T-Mobile’s Valentine’s “Cupid’s Arrow Hits Mark” Day Sale Is Today Only

T-Mobile’s Valentine’s Day sale is officially on today and today only so let’s rewind for just a minute and highlight what today is all about: “For one day only, Saturday February 11th, new and existing customers can purchase any phone on any of T-Mobile’s Unlimited Classic or Value Plans and receive a Mail-in Rebate, bringing the 2YC (year-contract) subsidy price to FREE or the net device down-payment to $0.00.”

T-Mobile retail, retail partner stores (authorized dealers) and customer care are all getting in on the sale fun today. Standard upgrade rules and migration fees apply. If you have any questions on today’s offer, we’d first suggest re-reading T-Mobile’s original press release, after that, take a look at the two images below detailing today’s pricing options for both Classic and Value plan purchases. Happy Valentine’s Day Sale!

Don’t forget to check out T-Mobile’s website for additional info!

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  • Rikkruz

    is target a retail partner??

    • No, retail partner stores are authorized dealers only.

      • Scarfacemario

        I was wondering the same thing thanks for the reply david

  • Sunday

    Don’t you think this is SORT OF FALSE ADVERTISING? The  EXPENSIVE Phones are NOT FREE…It’s FREE of a DOWN PAYMENT.. BUT..you have to still lay out the money and WAIT….WAIT….WAIT…WAIT…..WAIT….WAIT to get YOUR MONEY BACK…and then..let’s say you want a Galaxy SII you pay $20 per month for the rest of your life!!! HOW IS THAT FREE????.

    • Monday

      or just do a classic plan, get the phone for free and pay more monthly just for the service. Or use the rebate to pay off a migration fee to go on the Value plan after without having to pay the 20 extra for the phone per month. Funny people complain about the pricing when all the plans have gone down in $$ since the Even More days.

    • A little more research on this would tell you it’s not false advertising and in the long, it’s cheaper over the course of 24 months than the Classic plans are.

    • Scam

      I have to agree!  I am not saying it is a horrible deal.  But it sure isn’t FREE if you want a SGII.

      • I agree

        It’s actually $400 plus all the taxes on each bill.  So how does a little more research make it not False Advertising.  Say it’s “free” but the fine print says it isn’t really free because it requires you to pay $20/month for 20 months?

  • fingerbang

    sunday 2 pics for 2 dif plans both are listing same phones, the SECOND pic is for cheaper rate plans which have no contract, those phones are always full costs so getting any discount is a win.  you must not be a tmo sub or a troll if you cant learn2read.

  • Guest305

    Hi, I do not if I got a deal, but I did two upgrades Amaze and Galaxy S II both for 90…and no data as requirement. I have Classic: Min – Txt Unlimited…  not data…


      Why would you want either of those phones without data? It’s like getting a really nice car to drive but unfortunately you have no gas to put in it. Kinda pointless don’t you think?

      • Anonymous

         That’s a dumb analogy.

      • Vim

        If you have wifi at most of the places you spend time (like home and work) then it can be feasible.

    • Damien

       I can say for certain that you didn’t get those phones without data.  Even customer loyalty can get you that deal.  I call shenanigans.

  • smacsteve

    Or you could wait until Sunday avoid the long lines and pick up the GS II for $99 on a classic plan and not have to wait for any ridiculous rebates!  Not to mention be forced to choose a data plan you don’t want!

    • Smacsteve

      This is at Target Mobile of course.  Sorry forgot to mention.

      • Anonymous

        well the rebate isn’t free either, you still pay upgrade fee (18) + tax (~20).  but you would pay that ~120 or so at target.  in the end, it’s still a decent deal.

      • educator

         where is this target deal being advertised at?

  • Quinntenfelde

    what if your on contarct and it not up yet is there still a sale on the full retaor price of th ephone?

    • Anonymous

      no sale/discount for people not upgrade eligible.  sorry….

    • Guest305


  • Riopato

    Tmobile phones are so bad they’re giving them away!

    • Jarrod

      I wouldn’t consider the BB Bold bad nor the GS2.

      • JadedNYer

        I am seriously considering going today. In addition to the rebate from T-Mobile I received the offer from RIM for $100 if I upgrade to a Bold.

    • Guest305

       REALLY? :O

      • Frigadroid

        They offered me a free amaze and gimp galaxy 2 back when I called to have them turn off the data they turned on without my permission. I told them thanks but no thanks when the time comes I’ll save more and get what I expect going to walmart since the service will soon be the same with all tmobiles cutbacks & bad business decisions. She said she understands.

  • Erik

    So with this sale, with the GS II you actually pay more over the two year contract with the value plan vs the classic plan if I’m doing my math right.  Forget the MIB, the classic will cost more out of pocket initially, but after the rebates, they’re a wash (I’m not going to dicker over the $3.50 difference in tax). Then, on the classic plan, you will pay $2160 over a two year contract ($90 x24) but $2200 with the value plan ($75 x 24 = $1800 + (20 x 20 = $400 for the monhtly phone payment). 

    In this case, the value plan is only worth it if you plan on keeping the phone well over two years.  Helps to do the math in this case

    • JadedNYer

      I think the sales tax might be more significant since on the value plan you pay tax on the full retail price.

    • Cashman

      lol, you’re correct

      • JadedNYer

        Too bad I can’t switch from EMP to Classic then.

        • Timothy Desaules

          You can.  Just go into a store and have them call RSL to do it.  We do it all the time.

    • guest

      Correct math. But you only need the 5GB until you get the rebate then you can drop down to 2GB if you want. that would change the numbers a bit

  • Anonymous

    Bleh…for a GS2 would have to upgrade family plan to 1000 mins, unlimited text, and 5gb with mobile hotspot plan…that’s $140. That’s $40 more than my 400 mins shared, 400 texts each, “unlimited” data…or only $480 more a year!

    • Cashman

      Actually you would have to upgrade to an unlimited talk and text plan for $99.99, but you could lower your plan to the 1,000 min plan w/ 2GB after you get your rebate

  • Kumar

    another junk, fake deal by tmobile .

    • Andrew Singleton

      lol wrong. a free phone is not junk.

    • Oreo

      Hey, kumar give harold back his weed….

    • Free?

      Free? Really?  I went in and they said I would get a $199 rebate but I would still have to pay an additional $20/month on my plan.  That is not Free! That is $400 plus taxes for a SGII.

  • Guest305

     Hi, I do not if I got a deal, but I did two upgrades Amaze and Galaxy S
    II both for 90…and no data as requirement. I have Classic: Min – Txt
    Unlimited…  not data…

  • Alex

    Good luck out there today. My local store had upwards of 30 customers standing around with 4 employees working and no number system to serve anyone in the order they arrive.

  • Anon

    Ive been a t-mobile customer for going on 17 years now, they only have 14 of those years on the system however. I spoke to Customer Loyalty, 2 Lines eligible for upgrade. I got the SGS II and the Amaze 4G free of charge no mail in rebate needed. I paid 19.99 for express shipping, 21 and change total with taxes for both of the phones. Id consider that a pretty good deal today. I hope others are as fortunate as myself.

    • Anon

      no upgrade fees were charged either.

  • Np6s4x

    should i find it interesting that as far as i can tell the unlimited is not required for the online sale just the normal “Req’d for rebate card: 2-yr. agmt., new activation, and Classic™ Talk + Text + Web plan OR Web service of at least $20/mo.”? unless they messed up some where? or would i screw myself by ordering online without unlimited even though i can’t seem to find where it says it’s needed on the website?

    • JadedNYer

      Yeah, I noticed the same thing.

      • Np6s4x

        talking with the guy on the live chat seems to think that the sale continues tomorrow, and that this is for upgrades only? odd

  • Anonymous

     Lol their system crashed, can;t upgrade

    • Maddening99

      Yea same here,was told to grab a free case for waiting though..hey that’s a 30 dollar value

  • NYGiants

    No thanks, I will continue my $30/no contract rate plan :)

  • Wow.

    I am a Rep. at a Retail Store.. and our whole system Nationwide is out. Haha.

    • JadedNYer

      I just tried to buy two Bolds. No dice.

  • Keatonisballin

    Go to Cartoys. They are offering better deals. $165 up front for a Samsung GS2 then $115 rebate back. Idk about some people but thats a better deal then $200 up front, waiting 3 months for a rebate and then paying $20 extra per month. 

    • Sir1honda

      Based on so many people did the rebate thing on tmobile now, the latest was 2 months with some only 3 weeks because its prepaid card-visa now…

  • Lionangel1

    I Have A QUESTION!!!!!!

    Is there going to be a deal like this but for the people that already have a 2 yr contract????

    • Andrew Singleton

      upgrades are eligible.

      • Lionangel1

        But I got my contract on summer.

  • MrShides

    They have not been able to sell any phones on the sw side of chicago for at least the last 4 hours.  The POS system has been down.

  • BritBoi

    Got my S2 this morning when the store opened at 10AM here in Houston, TX. I’m already on the Unlimited Classic Plan with 5GB Unlimited Data & an upgrade so it was simple & fast. Walked in, signed a couple of papers, paid the total $290 & think paying $40 (upgrade charge + tax) for an S2 after rebate is unbelievable!


    System down here on Florida too

  • JadedNYer

    System down in Brooklyn. It seems to be only affecting the Value plans.

  • MrShides

    according to facebook, system is down everywhere….

  • I tried to upgrade my plan, upgrade to a smartphone, and add a line/phone. I was told I can’t upgrade my phone until I upgrade my plan. My order still hasn’t gone through yet to allow for that. I guess because systems are down? Will T-Mobile extend the deal for affected customers?

  • took 2 calls to get a fair deal but i got it. btw they’re out of white galaxy s2


    My rep told me they have to stay in the store until all customers are called back

  • Erik

    The system is now nationwide – I just confirmed that with my local store.  I agent told me that they have just received word that because of this, the sale will contine until tomorrow

    • Erik

       Down even

    • Anonymous

       How legit is that promo extension claim?

    • JadedNYer

      People were definely getting things accomplished. The girl was trying to get the sale through for at least 45 minutes. With all the issues she ended up removing the Blackberry plans from my two lines. That was resolved quickly with a phone call. The store I was at said the system was only down for Value plans.

  • Juhi

    i got superb deal! wow,  free galaxy s2 plus $200 credit at SPRINT! byeeeeeeeee tmo , I had enough of your nonsense, fake deal

  • Knightpurps

    hey, in my tmo store at CA, since their network is down, they are just going to do the sales tmrw…
    are other stores doing this too?

    • Thycorp Inc

      Same here at Los Angeles CA

    • Matt

      Same in chicago. Servers are down. Spent over two hours in the store. The csr said that they were extending the sale to tomorrow. I assume this is same for phone and internet sales? I feel bad for those reps. The store was full and they had to tell of the unhappy customers what happened…

  • Sitnlow

    Is the 10.1 Galaxy Tab available for this promo?

  • tmorep

    THE SALE IS PUSHED TO TOMORROW ALSO! Just received an email from Jim Ailing conferming this!!!!!

    • BiGMERF

      they announced it facebook over an hr ago

      • tmorep

        ok cool!

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile value plan with 2 years contract – till February 1, 2014: Loyalty department – helped by DANIEL (employee no. 1244098) Ingrid (employee no. 58046) Maira (employee no. 47271) Chris (february 1,2012)
    $49.98 – 1000 whenever minutes (unlimited nights & weekends and tmobile-tmobile unlimited call)
    $20 – 5gb (unlimited) (no overages) Super fast internet speed (18mbps-28mbps consistently here in Austin,Texas)
    $10 – 2gb (unlimited) (no overages) Super fast internet speed (18mbps-28mbps consistently here in Austin, Texas)
    $5 – 3rd line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)
    $5 – 4th line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)
    $20 – domestic & international (worldwide) – all kinds of messaging (unlimited) for all 4 lines
    Total – $109.98 plus taxes & fees with 15% corporate discount and $10 loyalty discount/month till the contract expires.
    So we are looking between $90-$110/month for 4 lines. That is one heck of a deal that NO ONE CAN BEAT.
    * Free wifi calling for all 4 lines (will not use minutes to call anybody (domestic) as long its in wifi zone)
    * Corporate discounts – effective till the contract expires
    * Replace all sim card – 4 lines to 4g sim (tmobile store) – free.
    * Can take off internet data features in any line, anytime? their answer is YES.   
    * $120 credit towards the coming bill
    * No migration fee
    * no upgrade fee
    * Block pay per use web for lines – (free)
    * Web guard – teen (free)
    * International long distance blocking for all lines (free)

    Theres more freebies we got from free phone (1 day sale of samsung galaxy s2 & htc amaze) to 1st month credit on our account.
    I was an AT&T subscriber for 8 years and will never go back to them forever…

    • kay

      si tmobile courtesy department still doing this? or were they only doing it on the weekend? I thought with value plan you couldn’t free phones?

      • Sir1honda

        Good day,

        I got that awesome package after 4 calls from retention/loyalty dept…

        They will give me back my money by mail in rebate and the phones will be free after that.

        Try to call 4-5 consecutive times and ask for supervisor, they help you as long its possible…

  • This Offer AL So For Canada ???