Samsung Commits To Increasing Smartphone Battery Life In 2012, Hopes For All-Day Use

Samsung is undertaking some nifty goal setting in 2012, promising that smartphones arriving this year can last a full day under average to moderately heavy use, according to Kevin Packingham, vice president of product innovation at Samsung.

“When you wake up to when you go to bed, we don’t want you feeling anxiety about your battery life,” he said in an interview at CES.

While smartphone releases are packing more and more features, the one thing that seems to suffer at the cost of these additional features, is battery life. The problem worsens as screen size increases, faster processors are added and 4G LTE…well 4G LTE has proven time and time again to be quite the battery killer.

With the release of the DROID RAZR MAXX, Motorola is attempting to solve the problem by increasing the size of the battery, at the expense of the size of the phone. Samsung says they will move to bigger batteries, but also work to optimize various aspects of the phone, from the way it searches for Wi-Fi, to how often it uses the 4G LTE radio.

The problem is — how does one define average to moderately heavy use? That’s pretty tough to nail down and I’m not sure the tradeoff of a heavier and bulkier device is worth the increase in battery life. So here’s the question, would you buy a slightly bulkier phone to help you power through the day or is slim more important?


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  • Anonymous

    I would go for a slightly thicker phone to get more battery life than to get a ridiculously thin phone that has a crappy battery life.  As it is, it feels like these razor thin phones that are coming out are getting more and more uncomfortable to hold.

    Thank goodness I don’t like to wear skinny jeans.  If I wore those skinny jeans, and I had one of those super thin phones with a huge screen in my pocket, I’m sure I would crack the screen when I squatted down to pick something up.

    • Erik Neu

      I agree. Some of the new phones, like Galaxy S2, are more than thin enough. I would be happy to add another 1mm for significantly more battery life. Oh, while we are at it–can we standardize battery form-factors? I would rank that even ahead of battery life.

  • Teamgunstar

     I am running a Nexus S on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, and right now I am at 72% battery like and its been unplugged for just over 20 hours. Great battery life.

    • Yeah I got 18 hours on my Nexus S 4.0.3 when I wasn’t using it and instead playing PS3 and cooking pork chop sandwiches all day, but 7 hours when I actually left the house and used it for occasional browsing and music. 

    • J-Hop2o6

      You have to actually USE your phone.

  • Anonymous

    I for one say STOP making the phones super thin just to say its super thin.  I will take a 10mm phone with a 2000+ mAh than a 8mm phone with a 1500. 

    What’s worse is the fact that I can’t even buy an extended life battery with NFC in it.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Actually u can fit a 3000 mAh batter in a 10mm phone.. The Droid MAXX is ~ 10mm and has a 3300mAh battery.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I knew it had a bigger battle but not THAT big! That’s what I’d like to be more common.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Yea its huge. But yea, I rather see this trend catch on. I believe Samsung is going this way a bit also + some other trickery.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Yea its huge. But yea, I rather see this trend catch on. I believe Samsung is going this way a bit also + some other trickery.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Yea its huge. But yea, I rather see this trend catch on. I believe Samsung is going this way a bit also + some other trickery.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Yea its huge. But yea, I rather see this trend catch on. I believe Samsung is going this way a bit also + some other trickery.

    • WRXM33

      Is NFC on the battery is a must?  I don’t use NFC too often and it is just for fun, at least for now….

      • Anonymous

        Honestly, its not a must cuz I’ve actually stopped using the tags I have set up but I really should be using them. I have stuff like turn down volume, turn off wifi set up.

  • Petecarrion

    I just bought an extended battery for my samsung Vibrant. 3500 mah up from 1500mah. Now I gêt almost 12 hours from 6. I would definitely go bulkier for a better battery.

    • I LOVE not giving a tinker’s damn about how many mA my battery capacity is.   I love not having to change my battery.   I love not having to worry if I remembered to plug in my phone last night.

      I love that my iPhone Just Works.

      • Anonymous

        “my iPhone Just Works”

        Unless you want modern data standards like LTE or WiMax, proper Microsoft Office compatibility, real multitasking, the XBox Live experience, an open standards-compliant cloud computing environment, standard recharging via Micro-USB, a proper keyboard, a screen larger than a postage stamp…

  • Ban people who post “amazing” battery life when their phone screen is never on and is always in airplane mode

  • Anonymous

    Now they’re trying to copy Apple’s battery life. 

    • J-Hop2o6


    • Exactly. My iPhone lasts 2 days with average use.

      • Anonymous

        Annnd your display is 3.5″ with no LTE, of course it lasts longer. It’s called logic.

        • Some people like to use their phone, rather than carrying a discharged brick. Now that’s logic.

        • Anonymous

          My 4.3″ phone still makes it from 8 am until 12pm. Not sure what your problem is, but im sitting here using my phone with no problems.

        • dvdphn

          Wow, a whole 4 hours. :D

        • Anonymous

          LOL! You caught it before I updated! I meant to say 8 am to midnight… you win though, well played sir.

        • Someone

          that’s great, but what happens if you actually use the phone instead of leaving it in standby?

        • Aaaaaand, I can use it with one hand…BECAUSE IT DOESN’T HAVE A GARGANTUAN SCREEN.  It’s about the right-sized screen, not a size-queen-sized screen.

          Apple didn’t add 3G until the time was right, and I was happy about that.  I’m not missing 4G, either.   2-2.5Mbps down / 1Mbps up for those rare times i’m not at home and not at work or not at a friend’s or otherwise not near public WiFi?  

          LTE will be swell, I’m sure.  It’s latency that kills when you’re surfing, NOT speed.

        • Anonymous

          Annnd i cant use my 4.3″ phone with one hand. Im sorry you have tiny hands.

        • Anonymous

          “you’re comparing a phone with a smaller display and a less power
          intensive data chip to a phone with a much larger display and a data
          chip that sucks more juice”

          This also isn’t super-relevant.  Super AMOLED uses less battery power than LCD (Apple) in many cases.  And the Android phone *needs* that super-chipset simply to run without lagging.  My “slow” Windows Phone with a single-core 1 GHz Snapdragon blows the doors off of the dual-core Android and Apple 4S devices because its software is optimized for smooth performance.

          It’s a balance between good hardware and good software that delivers a good experience.  Apple underdelivers on the hardware front, whereas Android underdelivers on the software front.

        • BB

          That’s the problem – Android is ALL software, and it can’t even get that right.

        • Anonymous

          “It’s latency that kills when you’re surfing, NOT speed.”

          Nonsense.  Latency means a longer wait before the first packet comes across, but on the multi-megabyte pages of today, a 10K/second EDGE connection is going to take forever.

          “Apple didn’t add 3G until the time was right, and I was happy about that.”

          Statements like these make me seriously question someone’s sanity.  What “made the time right?”  The fact that Apple finally decided to catch up to other 3G handsets released years earlier?

          You know the iPhone 3G and 3GS both used bog-standard chipsets no different from those made for other phones, right?  Apple didn’t invent some magical super-efficient chipset.  They use the same Qualcomm stuff everyone else does.

        • Spanky

          Unfortunately, the mindset of a typical Apple user is that their precious can do no wrong. Any time you point out a negative aspect of the iPhone, they will always spin it into a positive one, praising Apple for their decisions. On the other hand, not all Apple users are like that. It’s just the iFans that make the rest look bad.

        • Seriously?

          Unfortunately, the mindset of a typical Android user is that their precious can do no wrong. Any time you point out a Samsung phone is a clone of the iPhone, they will always spin it into a cognitive denial, condemning Apple users for their decisions. On the other hand, not all Android users are like that. It’s just the ones that use ‘iPuns’ that make the rest look bad.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if its really ‘copying’ as much as it’s just adopting Apple’s ‘common sense over bullet points’ approach.

      Samsung is facing an uphill battle though. 

      The early LTE chipsets that Samsung is using are not exactly efficient, and since Samsung’s hardware approach is to release dozens of phones  on a rapid basis, then move onto the next thing, it’s going to be tough for them to really spend the time to optimize anything.

    • Anonymous

      Yea… well wait, no they aren’t. They don’t make tiny little 3.5″ screens on any of their top end devices. And Apple doesn’t make an LTE chip. I’m not even sure there’s a 3.5″ Android phone that only does 3g to compare to an iphone, but if there was I doubt the differences would be as disparaging as you iSheep try to make out.

      • Anonymous

        Pretty soon, Samsung will be copying Apple’s iSarcasm Detector.

        Also, I don’t think “disparaging” means what you think it means.

        • Anonymous

          tending to belittle or bring reproach upon. Yea, that’s what apple folk do when they compare their phone to others. So i’m fine with my use of the word.

        • Anonymous

          Then you’re just as bad at forming sentences as you are getting jokes, then. My apologies.

        • BB

          So you don’t know what ‘Belittle’ or ‘Reproach’ mean either :/

      • DB

        “They don’t make tiny little 3.5″ screens on any of their top end devices. And Apple doesn’t make an LTE chip.”

        You say that like it’s a bad thing.

        • BB

          Of course it’s a bad thing, don’t you hate it when your battery lasts a whole day, and when you can use your phone with one hand? I want something that dies while it’s charging, and is so big I need to put it on a desk to operate it. Also ‘Open’. iFanboys. Android’s Winning!

      • “iSheep”   

        img, you’re so iRiginal.

        • Anonymous

          As are you.

      • Jerome Queen

        Actually my Exhibit 4g (the original on with Super Amoled Plus and 1 gig ram) has a 3.5 inch screen and 4g.  It’s smaller than an iPhone though.

        But I’m getting my Galaxy S II in a few days, 4.5 in dual core ftw =)

      • Player_16

        I’m quite sure there’s a few 3.5′ Android phones -the way they’ve been spat out onto the market. 

        • Anonymous

          I of course know you’re right, but they tend not to be even close to the top tier of phone when it comes to Android.

        • Anonymous

          Then you’re just bad at forming sentences then. Apologies.

        • Anonymous

          Here’s the thing – the bigger screens on Android models aren’t so much a feature as they are a way to accomodate the bigger batteries needed for LTE. That, and because bigger is ALWAYS better on feature matrixes.

      • Anonymous

        My MyTouch3G was a 3.2″ screen that only did three G and the battery life was pretty poor on that, even running CM6 with set cpu going.  The phone would seldom last more than 6 hours with average use.  I don’t know that this is the best comparison, but it was with a small screen android.  I don’t recall the battery size in the MT3G though.

  • J-Hop2o6

    ~3000mAh battery=slightly thicker phone >>> Supermodel thin phone

    A 2-3mm thicker phone isn’t much to include a ~3000mAh battery.

  • I would not buy a phone that does not easily last all day on a single charge without having to carry around battery boosters / etc. That is one reason why I have no interest in a LTE phone at the moment. My current phone will last two days with considerable use, or three days if I’m not using it a lot (I don’t talk a lot, but spend a lot of time using apps).

    A bigger battery and heavier phone would not be a big issue for me.

  • Anonymous

    I could give a damn how thick the phone is. As long as it fits in my pocket is all that matters to me. What I want is a phone that will go longer than four hours before I need to find a charger 30%. Why does the phone need to be so thin?

    • Adders

      So then you “couldn’t” give a damn?

      • Anonymous

        heh yeah… lol

  •  rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha ha ha.  Is this headline real?  Is this a joke?  Try getting LTE smartphones from Samsung to last all day.  LTE sucks the battery life so fast, the charger can’t keep up and the cell phone dies while still being charged.

  • Anonymous

    To everyone wanting a thicker phone/battery — the problem isn’t thin phones but a not-ready-for-prime-time 4G-LTE chipset.  Once proper 4G chips get released, battery life will improve.  Hopefully later on in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather keep the phone thin, as long as it can hold out for 6-8 hours of heavy use i’m perfectly fine with it dieing. I have a charger at home, in my car, and at work. When I get to each of those places, I put the phone on the charger. I only need the 6- 8 hours so that when I go out at night I know the phone will still be on at 2 – 3 am when i’m calling a cab home. Otherwise, whatever. I would love if the phones lasted longer, but not at the expense of aesthetics.

    • kibbles


  • Anonymous

    Future headline:
    Samsung Hopes For Batteries That Don’t Get Piping Hot After Charging in 2013

  • Anonymous

    1+ day battery life is the top priority for most consumers, out of all the hardware specs. because a dead phone can’t use any of the other specs no matter how good. so it’s a “threshold” pass/fail criteria for many.

    that makes it the biggest problem for the new LTE phones. they can’t make it through a full day using LTE full time. sales won’t take off until it’s solved. Samsung is admitting this in a backhanded way.

    of course they are scared to death that Apple’s iPhone 5 will get there first. so they are “announcing” their goal before they can even show a working prototype. 

    my take? Samsung, put up or shut up.

  • Stephenblake73

    Better battery any day

  • “Hope” for all-day battery life?  Holy crap, just make it happen.  Are people really happily buying phones that won’t last all day on a charge?

    • holycalamity

      Of course. Hardware specs = penis size. That’s the Android mindset.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder about that.  I’ve been using my Galaxy S II since October and I get about two days on a full charge. In case it’s relevant, it’s on wifi the whole time.

  • Better battery 

  • Anonymous

    No. Take a juicepack instead.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Great!!!  This is EXACTLY what needs to be upgraded now.  It makes no sense for the new phones to have all this new tech and the Battery dies in less than half a day.  Hope to see some of this new Battery tech at MWC Samsung (Hopefully on some of the Tizen Devices also)

  • Adams Immersive

    My iPhone gets a full day of heavy usage, including VNC, gaming, and streaming media. I like to charge during the day to keep it topped off, but I don’t have to.

    • Tbyrne

      Yeah. My GS2 gets the same. I love Samsung.

      • anonymous2

        My GS2 as well! 

      • Spanky

        As does my Galaxy Nexus (GSM, of course).

    • 123

      You only have 3g speed

      • jkgm

        “Only” 3G speed? What are you doing, using your Android phone as a torrent seed box? Seriously, what in the world do you need more than 7.2Mbps for? LTE is such a waste of effort for what you realistically get out of it.

        • Anonymous

          Plus, the whole “LTE FTW!!!” mindset ignores that you can still get speed bumps through more efficient RAM use (remember when web browsing on the early generation iPhone was faster on EDGE than 3G smartphones?).

      • Anonymous

        It’s not the speed that’s killing it, it’s the technology.  LTE is a battery killer compared to UMTS/HSPA.  I know what you’re trying to say, but say it right.

  • Anonymous

    The problem isn’t with the hardware so much as it is the combination of high-powered hardware required to make Android run at a decent speed, plus Android itself.

    Samsung already makes Windows Phones on AT&T that last all day.  My HTC Radar 4G lasts all day under heavy use, with about 25% battery by 8 PM without being charged.

    The problem isn’t batteries, it’s Android.

    • GreyFoxSolid

      Android may be a bit heavy on battery usage, however Android is not the problem.

      The problem is that battery technology is way behind the curve compared to how far everything else has come.

      • Anonymous

        My Windows Phone (an HTC Radar) is basically the same phone with the same battery as the Android version (the HTC Rhyme). My phone lasts all day despite heavy push e-mail, browsing, apps and 4G usage. My colleague’s Rhyme — more-or-less identical — needs a charge by the middle of the day with only two push e-mail accounts. The difference is the OS — mine is Windows Phone, hers is Android.

        Current battery tech is fine when the software and ecosystem is built for efficiency.

  • Anonymous

    Oh really? How BRILLIANT of Samsung! How forward looking–solving customer’s needs before the customer realizes..

    DUH! We all want phones to last all day!

    But it’s a pipe dream, so far, to expect current 4G xmitter chips to last all day unless it’s the size of a paperback novel.

  • Frigadroid

    Word to samsbum while you’re at it fix the cheap ass cord that you supplied with my vibrant. I have never seen an adapter split like that it must be the cheapest standard plastic they use.
    Then next year once you get the batteries figured out you can start working on software that doesn’t crash and reboot like touch wizz several times a day.
    Here’s an idea for scamscum corporate, other companies have what they call quality control do what you do best at samsdung, copy other companies quality control!

  • Enoel69

    Hands down i will take a little girth on my device if that means a bigger more powerful battery. Some of these phones are so thin that they tend to slide off ur hand…the only way i could handle my N1 comfortably was adding a case which gave it a fuller feel and comfortable to hold. Now the GNex w/ its very thin profile felt awful trying to operate it, but with a case on that added a little girth and a much better feel in ones hand. Even with that i can still take a few mm of added girth due to a bigger battery. Most of us will be comfortable with a 10 to 12mm thick device if it means a bigger battery. Whats the point on having an 8mm thin device with a battery that can only run 6hrs or so and probably die on u in less than that time mostly with LTE? 

  • tmojoe+1

    As it stands, we already have the option to order an extended battery with a new battery cover from ebay, for almost any phone & they are quite affordable.I purchase two xtra batteries, and a dock charger for them & carry them with me while im out on my sales runs, if I know I wont be near an outlet. I dont care for the bulk of the 3000-3500mah batteries. Until technolgy finds a replacement for lithium ion, I find this effective, & at least for the moment, acceptable.

  • It’s about time they started making battery life a priority.  Who cares about trendy specs when your phone is dead by mid afternoon?  “My Android is so much better than your iPhone.  If I could turn it on I’d prove it to you.”

    • Tbyrne

      What phone do you have? My SGS2 runs all day long. No problem.

  • Derrickps3

    they need to work on keeping their current high end smartphones upgraded with the latest firmware, and not just make another new phone with it only

    • rene ledesma

      thats right, what they really need is support for the actual super smart phone, excellent hardware, but support? where,?
       apple is no even half os sgs2 and the people still buy  iphone, why? customer you better than that, stick to the book if u want to take control, hardware with no support is nothing

  • Adryf

    What’s the deal?
    Capacity (mAh) to the size of the battery ratio?
    Li-polymer batteries are smaller and lighter than the same capacity Li-Ion batteries and significantly extend operating time, it’s strange that Samsung have not yet introduced these on the market and still sustains the old Li-Ion technology.
    Sony Ericsson had been using Li-Polymer batts. since 2005.

  • Mac_nasty

    HTC needs to get with this program.

    • Javi080

      yes they do

  • waverson

    I’ll take a bigger phone with a better battery then a slim phone I have to keep on charge for half the day…..

  • Ragingminnow

    Definitely would take the longer battery life. Hell, 3 years ago all phones were heavier than they are now-we didn’t really complain that much then…

    • Let me guess, you’d drive a car with a carburetor instead of fuel injection if it would get better mileage too right?? It’s called “evolution” for a reason genius! 

  • Anonymous

    Proper Microsoft Office compatibility means seamless document editing across desktop, tablet and phone, without the need for translation programs or reformatting that other ecosystems require. You can only get that with Windows.

  • NO!!!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!!!!

  • Nobody

    I’d take longer battery life over razor blade thin. That is, unless I needed a phone that can also be used as a throwing star weapon. What’s needed is better chipsets like for the 4GLTE system, AND better batteries. In the mean time, it’s not rocket science to make a thicker phone with a better battery. Before smartphones, remember how makers would brag about battery life measured in DAYS instead of minutes? The planned obsolence “feature” was that they flipped open like Captain Kirk’s phone. The ribbon cable eventually failed. Now, with smart phones being all candy bar type, the new method of forced upgrade is irreplaceable batteries wearing out. By the time the new model comes out, the 2 year old one is constantly on life support. Being constantly on life support defeats the purpose of mobility.