New Galaxy S III Photo Leaked In Press Event Invitation? Probably Not.

Let’s just call this image as we see it…another fake render making headlines across the internets as we eagerly await official word from Samsung. This marks the fourth “render” in as many weeks showing off what is believed to be the potential Galaxy S II successor. Todays image is definitely the most interesting of all the alleged fakes that have surfaced over the past four weeks with sleek lines and a chrome looking finish.

Notorious smartphone tipster Eldar Murtazin, who claims to be holding a Galaxy S III commented on the photo with noticeably vague wording: “My comment about this sgs3 pic….hmmm no comments :-) what do you think? Real or fake?”  Murtazin is a well connected tipster and his words are often taken at face value so these aren’t comments we recommend dismissing, though interpreting them is something we’re still trying to figure out.

For now, we’ll keep an eye on May 22nd as a possible, maybe potential launch day for the Galaxy S III by Samsung however, we’re still eyeing this picture with skeptical eyes.


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  • Cashman

    I’m pretty sure its fake. Photoshop is taking over the world

    • oZ

      That, and the really odd English.

      • this is perhaps the most fail of renders .. it’s the worst i’ve seen.

  • D Griffin

    Anybody ever consider the possibility that there may be more than one Galaxy S III device and that the different renders are reflecting just that?

    • NoLongerPimpStrong


    • Guest

      No you’re wrong.

  • Deadeye37

    If that turns out to be the SGSIII, it could be pretty sleek looking.  I think I like the chrome look, so long as that material doesn’t scratch when I set it down on the desk.

  • Thecityboy781

    I hope the get rid of the bump at the bottom of the SIII I don’t like that

  • fixxmyhead

    Eldar Murtazinis a f@cking joke. throwing shit trying to see what sticks. that guy really knows how to sucker the idiots. he doesnt know shit or even have info on the s3

    • Guest

      Amen to that. Seems like the biggest idiot are other blog owners like David who actually seem to value what that scam artist says.

      • I didn’t say I value it, but he is a well-known tipster and has absolutely shown that he has valuable connections. Guess I’m an idiot though either-way! Saying his words shouldn’t be automatically dismissed is something I stand by.

  • NoLongerPimpStrong

    I don’t believe for a second that that is real.


    that looks more fake than Kim kardashians ass lol

    • Guest

      Kims ass is real.

      • Guest

        Yeah! It’s 100% real fat, nasty, and whorish

        • Auser72

          Fat and Nasty NO!!!!!!!!!! Whorish , Hell Yeah…….lol. Those that publicly hate would jump at the opportunity to sleep with her in private!!

  • Guest

    wired spaces between lines of text, looks like fake.

  • Guest

    David you shouldn’t regard Eldar as reputable. The guy in my opinion is a joke. He has probably never held or even seen the Galaxy S III.

  • Guest

    “fast,vivid,slim” does not sound like a professional slogan

  • Guest

    “What ‘s your Smart life?” does not make sense and why Smart has capital later and life does not.

  • Maierchebus

    gs2 ics?!

  • Justamazing87

    If you didn’t already know. Tmobile is def getting the one s. Not the x no chance htc rep let me know…… Disappointed seeing as how ill be getting this phone and really its only marginally better then my amaze

    • HeLLo

      Don’t ever believe what a rep says.Majority of the time they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

      • Justamazing87

        I’m a tmobile rep I know what I’m talking about and the rep we have for htc is pretty reliable. Ill take his word for it . The Windows rep we have sucks although he is always giving away good stuff

  • Karlc

    From an egomonic stand point, it doesn’t make sense that the end of the phone be curved that way. For one it exposes the screen. Two, being tapered like that it creates a gap at either end, whether the ear holes or the talking hole. just saying…

    • J-Hop2o6

       That’s the back of the phone.


  • GinaDee

    Let Sprint and AT&T have the One X. 

    T-Mobile needs to get the best version of this device and snag it before Verizon does!  Of course ours won’t have LTE but should at least have 42 Mbps HSPA+

    • That means a SHITTY non exonous processor they need to do update exyons to support HSPA ++ Tired of TOP TIER device names and NON insides !

  • Klawatti

    If the Galaxy S III does become as good as anticipated, I will wager that T-mobile will NOT carry it.  Tmobile has never carried a top-tiered phone and I do not expect they will anytime soon.

    Expect another revamp of the Sidekick, lol!

    • Jay

      Are you freaking kidding me? Galaxy S II? Nexus One? Nexus S? Amaze 4G? T-Mobile has carried some of the top phones in the industry and there is no reason they wouldn’t get this phone. I get so sick of people like you coming on the internet and pretending to be knowledgable while just spewing bullsh*t. Please go away now.

      • CactoesGel

         Geez, U Mad Bro? Chill.

    • Justamazing87

      People say anything …

    • drivethruboy168

      Dude the Galaxy S II is a top tiered phone! What are you talking about?!?? So was the Amaze! Just because its not new 2012 top tiered phone doesn’t mean its not. Galaxy S II is still flying off the shelves.

  • That rendering is F***king sexy!  Hope the actual is as sexy but I still want a replaceable battery.  Seems slim phones don’t like to offer that.

  • I don’t think T-Mobile realizes just how many customers want the best device out there. They loose many customers for that one reason alone. I have two accounts and one is not with T-Mobile for that very reason. I could not give up the super fast speeds that I get from T-Mobile so I kept them and just started a new account with Verizon. Now I have the best of both worlds, super fast LTE and the fastest HSPA+. Call me crazy but there are many people like me that want the best and are willing to pay for it. Bring T-Mobile the best devices and they will be surprised how many new customers they will get. Always the 2nd best just like the new HTC phones. I won’t buy it, may even jump to AT&T, no I didn’t say that but damn I’m just sick and tired of T-Mobile bringing nothing but the left overs.

    • Justamazing87

      Agreed to an extent…. I feel like Verizon and Atat get more top end phones… We have good phones but its only like 2 top end phones at a time instead of like 6

    • antoine harrison

      My friend I totally agree with how you feel about T-mobile. Until they step there game up with getting better phones they are gonna keep losing more and more customers. If they gave the ppl what they want in terms of high end quality phones more and more ppl would come running to T-mobile. Mark my words on this Sprint is gonna drop the Ipad and when they do watch how many ppl come running to Sprint. They have the best 4G LTE plans with it being unlimited for them. No one else can offer that or has offered that.