T-Mobile Reminds Us Of Their “Refer-A-Friend” Program, Earn Up To $250 In T-Mobile Gift Cards

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any mention of T-Mobile’s “Refer-a-Friend” program but now it’s back under the spotlight as the Monthly4G referral offer ends January 8th. So how does all this work?

  • Sign up at this link: Sign up
  • Invite your friends to join T-Mobile via social networks and email
  • When a referral of yours activates a new qualifying T-Mobile product or service, you and your friend are eligible for gift cards

Referring friends who sign up for either a 2-year contract or a Monthly4G plan can earn both of you up to $250 in T-Mobile gift cards. Those gift cards will go awfully well with that next phone purchase you’re eyeing.

Current Customer Instructions:

  1. Sign up for Refer-a-Friend
  2. Refer friends via social media and email using referral links, which are valid for 90 days.
  3. Within 45 days of your first referral, update your Refer-a-Friend profile with
    your T-Mobile® phone number.

Referred Customer Instructions:

  1. After you’ve been referred by a current customer, sign up for Refer-a-Friend.
  2. Activate a qualifying T-Mobile product or service within 30 days.
  3. Update your Refer-a-Friend profile with your new T-Mobile phone number and start referring your friends and family.

Refer a friend to T-Mobile and earn some money toward that next phone you want? Sounds like a good deal to me.


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  • Pira

    Tmonews/david, you mean “you’re eyeing”, not “your eyeing”. Please fix that typo mistake (in the middle of the article)

    • All fixed, thanks!

  • Purenupe1

    Im not refering anyone until tmobile learns how to take care of their existing customer base. Is it just me or does any other current customers feel as though you’ve been forgotten over the last year 

    • Anonymous

      This is somehow different from being ignored by the other carriers?

      • Purenupe1

        hugely different, I’ve been with the company 5 years and cant get a thank you for your business and loyalty sale or discount. I cant change my plan or even buy a phone out right (no discount) without being trapped in a contract. Customer services no longer says thank you for being a T-mobile customer, you either haven’t been around long enough to notice the changes or your just an ass hole who wants to try and challenge my opinion of how I feel I’ve been treated.

        • TJ

          Agree100%.  They used to send you a thank you loyalty letter when contract was up; offer you promotions.  Now nothing.  Reps Ive dealt with from entry level to ECR have been totally incompetent – from providing false information to not returning calls.  No follow thru- one rep promises something, the next rep reneges on it.  Ive had a new phone for two months and still won’t work properly.  Beyond frustrated with tmobile.  I used to defend them as no one I know has tmobile…Now my days are limited.  And that referral is pretty low..someone signs a 2 year contract and @25?  Plus their marketing program, sales, etc recently have been really poor, and the whole value thing is so confusing to people…Just have  sale – reduce the price of the phone or have a special promotion plan..>I remember one of the things that got me to first sign up with Tmobile is they were running a special promotion at the time that was $10 off the rate plan…I could save $10 a month for 24 months = $240….That is a lot clearer to consumers than telling them they might save that over 2 years with a value plan but they first  have to pay a downpayment for a phone, then we’ll reduce your monthly rate but add a ‘layaway’ type phone purchase to that on installments, and then after a year and a half you’ll save a little money.  No just knock off  $50-100 from the actual phone cost…or do special rate plan promotions.  VRZ is doing that now with the double 4g data promotion – Easily understood REAL VALUE to consumers – and consumers don’t need an MBA to figure it out…and employees can easy explain it too.  Why not try something like that?  But you’re right, they treat existing customers like crap  – most of their promos aren’t even available to existing customers; they have sales and no longer email or text us…Its crazy stuff 

    • Anonymous

      No you are right. The big 3,just had 1cent phone sale recently I believe it was during Thanksgivings week. Tmo? No.That 1cent sale was for new and upgrade customers.
      I just upgrade at Target,SG2 for $99.00. Tmo price for upgrades for that phone is $229.00,
      Their crazy value plans? Can’t understand why they have them. Why is it that online and off
      line stores can sell Tmobile phones cheaper than Tmobile???

  • tman10449

    Funny all the negative comments here, when overwhelmingly everyone wanted Tmobile sticking around!  How bout doing good and refer a few friends at the same time make a few bucks instead of complaining! Remember the call center people had to work the last 9 months in fear of being canned. How happy would that make you?!

  • I wanted T-Mobile to stick around until I changed my plan to save a few dollars, and they reset my 2 year contract after I was in it for 7 months. Something they DID NOT disclose till a month later when I saw what happened and complained, they said there was nothing they could do about it, so I cancelled my Classic, moved to a Value, and they STILL extended my contract AND charged me $200 to do it. 

    At this point, I really dont care if T-Mobile sticks around or if they bite the bullet and move out of the USA. I do know that I will make it easier for them to save some money however by NOT referring a single person to T-Mobile now, or in the future regardless if they shape up.

  • mkail

    The rewards program used to be good but not anymore. The first time I received a reward card it was a pre-paid VISA credit card. For some odd reason I was unable to use it to pay my bill (they don’t want their money back???), but I could still use it for pretty much any other purchase. I could also easily check the balance online.

    Now they send flimsy plastic cards that can only be used at T-Mobile stores. I took one of these in and they looked like I just handed them a $2 bill. Nobody could figure out how to use it even though they called the number on the card and confirmed it had money on it. I had to just pay my bill out-of-pocket like usual. Maybe I’ll go back and buy some really overpriced accessory or maybe I’ll dump it in the trash. I’m done with T-Mobile by the end of the year anyway.