T-Mobile Stores Receive White Galaxy S II Shipments, On Sale Tomorrow

When the white Galaxy S II originally launched on T-Mobile back in December, it was known only as an online-only special…until now. That’s right, those pictures are the real-deal inventory arriving in stores today with the white model going on sale beginning tomorrow. Same Galaxy S II price, same Galaxy S II specs…decorated in white. Any questions?

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  • Guest


  • Daniel

    Will these white galaxy S II’s include the earbuds like the black one or no?

    • xmiro

      no earbuds
      the black ones also don’t have earbuds, only a early batch had them included

  • Ooshiewooshie

    Get that Lg mytouch outta here!

  • redman12

    No question but plain sexy.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Ah, they’re FOR sale tomorrow… :/

  • MacRat

    Galaxy Nexus would be better for T-Mobile.

    • GSM Galaxy Nexus

      I have one…. do you?   

      • MacRat

        I’m lusting for one, but can’t afford the $600 unlocked price right now.

  • Taffarelpeoxoto

    We got them today and I sold 3 today lol tpri store lol

    • guest

      So did I brother 

    • Daniel

      Do these come with the headphones or are they exactly like the Web only version that don’t include earbuds

  • Gaius_Baltar4

    T-Mobile Prism just passed the fcc guys, I hope it’s NOT a low end phone: 

  • CCollision

    I wonder why it took them so long…

  • Trust_Me_I’m_A_Nursing_Student

    How much?

  • Apollo66

    where is the one xxxxxxx

    • Jeremy

      You won’t be seeing the One X in TMO stores, just the S.

      • ConfuciusMonkey

        According to a rumor on Tmonews, the One X will be rebranded to the G4X and will run stock ICS. Still just a rumor, it would also have Tegra 3 on board. 

  • Davenycept

    That’s nice but I already got mines in white from best buy for $199 and didn’t have to worry about any rebate

    • CactoesGel

       Gots MINES too LOL

  • Rex

    Finally, but already got mine from an authorized dealer just after Christmas :-)

  • cutienoua

    no ipad news?
    this is lame!

    • iFonePhag4S

      Actually I prefer my magenta with no iGayness. Android only on this carrier. Ignore the Windows Phones, those aren’t true smartphones. Real smartphones have file managers. Thanks come again.

    • ghost

      dont no one give a damn bout no ipad 

    • Tbyrne

      Wrong forum cutiepie!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    When I wanted it, they didn’t have it. Now that I’ve demoed the Galaxy Note, I have little to no desire for the Gs2. #TooLateTmobile.

  • armand vasquez

    LAME! I just got mine today from customer care. I had to pay the s/h. If I had know it was coming to the store I would have waited a day. But on the flip side, I love this phone! Got a white gel case and I’m set. And no it didn’t come with ear buds.

    • Khalints

      The fact the light bleeds on the bottom row of buttons doesn’t bother you? I think it looks ugly, i’d rather have a black one.

      • xmiro

        it looks weird doesn’t it. I wonder if its like that for all white Galaxy S II phones?

  • tommy

    On sale or For sale? what’s the price any better? I need one but TMO needs to discount it.

  • Scarfacemario

    Eh got mine in white already 2 Weeks ago at Target for $149 and im loving the whitephone with the white Cass makes the phone stand out nicely.

  • justfinethanku

    How is this even *news*? Maybe I am missing something, but this phone, in this color, has been on sale in all kinds of brick and mortar retailers for months now….. 

    • justfinethanku

      not trying to troll here, just wondering. 

      • tommy

         Because people were not able to buy a white S2 in the stores and now they can. Has generated lots of comments I see.

        • GamesoulMaster

          Yeah, but wouldn’t most people want to buy it from places like Walmart and Best Buy anyway, since they can get the phone cheaper that way? I’ve had the GSII-W in stock at my store for about a month now. The fact that T-Mobile stores are now selling (for a higher price) a phone that other brick-and-mortal stores have already been selling, isn’t all that amazing. Worthy of being news, yes. But worthy of all these people celebrating as if they couldn’t have already gotten the phone? No.

      • imjustsaying

        not for tmobile only online until now

  • jle1985

    I WANT ONE!!

  • Asmidnightfalls

    Why havent you posted that the prism already went through the FCC?

    • Nikitao1

      because no one really cares…

      • I’m guessing its the same person posting over and over again.  The Prism is just another mid-tier phone on T-Mobile’s network.  T-Mobile has too many mid-tier phones IMO.  Samsung Galaxy S II will be T-Mobile’s top phone for awhile since the Amaze 4G has met its EOL and HTC One S will come in.

        • Nikitao1

          Amen to that! I love my gsII!!!

        • Sorry, I was traveling and out of touch for a day. I’m terribly sorry, I will not slack again!

  • xmiro

    I had a white one, found the huge area around the buttons glowing kind of awkward

  • Was never interested in white phones. Miniscule marks and scratches from normal wear and tear standsout on them. Plus those white rubber covers are the same way.

  • Taron19119

    Where is the news about the huawei Prism passing by the fcc

    • It won’t garner much attention since it’ll be yet another mid-tier device on the magenta network.  Unless the HTC One X rumor pans out, the HTC One S will be magenta’s flagship for a little while till the Samsung Galaxy S 3 rears its head. 

  • It’s a Huawei phone… most likely it’s a low end phone…

  • white is cool but since i got the black free last month and white was out of stock, i’ll just take what i got. it’s a good phone overall.

  • Exile_One

    love mine!

  • pm-9hurrdurr

    $50 htc sensation at best buy mobile solutionshttps://wl-androidcentral.bbymsolutions.com/detail/866?utm_source=AC&utm_medium=link&utm_content=HTCSensation&utm_campaign=SPE_AC_ITEMDISC_030712 

    • Tbyrne

      I didn’t know you can sell items in Davids forum?



  • Ridingonfumes04

    Costco also has the sensation for $49 right now

    • creator2000

      Yep — Costco had it for this price WITH free case AND car changer for over week now! Sweet deal!

  • Memohugo

     you can cancel a value plan after 14 days? I’m in LA California. Value plan, no classic.

    • T-MoMike

      Yes.  I think California has an even longer cancellation period.  

    • tmo

       California has a 30 day cancellation for value and classic so go for it, but since your on a value your in no contract so you can cancel when ever

  • Steebie

    Infuriating!!!!  I just went into a store and asked if they are getting these in store.  They said, “No.  Web only.”  Just last week.  I ordered it online (3/7) and paid shipping!!!!  Now, it’s coming 3/15!!!!!  I’m furious!

    • clu

      As a rep, I did not know we were receiving them. My store has yet to get them. In fact, we are even out of the standard black ones. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

      • Steebie

        Panties slightly unwound.

        • JustbeNice

           I agree with Steebie, not everyone here are in the know that is why they are here to learn and yes voice their dissatisfaction and yes praise TMO if they were given adequate or excellent service. Yet some just wait or can not wait for  some poor innocent person to just pounced on.  What do you all do, sit there with hands on your keyboard, eyes glued to the screen and talk to yourselves saying …..”c’mon write something that I can reply smart ass crap….so that I can feel better about myself…may even brag about it”. You need a hug or something?  Quit being a douche and just help people out.

      • Steebie

        btw…I never said I was mad at the rep…I am mad at T-mobile for leaving the reps and customers in the dark.  Businesses treat their customers like they are stupid and it’s bad business.

        I can never figure out why people on these sites get so wound up about people complaining…that’s what customers do.  If you were a customer and paid extra for something (shipping) the day before it came to stores and then had to wait a week longer for a product (since it already shipped) that you could just pick up at the end of the block, would you not be annoyed?  Would you jump up and down and say, “Yay that a company got my dollars and wasted my time!”?  Seriously…would you?

        • lattelady

          You can simply refuse the shipment and get this at local retail.  Call CS & have them reset the upgrade.  Still, a lot of work shipping is @ $6 right?

    • Guest234

      Most stores were not notified that these were coming. We were told web only. However, there was a document posted in community showing how many each store would receive, but it wasn’t for associates.

    • Hsan_kyani

      sh*t happens. grow up!

  • the NOTE or the S3 on Tmo would have been nergdasmic

  • tommy

    I just called my store and they have WHITE in stock NOW, no black, yay!

  • Markhastings5712

    whats the price

  • Dfireballwow

    I would like to know when they are going to update this phone to ICS like the 9100. To me that would be great news. But the white one does look nice.

  • Mistyy

    Got mine yesterday from costco for only $100 plus a head set, car charger, 8gb memory card and a screen protector and i get the activation fee back only thing was i had to change my number since i got in to a family plan from value plan. gotta say i love the white phone so much more then the black

  • Adrian

    Does if already have wifi calling built in???

    • tmo

       yes it does! works great!

  • New2droid

    Wow! I was told that there were no GS2’s anywhere around in my city. So I went to walmart and got a white one for $148. Now that i got one i don’t see what the hype was about this phone. Ebay here I come.