What’s A Day Like With The Samsung Galaxy S III? This Video Will Tell You

While part of the world is already enjoying the hottest smartphone to launch in many months, for those of us in the Western Hemisphere, we’re still waiting for our respective carriers (especially T-Mobile) to make announcements. Still, the Samsung Mobile Canada press release from last night did help answer some pressing questions on a T-Mobile Galaxy S III (SGH-T999) launch.

While we wait patiently until T-Mobile makes an announcement, Samsung is walking us through a day with the Galaxy S III in a brand new YouTube video. Showing off some of the hot new features the super smartphone brings to the table, you’ll get another look at S-Voice, burst camera, Pop Up Play and so much more.

It’s a quick three and a half minute video but the most important part comes right at the end as Samsung reminds us the Galaxy S III is a phone “designed for humans.” I was totally thinking they had dogs in mind.


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  • Don B.

    Creepy video.

  • MarcusDW

    Amazing.  Good job Samsung, can’t wait to own one.

  • quixote

    I’m waiting for this phone, but I may just get the Nexus since I don’t want to pay an extra $14.99 to keep my wi-fi hotspot that I have on my G2.  Oh the G2..how I’ve fallen out of love with you.

    • Matlock

      all new tmo phones require the 14.99 charge in order to get wifi hotspot on them. They are now all setup, so that as soon as the phone sees tethering to block it, if you dont have the feature on your account. best way to tether without the plan, is to root your phone!

      • Brian Richards

        On the S2, all you have to do is root, then use titanium backup to freeze the tethering monitor. Then the phone functions as intended without T-Mo being able to extort extra money for a feature the os already includes, and bandwidth you already paid for once. 

        • quixote

          I get lost when I read about how to root.  I know it’s not super hard though.  $180 for the year for tethering is insane!

      • Cool kid

        This is actually interesting. I was using my Samsung Vibrant. It’s rooted and running stock ics. I was using the mobile hot spot for a month. Earlier this week I was using it and out of no where to bike blocked it saying that I had to pay for the feature. I don’t know why this happened :(

      • Inertiaman

        Gnex doesn’t require the tethering addon since it’s not a tmo phone.

    • Dez

      get on a 5 GB data plan hotspot is included.

  • Steve

    Does any one anything about the htc one x version that’s coming to t mobile well is it still coming because this video is making me want the s3 but I really want to hold off for a possible one x

  • Video is private.  won’t launch.

  • 1GB of RAM and 720p screen isn’t worth ditching the S2.

    • MarcusDW

      That’s how I feel as well but I don’t think our S2 will get the updated software features.  If we do, it will be when we get Jellybean which MIIIIIGHT be a year away from now.

    • quixote

      I thought it was 2GB of RAM?

      • MarcusDW

        adding  “1GB of RAM and 720p screen isn’t worth ditching the S2.”

  • Jake

    The video is private

  • dkbnyc

    As stated, the video is private.  

  • smithgo

    this video is private 

  • DontJoshMe

    Fake news article, there is no video. You joshing us David? You got me!

  • NuAge12

    but the video is private. so…….is there going to be another video??

  • Jdmap

    The video is private

  • MeNotU

    Let us know when the video becomes PUBLIC

  • vsu14

    Can anyone give me a educated guess on how much the Samsung Galaxy SIII will cost on T-Mobile 2yr contract ????

    • MarcusDW

      The GSII is still $230.

      • Dumbazz

        I got mine at Target for $129 4 months ago..

        • MarcusDW

          Its still $230 at T-Mobile…

    • tekmonkey

      I paid $99 for my SGS1 at launch @ Cosco. Hoping to find a similar deal

      • vsu14

        Thinking about going to similar routes. Thanks 

  • tekmonkey

    What happen to the video?  Someone please mirror it.

  • Joelsky

    why the video is not working. its says its Private.

  • JasonV

    Here’s a working link to the vid. 

  • Calziel

    My favorite part of the video is when he accidentally shows the nude pictures of his girlfriend! Yo fool, keep that stuff PRIVATE! X-p

  • James

    If is not the quad core its not worth it like always US version suks

  • James

    Remember all those comercials are with the quad core exinos if you try with the dual core  wont  be the same

    • Dumbazz

      STFU cry baby. You have ZERO clue what you are talking about and are probably butt hurt because you can’t afford it.

    • poisonoussting

      is it?i thought that this was from canada.which has the same core as the US

  • Dumbazz

    I like that eye feature thing that turns off your screen just seconds before it slips out of your hand shattering on the floor as you fall asleep.

  • UMA_Fan

    Thank You

  • They left out all of the good stuff: music stuttering and skipping tracks randomly, applications force-closing, having to clear an app’s data and cache in order to get it to start again, Navigation getting stuck “Searching for GPS…,” messages that turn photos sideways with no way to correct it…and on, and on, and on…

    • poisonoussting

      wow do you own one?

      • I’ve previously owned a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus S before that. Two Samsung-made Android phones in a row is all I need to tell anyone how much this phone will suck. Now I have a Windows Phone that plays music without stuttering, runs apps that never force close, and navigation that works 99% of the time.

  • Diego Matho

    Upon trying to view the video, I get a message stating “This video is private”. Is there any other way to view it?


    . Diego .

  • Diego Matho

    Never mind, it pays to read all the posts ;)


    . d .

  • Holy crap!  Was that an OLED TV?!?!

  • poisonoussting

    i didnt see any visible buttons like a back button or home button in the commercial

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Um, I’m guessing like any other day that you get a new phone.  “Nice, new features, Wow it can do that?  Cool.  Ok now to go back to my daily activities”.

  • carcomptoy

    Just FYI, here is the new YouTube link: