T-Mobile’s Newest Carly In Leather Commercial Takes A Direct Shot At AT&T

T-Mobile just dropped their second commercial on YouTube and this time they are taking a direct shot at the iPhone 4S on AT&T. More importantly, it’s Carly, a Motorcycle and a definite attack on AT&T’s iPhone network.

How much faster is T-Mobile’s 4G network compared to the iPhone 4S on AT&T’s network? Don’t blink or you may miss it. Now see how much faster our 4G speeds are for real at tmobile.com/testdrive.


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  • Get_at_Me

    Love this!!!!

  • Deadeye37

    How fast is the iPhone on T-mobile’s network? Slower than AT&T unless you’re in a refarmed 1900Mhz area.

    They should run this when that whole refarming thing is done. On the other hand, the next iPhone might be compatible with AT&T’s LTE, so that wouldn’t work either.

    Nice try T-mobile. Better luck next time!

    • Get_at_Me

      this commercial isnt about the iphone being faster on a particular network…its about tmobile’s android phones being faster than the iphone on ATT’s network. I expect to see “iphone is faster on our network” commercials when the refarm is actually complete.

      • Deadeye37

        I guess for the commercial, it is targeting the iPhone users on AT&T. It still seems like apples and oranges (pun intended ;).

        I can’t wait until T-mo’s LTE network is in place and we can just say straight out “We’re the fastest and the cheapest so suck it AT&T and Verizon”!

    • MarcusDW

      The only thing T-Mobile will be able to argue is plan price once the iPhone 5 is out. Competing AGAINST an LTE iPhone 5 would be futile if you don’t even carry it.

  • Oscar Dominguez

    Love the commercial !

  • James Dean

    I doubt T-mobile had 3g coverage where this video was shot.

    • iTried


    • tmobileuser

      That’s friggen hilarious!

    • I doubt it even had GPRS, most of the places where I ride my motorcycle (on the outskirts of Los Angeles) are TMO dead zones where you are miles away from any kind of signal.

      • MarcusDW

        I can’t believe this comment got voted “below threshold”… and the threshold is set too low.

    • zeth006

      Good one…

    • Havoktek

      That comment was soooo good i bust out laughing while drinkin’ my red bull!
      Otherwise what a reach around on AT&T that TMO is doing lol!

    • very funny and most likely very true !

    • existuser

      True that!

    • M. Boxes

      HA!!!! I busted out laughing when I saw this comment and I think it’s even funnier that everyone else thought so too. Thanks for the laugh

  • poisonous

    eh,it reminds me of the pepsi vs coke ads from pepsi.didnt like it much but thats probably because i like coke better.lol

  • They need to seriously rethink their marketing strategy. Instead of attacking other carriers, they need to be emphasizing their plan prices compared to other carriers and showcasing the phones they carry. The network thing is old hat and in some cases massively false. If I go to the Vegas Strip with my SGS2, I have full bars of 4G and speeds that make Edge look fast.

    • Whiskers

      Such bullshit , i still use a 3G HD7 and it’s lightning fast all over the Vegas strip and even around the Damn (2 minutes off the strip,south) and up north of the strip on 15 near the speedway track.
      It’s your phone dude or operator error.

      • Whiskers

        20 minutes off the strip.

      • Really? It’s bullshit is it? Then meet me down on the strip and I’ll hand you my phone and you can see how much bullshit it is. It’s my phone. I think I would know how it performs. BTW, Just past the speedway, I lose 3g/4g and drop to edge. Every time. If I put it on wcdma only, I lose signal all together. I’ve even walked into the Tmobile store off of Craig and I15 and it was on edge and showed the employee. They just shrugged.
        I go from 3 bars of 4g to no signal without even moving while at my apartment off of Craig and Commerce.

        • Whiskers

          It’s your phone.

        • Whiskers

          It’s pretty sad when i can use my outdated HD7 with only 3G service and have 3G everywhere on the strip.
          Now i will agree with others about the poor quality inside certain buildings , but outside i have no issues with a phone that’s now considered outdated compared to the awesome phones being released now.

  • MarcusDW

    Oh wow, more iPhone attacks. I thought we were revamping our marketing approach??

    • Nope, just revamping the iPhone attacks.

      • MarcusDW


  • Dave Macias

    oh boy, iPhone attaks, iPhone attacks everywhere, STOP IT T-MOBILE!! on the other hand the commercial was hilarious with Carly doing the V sign hahaha

  • taron19119

    ok is it me or all the t-mobile Commercials about the speed of the iphone on at&t but at the end of all of this t-mobile well say we have the iphone now

  • Get_at_Me

    Why are ppl hating on TMO hating on ATT’s iphone data speeds??? Politicians do this type of thing all the time and it works….Nice guys don’t win (except Barrack Obama, but that’s another debate)….TMO played nice for a very long time and look where it got them…Nowhere. TMO is attacking an iconic device’s speed on a competitor’s network. There’s nothing wrong with that IMO…..Sure TMO can emphasize that their network is fast w/o necessarily attacking another carrier or device, but that’s not as compelling.

    • MarcusDW

      Dude, this iPhone attack has been going on since the MyTouch 4G was released back in 2010. It obviously is not working for T-Mobile considering their increasing loss of custards. Yeah, I said custards :-P

      • Get_at_Me

        Very true….Maybe the new marketing “approach” will yield better results. Android has come a long way in 2 years tho also. Customer awareness has increased as well. TMO can’t attack other carriers with Android b/c their at a slight disadvantage w/o LTE. What would u recommend they focus on from a marketing standpoint? Just curious.

    • MarcusDW

      I hate the fact that this new “approach” is still heading in the same direction.

      Good question, what would I do…

      Here’s how I see the competition.

      DROID commercials sell themself so I won’t go into that but I also like how they showcase their network with the little girl running her business using the latest and greatest on Verizon’s dependable network(not my words, I dunno).

      ATT with their “that’s so 27 seconds ago” are awesome ads. It really makes me believe that ATT’s LTE network makes everything happen in a snap(not my words, I dunno) and the commercials are enjoyable to watch.

      I dunno WTF Sprint has.

      ATT and VZW make me think about their products and network where as TMO’s ads make me think about… ATT… and how we are faster than them for some reason.

      T-Mobile could showcase their deep range of Android phones (even though most of them suck, but there’s something for everybody) along with how cheap the plans are compared to the competition. Maybe some individual commercials showcasing our top phones and their beneficial features. Make it about devices and prices and then say “All of this, for a fraction of that” BAM!

      Testimony over!

      • iTried

        Do you guys know how to post videos to Facebook?

  • mloudt

    1st off t-mobile needs to stop attacking att about the i-phone before their refarming is done because no body on other networks wants edge speeds for their i-phone. I have read multiple comments on other sites where people state if t-mobile had 3g i-phone capable speeds they would switch like that for t-mobile’s cheap plans. The reason t-mobile is attacking now is because they know their refarming won’t be done until the last quarter of this year. Also people t-mobile is not releasing lte until 2nd quarter next year so stop acting as if it will be early next year t-mobile will release lte about the same time next year that sprint is releasing their lte this year.

    • Get_at_Me

      You take a shot at one of the big guys on the block (iphone on ATT’s network) and you emphasize the fact that your android devices are faster/better. Is it fair to compare a 42mbps gs2 to a 14mpbs ip4s??? Not really based on capability. But the fact of the matter is TMO’s android devices are faster than ATT’s iphone, so why not market that? I think alot of ppl are getting the wrong message from this ad. TMO isnt trying to say that customers are better off using an iphone on its network (atleast not yet). We all know that’s not true concerning data speeds. TMO does not carry the iphone. It is a key differentiator. TMO is attacking that….Much like VZW did. VZW attacked the iphone’s limited capabilities compared to android….TMO has chosen to go after its speed advantage instead which makes sense….Again, what would you ppl have TMO market primarily??? Price??? Most people are blind to price differences esp when you don’t have that “one device” (iphone) they want. Network coverage???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! TMO knows better than that. Their overall coverage isn’t on the same level as the big two….They market to their strength which is data speed and they market against the one elusive device they lack.

      • perfectalpha

        yes, Verizon showcased the weaknesses of the iphone by talking about what their droid device can do. Bottom line is we offer lesser everything from a phone standpoint than att. We get the one s, they get the one x. We get the lumia 710, they get the lumia 900. We get the galaxy s blaze, they get the galaxy note. They sell an iphone, we do not. It really is that simple. The phones are the stars.

  • MarcusDW

    Once again, how would this persuade an Android/WP7/BB owner on another network to come to T-Mobile?? Android is outselling the iPhone last I checked so they are neglecting a large portion of potential customers…

  • and not a single iPhone user on AT&T flinches at switching … 3G is fast enough for most if not all iPhone users .. and let’s not even bring up those iPhone users who think 4S means 4G .. so this is futile for TMO to continue to do.
    people bring iPhone to TMO not because they want faster speeds for their iPhone (because they don’t get them) it’s because they prefer TMO .. be that for network, customer service, prices for whatever reason .. these iPhone attacks won’t do a bit of good to lure any iPhone user away.

    • iTried

      You bring up a very valid point. Who exactly is this aimed at? Its not people who have an iPhone because T-mobile doesn’t currently have 3g service for them. And its not to people who use android because the speed comparison isn’t comparing any android devices to T-mobile.

      • @iTried:disqus exactly .. this commerical isn’t making current iPhone users jump ship because there’s no iPhone and it’s not making those who want better speeds jump because their iPhone doesn’t get better speeds on the network. just confusing and a waste of $ to me.

    • Get_at_Me

      what angle should TMO market then??? Not trying to be a jackass or anything….id seriously like to know.

      • well i’ve always contended that they should simply focus on the price comparison since everyone relates to money. show them how much cheaper it is on TMO compared to other networks . that’s how they should go .. better plans, coverage that’s better in some areas etc .. they need to stop with the iPhone jabs.

        • Get_at_Me

          i guess they’ve never really done price comparisons before in their commercials…not that i know of anyway. I just wonder how effective that would be. When i think of a price comparison commercial, id immediately assume something like that would be boring. I think price should play a bigger role in marketing, but i dont know if it would work as the primary focus.

        • guest

          If all they market is price the problem is going to be that is all people will associate with them. Ask someone what comes to mind when you say tmoible, the company does not want the answer to be “they are cheap”

    • fixxmyhead

      have u seen sprints 3g speeds? i rest my case

  • ABC

    Who gives a crap about AT&T and iphone! Put that marketing money to better use by carrying better phones to offer to your customers.

    • Get_at_Me

      They have a pretty solid lineup already. Blame carrier exclusivity (aka greed) for TMO not having every single hot phone that comes out. Exclusivity costs money. TMO wont outbid the big guys on those super highend smartphones. Much like how TMO wont outbid the big for spectrum. The US system is flawed. But what if carrier exclusivity went away? What if every carrier had the opportunity to launch whatever device is available as soon as possible?

  • Jon Eng

    T-Mobile is dumb with these 4g Iphone comparisons. They know that the Iphone 4S operates on the 3g network right? Why wouldn’t they compare it to one of AT&T’s 4g LTE phones and make it more accurate to prove something?

    • originalwired

      Actually, if you ask the avg consumer what does the “4” signifies for iphone 4 or 4S and they will tell you that it means “4G”. These same consumers think that their iphone 4 is built for 4G speed. The avg consumer is who they are targeting with these commercials which is the majority of wireless customers.

  • yeah Love it! Go T-mobile…….

  • Getting 14MB down and 4MB up in suburb of Boston. AT&T is not even pushing 1MB Down. AT&T told me that I was in their 4G area, obviously they are still lacking the advanced back haul that is needed to kick the speed up. They will not tell you that. T-Mobile IMO is the best Carrier in the USA if you are in their coverage area.
    PS, Great Commercial. Carly looks great in leather.

    • I dont think it has anything to do with AT&T and backhaul where you are at that point, because you SHOULD be connecting to at least “near 3.7mbps” based on their slowest 3G phones now, which AT&T has at least that backhaul speed all over their network. However, you definitely are not in an area getting HSPA+21 speeds thats for damn sure.

      • TrevorMadden

        It does have to do with backhaul, but I think they just have so many users that there experience degrades.

  • mos_def98

    T mobile needs to focus of getting better phones and LTE vs making dumb ass commercials like this. This right here clearly shows why they are in last place in the cell phone world.

    • lani

      I totally agree. I wish Tmobile was spending the money on backhaul of their 4G for speed rather than spending money on a flashy commercial. I’d be more impressed if I could show my friends with a actual 4G speed test of what my 4G Tmobile mobile is getting.

      Here in Los Angeles, my AT&T iPhone friends and I do 4G Tmobile do speed tests, and AT&T wins every time by a longshot.

      Yesterday I did a speed test with full 4G bars and pulled less than 1mbps on dl/ul. I use WiFi 95% of the month, and I have unlimited data, so I am not throttled.

      Its sad when I am showing someone something on my mobile and I have to apologize for the 4G wait while the screen loads…

      Glad Carly doesn’t look like/act a Goober anymore. Carly is a beautiful model, just Google her model images from Polo and her beach shots.

  • Tmobile claims they have 1 million iphone users on there network now.. On edge ! Iphone users obviously do not care about the speed, they care more about the PHONE/OS ! get a clue tmo?!

    • iPhone users definitely care about the speed. The ones on T-Mobile care more about the price, and the open use of the network. Unlike AT&T, if you tether on T-Mobile, you dont get a nasty letter and moved to an expensive data plan, or terminated for contract violations…That is important for the iPhone users who use T-Mobile. The average iPhone user doesnt know anything about unlocking their phone or the difference between 3G and 4G other than “its faster”. They dont know how it is, or why it is. My point is, the users on T-Mobile using the iPhone are the kinds of users who T-Mobile wants to keep around and make happy. I know that T-Mobile wants to compete and care for not only iPhone users but other device users who are looking to leave the big AT&T and the ever increasing data bills and come to a carrier that can serve their needs, and give them AT&T coverage in the boonies. I know plenty of people who left Cingular for T-Mobile when they launched in California, even though they used GSM Facilities, the same network – due to PRICE and flexibility on T-Mobile. This is no different. Also, HSPA+ on 1900Mhz gives T-Mobile not only iPhone user data base with fast speeds, low data prices, and keeps customers happy and loyal, but they need this to gather better phones like AT&T currently sells, its not just the iPhone people like on AT&T, its their Android and Windows Phones. T-Mobile knows by updating HSPA+ on 1900Mhz will help them compete how they SHOULD be competing. But yes, T-Mobile knows their iPhone users at the end of the day want the speed, so its a win-win-win for them, the customer, and the competition.

      • Vic

        William Diaz has a point about iOS users caring about speed. That’s why AT&T still sales the most amount of iPhones. When the LTE iPhone comes out, I can see that title heading over to Verizon.


    LOVE it,,the bike , carly and the att dork,,,NICE

  • ADH

    tmobile needs to focus on making better phones vs stupid commercials. they cant even compete with Sprint let alone At&t.

  • Disappointed

    T-Mobile has been advertising like this for so long and hasn’t increased their customers. The need to bring better devices and people will not need such ads to line-up for service. I was hoping they would announce the G-Note at CTIA instead they come out with another commercial!

  • TotalAwesome

    Carly is just so attractive.

  • ray

    Really wish T-mobile spent more time and effort on getting top of the line phones than bagging on other companies.

  • She could be involved in a really bad accident and die if she keeps driving that fast and flipping up her visor and taking her hands of the handlebars!

    • SHHHHHH BRO Chill out man….Don’t bring up some bad lucky man you must be sooooo jealous wanna be just like her lol yeah I blow my motor up before I could wreck my own ride DANG!!!!! lol…I am just being funny… if you wont accept this as joke…..DEAL WITH THIS man

      • Clearly you didnt get the sarcasm and satire in all that. Idiot!

  • stevejobbed

    I posted this in an earlier thread but think its more relevant here. This $200 million marketing push by magenta sounds pretty impressive right? Until you consider:
    – T-Mobile has never spent more than $400 million in any one year on marketing.
    -In contrast, in 2011:
    At&t spent $2.9 Billion in marketing
    Verizon $2.4 Billion
    Sprint $1.5 Billion
    Hell Verizon spent more than $200 million to market the HTC Rezound in late 2011
    You see how a major marketing push from T-Mobile is but a drop in the bucket for their competitors.
    Its why you never see Verizon or At&t respond to T-Mobile advertising, they can drown out magenta’s message by sheer volume.

  • taron19119

    this is just the start of the beginning cause if u look closely u see they not just picking on any cell phone but the iphone and not all 3 nationals carriers just one at&t so when the reframing is done they well have a Commercial saying bring your iphone over from slow at&t and have your iphone one a true 4g network (just my thinking )

    • perfectalpha

      It won’t work…next iphone will have lte on all three providers and in case you haven’t had the chance to use att lte, its pretty exceptional; especially for indoor coverage. This is really just a benefit for folks with existing iPhones imo. This move just makes tmobile a viable choice for those who import devices.

    • Vic

      Pretty ballsy considering that the iPhone won’t be able to get 3G in most places until the end of the year, and even if the refarming was completed, they wouldn’t be able to get speeds faster than HSPA+ 14.4, which is what people are getting on AT&T anyway.

  • Gouv

    Now all they have to do is actually spend enough to most people will be able to see it at prime time.

  • perfectalpha

    Now this is a real low blow if a comment…but that also looks about the churn rate between tmobile and att if you look at the last 2 or 3 quarters. Sorry…just stating facts.

  • Mike in FL

    I just ran a Speed Test on my T-Mobile phone in Orlando, FL – supposedly one of the strongest “4G” areas in the country. The result? 2.85 down, 1.05 up. Nice “4G” network, T-Mobile…

    I love T-Mobile’s price, but their network sucks balls. #FAIL

  • Mike in FL

    Do mods delete comments they disagree with?

    • Nope, your comment was held because of a swear filter I have in place to prevent spamming. They require approval and I’ll approve them. Comments with urls or hyperlinks are also held in queue awaiting approval as spam prevention. Your comment wasn’t deleted, it was held up.

      • Mike in FL

        Ah got it. Thanks.

  • TMoFan

    I don’t have a problem with the ad per se I just think the timing is all wrong. This is the sort of ad that should be run after the refarm when iPhones can run on T-Mobile’s network.

    Type of ads that should be running now:

    – T-Mobile is back and not for sale
    – T-Mobile is revitalizing the network, expanding coverage and launching LTE
    – T-Mobile will support iPhone AND at&t phones

  • I also live in the Orlando area, and ran a speed test at school yesterday. I pulled (and regularly do) 7.46 down, and 1.54 up. Even when I’m in Kissimmee and St. Cloud which are on the outskirts of the 4G coverage, I still average 3-4 down, and 1-1.5 up. I compare my speeds to AT&T phones of my friends all the time (including the iPhone 4S) and regularly blow them away. BTW, I’m using the Sensation 4G.

    • Mike in FL

      I just find it humorous that T-Mobile continuously touts the 42Mbps 4G network they have while I’ve never spoken to anyone who has ever get more than 7-8 down. It’s ridiculous. Cellphone carriers should not be able to rely upon BS “theoretical” speeds and should instead be forced to market average speeds.

      • I said I average around 8 down, some places I get as high as 12 Mbps down pretty consistently. I think the highest I’ve personally gotten was a 14.2 Mbps, but I was pretty happy with that since on my home wi-fi I usually get between 7-9.

        • scarfacemario

          and thats on a sensation imagine a 42mbps device youll average above 10 mbps everywhere

  • So T-Mobile says their “4G” phone is better than one of AT&T’s phones that has no LTE or even HSPA+ radios…… why not compare it to the HTC one X with LTE? This is like Dale Earnhardt Jr pulling up to Tony Stewart’s house in his race car and races Tony in his mini van.

  • j5ive

    at least they used the right hand for carly to wave.


    Too bad every highway I’ve ever driven on, T-Mobile 4G is nowhere to be seen, not even EDGE works, sucks, because I have an hour commute everyday, and I have no internet connection, T-Mobile is the bomb in both destinations though.

  • Jems2387

    This commercial would have been so much better if it was Carly flipping off the guy in slow motion. Now THAT, would have been a commercial.

  • I did a more fair test using my iPad (Verizon LTE) tethered to my Galaxy Nexus (T-Mo), iPhone 4S (AT&T), Clear WiMax Hotspot, and Verizon LTE. The slowest as expected was AT&T and Clear but T-Mo was faster than Verizon LTE as well (10 Mbps vice 7 Mbps). That said, with the exception of Clear, you got data caps and anything above 2 Mbps is generally more than adequate for mobile use.

  • Give it a rest T-Mobile. You have been attacking a 3G phone for 2 years. I can’t wait until the iPhone 5 come out and break records shows its faster than T-Mobile. June is almost here.

  • Jon

    What kind of bike is she on?

  • Listen2thaprofit

    Where the hell is this commercial filmed?

    • soardale

      two miles behind my house, 190th & avenue G, east of Lancaster, CA