

        • Gardo

           Or go to look for the Gingerbread ROM and do a downgrade through Odin, I did it on mine and I’m glad I did I love Gingerbread and my responsible S2, on ICS the battery was horrible and the texting was unbearable. I’m glad I downgraded.

    • Snx351
    • Nehemias Rodriguez


      • DO NOT spam these comments, or I will ban you from posting. You only need to ask the question ONCE.

  • Alexgitman

    The upgrade is total crap. Shame on t mobile and samsung for releasing that bs.the phone got extremely slow . everything is laggy. tmobile if you read this you better fix it with samsung or you will loose a customer.

    •  I bet you have more than what you need on apps maybe if you uninstall some of them that would help?… I have the same phone and update my phone is great. Or I think is the phone and the person using it that’s the problem not the phone and the update..Don’t you think so?

      • Polarcap25

        Not when it’s multiple people having the same issues. Troll.

  • JamesTidwell

    I have been on the phone with Samsung and Customer Care all day. I have been told by CC that they are aware that there is an issue with ICS and I have been instructed that if we(consumers) have an issue with this update we need to get on the horn with Samsung and bring it to their attention this is the easiest way to get them to focus on what is wrong with all of our phones. All TMO wants to do is throw you a reconditioned phone and send you in circles. So, let’s all bring it to Samsung’s attention. I personally have opted to just get a different SGII because I want 2.3.6 back they can keep their ICS till it is lag free. This phone was perfect before this update. They should have done more research before releasing this. TMO is not taking blame because it was done through Kies and this is all Samsung. Bad move on both companies part if you ask me. Or maybe its their way of pissing us off to get us to bump up to paying for a GSIII. I dunno conspiracy theory running rampant here.

  • Danvincent82

    They need to send a maintenance update out, I can barely text on this phone anymore so much lag! I’ve done a factory reset, and still crap! I can barely use the gallery anymore because of forecloses,and battery drain is horrible my phone is dead after a few hours! I knew I should have waited, kicking myself, I ruined a good phone!

  • guest

    yeah, i just want gingerbread back. it worked great, what new features was i suppose to be enjoying right now? prolly not enough 

    •  few days ago you wanted the ICS update SO BAD!  like is the last thing on earth. Now you want gingerbread back why can’t you make up your mind? is simple

      • Earguinz1390

        Yes, we all wanted ICS so badly. But the ICS they sent should have never been sent out. It’s slow, lags, typing is laggy and jumpy…just all over a bad “update.” It’s not about not making up your mind. We know we all wanted it…but the one they gave us isn’t ready for the public.

      • Polarcap25

        We wanted something that made a kick ass phone even more awesome. I not a downgrade. This isn’t a making up minds issue.

  • Earguinz1390

    Like everyone else on here, I was so excited for this ICS update! I installed it in the morning, and sadly, everyone is right, it is bad. My GS2 with Gingerbread used to be lag free, smooth, and just all-around awesome! ICS has made it lag like crazy, but most noteably when writing an SMS, or anywhere where text needs to be entered…the lag and jumpiness is horrible, it’s so unintutive to type when it can’t keep up!

    I spent 2 hours wiping my device, and putting Gingerbread back on, then all my apps…etc back. I am disappointed :(

    • Networkjct

      How do you take it off and return it to gingerbread?

      • Osasco

        Did you factory reset?

    • Albertzelaya

      How can I put gingerbread back on?

  • Albertzelaya

    Omg my phone is sluggish ever since the update. I can’t believe this. I hope they fix it. Its a big problem and it just ruins the great phone.

  • Ole

    Pretty interesting article about Tmobile’s ICS update with SGS2 and how this update has IPv6. Click on the link to find out how to switch between IPv4 to IPv6

  • Osasco

    I am into the third day of my ICS upgrade and it is great! All apps have new face and are more efficient. The phone speed is as good or better as before. Like I said before, I first reset to factory and then upgraded.

  • guest

    -typing has become lagy and jumpy ever since  the update,(no matter what the key board is ,i tried the swype,go keyboard and swift keyboard)
    -battery drains very fast 
    -not to mention the wifi problem ,keeping in mind im using the same wireless router and internet provider!

    • Osasco

      I don’t understand. Only people having probles are posting here? My upgrade is doing fine. Did you factory reset?

  • Nehemias Rodriguez


  • Albertzelaya

    OK so what can we do to fix this. I keep reading a factory reset. Is that going to delete my picture and music? What else will this thing delete or what stays? At this point I’m willing to try it. I want my phone at least as fast as it used to be. I can’t type anymore it lags a lot.

    • guest

       i did a factory reset i have all my pictures and music, doing a factory reset will b like having a brand new clean phone except itll have ur pics and music as long as their on ur sd card, i left my sd card in did a factory reset pics music all stayed also it did make my phone faster n  it isnt freezing as much

  • Tvalenzuel

    I called T-Mobile CS and explained to them my frustrations w/ the ICS update and how the phone freezes at times or the UI has unexpectedly crashes. Tier 2 explained that since ICS is new, it has not been fully tested so there are some “hiccups” and can’t revert back to gingerbread. Thankfully they are sending me a replacement phone due to this issue. Thumbs up!!

  • frank

    My gs2 works even better since ics update ,I have new features richer colors on screen and a smoother and much faster operating system its so much faster I feel as if I’m using wifi, and although my keyboard feels a little more cramped there is no lag at all,I would not go back to gingerbread for anything but I don’t know if I just got lucky or because before I did update ,( i uninstalled kies on my computer and then I installed it again and I did a master reset on my phone and then I proceeded with the ics update and after I completed the update I did another master reset) and now my phone is better and faster than before, good luck I hope this helps

    • Albertzelaya

      How do you do a master reset?

  • 1man

    Mine works better than ever. No lag or anything.

  • csl

    I feel like I got a new phone ever since I changed over to ICS 4.0 Super fast and have had no issues!

  • Bobv

    It’s decent. I am experiencing small amounts of lag and have had to force close a few times….with gingerbread I never had any of these issues. It’s nothing to whine and complain about like some people here as I’m sure like others have said there will be an update to fix the quirks.

    • Perry_F

      same here. much more lag than GB and several force close issues that I never had before.

  • None

    Ok, maybe I need to get a life, but I am quite thrilled that last night Cyanogenmod nightly builds started for the T989 (Samsung Galaxy II for T-Mo) ! ! !  I just flashed it on my phone and it is working well – no issues so far at all.  Others are reporting similar good results.  So smooth, so clean, and so carrier and manufacturer bloatware-free!

    Install instructions:
    Cyanogen builds for “hercules” (aka T989):

    (Note: I did not have to flash the radio, the radio that came with the ICS Kies update is working fine for me)

  • truckeemike

    Bogus link Snx351, send me to a themed search page, for which , I’m assuming, you get paid for click-thougs?

  • JG

    My two cents.   My update went easy, no problems.  I am having freeze issues every now and then.  I am trying to troubleshoot by myself.  I have cleared my cache and that seemed to work.  I could be wrong, but I think there are some apps that are not optimized for ICS and are causing me minor freeze issues at least.  Way more apps running in the background than I knew before.  One thing I have done, coming from flashing roms in the past, is reboot the phone every other day and open a lot of apps to test the phone for the first week.  Put it under some load and see what happens.   If you experience more freezes and lag, you may have a bad flash or something else wrong with the phone possibly bad memory blocks.  If the update did screw up your phone, TMobile will probably replace it. 

  • Albertzelaya

    OK so I was experiencing some lag and I did a manufacturer reset and now my phone its quicker. Some lag here and there but nothing close to before.

  • j123c

    I got an update message from T-Mobile for a software update. It didn’t give me an option to ignore it, only to postpone it up do one day. I hope it doesn’t update automatically O________O’

    • Noemailgiven

      Got the same thing and just bit the bullet.  :  Let me know if you’re able to postpone indefinitely…

      • j123c

         Now it’s notifying me about every 30 minutes. I click postpone 1 day each time…yet 30 minutes later…it notifies me again!!!!! It looks like there’s no way around it @.@ I tried using a task manager to disable the “software management” application in the phone but it just pops right back up.

    • Guest

       I may be wrong but I think the update message that you’re getting is the last Gingerbread update that TMobile was sending out for the last few weeks. That update was good and in my opinion made the phone perfect.

  • Maiercaleb

    Is anyone els extremely mad they got rid of the moving wallpaper effect, when you change home screens. Or is there a way to get it back?

    • Noemailgiven

      Yep, I miss this like crazy. :(  What a big fail.  Ugly call-answer screen, less ram, no more wallpaper scrolling… THANKS FOR THE “UPGRADE”…

      • Maiercaleb

        I am happy with the upgrade given my gs2 is faster with many new features, including a new browser. I am upset at the loss of wallpaper scrollng, and how there’s less ram.

  • JR69

    One Word….HORRIBLE!

  • Jumblez

    Just bought a Galaxy S2.  Before even adding my Google account info, I downloaded Kies, powered up to 100% battery, and updated the phone to ICS.

    Zero problems.  The phone is snappy.  There is zero lag in the keyboard.  I’m very satisfied…loving my phone.  I was expecting issues after reading this page, and half-expected I’d be returning the phone for a One S w/in the return period.

    Not gonna happen.  I’m keeping this phone.  I’m keeping ICS, and I’m loving this new piece of equipment I’ll be relying on for the next two years.

    Just in case, someone is deciding against this phone, and this update…I’m having the exact opposite experience everyone else is having.  I may be in the minority, or I may be the only vocal one in the majority.

    But at least, there is ONE happy customer.

    • Nehemias Rodriguez

      After I Did The Factory Reset Everything has been fine, but not great… there are still a few bugs that need to be fix and a few features that i miss from Gingerbread 2.3.6

    • Abolds4397

      I’m with you! I uploaded ICS and I’m very happy with it!!

  • Madmexicano

    ICS killed my phone. Getting a new phone sent to me should be here Wed. After the upgrade people could not hear me when I mad calls, Bluetooth drops and random reboots of my phone. Did a master reset and still had the issues. Anyone else?

  • Munit Singh

    I had the worst experience with ICS update on my s2, I have a macbook – the update does not work on mac, in the middle of the update, the update crashed and bricked my phone. Luckily I was able to use Odin software to unbrick the phone. I got the update done using the PC, but like others, I have the same issues as to freezing, “extremely short battery life” and it seems that the signal frequency has changed, not as powerful with 4.0.3 as it was with 2.3.6. I spoke to tmobile about the issues and they gave me the same answer as to the update being new, they have to work out all the quirks. They have offered to send out a replacement phone, but that will be a refurbished replacement. I am not sure i want one of those. I will most likely go back to 2.3.6 using Odin software or just end up rooting.

    • Guest

       I have a Macbook Pro and was able to do the update

      • Nehemias Rodriguez

        yea Me too

  • Yuradumass

    It’s absolutely awful! My phone lags so much now, it’s ridiculous. I don’t want to use it now because the lag is so frustrating. Does anyone know of any way I can go back to 2.3? And before you ask, no, I didn’t back up settings on Kies (like an idiot).

    • Drizzle

      Yeah I’d like to know how I can do that too. The last OTA update before ICS made my phone perfect. Now its lagging so much.

      • Munit Singh

        youtube – Odin unbrick for sgs2

    • Agent360

      are you using a launcher? 

    • Perry_F

      same here. too much lag. would go back to 2.3 if I could

  • Nehemias Rodriguez


  • Nehemias Rodriguez

    for some weird reason everytime i restart my phone not reset. my timezone changes to +00 or -00 its very odd!!! tmobile really needs to send us a maintenance update ASAP!! 

  • uherriss

    after about a week everything seems to be working better now … i did have to do 2 master resets for it to work but stll … if anyone is still having issues with lag apex launcher seems to fix all that

  • android fan

    voicemail in notification bar wont go away, help help i have tried evrything!!! help help

    • Munit Singh

      you will have to reset your vm, call tmobile they can help with that!

  • Zbum12

    my phone is faster ………but battery life is worse…..WTF ?……anyone else having issues with battery life ?

    • Kevi123

      Yeh. Keyboard is horrible and battery life is like 70% what is use to last. I regret upgrading

      • Michaelbgieser

        Google “Swype beta” and download that, I just did and it fixed the keyboard blur and lag issue it’s just an updated Swype keyboard but it is so much smoother

        • Kevi123

          Thanks bro. Keyboard idea really worked. Now wat can I do about all the calls that come in as unknown now?

  • Pucker Up

    Thinking about gong back. Eats to much ram, buggy and not that big of a deal.

  • Mobileboy

    I respect many people on Tmonews and am happy that their ICS release went well.  I did everything as described, including backing up and a factory reset before and after.  However, ICS was buggy, slow, and convoluted.  I liked some of the new menus, but it was just unmanageable. 

    T-Mobile was kind enough to send me a replacement phone and it is like a breath of fresh air after wading through the aftermath of the muck that ICS wrought.  I text and e-mail a lot, and the lag on the ICS keyboard was excruciating.  I have Smart Keyboard Pro, which I believe to be the greatest glass keyboard on the planet.  I was a Blackberry aficionado, and now I type much faster than on my old 9900.

    Smart Keyboard Pro wasn’t cutting it on the Samsung ICS upgrade.  A shame really.  On Blackberry I was a huge Autotext/Word Substitution user, and Smart Keyboard Pro has that invaluable feature. (IOS 5 does too, buried in the Keyboard menu under Substitution.)

    Perhaps I will revisit ICS when it’s fully-baked.  Until then I will continue to appreciate the latest build of Gingerbread.  It always worked flawlessly for me and I will think twice about any OS upgrade that’s newly introduced.  Plus I don’t think that the ICS upgrade plays well with Touch Wiz.

    • T3aztec

      thank you! someone else with the same problem, i’m really upset and wish i could go back to GB..not very happy..

  • Ian Glenn

    Did the update on my phone, and the wife’s phone last night. Backed up on Kies, made sure we were at 50% battery, and away we went. Didn’t Factory reset or anything, and the updates were done flawlessly, and the phones are faster, still stable, with no appreciable lag. ICS with TouchWiz isn’t the huge OMG I love this thing upgrade like if it was stock Android. What it does bring is a lot of nice enhancements, and brings back features I missed with 2.2 on my MyTouch. (Real Silent mode anyone?) And the addition of NFC which I’ve always been excited about, is a welcome change. 

    The new Gmail is kind of disappointing, but a change in layout is inevitable I suppose. I’m not a real fan of a lot of the new Google interfaces in Drive, or Gmail or even on Google+. We’ll get used to them, and when they change with our next phones in two years, we’ll go through all this again, and adjust yet again. 

    My real question, is how much of the ‘lag’ reported is truly that, or just people not used to how the software operates, or having an impossibly high standard of what the hardware should be able to accomplish? I guess it doesn’t matter, and I hope you get your issues resolved one way or another. 

    We had some serious issues on our last phones when we upgraded from 1.6 to 2.2 on the MyTouch. bricked one phone, caused all kinds of issues on another one, and it was generally a bust, in my opinion. They eventually worked themselves out for the most part, but it still was not fun. 

    • Munit Singh

      my wife and I have the sgs2, mine has the ICS update and her’s is on gingerbread. I did a test between my phone and her phone, i opened up the contacts at the same time on both phones – mine is half a second slower with the ICS update. then i tried the calendar, same half a second. I know half a second is not a big issue, but it does create some frustration when you are use a device that you know is suppose to be faster, hence the code name samsung hercules.

    • Guest

      I absolutely HATE the new gmail, it’s layout is hard on the eyes and it makes it difficult to read through.

  • Abolds4397

    Since I uploaded ICS, I really enjoy my SGSII! The response is quicker (even though Gingerbread is good too) and there’s so much more with it. I am a happy camper for now!

  • Will_B

    The update was horrible for me – bricked my phone (it shuts off every time I try to boot it up – never been rooted or anything). Got a new one through warranty hoping it’d boot up Gingerbread, but it was ICS, and surprisingly it’s quick, no lag, and I have yet to have a problem.

  • Perry_F

    ICS itself is nice, love it on my transformer. however on my phone its not a big improvement over GB. I find the phone with much more lag, freezes up quite a bit and is more sluggish overall. it worked much better with GB. I have noticed the battery life is also not as good as it used to be. Given the choice I’d go back to GB as the phone worked much better than it does now.

    I’m a die hard android fanboy but I must admit that the windows phone has me intrigued. Played with the lumia 900 at the AT&T store and I was impressed. Very smooth and responsive. With the new features in windows phone 8 coming, dual core, sd card, better screens etc.. I might just try windows for my next phone.

    • Kevi123

      U need to reset the phone. Hold volume buttons and power buttons until phone turns on and select factory reset. This is a different reset from the setting menu.

  • Osasco

    I am now over a week with ICS upgrade and it is great. I am now upgrading my daugher’s S II. My phone is as fast as before and the new features are nice.

  • vedelorme

    not bad update… but there are a few bugs… first and most obvious… it does not restart or shutdown – need a battery pull for that. next, the swipe lag is VERY annoying… for the good parts…. the battery is more efficient…. that’s about it…. is there a way to get the latest gingerbread release?

    • Gardo

      Go to, registrer, download the Firmeware for T-mobile T989, 2.3.6 of GingerBread and flash it through Odin. IIt’s very easy to do, Do a google search and you will find a tutorial for it.

  • T3aztec

    Love the new gadgets it has..HATE the email look, but biggest problem is typing, i love using Switftkey and it’s the best keyboard anywhere..but everything lags..i just did a factory reset, so far so good, but very frustrated with constant freezing…and i can’t figure out how to downgrade back to GB, i don’t know what to do..guess wait for the S3, but probably still an issue.

  • Osasco

    I have upgraded 3 of our 4 S IIs and so far only one complain about not being able to screen copying. I thing I saw a solution in this forum. Today I will upgrade the 4th S II in the family.  Mine was upgraded over a week ago and it is doing great. I like the face recongition screen lock Very practical. It is like a hands free unlock.

  • Kevi123

    I hate the new white YouTube. It’s too bright to enjoy comfortably. Is there anyway to change that? Also phone calls come on as unknown or private now. Any fix

  • Rico2184

    I’m almost a month in on ICS on my GS2 and I love the new update it’s awesome but as always a few bugs need to be fixed. My first issue is the power control widget….it doubled in size it takes up most of my screen not liking that. The scrolling wallpaper effect is gone……..not liking that either. The third is my music player……I can’t access my music menu options at the to change how I view them…….it force closes very frustrating……will comment more if I find any more issues

  • Osasco

    Done! I have completed the last of 4 ICS upgrades in my family. The 5th phone is a HTC MyTouch 4G, so no upgrade. All phones are working fine.

  • Osasco

    Hello. The upgrade I made on the 4th of our S IIs failed and now the phone is stuck. Samsung emailed me the shipping lable and said the return time is 6 day. They will flash the phone.

  • Guest

     Since I upgraded I haven’t been able to get notifications from Gmail and Twitter. Anyone know how to fix this cause I was getting notifications before.

  • Horantj89

    One word…Awesome. It sucks so many people are having problems but so far it has been 3 days and very smooth sailing!

  • Alexcotta

    Love ics

    But there are a lit of bugs most small but a few bugger ones

    Wifi calling has issues crashing tge phone and often when you end the call it stops at ending call but the call is still active

    There are a few memory leaks

    But over all ut is a big step from 2.3

  • Shytown

    Ics sucks it drain my battery to fast I mean super fast my Internet seams slow my wifi it’s super slow software issues like crazy not just me friends coworkers family.went to a tmobile store cause my phone don’t ring anymore I was the 12 one in line with Ics software issues in Chicago Illinois 60618 are 4g sucks out battery goes from 100% to 30% in less than two hours and that’s on wifi use to be faster. Screen gets frozen here and there need to take the battery out and restart my phone.cant wait until this contract is over.Issues issues Ics .

  • Rico2184

    I just hope we dont have to wait for updates 8 to 10 months from now lol