T-Mobile’s Extended Valentine’s Day Sale Caused By Point Of Sale System Issues

Editors Note: I’ve been told that some retail locations are opening an hour early, closing late to make sure they are able to service every customer who walks through the door today. Check with your local retail location to see if they have extended hours. 

With February 11th now in our rear-view mirror, those of us in the T-Mobile world are taking stock of yesterday’s Valentine’s Day sale. We’re beginning to make a little more sense out of the system slowdown that appears to be the result of too many people shopping in T-Mobile stores at once. On the one hand, that’s a great thing as this sale was obviously the “right” kind of sale to draw in customers, where the Value Plan sales had failed to draw in similar crowds. Unfortunately, that same crowd was also a contributing factor to the system slowdown that brings where we are today: an extra day for the sale. (This isn’t the first instance we’ve seen a popular promotion leading to a system crash for the nations wireless carriers and it certainly won’t be the last time either.)

In T-Mobile’s own words: “Strong demand for our Valentine’s Sale created system slowness and downtime today.” We’ve been told that an email went out early this morning informing employees the problem had been fixed and all systems were “go.” However, the question we’re asking is…will the system hold up today? More importantly, given the popularity of yesterdays sale, do T-Mobile stores have enough inventory for a second day? We’re being told that some stores are running low on popular devices so we would urge you to head out early if you weren’t able to take advantage of the sale yesterday due to system troubles. I can only hope that customers who were unable to take advantage are/were informed that the sale has been extended into a second day.

Our wish is that T-Mobile can offset the frustrations from yesterday by doing the right thing and extending the sale into a second day. The flip-side to this sale for the employee is that I’m being told some employees who were scheduled yesterday are not scheduled today and are upset by the possibility of missed business. That’s truly unfortunate and I completely understand their frustration with this whole experience.

All that being said, I hope we see another sale exactly like this soon as today showed us that when the promotion is the “right” offer, the customer will come. By offering something for both new and existing customers on both sets of rate plans, T-Mobile struck the right chord with the customer and they came in droves.


The T-Mobile Valentine’s Day sale is extended until tomorrow because the entire system went down today.

“Valentine’s Sale Extended through February 12 due to System Issues

Strong demand for our Valentine’s Sale created system slowness and downtime today. Full systems capability is being restored, but slowness and downtime continues sporadically. Due to these issues, the Valentine’s Sale will be extended through end of business tomorrow, Sunday, February 12. Pricing will remain at February 11 Valentine’s Sales pricing through end of business February 12.

The extension will not be advertised and is specifically intended for customers who were not able to take advantage of the offer, but is available for all eligible customers on Sunday.

New Valentine’s rebate forms with the dates of February 11 and 12 will be available by beginning of business February 12 on http://www.tmobilerebates.com and in the Valentine’s Sale communication, however customers may still use the rebate form with just the February 11 date also.

Customers must meet all the eligibility criteria in the participating sales channels in the Valentine’s Sale February 11 communication.”


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  • me

    Good. T-Mo needs well advertised promos like this to draw customers in, so I’m glad they’re accomodating customers who got stuck since the systems were down.


      I agree. They actually did some smart advertising by not only advertising with word of mouth but with Online ads, TV ads, and Radio ads. Plus for the most part anyone was able to take advantage of this offer as long as you met the qualifications. Adding an extra day to the sale for the ones who couldn’t take advantage at the time is an extra thumbs up so long as they contact anyone who may have been in the stores and unable to do anything. Now if they continue to improve on the customer service side to get their JD Power and Associates award back, improve the network coverage, continue to bring in phones people like, and use these sales tactics again on their next huge sale (minus the systems being down) I think they have a good shot at taking on the rest of the industry. While they have a lot of work to do I think they are off to a good start and the right direction.

      • Sillyquta

        Everyone dogging the sale, you guys have weird opinions on what a good sale is. The store I went to was packed and when their system went down they did everything in their power to accommodate everyone in the store. I’m pretty sure they worked through their lunches writing up manual sales forms. Free phone with an unlimited plan, i don’t know seems pretty simple to me and it’s an awesome deal

        • Cjnala2008

          Ordered my yesterday morning. Just got a backorder email. They assured me they had them in stock…

  • Robert

    bad day for tmo, as people went in to know the truth, they walked out buying nothing and instead canceling their accounts. USED SALES CARMAN TACTIC for junk deal. TMOBILE SUCKS  , deserving of bottom 4rth

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile is awesome.  Internet speeds and price are the best in the industry.  What exactly about the sale frustrated you?  Before you say anything, compare it to any other wireless carrier and put it into perspective in what you would be paying in a two year period.

    • Anonymous

       Went in to know the truth?  What truth?  They had a problem with the Point of Sale system.  That can happen to ANY company, especially when there is high traffic due to sales.  I get excellent service AND customer service.  I am getting average speeds of around 10Mbps on my Amaze, which is far from sucking.

      • This, completely, positively 100% this.

    • Hirmdog_40

      Hey Robert, have you ever been inside a Tmobile? You sound like someone that didnt get a free phone

    • St8up2olives

      I agree with you Robert. I’ve been with Tmo since 2001 and I went in to see about a phone upgrade since its been over 2yrs since my last upgrade. I was told since my wife and I are on the Value plan that I would have to make payments of $20 a month for 20 months for the HTC Amaze that I was considering. Not only that, the sales rep said I had to upgrade my data plan from 2 gb to 5 gb if I wanted the Amaze. What deals are we, loyal Tmo customers, really getting? So I then asked how much the early termination fee was to terminate my contract. The  rep replied, $200. Ok, so how about if I terminate my contract and sign up again? Well, then I could get the free phone and save $200. I was told I could sign up for the same plan I had before since I was a new customer. This is the info I got from the Tmobile rep in the customer loyalty department. I asked her where the loyal customer deals were and she had no reply. I then said I was thinking of going to another carrier and she had no reply other than ok, sorry I can’t help you. Yes, tmo rates are better than other carriers but lately over the past 6 months I’ve noticed a lack in signal in areas that used to have a full signal and I’ve noticed more dropped calls. So yes, we are paying cheaper rates than other carriers but what good is that if we don’t have the service or the customer care that we used to have with Tmo? I hate to do it but I guess I will be heading over to AT&T. All of these phone companies are like politicians, nothing but lies.

      • Drunkconquistador

        So let’s say your best friend is handing out cash on a street corner. Everyone who come by gets two hundred dollars, even people you don’t like or who haven’t been as good a friend as you. Are you saying you would refuse because you aren’t getting anything extra? A company is allowed to have promotions that benefit everyone. Have some perspective.

        • Steve0812

          Thats a stupid example moron! It doesn’t benefit everyone loser. If I’m paying almost full price for a phone why would I want to sign another 2 year contract, along with paying more per month for data that I would never use. But, I guess for a dumb ass like yourself it doesn’t make sense.

        • Dominique

           You don’t have to sign another 2 year contract.  If you buy the phone at full price, without the equipment installment plan, then you can go with your current contract.  IF you need to break the payments over 20 months then you have to sign another contract.  IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

        • JanettRL

          Thats a horrible example, has nothing to do what the person is talking about. All of these promotions are really for new customers. I was in the same position, wanting to upgrade because I am eligible but on the value plan. I don’t want to pay almost full price for a phone and also have to sign another two year contract. I agree that the loyal customers really aren’t getting anything other than a weaker coverage and a less than caring customer service. 

        • Dominique

           Why would you switch to a plan that doesn’t give discounts on phones and then gripe about paying full price for a phone?  It’s just absurd.  Then they give you a discount on a phone and whine?

        • Pedro999

          I think you must be drunk you idiot conquistador!!!! 

      • Ggdron00

        Only reason your werent offered anything good is because you were already on contract with a Value Plan and if you say you want to cancel then you pay the $200 etf per line simple as that. Thr retention rep knows that they have the advantage because of the etf, it would be different if you were off contract and please dont complain and talk about how Tmobile treats loyal customers and try to play as the victim becasue how you get treated also has to alot with how you pay your bills and how much your account is really worth to Tmobile and how many credits youve been given in the past.

        • DavidAR

           your another idiot that doesn’t get the point. I guess I’m glad I’m leaving tmo because you all a bunch of idiots if you stay with this company.

        • Paul15

          Read this…..Newest JD Power Report Shows T-Mobile Dropping To Fourth Place For Customer Service. TMO is a dying service…trying to do whatever it can to keep their head above water.

        • Dominique

           Read this, Sprint lost 1.3Billion dollars in one quarter and T-mobile made over $350 million in that same quarter.  Which one is trying to keep it’s head above water?

      • Shomiz123

        Hey dumbass the deposit you left for the phone your getting back in a form of a rebate so thats already 200 back and your data can simply go back to 2gb by a simple call of course once you get back your mail in rebate, and if you hate tmo so much THEN LEAVE. Your probably a metro pcs customer deaf blind and dumb

        • Joshishere

          Read what it says dumbF ck ! I was in the same position and was told you can’t change the plan after you buy the phone and send in the rebate. You still have to make monthly payments of $20 for 20 months which is $400 not including the tax. Everyone is on a different contract and in different situations which your not involved with. So go F ck yourself!!

        • Sorry, but your comment was removed. 

  • Next Churn Stat

    I finally spoke to a tmo prepaid rep yesterday in Mexico – not Phillipines. So refreshing as he actually knew what he was talking about. for first time he acknowledged all problems of exhibit2 as he said he had it too;had same issues and got rid of it. So dsily freezing and power cycling continues followed by new problems unable to send or receive mms. he tried changing settings but as so many have written in forums,problems continue. Bit for once,someone genuine,sincere and informed. cant write all the other stuff he told me. but if ur going prepaid, beg u dont get exhibit2.6 factory resets+2repairs+new motherboard=still not working. Rep couldnt believe how poorly ive been treated

    • Anonymous

      What does this have to do with anything?

    • Rex

      Um what’s up with your problem with the Philippines?  And what does that have to do with the sale post?

    • EXIBITman

      I have had my Exhibit2 for 8weeks not 1problem so far. you must have gotn a defective handset it is still under warenty get a new one.

  • black friday lines once more. 

  • Lisa

     I went to check to  see if they could do something about signal loss on
    my phone. The store was empty at 5 pm and  when I was done, 2 persons
    came in to pay their bills. Lol,
    Poor Tmobile!

    • Sanjay

      The corporate store nearest me was empty at 12 PM.

    • Hirmdog_40

      Whete do you live? And were you confusing Tmobile with sprint?

  • Matlock

    My store which is normally super slow, even on sale days, opened early yesterday and closed late because the store was packed full of customers til we closed our doors. We sold out of all the top phones including Galaxy S2, Amaze, and Sensation. my whole market is sold out of SGS2s, so dont know how we are gonna do anything today, seeing as how everyone wants the SGS2.

    • Samantha

       Ofcourse  and no wonder you are lying becos TMO pays you to do exactly that.

      • T-Mobile pays them to lie? Seriously?

        • Th3problem17

          david that’s how it is, imagine half the people you talk thinking you are a lying drone paid very well to sit in front of a computer and lie to people all day lol, very good business tactic.

        • JBLMOBILEG1

          If they would pay people to lie over what is said… well then… maybe they should pay me for telling the truth and praising them. LOL nah… I’ll do it for free. Hey Tmobile… can I get an early upgrade? :-D

      • Anonymous

        You have some kind of mental derangement to take up the energy to type a baseless thing like that 

      • Chatter

        I ignore negative comments but this is completely baseless. You really think TMo is paying him to come here, “lie” and discourage you to go into a store…. even though the sale is extended? What do they get out of this? Seriously?

      • Mk

        I am a TPR dealer and we broke records yesterday.  I have never seen our stores packed with this many people before. If the system had not bogged us down then we would have done 30% more business.  Some of our stores have so many phones on hold for today, and I am sure we will do a record business for Sunday too.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? David there needs to be a screening process to post comments here!

      • Mark Hennessey

        Really? I normally don’t feed trolls, but why did you post that?
        The store I went to yesterday sold out of the SGSII and the Amaze. I over heard the manager calling other stores to try to help customers – same story, the SGSII went first, then the Amaze. But even if I hadn’t seen and heard what I saw and heard yesterday I’d still have no reason to call Matlock a liar. 

  • poconopixie

    It wasn’t just the store systems that were affected. Gen Care was doing the sale as well for people that called in to order rather than going to a Retail store and they were in code Magenta (which means crazy-busy-all-hands-on-deck) all day. It caused slow downs and crashing of systems across the board.

  • Shawn

    I went in yesterday and yes the lines were long.  Unfortunately they opened with only 3 sales people, however as I was waiting two additional people came in.  I know each one of the associates and I have always found them to be very helpful.  Anyway we have eight phones with t-mobile (two separate family accounts since we have 5 children).  As I was upgrading one phone on my account that sale went swiftly, but the associate advised that the system was acting funny.  Well she went to upgrade three other phones on my other account and the system crashed. They were trying to do manual contracts, of course since this isn’t something that they are used to doing, there were issues…Even the manual credit card machine fell and broke.  Anyway the sales team at T-mobile (Hagerstown Maryland), worked hard and the customers were patient and waited.  I have been pleased with T-mobile, and I hope that they continue to move forward and grow strong.

  • Homestudio54

    Got in the store yesterday to upgrade our primary account’s phone. The place was packed with customers. The T-Mo reps were looking a little tired at around 6pm but they were all helpful and pleasant to ALL customers. Good job!

    Almost tempted to upgrade my phone too but I’m hoping to upgrade to the Lumia 900 in Q2. Fingers crossed TMO gets this device and have this kind of sale too! :-)

    Congratulations T-Mobile! The sale was a success!

  • TmoRep

    My store sold out of Galaxy S IIs within about 3 hours of open.

  • Liom

    I Have A QUESTION????

     I already have a Classic Plan with a 2 yr contract and i got it on summer 2011 and i wanna know if im eligible for this deal!!!!!!!

    • Ggdron00

      No your not, to be eligible you need to have a full upgrade available (22 months plus on your current contract).

    • Anonymous

       It would depend on when you last upgraded.  If you upgraded when you changed to the Classic Plan, then you would not be eligible.  If you just changed your plan at that time and it has been at least 22 months since you last upgraded, then you should be eligible.  You can see if you are eligible for an upgrade using Best Buy’s Upgrade Checker.

  • nd5

    Not tying to hijack your thread, but this is what T-Mobile should be doing… 

  • JulieP

    I got a great deal on my new Iphone from tmobile!! 

  • Bookhaja


    • Tenaciousdomain

      How is $99.99/$149.99 better than FREE?

      • When do you get the rebate back?

        • Anonymous

          According to what other’s people have wrote on this blog,anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. It is not a check,it’s a vista rebate card. 

      • Anonymous

        No rebate cards in the mail. That how. You don’t have to change your data plan either.
        I got GS2 in Dec at Target for $99.99 plus tax. Still my $10. unlimited data plan,
        without changing it. I believe the wait for MIR is anywhere from 3wks to 3months,that some people wrote on this blog,they waited 3months rebate card. So that how it is better.

        • Th3problem17

          phone first web doesn’t work with android phones, stop lying. you got 200 mb 

        • Anonymous

          Really? My data plan won’t work with my phone? Then how do I check my email,play angry birds,download app from the android market. Yes I do have 200 mb plan,then afterward it slows down. Which I don’t have a problem with. Now what were you saying?

        • Dominique

           Hate to tell you think Bklynman that you just had your 200MB unlimited plan removed and replaced with the newer 200MB plan with overages.   When you do an upgrade the web is replaced with the newer one.  The system requires it and since the unlimited 200MB is grandfathered then you don’t have it anymore.

        • Anonymous

          No,they try to change it,but the saleman  at Target told me everything would be the same. Call crs after I upgrade,they check to see if it was change,it wasnot. Then low behold I notice on my account overcharges for data,call retention. Told them what I told was told by Target,and crs. They change me back. If they didn’t change me back,I would of left TMO in a NY minute.
          Still might leave them anyway,because of no service in some buildings,and some parts of the in Brooklyn out in the open. Can anyone who claims they are TMO tech can tell us why TMO
          is the only major carrier has these problems? Also in Glendale Queens where good friend of mine lives you can’t get service in his apt.,sometime you can if you go right next to the window. So tech’s why does this happen? For one of his teenage son’s  he has Metropcs,he doesnot have any problems with his phone,getting calls,etc. Meaning he doesnot have go near the widow to make or receive calls. Any TMO techs care to tell us why this happens? 

        • Dominique

          It’s those locations.  I know of at least two buildings where Verizon is non-existent and T-mobile has a signal.  It’s all tower location and strength, which varies from place to place.

      • Bookhaja

        because if you read any of the previous comments you would see that it’s NOT FREE…you get a MIR but so many people catch hell from trying to get this rebate card….and most people end up spending 400 bucks for the phone in the long run….nothing is EVER free

    • Anonymous

      Upgrades are $99 at Target for SGSII.

    • Th3problem17

      whoaaa yay you get a whole 200 mb with your new 600.00 phone have tons of fun with that!

      • Anonymous

        Seriously what’s the point of even having a smart phone. I mean to each their own im not going to tell you how to spend your money or your time but 200mb is like, nothing.

    • Spiritdude1

      I got my upgrade for 99.99.

    • Realcool2000

      If cant understand that free is better than what prices you listed then I guess u dont understand much…..

  • JG01


    I want t-mobile to release form my contract and not pay the ETF’s. The reason is that T-mobile has failed to deliver the agreed upon level of services. I have had numerous dropped calls, network outages, extremely poor customer service, poorly trained staff that provide inaccurate information on device support, charges appearing on my bills that I did not use or purchase and their representatives lying to me which in turn has costed me over 100 hours in the past to years. There is a reason why Tmobile is at the bottom of customer satisfaction…this is it. I have to deal with a lot to earn my salary, I don’t want to spend that hard earned money on something that does not provide what they say they would. This is very misleading and deceptive. This company takes advantage of their customers and use abusive practices to extort money from them too. Tmobile employees has forgotten who pays their salaries and they feel that being paid a salary is an implicit right, rather than one earned. They have forgotten that business rely of customers !

    Examples of the bad service:

    1. Recently, I went to the store to reactivate my second line. In the process I asked that the number is changed and paid for a new SIM. They changed to number and activated the SIM. My son used the number for two days, then suddenly is hone stopped working. When calling customer service, they informed me that they did not see the new SIM or that the number was changed. I then spent an hour wit the rep to get the services with the old number restored, because it would mean that I would have to go back to store to redo this process again. This is what I mean about BAD service.

    2. Another, thing same day, the valentines day sale ( a free phone). I am on a value plan and wanted to take advantage of this offer, I called customer service(CS) and asked how can I do this. The rep told me, I could open an additional line and pay $5 a month which allow me to get a free phone (paying the down payment and getting the rebate). Because of my experience with CS, I called the store to confirm, the rep there told me the same thing. So after the incident above, I went to the store. Spent two hours waiting to get the phone. Finally got to pay for the phone and was told something total different from what i was originally told. Now, I cannot get the deal and would have to pay the down payment and place the rest of cost of the phone on a monthly payment plan. So what happened to the free phone. The rep called customer service to explain the situation, they would only speak to me. I explained what had happened and how my time had been wasted. The only thing they could is sorry. SORRY, what the heck ! I don’t a have rewind button to get back my time they just burned. In addition, the Tmobile reps use the SORRY so often that it means nothing. Actually, it does mean something….we just screwed up and wasted your time and it means nothing to us and we are not going to do anything about it…that is what their SORRY means.

    The definition for the word SORRY for all those ignorant TMobile employees is: 

    Recognizing that you have done something wrong, intend to not let it happen again and fixing the current situation. Toilet paper has more value that the word SORRY to T-mobile employees

    3. Other times, I have called to support on my device, After being bounced around from one rep to the other, i finally get to tech support, only to be told they rep has not been trained on the device so they cannot help me. Other calls, the rep has stated that know the device, but when a logical questions is asked about the workings of the device, they make up a lot of BS to answer the question. How do I know it’s BS…this is because I work in the IT sector and know a lot about hardware, operating systems and software. The only reason why i called them is because I did not want to wait until I got home to turn on my computer and research it myself. Just try to save time….they did not happen!!

    4. I don’t how many times I have had dropped calls. They all seem to mainly happen I have called some other companies customer services and spent 45 minutes to hour working on something, to have call back to spend an other hour explaining the same thing again. This is extremely frustrating and time wasting…….this is what we are paying T-Mobile for… to stress us out and wasting our time !! WOW , what a line of business to be in…killing your customers slowly! Let’s torture them first with a 2 year contract!

    5. Charges magically appear on my bill. This is a really amazing trick that they do. I don’t know how they do it… it’s like they have David Copperfield sitting in front of their computers at billing time working his magic! But you know what, I see the voodoo they are doing and catch them on it !! The other thing on this topic is what they report for my data usage. What a load of BS !!!  I rooted my phone an removed the BS bloatware they put  on it, which uses up my phones resources , including my data. In addition, I turn off my data connection when not using it and use my wifi for most downloads. However, they say that I use three times more that what I actually use ( I have an app that monitors my data connections)…..another David Copperfield trick. I tell you , these guys at T-Mobile should moved to Vegas, it would be a very entertaining show explaining how they do these tricks or performing them live !!

    Topics 2, 3, 4 and 5 happen quite often and is the norm of T-Mobile’s business practice. This tells me that the customer is not at the forefront of their focus.Their staff are poorly trained, not equipped to deal with a legitimate situation and offer no real resolution to make their customers want to stay, expect to state that your is a 2 year contract and we will charge you an ETF ( they know most people wont want to pay the ETF , so they stay). Have you ever had your hands and feet tried behind your back while someone slaps and kicks you in the face? if you have not, this is it !!

    The success of a company is, customers wanting to stay, not how many they make stay !!

    T-mobile has been hostile towards their customers , more so recently during the period of the intended takeover by ATT. The customers have suffered throughout this period and T-Mobile is doing very little to correct this. Companies like this have eroded consumers rights to the point where they dictate what the customer can do. The contracts that make you sign is what they use to abuse the customer for the duration. Even with the purchasing of a smartphone they dictate what you can do with a device that is owned by the consumer. They have forgotten that once the customer purchases the device, it is not owned by the wireless company, but the customer ( like a laptop). This type of bullying and abusive behavior needs to stop !F U T-MOBILE IDOITS

    • Susan4U

      have dealt with the same problems as yourself. I’m leaving TMobile as well, even if I have to pay the ETF. Even moving over to another carrier with higher prices is okay with me, at least I will be paying for a service and actually getting it. What good is lower prices for a service that doesn’t work half the time and a customer service that doesn’t help at all. Good bye TMobile!!! You deserve to be at the bottom of the list. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m definitely not a T-mobile fan at all, but why bother staying then.  Even if they can’t release you without ETF… maybe its worth it to pay the etf’s in the long run.  You did sign the service contract after all and agreed to the terms of service.  Just go, put a bullet in the situation and move on.  I’m sure one of the other 3 will be more than happy to give you service in exchange for money lol….

      • Tbyrne

        LOL, Indeed!

    • Guest

      You are not alone in your complaints. You can Google “T-Mobile complaint” and spend the next year reading them all.

      Even this promotion is getting its share of complaints.


    • Realcool2000

      Sounds like you have many more problems than Tmobile in your life.

    • Aaron Tant

      Everything I have just read can be said of every other provider…

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile value plan with 2 years contract – till February 1, 2014: Loyalty department – helped by DANIEL (employee no. 1244098) Ingrid (employee no. 58046) Maira (employee no. 47271) Chris (february 1,2012)
    $49.98 – 1000 whenever minutes (unlimited nights & weekends and tmobile-tmobile unlimited call)
    $20 – 5gb (unlimited) (no overages) Super fast internet speed (18mbps-28mbps consistently here in Austin,Texas)
    $10 – 2gb (unlimited) (no overages) Super fast internet speed (18mbps-28mbps consistently here in Austin, Texas)
    $5 – 3rd line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)
    $5 – 4th line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)
    $20 – domestic & international (worldwide) – all kinds of messaging (unlimited) for all 4 lines
    Total – $109.98 plus taxes & fees with 15% corporate discount and $10 loyalty discount/month till the contract expires.
    So we are looking between $90-$110/month for 4 lines. That is one heck of a deal that NO ONE CAN BEAT.
    * Free wifi calling for all 4 lines (will not use minutes to call anybody (domestic) as long its in wifi zone)
    * Corporate discounts – effective till the contract expires
    * Replace all sim card – 4 lines to 4g sim (tmobile store) – free.
    * Can take off internet data features in any line, anytime? their answer is YES.   
    * $120 credit towards the coming bill
    * No migration fee
    * no upgrade fee
    * Block pay per use web for lines – (free)
    * Web guard – teen (free)
    * International long distance blocking for all lines (free)

    Theres more freebies we got from free phone (1 day sale of samsung galaxy s2 & htc amaze) to 1st month credit on our account.
    I was an AT&T subscriber for 8 years and will never go back to them forever…

    • Caire2922U2

      Im glad your happy with the deal. I’ve been with TMobile since 2001 and was treated horrible by the Loyalty customer care. I’ve had problems with my phone and service for months and customer service doesn’t do a thing to help. I think all of these phone companies have problems but I think Tmobile has really gone down the hill in customer care and service. Good luck with your service. I hope Tmobile execs are reading these post, maybe they can change and fix the problems. So long Tmobile. 

      • Vim

        T-Mobile has always bent over backward to be helpful to me in the past.  That includes sales reps, customer service, tech support, and most especially, retentions/loyalty.   Now granted, I didn’t have a reason to deal with them while the AT&T merger was pending and their customer service rating nose-dived.  So I guess I’ve been fortunate.  Nevertheless my experience yesterday was just as pleasant as my experiences of old.  

    • Wait until you’ve been with T-Mobile for 8 years (been with them since 2003). LOL

      Like Caire2922U2 here, no such thing as Loyalty.

      • Anonymous

        Theres no perfect company (i know) but for the moment ONLY THEM can give that insane pricing for those services im getting now.
        The unlimited messaging (txt,mms & all kinds of messages) worlwide is crazy for ONLY $20 for 4 lines.
        Im getting super fast speed on my internet using the tmobile galaxy s2 & Htc amaze here in Austin, Texas.

        • Anonymous

          Ohh iforgot, wifi calling (will not use minutes) so u can use it 24/7 without paying anything anywhere you are and people will still see your phone no., and will think your using the cellsite by tmobile.

        •  That I can’t disagree with.  They do offer the lowest plans available, I think.  Now I hear that AT&T might offer shared data.  If that plan is attractive enough, I might switch, plus I really want a Galaxy Note.

    • Anonymous

      That is really cheap, i’ll have to give T-Mo credit on that one.

      However you just made it more apparent why these poor bastards are broke and make little profit in comparison to the larger carriers.

      I hope i live to see the day when T-Mobile service is so needed and is a valid competitive option.  This is like  giving away service which is great for you and every other consumer, but i can’t imagine this really helps their bottom line EOY.  They would be able to fix themselves if they could offer this in as many places as the bigger guys with the same overall quality.  

      The other guys have done an amazing job of using “you pay for what you get” wireless mentality.  If they could improve their overall service reception and get their infrastructure up to snuff with the bigger guys than they’d be really dominating.  

      • Tbyrne

        Nice points Gouv. Hopefully T-Mobile can become a bigger competitor down the road. Only time will tell.

        • Anonymous

          This is why i think they need to fold and reform.  I know you think i’m tmo negative when in all reality i just think that this company in its current state is quite crippled and sadly self-limiting.

          Basically it’s my overall attitude towards “el quatro”.  It’s why i hate sheeple that preach blindly about their endless love of the present magenta slop-fest.I think you  may finally understand my point of view even though you can be a big weenie sometimes!!!

  • JQuest

    Man, what’s up with all the negativity?? T-Mobile has always treated me great! This is a sale they should’ve had a while ago. I’m not full upgrade eligible until may, otherwise I would’ve taken advantage of this bad boy! Hopefully they have another sale like this soon…

    btw, this was probably a great way to clear off their shelves of their EOLs and make room for some hot devices… :-) keep rocking, Tmo!

  • Otter44

    Is anyone else having mms problems? All over forums; rep told me many device issues need different settings. We changed mine & still not working. Some sms even failing but mms either say sending or dont download, or get sent hours later. So frustrated by Tmo problems & bad service & SOME really bad reps that I cant in good conscience sign a 2year contract even though eligible. Company is a clusterF…Forums full of same complaints yet reps say “nothing we can do.” Thts why Jd power ranked dead last. This is no longer your father’s T-mobile. Feel I’m watching a company self destruct

  • JadedNYer

    I had fantastic service. The rep who helped my yesterday called me this morning and told me she had the two Bolds I tried to buy yesterday and the EIPs were all set up. I was in and out of the store in twenty minutes. Unlike yesterday, the store was empty so I am not sure if the word got out about the sale being extended.

    • Anonymous

      2 Bolds? Are you saying you brought two Behold 2’s yesterday? Just wondering if you did.

      • JadedNYer

        BlackBerry Bolds.

  • Respawn

    Wow, what’s with all the negativity? I’m no longer with T-Mobile, but when I was with them, my service wasn’t that bad. In fact, the only reason I switched was because I moved out of the coverage area. However, I look forward to the day I can move back into the coverage area and have my T-Mobile service again.

    • Tbyrne

      Thanks Respawn. It’s nice to have some common sense up in here. I hope you’ll be able come back to T-Mobile sooner than later. Peace Out!

      • Anonymous

        “Peace out” ???

         You just couldn’t avoid that unnecessary corniness, could you?WHAT A WEENIE!!!

  • B’more

    FYI. to avoid further future drama and for peace of mind, With best buy Samsung Galaxy SII  is $149 and whatever data plan you want, its all you choice.

    • B’more

      I mean it’s all your choice

  • Chuck

    Went to tmobile store, one customer only before me  and just canceled my tmobile account after 10 yrs with them. relief!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      So you’ve been in wireless carrier misery for 10 years??  Why did you stay so long then? Were you always this miserable with their service? Who did you end up going with?

      • Chuck

         I switched to Sprint today. There were 4 customers at the Sprint store where as the Tmo store had only one customer besides me

        • Realcool2000

          If you are going to lie, at least lie well.

        • riderdiechic

           When I went to the tmobile store on yesterday morning at opening time to upgrade my phone, their was already 4 people ahead of me.  By the time I left around 20 more people had came into the store waiting in line.  When I drove by the same t mobile store around 7 PM Saturday night it was still crowded inside the store.

        • Tbyrne

          Look! Gouv’s asking you why you were so miserable with T-Mobiles service? Seems like you’re avoiding his question sir. I too am curious what exactly about T-Mobile did you not find to your liking?

        • moneyman

          I dont understand how the concept of more people being at a store means the business us better; those could’ve been complaints lol. Cancelling service and repeating actions on the tmonews website sounds counterproductive. Like a relationship, no company is perfect and people need to realize this business goes both ways. Cell phone companies messed up when they started offering “free” phones….now customers want free everything and expects them to continuously run their business charging $30 for monthly service and subsidized phones for free lol….again counterproductive

        • Whiskers

          Just wait until you use that truly unlimited internet of theirs , lol.
          It’s so slow no wonder they offer  unlimited , it would take you the 2 year contract agreement to download any real file on your phone.
          Ans not to mention the billing nightmares soon to be upon you,lol.
          Good luck !

        • Anonymous

          Have fun with those data speeds…

    • I’ve seen this happening today. My friend called into customer care and was told she can get the offer of a free SGII and a $250 one time credit. The guy then tells here there is no charge for the order. Then he says before the order can be processed we will need a credit card(WTF!). She asked if it was free, then why do you need my credit card. She said the phone call got disconnected. So she called back and was told she wasn’t offered that deal and she is now a Sprint customer.

      • Tbyrne

        Of course they need a credit card to activate the order. She would’ve got a $250.00 credit. Shouldn’t of  gave up so quickly. Have your friend say hi to Dan when she opens up her first Sprint bill.

    • Thehawk777

      Lies you can’t cancel service in store. You monkey troll!

      • Chuck

         u idiot, i first went to tmo store and canceled my account it on phone with retention rep on 611. when did i say i canceled my account at tmobile store?

        • Tbyrne

          Uh, excuse me Chuck. You did state: “Went to tmobile store,………..canceled my tmobile account after 10 yrs with them.” Why did you cancel? Just curious.

        • riderdiechic

           At Chuck, if you re-read your statement.  How you phrased it, anyone would think that you’re saying that you actually cancelled your account when you went into the tmobile store.

        • Eric Sundburg

          what did you go for to the store and waited in line for?

    • So you canceled after waiting in line?

      I take it with only one customer to go before you got service that something happened to where you had finally had it and walked out the store. (I do that at times when the line is too long; I get frustrated, leave, and shop somewhere else.)

      What caused you to cancel your account  after your in-store experience? Line too long, wait too long? Did you overhear the CSRs and they say something you did not like hearing?

  • Rlistboy

    Waited in line in Durham, NC for almost 2hrs this afternoon after being turned away Saturday.  Left without even getting to speak to a Rep.  Pretty sad as I would have liked the deal…

    • riderdiechic

       why did you leave without speaking to a rep?

  • steven

    Man. To all of you complainers, spend one day in our shoes. Every tmo employee i know is a professional and truly means to do well by the company and do what is right by our customers.

  • dee

    I was able to upgrade two lines with no mail -in rebate required , no upgrade fees, no s&h fees. and best of all, i did not have to change my plan to unlimited classic like they said !

    • Anonymous

      How did you get around not paying upgrade fee’s?

      • dee

        Customer loyalty !

  • Nicky

     Tired of tmoblie’s fake promotions and horrible customer service. I am canceling tmo account soon.

    • Anonymous

      You are? Awesome! You should go to ATT and pay a $36 upgradefee per line :-) Now that is customer service!

      • Anonymous

         Plus they are also throttling their grandfathered “unlimited” customers at 2gb. All of those people who kept laughing and boasting about using 10gb in one month are not too happy as you would assume, karma is a bitch. I would never ever give my money to ATT, no thanks im very happy with TMO.

    • Anonymous

      LOL so go!!

  • Lani

    Hope TMO announces a Samsung note soon

    • Anonymous

      I hope  so to!

      • Mark

         I’m with you two!

  • TMoFan

    I’m glad this deal was extended. I’m waiting out my contract at the end of the year, but I did walk by a T-Mobile store this weekend and it had quite a few people in it. Probably one of the few times I’ve seen it that busy. Hats off to the T-Mobile employees for their work during this exhausting weekend.

    • me

      A friend of mine is a retail sales rep at the local T-Mo store and he said his 5-8 hour shift turned into almost 12 hours. They must have called him in early AND asked to stay past closing to help everyone.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many other carrier Reps are posting negative stuff on here. Jealous much? I mean seriously people. lol!

    • riderdiechic

       same thing I said/wonder…….LOL

  • Impermanent

    the data on 3 of my phone says  preferred mytouch, or preferred android, been customer  since 2003 and subscribed to data service since mid 2011. how do I exactly know  the cap? 2GB 5GB? when i call and ask,some reps says mine has no cap, some says 2gb, some says 5gb., mytmobile.com only shows how much data used not  what i exactly have. so if any one of you have clues, let me know

  • I love Tmobile! Instead of going to a store, i just called customer service and  took em up on there promotion they were running this past weekend and i was hooked up with a new free 4g phone within 10 mins after being on hold for 26 mins, but time goes by when your  surfing on the web and playing games in the comfort of your own home! No deposit, no extra fees, not a penny! Ive been with tmobile for many,many,many,many years and they have always been excellent to me in every way.

  • Adiela

    Just got a t-mobile springboard from the V-day sale!! I’ve been a t-mobile customer for over 10 years and I’l never leave if I don’t have to!!! AMAZING marketing planT-Mobile… Every tmobile in boston was swamped with customers both friday and saturday

  • JadedNYer

    Just an FYI for those submitting rebate forms. The fine print on the side says that you must complete one phone call from the extended line in order to be eligible for the rebate.

  • Kimweir

    I went in there and wanting to see if I could upgrade, my renewal on one line is the 14th. 3 days early shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Finally got to a rep and this guy told me no right away, I have hated this rep for many years. He wouldn’t even give me the time of day. He made me so mad I want him fired.

    • Bossaliniej16

      all you had to do was call customer service. i was a month out and they changed it for me with no problem.

      • Dominique

        They can manually override the order but your MIR will get denied.  They have absolutely no control over that part.

    • you want him fired because he did his job?  CLEARLY it says…”with qualifying upgrade or new line”.  Call customer care next time you try to cheat the system, dont blame it on the rep trying to do his job.

      • Anonymous

        Are you kidding me? 3 days early constitutes as trying to cheat the system? Thank god you’re not a cop, you would probably hand out tickets like candy to people going 3mph over the speed limit.

    • Justamazing87

      Lol he probably knows u hate him. Why would I do anything for anyone I hate.

  • Bossaliniej16

    All it does is slows down your speed when you go over the data. 

  • RobertoPalaci

    Got mine this past Saturday…..for free, well only paid for $5.40 shipping.  I called Tmo CS and was informed of 250 up front but will be free due to MIR. I told them that I had a really lengthy and problematic situation the last time I took advantage of their MIR. Took them about 4 months to get my rebate to me.  I asked to be transfered to loyalty department.  Mentioned to them that I’ve been with TMO/Suncom/Cingular wireless cycle and wanted to see if I qualify for any “thanks for sticking with us” deal….all I had to do was give up the white for the black Samsung Galaxy S2 and its free. Of course nothing in life are free, but since I have been under Classic unlimited and already with 5gb plan, I couldn’t pass this up.  Good luck to those still trying.  Peace.

    • Anonymous

      You won’t regret switching to the black one, the white one is over rated and besides, the light bleeds from where the home/back/search buttons are so it makes the phone look ugly and cheap.

    • Diana

      I’ve never had a rebate from T-Mobile, largely because if I ever hear of a “rebate” deal, I run screaming.  ANY time I’ve EVER had a “rebate” from another company, I’ve never…NOT ONE TIME…gotten the rebate.  And that includes sending the rebate in certified mail with signature required and photocopies of the evidence.

      Rebates are a scam, but not by the company offering them.  They’re a scam by the rebate companies.

  • FaTeke

    I went to T-Mobile on Saturday to get my FREE phone only to find out they weren’t free, I paid the $200 deposite up front but had to finance $400 for my Galaxy S2 phone.  Where is the free in that?  Yes they’re going to refun my $200 depoosit, but I’m still paying $400 for the phone. Truth in advertising anyone?

    • Anonymous

      You may be a victim of an uninformed Rep. May want to go back to the store to talk to the manager.

    • Anonymous

       Im guessing you’re on a value plan? I think the truly “free” were only for the classic plans.

    • Honorable

      Yeah must have been a value plan because the initial down payment is free on a value plan.  The phone is only free after MIR on a classic plan which in most cases you do pay for the phone but you get it all back with MIR which only takes a few weeks.

      • riderdiechic

         Khalints is correct

  • Justamazing87

    Your data has no cap but can get throtteled depending on what plan u have

    • Impermanent

       thats not what i asked.

  • hankchanaski

    Went to store on sat, the rep had no idea what she was doing, basicly just throwing out figures, all i wanted to do was add a line (free phone) and upgrade my other phone. They wanted me to pay 400$ for the add a line and upgrade, she couldnt come up with a reason for paying to add a line. Then she wanted me to pay 50$ per line to change plans, totaling 550$ for the trip to the store. I WALKED OUT! Came home and decided i would just call customer service and make my transaction that way. BIG MISTAKE! After talking to 7 different people for 3.5 hours, i got told that a rep would call me on sunday to straighten out all the issues. I am still waiting for that call. I have been a tmobile customer for the better part of a decade, and honestly, until saturday never had an issue with a store employee or customer service. If this situation doesnt get resolved in a timely manner, i am off to verizon to get 3 iphones, and never dealing with tmobile again.

  • warpwiz

    I went early Saturday afternoon and endured the hour+ wait and then another 1/2 hour for the system to come back up. I compliment the store managers who continued to circulate, apologizing for the wait and explaining the computer glitch (so many retail managers hide during trouble and let their clerks take the heat). Everyone I saw seemed to appreciate the crowds and the out-of-out-control-computer problems and took it in stride.

    compliments to TMo & staff. 

  • Honorable

    I would just like to thank all the phone reps, store reps and managers both in the stores and in the call centers for their support.  We were able to fulfill most of the needs of the eligible customers between the 2 days.  We couldn’t have done it without that support.  Also, thank you to all the patient customers out their that showed some understanding with the system issues.  Congrats on you new phones you deserve it!!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure you have 5gb because it was the standard up until almost the end of the year when they introduced 2gb throttle points IIRC, don’t quote me on that im not 100% sure but im almost positive you have 5gb

  • My2Cents

    The sale was rubbish. 

    At least:

    Classic unlimited plan required. – $140/month for 2 lines (Value plan $100) 
    Galaxy 2 or HTC amaze            –  $40/month for 2 lines 

    total of $80/month plus taxes for 2 year contract

    $1920 per month extra over the 2 year life of the contract vs the Value plan.

    Save yourself some money in the long run.  Sign up for your value plan at a $100 per month and go on craigslist and get yourself a couple of brand new galaxy 2’s for $400 bucks or so.

    Also.. is the phone really free if you charge someone $20/month per phone for 2 years by giving them the “free” phone up front.  Oh yes and you have to get the “Free phone” by mail in rebate.  So you still pay $275 per phone up front?

    • Cdogg

      On the value plan you don’t get phone discounts and pay the phone over the course of 20 months after the initial down-payment. With this deal you get the down-payment for free, which is the same as getting a phone discount on the value plan.  Therefore getting the best of both worlds.  The phone is only for free after MIR on the classic plan.  You should have asked the rep how it worked or read the material.  Too bad you missed out because you didnt understand it. lol.  The sale was not “rubbish” only your perception of how it worked is.

      • My2Cents

        Sounds like you work for T-mobile.  stop lying to customers and telling them you’re giving them “free” phones.

        • I would think it’s also on the customer to try and do a little research ahead of time.

        • My2Cents

          I agree with you David.  But T-mobile doesn’t post the details of these sales up front on their website to even do any research up front.  Also when you arrive at the store during these sales there is no information available that let’s you know what your options are.  Or what you will be required to pay if you go with the “free” phone. 

          In fact my sales rep wrote my quote on a piece of paper.  No official documentation was available.  So I did my due diligence by researching ahead of time what their rate plans looked like.  But I can’t know what T-mobile doesn’t tell you or have available on their website.

    • Henry1970

      I live in the Miami area and we had the instant rebate. I left with a brand new HTC Amaze in white for my wife and all I had to pay was $19.75 for the upgrade fee……….

    • your math looks off. value plan is $100 a month isn’t it?then you pay $40 for your phones. or you pay $140 then get free phones. if it’s a new line then you have to pay upfront and handle the mail in rebate. if it’s an upgrade, you could have called in instead and had the rebate taking care of instantly so you wouldn’t have any upfront costs.

    • My2Cents

      My math is not off.  It’s plan for plan.  Just look at T-mobiles website. It’s not my “perception” of how the sale works. I physically went into the store and that is what I was quoted for the plan.  I did not miss out on anything.  If you don’t want a phone subsidy you can get 2 lines for $100/month 2 year contract.  comes with unlimited Text Talk and 2GB of Highspeed Data.  If you want a subsidized plan It’s $140/month for 2 lines for the same plan.

      If you wanted the “Free” Valentines day deal, and you wanted either an Amaze or a Galaxy 2.  you had to pay and additional $20/month per phone. 

      My math is perfectly correct thank you.  This was a quote directly from the sales rep at a T-mobile retail store.  Also with the Value plan you can bring your own phone into the plan you don’t have to pay for it over a 20 month period. 

      So again it is not free.  If you got it cheaper than what I was quoted then good for you, and bad on T-mobile for quoting different rates to different customers. 

  • Anonymous

    My biggest complaints with these MIR’s is if you paid cash you do not get cash back. The essence of free is hurt by a prepaid card and unless you can turn that into cash or deposit that in the bank, you are not getting all your money back unless you mythotically can spend the equivalent of the card.

    • JadedNYer

      The bottom of the rebate firm says you can convert the card to cash at any bank that has a Visa sign. The card is issued by Citibank so I imagine any branch could give you cash.

      • Anonymous

        Houston is no small city and i cannot think of ever seeing a single citibank location. Nevertheless thank you for your well-informed response.

        • JadedNYer

          It says in the small print on the right hand side that you can receive cash for the balance at any Visa member bank. You can NOT use it at an ATM.

          It also says in that column of small print that you must make at least one completed phone call. I posted this below but I am sure people might miss it.

        • JadedNYer

          And I apologize for the earlier post. Not the bottom but the right hand side.

          I called about the rebate today because my sales person told my to cut the SKU labels and send those too. Nothing on the form indicates that this is required but I wanted to confirm. The person I spoke with told me that labels haven’t been required for several years but then again she also didn’t know that the sale had been extended.

  • Frigadroid

    Good to hear they were selling out of those old phones :-) They almost had me but I’m wanting to see something new. If androids it has to be ICS & Nokia’s better offering maybe will come?
    What I need for the “right” sale is a jumbo plan like some were saying they have across the pond. I want 2 lines unlimited talk & text 10Gb data with roaming Tmobiles TV, tethering, caller id, international text everything you need included. The “Envy Plan” others on high price carriers will envy what you can get on tmobile for $149.99. $50 more than the best value for premium value. I know some will say I’m a nut job or worse whine “tmobile can’t afford it” BS most people will not maximize the plan while some who do are the phone geeks who can do tmobile more good by having their positive endorsement on the blogs and in person.
    The best advertisement is word of mouth from a trusted source. That’s exactly why people pick an iphone many times because someone they trusted to know better than them recommended it to them.

    • Tbyrne

      Ok Frigadroid, I’ll humor you. You’re a nut job who always whines! There, I said it.

      • Frigadroid

        Seriously though am I the only one who wants an all included plan? The way I see it plenty of people are willing to pay more on other carriers so I figure the churn boils down to people who want the cheaper walmart plans or something the others have to offer that tmobile lacks. Business 101 if you can offer more for the same price people on the fence will pick more.

        • Tbyrne


  • EXIBITman

    I didnt want any of those phones anyway i am waitn for the allnew samsung Exhibit 3 to be released. with andriod 4.01 and a 4.5 inch amoled screen. duelcore prOcesser.

    • Anonymous

      It was already,it is call SG2!

  • Impermanent

     the data on 3 of my phone says  preferred mytouch, or preferred android,
    been customer  since 2003 and subscribed to data service since mid
    2011. how do I exactly know  the cap? 2GB 5GB? all i want to know is   is mine 2g./5gb or 10gb? when i call and ask,some
    reps says mine has no cap, some says 2gb, some says 5gb., mytmobile.com only shows how much data used not  what i exactly have. so if any one of you have clues, let me know. i am not asking if i get throttled down in speed after reaching  what i have/

    • dan

      5 Gigs on preferred android. i have that data plan

      • Impermanent

         how u know urs if the 5gigs one?

        • JBLMOBILEG1

          Download the My account app in the Android Market and it will tell you everything you need to know. It’s put out by Tmobile and it works pretty good.

    • Diana

      You may be like me, and *not actually have a cap* (or any throttling), in which case I STRONGLY encourage you to NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES to your account.

      Legacy accounts FTW!!!

  • Lithium

    I ordered my upgrade (white GS2) yesterday morning – upgraded to the classic plan, paying $10/mo for what effectively amounts to unlimited minutes (vs. 1000 min before). Just got email saying the white GS2 is backorder.  Does anyone know if I can try to pick up at store? 

    • riderdiechic

       The T Mobile stores do not carry the white.

  • Joaquin603

    I guess you all had bad experiences I called and ordered upgrades for four lines 2 Nokia Lumia, SGS2 White, Amaze white, all of them free (l in rebate) kept same plan each line got 200mb of data. And yes I got them on the Valentines special. Idk I’ve been told I’ve got huge amounts of luck but I believe I know how to talk with people and no I’m no hustler

  • EXIBITman

    I have the 30$ 1000 min unlimited text 5gb of supa fast 4g’s data on my Exhibits 2.

    • DopeDesign

      If you opted to take advantage of the V-Day offer, please make sure you change your plan to the unlimited.  You must have the unlimited plan in order to get the rebates approved.  I just dont want you to have problems later.