T-Mobile Hits Back At Verizon Over Spectrum Wars, Efficiency

We’re about to enter round 3 of the T-Mobile/Verizon tit-for-tat “blog post on spectrum” wars as T-Mobile responds to a late February Verizon post. T-Mobile hits back against Verizon’s claim that they use spectrum in a more efficient way by working to pick apart Verizon’s reasoning for such claims.

First, T-Mobile knocks Verizon’s analysis utilizing nationwide carriers total subscribers based on the average amount of spectrum. T-Mobile says spectrum holdings and marketshare vary dramatically based on market-by-market results and any analysis should be done at that level.

Second, Verizon’s claim includes spectrum being transferred to T-Mobile via AT&T as a result of the failed transaction which T-Mobile hasn’t taken control of it. This additional spectrum allows for T-Mobile’s spectrum efficiency to appear lower than it really is. T-Mobile also points out that Verizon fails to include the spectrum they are trying to acquire, the source of these blog posts in the first place.

Third, Verizon acknowledges that not all wireless users place equal demand on the network. T-Mobile says that Verizon declines to factor into its analysis that T-Mobile “has a higher percentage of bandwidth-hungry smartphone customers.”

Fourth and most important according to T-Mobile is Verizon’s failed accounting for the majority of its own spectrum in the bands below 1GHz, which is considerably more efficient than bands above 1GHz. All of T-Mobile’s spectrum is in the above 1GHz range.

T-Mobile then highlights analysis that takes these factors into account and reveals that T-Mobile is more efficient than Verizon in the top 5 markets, 8 of the top 10 markets, 31 of the top 49 markets and that on average, T-Mobile is 50 percent more efficient than Verizon in the top markets.

T-Mobile goes on to highlight the notion that Verizon is buying the “…last remaining block of spectrum that carriers like T-Mobile and others could utilize to launch competitive services in competition with Verizon.” T-Mobile continues with an assault on Verizon’s history of purchasing spectrum only to sit on it, where T-Mobile has a history of purchasing spectrum and immediately using it.

I’ve included the full press release below and if you’re interested in spectrum holdings among the major carrier, it’s a short read.


Full Press Release:

Verizon is on a buying spree these days – attempting to corner the spectrum market by purchasing one of the last remaining unused blocks of airwaves to create a stockpile.  Verizon would have you believe its effort to purchase the cable companies’ Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) licenses in the 1.7 GHz band is but a “run of the mill” set of transactions that should be rubber-stamped by the FCC.  Not true.  These deals are anything but routine and, if granted, would unduly tip the scales in favor of the largest wireless carrier at a critical juncture in the mobile broadband industry.

To justify its continued buying binge, Verizon claims that it is one of the most efficient carriers in the world, and that it is two-times more efficient than T-Mobile.  It doesn’t take long to find the flaws in Verizon’s claim.  Here’s why:

First, Verizon’s analysis divides the carriers’ nationwide total subscribers by a nationwide average amount of spectrum.  But mixing an absolute number of subscribers against a broad average of spectrum produces a pointless number.  Because spectrum holdings and market share vary dramatically on a market-by-market basis, any meaningful analysis must be done at that level.

Second, Verizon includes spectrum in its calculation to which T-Mobile does not yet have access, making T-Mobile’s average appear lower.  In particular, Verizon adds spectrum that T-Mobile will receive as a result of the break-up of its deal with AT&T even though the license transfer applications remain pending at the FCC.  At the same time, Verizon fails to include the spectrum it is seeking to acquire against its own average.

Third, as Verizon acknowledges, not all wireless users place equal demands on the network and smartphones use approximately 35 times the data of feature phones.  Verizon, nevertheless, declines to factor into its analysis that T-Mobile has a higher percentage of bandwidth-hungry smartphone customers than Verizon.

Fourth, and most importantly, Verizon fails to account for the fact that a majority of its own spectrum is in frequency bands below 1 GHz, which is considerably more efficient at providing coverage and capacity than spectrum above 1 GHz.  All of T-Mobile’s spectrum is in the higher bands above 1 GHz.

An analysis that takes these factors into account reveals that T-Mobile is actually more efficient than Verizon is in all five of the top markets, eight of the top-10 markets, and 31 of the top-49 markets, and that, on average, T-Mobile is 50 percent more efficient than Verizon in the top markets.  This is a very different picture than the one Verizon paints for the FCC and the public.

T-Mobile announced earlier this year that it would begin repurposing its existing PCS and AWS bands for the deployment of next generation LTE technology.  Even with this effort to retool our bandwidth, however, we will need more spectrum to fully deploy LTE across the country.

As competitors like Verizon roll out LTE, it is important that T-Mobile be right there as well – bringing competition and choice to consumers.   It is therefore no coincidence that Verizon moved aggressively to purchase the last remaining block of spectrum that carriers like T-Mobile and others could utilize to launch competitive services in competition with Verizon.  Especially with the recent demise of our deal with AT&T, T-Mobile needs the right spectrum resources to remain a competitive force.  The spectrum Verizon is seeking to acquire from the cable companies is uniquely situated to facilitate and expand T-Mobile’s LTE deployment.

T-Mobile has a history of buying spectrum and immediately using it – not buying it to bank it.   After the 2006 FCC AWS, auction, we actively cleared a dozen incumbent federal government agencies from the 1.7 GHz band in record time to make way for 3G and 4G services.  T-Mobile’s record stands in stark contrast to Verizon’s approach of buying large quantities of spectrum and letting it sit idle – in the case of AWS for five and a half years and counting.  And, Verizon admits it retains plenty of capacity even as it seeks to stockpile another tranche of spectrum to meet some future demand.  Indeed, Verizon’s chief financial officer recently noted that only five percent of its customer base is using its new LTE network at 700 MHz.  The question for the FCC, therefore, is why Verizon should be permitted to acquire more spectrum before it has even started to use much of what it already has.

The simple answer is that Verizon’s effort to lock down the last remaining block of currently available LTE-appropriate spectrum should be denied.  By doing so, the FCC would advance its pro-competitive goals for the wireless industry and create an environment in which the licenses could be made available to others who can put them to work immediately for the benefit of consumers.

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  • Get_at_Me

    The FCC should block VZW from buying the spectrum….You cant let the largest carrier in the US buy and hoard spectrum but deny the second largest carrier (ATT) from acquiring the 4th largest for its spectrum. That would be a hypocritical move….

    • Jarrod

      I think it was for more than spectrum, I totally agree with you though.

      • UMA_Fan

        Good point, one of the big arguments was spectrum but they secretly were happy to knock out a competitor.

  • UMA_Fan

    Being a T-Mobile customer is voting with your wallet that you support competition in the wireless industry.

    • Gouv

      Let’s face it, it could also mean that you couldn’t afford a deposit with the larger carriers due to poor credit. Tmobile Is incredibly simple to qualify for service with. This guy I work with went through a bad divorce and his credit was destroyed. Almost a year later with the same credit score al the carriers wanted a deposit from him except darling tmo. This guy doesnt pay his bills on time or at all. It made me realize how dangerous it is for tmobile to have such low standards in qualifying customers.

      • UMA_Fan

        Both Sprint and T-Mobile have lower credit standards than at&t or Verizon.  As a result, Verizon and At&t have BETTER customers.  You don’t see as many as their customers complain loudly about dumb stuff.

        But that has nothing to do with the whole philosophy of supporting T-Mobile is parallel to supporting competition.

        • Danroach3

          Nice. So the more money you have the better you are?

        • Gouv

          NO, the more money you have the better off you are in life which puts you in a better overall social position which makes some people perceive you as being better when in fact you just might really evil or resourceful.

        • James

          You are right. Many Customers go with products and services based upon what they can afford. The economy is not what it was, and many consumers have turned to lower cost products.
          T-mobile has done well to compete with smaller -prepaid- offreings such as metro and virgin mobile etc. But now needs to work to compete with the big boys.

          T-mobile does offer a great value to its customers, but lacks in some areas of service, and often is behind in hardware (except for last year when it competed well with a galaxy s2), and coverage.

          If T-mobile did not exists, however, AT&T and Verizon would probably raise their prices even higher.

        • Gouv

          I agree, if they didn’t exist that would possibly happen.   I know this because if i were them(AT&T / VZW) I would do everything in my power to monopolize and control.  But that’s just me being evil.. 

          Tmobile is too far in the middle of the battlefield, they get shot at form both sides from “premium” wireless like AT&T and vzw and the cheap prepay like boost and virign etc…  Seroiusly they seem to have more fronts to defend than the bigger guys.  The bigger guys  have it made and are going to be solid for years to come.  The smaller guys are too attacking tmo, tmo is in a dangerous place in the market being square in the middle somewhere.

          Tmo is too much into competition that im sure they feel direct competitive impact from all sides.  At least the bigger guys just have to deal with heavy competition on fewer fronts because of how they’ve positioned themselves in the market.   Sadly, you can almost see this in their churn and their quarterly results.  They are trying to keep up with the big guys but aren’t strong or big enough.  They try to bully the little guys but get ganged up on.  This is why i think tmo is a churn machine sadly.

        • UMA_Fan

          You’re not necessarily a bad person having poor credit and it’s wrong to completely generalize anybody.  No doubt though it’s more LIKELY that you would have uninformed complaints by having bad credit.  A lot of these types of complaints give T-Mobile an unjust bad word of mouth even though Verizon and At&t would do the same thing if not worse in a given situation.

        • Gouv

          my point was that just being a tmobile customer doesn’t mean that you necessarily support competition in the industry (willingly anyways).  I just think some people are on T-Mobile because they felt they didn’t have much of a choice.

  • UMA_Fan

    Being a T-Mobile customer is voting with your wallet that you support competition in the wireless industry.

  • Tmobile

    Tmobile works in like the top 10 largest cities and nowhere else

    • Jarrod

      Thats pretty funny, I must have had pretty good luck going to one of the 10 largest cities when I was in Tennessee in the mountains.

    • UMA_Fan

      Everyone with T-Mobile has the best coverage of 4G while people on other 4G networks have less 4G coverage but pay more.  Since they are the only network in the US that supports WIFi Calling, you get the most reliable way to make a phone calls/text in remote areas, during outages due to weather or when the network is congested due to a crisis.  WiFi Calling gives you the reliability of a land line phone.

    • Danroach3

      I have a small business that does work all over north america. we have about 15 phones deployed and we have never had any issues with coverage. Granted it might not get coverage in the middle of a cornfield in Nebraska, but we rarely do business there. Tmobile has great prices and in my opinion, a great selection of devices.

    • Deadeye37

       I know you’re exaggerating, but T-mobile does work good in most cities & towns.  The weakness in the network is in the very rural areas.  Here in Utah, I get good coverage in pretty much any town I visit that has more than a couple hundred people and along the 3 Interstates that go through the state.  However, when you stray several miles away from the Interstate in the middle of no-where, there usually isn’t any service. 

      On the other hand, it seems that most other carriers don’t have service in those places either.  Sometimes a Verizon phone will have service or AT&T, but T-mobile most likely won’t have service.

    • oneiopen


  • SensationUser

    Someone please help me.  I loaded INSERTCOIN ROM on my HTC Sensation and now my phone just loops HTC, then QUIETLY BRILLIANT then SENSATION with BEATS AUDIO and that is all it does over and over and over…any ideas please help me?!?!

    • Guest

      Why the heck are you asking about flashing roms here?! Go to xda-developers and locate the Sensation subforum. wtf is wrong with you?!

      • SensationUser

        I posted here because I need help and I needed the attention of a NEW thread

        • jordanjay29

          If you’re having problems with your phone, try punching it in the face.

        • DJ Chameleon

          What they were trying to tell you is this is not the proper forum to inquire about problems loading your room on your phone. This conversation is about Verizon buying spectrum to prevent T mobile from launching a LTE network that could be competitive. The proper place for your question, where readers will be able and willing to assist is on http://www.xda-developers.com. Best of luck.

        • TmoNews_Inuyasha

          The comment section of a blog is not the place to try to get help for a phone problem you are having due to flashing a ROM.  Go ask in the proper section of the place you downloaded the ROM from(my guess would be XDA), where there will be people that can help you.

    • #fixit

      Set the flux capacitor to quadrant bravo one niner. Power off the phone a couple minutes. Power up the phone holding the menu button and press #34143#. That should set phone into safe mode.

      Once in safe mode dial +191 1411 4334. Follow the voice prompts and you should be done.

    • Matlock

      If you are having issues with custom roms that YOU didnt flash properly on your phone, this is the wrong place for it. YOU need to go back to the Insertcoin ROM thread on XDA, and do something they call READING!!!!!!! That way you can learn how to  properly flash ROMS, and also understand what the heck you’re doing with your ROOTED device. and if you still cant find an answer after reading, Post a comment on XDA in the INSERTCOIN thread, and not on here!!!!

    • Ash

       Go back in bootloader mode, load the rom again or load another rom.

  • steveb944

    I had no idea of all those points, thanks for this post. I hope that spectrum sale is blocked

  • Gouv

    Good for tmobile. Someone is finally being smart up there in management and pushing this stuff to the public.

    However, at the end of the day joe public would likely chose Verizon over tmobile because of such beliefs like this that vzw has engrained in many peoples minds. Verizon has a larger customer base, coverage reach, and more marketing bucks than tmo. So it’s no surprise that tmobile has to hit back this hard. Vzw and AT&T can simply spew one liners at tmo while tmo has to come back with grenades like this one. But hey good for them for making this point. It probably won’t do them much good and I’m sure vzw will just get what they want but still A for effort.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Tmobile needs to quit focusing on downplaying verizon and start upgrading themselves.

    • UMA_Fan

      Do you have no reading comprehension skills at all?

      You can’t just build out cell towers wherever you want.  Spectrum is the resource to build wireless service on.  If Verizon holds on to a lot that it doesn’t even use and wants to buy up the last remaining spectrum that would benefit T-Mobile, T-Mobile has every right to complain. Just like at&t’s unsaid motives for buying T-Mobile, Verizon’s unsaid motives for this spectrum purchase is so none of it’s competitors purchase it to create a rivaled experience.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        ALERT ALERT!!! Biased Fanboy Comment Detected!!!  Proceed With No Expectation of a Decent Debate!! 

        Yeah I’m glad Tmobile is starting to be competitive because for a long time they were just sitting on their butts while everybody downplayed them. The thing is, Tmo is in Last out of the big 4.  Regardless of if you’re a fanboy or not, You have to realize that.  Last place needs to step their game up in order to be able to fire shots back at 1st place.  It’s like saying your phone is crappy and I’m using the Behold 2.  Yeah Verizon is dirty for trying to buy up Spectrum but right now, Tmobile is the Hay and Verizon is the Farmer.

        Tmo step your game up before you start petty arguments that use not only your time but your resources that you don’t have many of.

        • JB

          I’m guessing u believe in sitting back and being silent. It’s about time T-Mobile got loud and started standing up against the evil empire

        • Littlesis1774

           T-mobile needs to get more competitve then Verizon. T-Mobile needs to FCC about the specturm then came at them. The thing is T-mobile can talk bad about Verizon but Verizon is just going to shoot back about them being in last place and the fact they did lose over 800,000 customers

        • UMA_Fan

          Everything you say shows that NOTHING from the article above is registering with you.

          They ARE stepping up their game by doing THIS.   You can’t tell them to step up and then criticize them for doing so.  You’re contradicting yourself.

    • tmo business sales


      So in the press release you just read what part of “T-mobile is trying to deploy LTE” was not clear? I think this would be defined as a network upgrade, hence they are upgrading themselves. 

      • Wilma Flintstone

         I understand all that but instead of doing petty manuevers such as this, they should be putting that same effort into getting LTE deployed.

        • JQuest

          I think it’s more or less leaving a verbal footprint. You know the saying “closed mouths don’t get fed”? From a business aspect, They have to let their case be known as many times as it takes until the FCC makes it’s ruling. It gets smaller companies and the consumers behind them which makes their case stronger before the powers that be.

          With that said, I’m sure they are working just as hard on getting their LTE deployed as they are pressing the spectrum issue with VZW. They got a team of people doing that, as I’m sure they have a PR team releasing statements to the people. The issue goes hand-in-hand, cause without spectrum, they won’t be able to roll out LTE like how they want to. Which will give people more crud to bellyache about but I’m sure you know all of this.

  • Verizon has enough spectrum for its customers. I don’t think the FCC will allow Verizon to purchase this spectrum.

    And if the FCC does, I’m sure they will require conditions. Conditions Verizon might not like. Such as 4G LTE 700 MHZ interoperability with AT&T and MAJOR commitments in their FIOS project.

    However, the FCC and DOJ just blocked the proposed take over of T-Mobile by AT&T not that long ago because of concerns of lack of competition. Given this fact, T-Mobile needs this spectrum to remain competitive and they need this spectrum MORE than Verizon does. I think the FCC will be sympathetic to this and will block this spectrum transaction.

  • jp

    T-Mobile should keep their mouth shut. They are nearly last in every mobile category. Inferior handsets, poor coverage, declining customer service.. T-Mobile will always play catchup to other carriers.

    • Tayshaun

       So what you’re saying is that if you’re being bullied by someone bigger than you (in this case, Verizon), you should just shut up and not defend yourself because you probably deserve it for being smaller? Doesn’t make much sense to me..

      • Wilma Flintstone

         You can defend yourself without talking…

        • Sparkeee100

           in business the silent types never works :)

      • jp

         yeah, defending yourself and looking like an idiot sounds great.

        • Tayshaun

           Well in what way do they look like an “idiot”? I think it was actually quite smart of them to call Verizon out in the same fashion that Verizon called them out. Verizon made a claim that was false and T-Mobile has every right to refute that claim. I think they did so in an intelligent and dignified way by breaking down Verizon’s argument and revealing the flaws in it. They even went as far as to break down market-by-market where they are more efficient and where they are not. Nothing about that argument sounds idiotic.

    • Kristoff119

      At half the cost, sometimes more than, current unlimited data offerings, with speeds that often match vzn, I’ll take t-mobile any day. I don’t see where you get off stating their handsets are inferior, either, as they gave us the first androids, first nexus’, first dual core, and several stock vanilla. If you plan to go the old iphone/android argument, forget it. It’s just tiring…

      • jp

        yes, t-mobile gave the first android handsets. but really.. what has that accomplished? our top of the line android phone is the galaxy s 2 which all the other carriers have. verizon and att will always have the latest and greatest ahead of tmobile. just saying..

        • guest

          Correction “all the other carriers” doesn’t include verizon they don’t have the Galaxy s 2.

    • James

      T-mobile is always late to the game in terms of network speed. they were last to get 3G and now last for LTE. This problem could have been avoided if T-mobile would have competed in this area sooner. Now they are struggling to catch up.

      I completely agree with the customer service aspect, esspecially now, when many comapnies are really going all out to keep customers.

      In terms of phones, They have always played catch up there as well, except in terms of Android, wwhen T-mobile gave the country the first Android Phone.

      But T-mobile does have every right to fight to stay in the game.

      • oneiopen

        If tmo’s HSPA+ was slow then im pretty sure being last to get LTE would a problem. 

      • jp

        how long have they been fighting? it’s clearly not working..
        look, i’m not a t-mobile hater. i’ve been a t-mobile customer for over 5 years and it’s just apparent that this company is content with being last place. it’s no surprise that they are losing thousands and thousands of subscribers each quarter.

    • HeLLo

       Maybe you should keep your mouth shut.It’s plain and simple if you don’t like how T-Mobile is working than go fuck off.Seriously it’s pretty pathetic that for every little thing T-Mobile does YOU wan’t to bitch about it.Seriously there are other carriers and other blogs to go to and yet you come on here to always bitch about T-Mobile.Get a life already.

  • Kyoshiro82

    I say they just need need to bring dual Sim phones to America and then you will see true numbers. If a phone can connect to all networks then it becomes a price,service and loyalty war.

  • Lythandra

    I like alot of things about T-Mobile but their phone selection is not one of them.

  • hater on the rocks

    tmobile throwing the 1.2.3 
    punches to verizon and its true verizon dont wanna admit it. they wanna stay on top and that’s why they buying specturm everywhere and being scared that tmobile have a better chance on their network then verizon in the long run im sticking with tmobile until then. Tmobile indeed more spectrum the spectrum transfer from att wasnt approve yet so they gotta wait until then and they wanna get more spectrum until then so they can deploy their lte network  but still manage their super fast hspa+ which i like 

  • TMoFan

    It’s needs be be emphasized how much spectrum the Twin Bells warehouse. There’s got to be a “use it or lose it” clause when spectrum is bought so that it would discourage this anti-competitive tactic.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    With all that highlighting, the whole press release should be neon yellow.lol.

    Corny I know.

    I’m glad Tmo is getting aggressive. Now if only they could get aggressive w/ their network. Buy a small carrier or two and expand the way VWS and AT&T does

  • T-Mobile know’s what they’re doing.  They might have been late to 3G but t-Mobile made a bang when they released the first 3G Anrdriod phone and T-Mobile has the fastest 3G Network in America.  HSDPA/HSPA can keep up with LTE so there’s no problem.  When T-Mobile get’s LTE which will be upgrade-able not like AT&T and Verizon rushing into LTE when the technology is not mature enough will regret it.  Once T-Mobile get’s LTE T-Mobile will have the Fastest 4GLTE Network.. mark my words!

    • jp

      i’m sorry but you’re an idiot.

      • guest

        At least she knows much more intelligent words other than “Idiot” unlike you.

  • ChadBroChillz

    They probably will not have the fastest lte network. 1st most of the spectrum they got from AT&T was only 10mhz chunks. Verizon uses 20mhz. I am sure tmobile in some markets has enough for 20mhz, but who knows how many markets that is. Also by the time tmobile starts rolling out with their lte, sprint,Verizon and AT&T will be rolling out with LTE-A. Verizon and AT&T are not software upgrades,must sprint’s will be and they will also being rolling out with it on their 800mhz.

    Let’s also not forget tmobile does not have the capacity the other three have, especially compared to sprint, who will have their buddy clearwire to give me up to 120mhz of capacity at each tower.

    • AF

       Dude sprint isnt even expanding their 4G anymore because clearwire sucks. And speedtest shows tmobiles HSPA 4G kills sprints every time. AT&Ts 4G footprint sucks and is slow also, maybe they should get their 4G running better and get a bigger footprint before they “upgrade” their already crappy LTE.

      • ChadBroChillz

        Obviously I am talking about Sprint’s LTE network, not their wimax network, which is expanding and going to cover their entire native footprint by end of 2013. Also clear is switching to a TD-LTE network that will be compatible with Sprint’s LTE network, which gives sprint access to 120mhz for capacity.  I agree HSPA+ beats Clear’s wimax, but I think Sprint’s LTE will beat HSPA+.

        ATT has said they will complete their LTE rollout by 2013. 

    • TMOEngineer

      TMO’s going straight to LTE Advanced, man, read up.  The only difference is software, so starting off with the first release of LTE would be like buying all the employees PCs running on Windows 95.

      • ChadBroChillz

        I know they are using LTE release 10, which only needs a software upgrade, but that has to happen at each cell site. Sprint is also using release 10, and they will be done by the time Tmobile in done with the major markets.  Lol @ read up.  

        plus who knows how much spectrum they will be using in each market, and they do not have the means to deal with over capacity cell sites after switching to LTE. I am all for tmobile getting the cableco spectrum( at market value), but other than that tmobile is going to run into capacity concerns soon if they do not find a partner.  Tmobile will not likely have the fastest speeds.

        • Philyew

          But Verizon and AT&T, whom you also included in your original statement, need to do a hardware upgrade to go from Release 8 to Release 10, thereby allowing the step up to LTE-A, so TM won’t necessarily be badly placed against them as 2013 progresses.

  • Den2121

    All carriers require some to put down a deposit doesn’t matter what carrier you own, the fact you idiots on verizion are to stupid you are being ripped off with the prices you pay. Just because you think you pay more for services and get less, that makes you idiots all ass clown so zip it my friends.

    • jp

      actually you’re the idiot. people are on verizon for a reason.. yes, it’s more expensive but you always pay more for a better and superior product. why else do you think they’re #1 in subscribers, coverage, customer service, etc. ???

      • AF

         Just to let you know verizon in our area sucks within a 100 mile radius, a tower went down in a town by my city and verizon told them to bad we arent going to fix it. Thats great customer service, for a better and superior product. What an idiot.

  • TmoCSR

    “As competitors like Verizon roll out LTE, it is important that T-Mobile
    be right there as well – bringing competition and choice to consumers”

    except VZW has HAD LTE and TMO isnt slated to even start rolling theirs out till 2013.

    • TMOEngineer

      I guarantee you, man, as an engineer for T-Mobile, work on LTE has been going on for a while now.  The planning required to launch an LTE network is such that a change in the available amount of spectrum changes EVERYTHING else; site lists, site hardware configurations, changes to the GSM and UMTS networks, and then all the budgetary changes that come as a result of those.  Just because LTE isn’t getting lit up til next year doesn’t mean that all the work isn’t being done now.  This spectrum stuff really, really matters.

      • UMA_Fan

        What about the in door signal penetration efforts?  Will we see that this year or is that only when LTE is lit up?   And the wcdma on PCS, when is that supposed to happen nationwide?

  • jp

    this is my first time posting. what are you talking about? bitch about every little thing? you are an idiot.

    • dundundun

      Telling people they’re “Idiots” won’t make you any smarter.

  • Pissing contest – who cares.

  • Littlesis1774

     Well they have point. Verizon does have more specturm then AT&T,T-Mobile,and Sprint. T-mobile was late getting 3g game. They did have the first android I give that but Verizon even though they are overprice does have specturm and better phone selection. T-mobile did lost over 800,000 customers last year while Verizon is gaining. There is a reason why people are going to Verizon and honey it not for the price.

  • Guest

    You don’t really need more spectrum – just build more towers. Maybe then we’ll have coverage inside buildings. In Europe I have coverage in my basement and subways… Plus AMR-WB. What do I get in the US?

    • Guest


  • Sofonda Cox

    T-Mobile using tons of customers and laying off thousands of workers, great time to knock Verizon.

    • Guest


  • Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  • ByeByeTmobile

    I just switched today from T-Mobile to Verizon. Mainly because of all the issues with the handsets and CUSTOMER SERVICE is horrible. I have been with T-mobile for over 7 years and I finally had enough. I keep thinking they’ll get better, they’ll improve but like a lot of people are saying here they will always play catch-up with the rest of the carriers.