Google Now Selling Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ Accessories Through Google Play Store

Google’s looking to rely more and more on their Google Play channel for selling products as they introduce accessories to the Galaxy Nexus page. Unfortunately, there aren’t any new devices here, at least not yet, but we do have a Desktop Dock with Pogo Pin, HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock and Vehicle Dock. Going for $54, $49, and $54 respectively, the addition of accessories to the Google Play store indicates Google’s likely looking to put more and more online and sell straight to customers.

Could this be yet another sign that Google is preparing to unleash a bevy of devices relying on direct-to-customer offerings through their Play store? It may be to early to tell, but we’re betting folks around here and I’d say this is another sign that Google is putting emphasis on the size and scope of their Play store and its customer reach.

Google Play

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  • FILA

    looks like the car mount actually has the pogo plugs, different from the shitty verizon model, which these mounts only work for the GSM models. 


    I wish I would’ve bought this phone instead of tmos gs2, serious bugs if you want stock android on this phone. Don’t think kernel source will ever be released for this device by Samsung.

  • Roger

    The major annoying thing is that Google charges $11 for shipping which is a bit on the high side.

    • WW

      I’d call it a lot on the high side.

    • Mirad77

      I don’t agree as you get second day air for $11. You have to be in big time agreements with ups to get that price for 2 day air.

  • Ren

    Finally! Just bought 2!

  • redman12

    I’d pay for a dock for $15-20, not for that price..

  • WW

    The phone at $400 is a pretty good value but these accessories at these prices aren’t.  

    Then they force you to pay for “2 day” shipping for delivery in 3-4 days.  Huh?

    • Mirad77

      2 days for processing and handling, then another 2 days for shipping. All and all you your stuff 3-4 days. If you ask me I’d say 2nd day air for $11 is pretty cheap.

  • Sounds like a lot of people here are new to the Nexus accessories game. I’m paying about the same for a car dock now as I did for the one for my N1 from Google. Paid less than my N1 for my GNex though. :)

  • Mirad77

    Guys complain about the price of those accessaries but not shipping.

  • BigMixxx

    Wait, there are complaints?

    Apple iphone charger is 30 dollars.  I’m sure the markup on it, including the circuitry is about 1400 percent.  The APPLE ipod/phone cable is 20 dollars , the headphones are 30 dollars/premiums are 80. 

    Comparing prices…I’d say, for officially branded stuff, it’s rightly priced…