T-Mobile Website Now Lists Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G As “Coming Soon”

I know what you’re already thinking, of course it’s coming soon, they said March and well…we’re in March. Still, it’s notable that the Galaxy S Blaze 4G is now on the website as T-Mobile tends to post devices up online as “coming soon” when a launch timeframe hovers right around the “two weeks away” mark. As a quick reminder, the Blaze S 4G will launch as T-Mobile’s 3rd HSPA+ 42Mbps capable device, along with a 3.97? WVGA Super AMOLED display, TouchWiz UI, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera as well pre-installed software in the form of Dropbox, Evernote, Square, TripIt, Camscanner and LinkedIn.

The Blaze 4G is expected to hit store shelves “sometime in March” priced at $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.


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  • Brwetz

    Interesting. I feel this is supposed to replace the gs4g. Seems odd that were to the point of mid level device being decently powerful.

    • tmo_rep

      Unless it cooks, cleans and washes your car, it’s considered a mid level device

      • TMOTECH

        For some reason anything with less than a 4 inch screen and a 8 megapixel camera is low to mid level… Even though the iPhone has a smaller screen than this Slower data speeds smaller processor…. and the iPhone 3GS had a crappy camera but most would rather have it because it is an iPhone… And don’t tell me about retina display blah blah blah.. This phone is still better. 

  • Timortech

    I also noticed that the aging galaxy s 4g has been removed. This will be a good replacement for it.

  • my question on this phone, other than the fact it doesn’t really have a clear place in the market is why 3.97″ and not just 4″??  very strange phone.

    • Timortech

      How does it not have a place in the market? They will sell tons of them. one or two of them to me.. The t259 basic flip phone has a place in the market..

      •  not really, it will be a lost child of tech in a sea of devices.

        • tommy

           It looks like a great phone and hopefully will be moderately priced. Giving a good android experience to people for less money is very important now. 1GB is necessary (even that slows down if you load it up with apps)

        • PimpStrong

          Like many other phones but it still has a place in the market right smack in between mid-ranged and high-end.

  • Javier Aguilar


  • Landon Freden

    Yet another device to add to Android’s fragmentation. Please, for the love of God, SLOW DOWN, manufacturers. You’re oversaturating the market. And it sure doesn’t help how US carriers still insist on having their own variant of each device (quadrupling the fragmentation), while the rest of the world just sticks to one model…

    • phong nguyen

      It’s obvious you don’t even know what the word “fragmentation” means. 
      1. Fragmentation isn’t referring to different “variants” but different specs such as CPU, GPU, and resolution that makes it harder for developers to develop apps for. 

      2. Carriers having and insisting on their own variants isn’t “fragmenting” anything as the devices are still the same aside from the carrier’s own “software” installed such as Tmobile TV etc. As this doesn’t affect the device from getting the same updates, just at a slower rate as carriers will have to test how their own installed apps affects the build. 

      3. With the introduction of the Galaxy S Blaze 4G how will there be any new “saturation”? The device is practically identical to tmobile’s Galaxy S II minus the screen being a pentile screen and the camera being 5MP vs 8. The device is essentially still a Galaxy S II, component wise at the very least. 

      • CCollision

         Ah, well to clarify, when they release more devices, the manufacturer would rather you buy their new one instead of them updating their half-baked ROMs.

        • phong nguyen

          1. You obviously have no idea what the word “theoretical” means. The HSPA+ 42Mbps claim is “theoretical” meaning under IDEAL CONDITIONS you would would be able to hit those speeds. Real world matter is different, not onto hand about it, “weaker” only by benchmarks, however under “standard” conditions the consumer would not notice. 

          2. When has XDA custom roms are considered “fragmentation”? Again you obviously no nothing of fragmentation and merely spit verbatim what other fools do to derail any achievement of Android. How about taking the time and realizing that XDA roms are not for the mass consumers but for the ROM developers themselves? They make these roms for them and customize it to THEIR taste which is why there are so any different roms. Now take a look at CyanogenMOD who makes custom roms for MASS CONSUMERS. Look how much more streamline their rom development process is? Once they complete a rom for a certain CHIPSET, meaning whether it be TI OMAP(Galaxy Nexus, Droid lines), Exynos(International Samsung GSII, ATT GSII), or Qualcomm(TMobile GSII, Sensation etc) it works for every device running those specific chipsets. 

          3. Last time I checked manufacturers are for profits, not to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, if I was running a company and looking to maximize I would definitely want to push out more products to sell more items. The G2X is a joke, why don’t you blame LG for their lack of support rather than whine and cry about “fragmentation” which you most certainly proved to us here that you don’t know a thing about. The G2X isn’t the only device running a Tegra 2, hell even the international Optimus 2X has a better stable ROM than the G2x because LG rushed the G2X rom to the market. 

    • tommy

       No. Don’t slow down. Speed up as much as the market will bear. We are all benefiting. The model the rest of the world has is last year’s model. This year it sucks!

      • CCollision

        Yeah, speed up and have phones be even more rushed, buggy, and unstable than they are already…
        HTC is just sticking to one (no pun intended) product line now, and is still competitive.

  • Dumbnicname

    Seems like a decent device… Mid tier, but good specs for what seems like an entry level smart phone… I don’t have a problem with the size, I’m using the mytouch 4g now and its perfect me… Im too active to have a ginormous phone in my pocket…

  • Neednewphone

    Galaxy Nexus……

  • Yawn

    Jeebus, Samsung sure has a way of naming their phones.
    Samsung Galaxy Black E 3D Z via androidphonenamegenerator.com

  • mreveryphone

    Not a bad backup phone

  • Phozfate

     this is a good phone to have in your line up. Top specs (for 2011) in a small screen size. Shame it don’t have iphone type dpi

  • Coolguytimes

    So this is just a regular PenTile Super AMOLED display?

  • *Yawns* 

  • Colombiatulua

    Why not ICS out the box

    • Frigadroid


    • TBN27

      ICS ain’t released yet for other phones yet.

      • CENASucks

        Galaxy Nexus is actually 4.0 already.

        • TBN27

          Thats why i said OTHER phones. ICS is just not ready.

        • Huh

          What are you talking about? Do you even know? “It’s not ready” “It’s not released for other phones”? It has been ready and has been released OEM are to busy adding their “custom faces” to ICS rather then using it as is

        • TBN27

          If the OEM is still working on it, hat means it isn’t ready to be pushed out to curent phones that will get them. Hat is what i am talking about. ICS ain’t ready.

  • Mos_def98

    face it guys tmobile just sucks

    • fixxmyhead

      nah sprint sucks that carrier is a joke. even there own customers complain about the dial up speeds lol. they dont even have good phones either except the galaxy s2


      Suck it

    • Frigadroid

      T-mobile is a good company with some great people. DT is the one doing all the sucking. They suck the blood from t-mobile and put them at a disadvantage where they can’t compete. As wireless refugee mentioned above plans like straight talk offer as good of service for less and the big three get the exclusive for all the most popular phones. I don’t know what people expect them to do with the budget in hand we knew they would have it rough after the sale fell through. I guess they need Tebow’s endorsement to perform some kind of miracle.

  • Anonymous


    Can anyone provide me details of the amount of RAM this device is loaded with? I mean, some people say 1GB, others say 768MB. What is the correct amount? Source please?

    • tommy

       I have not ever seen 768 MB. 1GB is all i’ve seen.

    • cubanito151

      One gig but 768mb is the amount the user has the rest is for the phones system which is the other 232mb


    I will be getting it I like that its smaller ,,
    I have the Galaxy s 4g now and love it Great phone for me,,But the Blaze is better and I will be getting it for a cheap price…
    Good  phone ,, Great T-Mobile service here and I finally get to Upgrade,,,Loving it!!!

  • Havoktek

    Damn, can I get a high end phone dropping on magenta please…….The Galaxy note is calling my name!
    It’s like Luke,…..you don’t know the power of the Darkside….*ahem* ……..AT&T……….!!!!

    I know we can’t all afford it, times are jacked up right now, but if I’m gonna spend some cash I’ve just made…credit i’m just wreckin’, let it be worth the spend!

    • I hear you – I saw the Galaxy Note at best buy.  I’m holding off the temptation to sign a contract with AT&T – but that is one sweet phone.  

      I got a tip, and I don’t know if its true or not, but that a company called red pocket is reselling the at&t network, so you can get an unlocked at&t galaxy note, and run it on a no-contract carrier like red pocket.

      I might start wheeling and dealing to see if I can do it, wherever I end up, I’ll have to buy my own phones from now on, because I’m not going on contract any longer.

      • WirelessRefugee

        I have not heard of Red Pocket, but Straight Talk’s SIM and micro SIM prepaid plan lets you use any of their SIMs on any GSM based device, whether from AT&T or T-Mobile. If the Note is an AT&T phone that uses a SIM, it should work.

        Currently I am using an AT&T branded SGS2 on Straight Talk and it works perfect. Interesting thing is that I am using AT&T’s network AND I get 4G. I get unlimited talk, data and text for $45 monthly.

        I read that Straight Talk’s SIM program, a “bring your own phone, even the iPhone” program, is supposed to change the industry. I have to think that’s accurate, especially as word gets out.

        I would think T-Mobile needs to do something to compete with that. Perhaps a plan that mirrors what Straight Talk is doing.

        Something to consider.

        • Adanaci

          where are you located? hows coverage?

  • I saw that yesterday when I was looking at upgrade prices, it was all the way at the bottom. Seems ok for mid tier- high tier phone.

  • Does anyone knows if T-Mobile will have the Samsung note?

    • nd5

      Doesn’t seem like there have been any rumors of this… and quite honestly, why would you even want this.  It’s too big to be practical as a phone, and too small to be useful as a tablet.  The stylus is a gimmick.  I just don’t see how this has any appeal.  Just my $0.02

    • Elvis

      i believe the folks at xda r trying to make the AT&T version of galaxy note work on Tmobile’s 3g network.  that phone (different compare to the international versin of the Note) supports Tmobile’s AWS band i believe.

      • jonathan3579

        To correct you… The AT&T Note will not work because it’s AWS bands are for LTE while the Euro Note has the 1700MHz bands but they’re not in use. A dev is attempting to flash the Galaxy Nexus modem and see if they can get it unlocked. I’ve been following it for some time now.

        • Elvis

          Thanks for the detail there, yep, hopefully they can make it work.

  • Elvis

    rebadged nexus s with a new antenna, with outdated gingerbread.

    and here i’m about to sell my 1 yr-old nexus s…heck, my phone probably runs better than this blaze 4g, since it’s on 4.0.3 (anyone interested?)

  • Frigadroid

    I wish they would list the ipad3 really. I haven’t owned any apple’s products nor am I a fan of their total control, but I’m ready to try something new & different. Android has way to many options that contribute to many different problems for people who are lazy and or don’t have time or want to mod & root to keep up with the constant android changes. I’m starting to wonder if google ever completely finished developing anything that they started. Great ideas in theory but they become bogged down with complexity in practice when all the average user wants is a portable hd internet media device.

    • Gchao

       Well said…

    • Realcool2000

      Awwwww…we have too many choices……such a terrible thing.

  • Memohugo

    you can cancel a value plan after 14 days?

    • Seanmmvi

       you have a 30 days buyers remorse period. you can cancel any time within those 30 days with no cancelation fee, so long as you return the phone if you got one. you will just pay for what you used, IE 400 minutes and a gig of internet, and youll be done.

       you have 14 days from a new activation or an upgrade to put insurance on your plan.

      • CRT24

        Ummmmmmm…..no. Cancellation remorse is 14 days except maybe in California

        • Seanmmvi

          well im a sales rep in california, so… lol

        • Memohugo

           Even a value plan?

        • Memohugo

           Even a value plan?

  • Thecityboy781

    where galaxy nexus?

  • scdrew

    will this model have an LED message notification light..cant believe samsung doesnt put this light on every frickin one of their phones..the AT&T samsung galaxy s2 is the only one that came with an LED lmessage notification light

    • Anonymous

      You mean the Epic 4G Touch was the only model to come with an LED notification, not AT&T.

    • Guest101

      LOL an “LED message notification light” is a real battery drainer!!
      Might as well leave the screen on, full bright. Same effect just kills battery performance!
      Seriously your not that important and the calls your missing are prolly bill collectors!

  • Larrrs

    I am surprised this site doesnt have the news about the White Galaxy S2 will now be sold in stores, starting tomorrow

    • I’ve got it…I’ve been traveling ALL FREAKING DAY, but I’m back now and I’ve got it ready to go up!

  • Seanmmvi

    im hoping in not too long ill be able to warranty exchange my S4G for this phone. thatd be a nice lil $5 upgrade! :)

  • Big_yellow_bus

    I hate how some people are say this is a low end device because it only has a 4′ screen and 800 by 480 display. Did people forget that Avatar played beautifully on the Vibrant. Everything else is top notch, top 4g speeds,16 gigs of internal memory, finally a flash for camera. Will be a great phone for those who don’t want a huge screen!

    • Big_yellow_bus

      Also I think an quad core processor is over kill! I got the dual core exynos processor and it is INCREDIBLY fast for a cell phone! No lag what so ever! Hell the 1x coming to at&t has the same processor and they are tabbing it as a phone of the yr canidate!

      • Realcool2000

        First the phone sucks now its overkill…..u guys r all drama lol.

  • GoneInOne

    Just like the new tablets, how can a company make a phone that the screen can’t be seen in sunlight? I have the Galaxy S and it’s worthless outdoors.