Huawei Prism Passes Through The FCC, We’ve Got The First Image

Hello there Huawei Prism and welcome through the hallowed halls of the FCC. With the certification papers now listed online, we’ve got one more piece of confirmation for an upcoming T-Mobile launch. Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about the Prism — known internally as the U8651 (Astro). What we do know is that supports HSPA connectivity on the 850/1700 and 1900 bands. Add in microSD support and a 1,400mAh battery and you’ve got a phone that probably doesn’t land in the “high-end” section on T-Mobile store shelves.

Wait, what’s that above the text —- I almost forgot, that’s the first image of a T-Mobile branded Huawei Prism in the wild. Unfortunately it’s just a press shot and not something truly “in the wild,” but we’ll take what we can get.

Engadget, FCC

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  • Noor Mahmoud

    So, This<Current Mytouch<Mytouch 4g? I don't understand what tmobile is doing with their mytouch line.

  • *yawns* 

  • Huh

    That’s not a serious picture of the phone is it? *yawns* 

  • Crap

    Tmobile is cheap with there service there 4g is 3g and its slow there 21 network gets 4 down and there 42 gets 9 down that’s crap

    • the only thing thats crap is your post and it depends on your area of coverage as do all things wireless plus that just means those area have a considerable high amount of users which may be utilizing that bandwidth otherwise without actual fact that your getting those speeds keep it moving buddy

  • cprigge

    iphone 3g kirf?

  • JamesJ4

    So this is the company that will do the mytouch line…
    lol tmobile. lol….

    I am still confident that tmo will get great devices at the end of the year/ beginning of next year but this is just sad.

    One of my trusty sources has said iphone is coming to tmobile in the beginning of 2013.
    If you don’t believe me I totally understand…we all just have to sit and wait

    • Bummerj

      IPhone is overrated. Don’t care if it ever hits tmo… I and many many others just want a bad ass super duper Android. all the high end Androids with ics will whoop anything apple puts out. Including their self rumored “best” new maxipad3.

      • JamesJ4

        I want a super android as well, I currently own the G2 which is still great. I am waiting on a stock android (no i am not shelling out an arm and a leg for the nexus lol)

        • TMoFan

           I hope there’s a G3 in the works. A true G-series phone, made by HTC with a keyboard. Oh and stock too.

        • JBLmobileG1

          I think if Tmobile releases a G2 I agree with all of the above however make it the first 84mbps and or LTE phone on Tmobile with a quad core processor. The G series has always been a first at something so why not be the first phone Tmobile offers with a quad processor and their LTE?

  • George

    Sad , just sad

    • i have to agree George.

  • Guest

    I told you they would be mid tier devices. The have docks and domains for this?! T-Mobile sucks! Not sure why everyone still believes in them… I’ve lost faith. They talk about brand recognition and replace the MyTouch line with this sh!t?! wow… they’re a bunch of f*cking morons!

  • TMoFan

    Hmm I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was the Ascend D Quad.

  • whosaidwhat

    What year was this phone released?

    • JamesJ4


    • PimpStrong

      Qtr 4 2010!!

  • Javier Aguilar

    T-Mobile Comet 4G…

    • UglyPete

      no, because it’s not even HSPA+

  • Gwapo

    Just give us the 3G on our Iphone$!!!!

  • Taron19119

    Ok I need to say this t-mobile did not think it word be around so they did not get a lot of good phones and now they are geting the leftover phones 2013 well be the.year we get good phones

    • Concerned

      Incorrect. This has been t-mo’s MO for years and will be for quite some time. Low-credit, low-income, uneducated customers want their “smartphones” and t-mo will happily provide said “smartphones” and rake in their margins.

  • Jonathan

    one word……….crap.  :-(

  • CJ

    T-Mobile’s New Slogan “Welcome to T-MObile, Home of cheap phones. How may I take your money”

    • Concerned

      “They run like a one-legged dog and break with an unbelievable frequency, but they’re cheap, how many would you like?”

  • Euched

    That looks like my Motorola Cliq…

  • Yancy

    One think that you all seem to forget, at least Huawei seems to update their phones in a timely manner, The Huawei Honor got Ice Cream Sandwich in December, I don’t see any phone getting the update that quick other then the nexus devices. I continue to appreciate the diverse handset selection T-Mobile supports. If T-Mobile was like the rest of the carriers Android would not be here. T-Mobile made the jump and look at Android now. So quick whining I can guarantee that you wouldn’t be able to  get the same great line up for the same price anywhere else. T-Mobile truly offers the BEST VALUE in the wireless industry and continues to earn my loyalty for going on 9 years!

    • Euched

      If TMO were like the other carriers then not all of the other Android devices wouldn’t be here…but the only reason TMO has so many is to try to compete with the iPhone…  All of the other providers have the iPhone and have a smaller selection of Android devices.

  • Brian

    Yay another crap-tastic device! Hoping that T-Mobile is going to make up for this (and the lack of Galaxy Nexus) with the SGIII

  • UMA_Fan

    Now this is legitimately disappointing.  I was hoping this was going to be a rebrand of Huawei’s Quad Ascend phones with the 4.5 inch 720p screen and 3000mah battery.  Why go through the trouble of carrier branding a low end phone?

  • Is T-Mobile trying to become the official cell phone carrier of the Chinese army now? Huawei’s reputation of allowing the PLA to spy on its users is very much public knowledge, and I’m surprised, if not disappointed that T-Mobile is making such an investment in Huawei products.

    • Jeanq

      Please show this evidence Mr. Slater.

      Kind Regards, Huawei employee from Western Europe

      • Juicebox

        Near 1987, Huawei completed a transaction due to significant company financial difficulties. This transaction created a political and power debt to the Chinese military. 

        You were barred from india. The Australian Security Intelligence Operations investigated Australian-based subsidiaries of Huawei for having direct links to Chinese intelligence operations. Your communications agreement with Sprint-Nextel was frustrated because you couldn’t be man enough to tell Chinese civilian and the military intelligence establishment to keep their nose out and not seek to control hardware communications.

        I believe China is a beautiful country. It has priceless traditions and amazing treasures. I partially understand why the government wants to maintain control of communications going in and out of China. Besides their good interests, I believe they have overstepped things a bit by having you heavily integrated with their government.


    • Juicebox

      Aaron, I too will not support Huawei simply because I have lost confidence in that company. Well, too be more accurate, I’ve eliminated the possibility of giving them any trust. The US Open Source Center provided documents that opened the discussion on Huawei’s link to Chinese intelligence services. The US Gov Agenct responsible for this acts as the OSINT arm of the “Office of the Director of National Intelligence.”

      The report concluded that Huawei actually relies on a series contacts with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Ministry of State Security, “which oversee and administer China’s military and civilian intelligence apparatus” (US report links telecoms company to Chinese spy services, 2011)

      On a personal note: The reason I don’t support Huawei is not because it is Chinese. It is because they are heavily intertwined with Chinese government, intelligence, and military. 

  • PimpStrong


  • Emily Delgado

    WHY TMOBILE? This phone could be released a year ago and I would be like, Ok. Now it’s just sad.

  • Hsan_kyani

    this is Crickets/Metro PCS old android device called the Ascend II, why have this POS?

  • Joshg

    sighh…..ANOTHER crappy tmobile phone.

  • Ian Harrington

    I know, how dare T-Mobile release a phone that you high end user don’t want, it is almost like the are asking for people who can’t afford 200 bucks for a phone to come on there service. T-Mobile should be ashamed of themselves for even attempting to get a decent phone into the hands of the everyman.

    Point is you guys complain way too much about this crap, not everyone needs the highest end device. I work for T-mobile and I got to say, the basic 4g phones they release make the company money and help everyone get a decent, phone that works for them. Besides why are you all bitching so much with the HTC One S coming out, talks of the Galaxy III and all the other highend phone they are going to of course release this year.

    It is not all about “you”

    • John Laury

      I have to agree.  Not everyone needs a high end phone, and it’s nice to have the option to go out and drop $150 bucks (in this case… the lowest retail price on a smartphone I’ve ever seen) on a smartphone and be out of contract.  Personally, I’m a high end phone person myself, but not everyone needs that.  Many people can get alot of good functionality out of a low end phone because they have low end needs.  Properly made, a phone that hugs the low end rather than the high end can be cheap because it uses older technology, yet if done right, can be a quality product.  As the market continues to be flooded with these sorts of devices, they’ll drop in price even further, probably settling somewhere in the $60-80 range of your typical flip phone.  The only thing that will be washed away in this flood will be non-smartphone, no touch screen devices.  On that day, which will come, Steve Jobs’ claim that “today, we reinvent the phone” will have come completely true, just as he said so back in 2007.