T-Mobile Drops The Price On The Galaxy S II For The Next Two Days Only

T-Mobile’s giving a little extra financial incentive for anyone looking to score a Galaxy S II smartphone before Christmas Day. T-Mobile’s is dropping the price $30 for the next two days only. Every little bit counts these days so we’re definitely not saying no to an extra $30 in our pocket this holiday season. Any takers?

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  • lolo

    what’s POS ?

    • Anonymous

      “Point of Sale” (in before someone makes the obvious joke…)

      • “POS” We all know what we’re thinking, the kids don’t know what we’re thinking, but we know what we’re talking about right here in this comment box. ;-)

    • Thismainevent

      Point of sale

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for matching the on-going ebay price…oh wait, you forgot to mention tax?  

  • Anonymous

    Nuts… only $30? Big whoop.

  • A Guy

    dosent that say $30.00 down payment for the LG Optimus T?

    • Anonymous

      No u read it wrong it (I think) Value plan pays $19.99 downpayment,then extra $10.00 amonth.
      People on contract pays only $19.99,for that phone,plus  they get back $50.00 rebate card.

  • Tomnewtn

    It has Carrier IQ installed! Why would anyone buy a device with this tracking software embedded on it?

  • Tomnewtn

    Doesn’t this phone have Carrier IQ installed on it? Why would anyone want a phone with this tracking-keystroke logging software embedded on it?

    • Tomnewtn

      I didn’t mean to double post but when I refreshed the page, my first comment wasn’t there. So what about this Carrier IQ thing? I won’t upgrade if this is going to be an issue.

      • Anonymous

        If I were in the market for a new phone, I wouldn’t let that stop me. I think the uproar is probably overblown.

    • 20

      Load Mr. X’s ciq free rom on it. It’s exactly like stock with no ciq. Can be found on xda in the tmobile galaxy S2 android development section.

    • When you run voodoo, it says its not active on this phone.

      • Anonymous

        I just got mine,so what is voodoo? This is my 1st android phone,so bear with me.

  • Socialwebstore

    Ha! Got mine at target this week for $99.

    • DL

      I tried to do that at Target too, and it was only for AT&T.

      • Ekoy

        Try different store. I got 2 tmo gs2 for $99 ea.

        • Datjuliusboi

          Got mine (white SGS2) at HEB for $99 & a $200 mail in rebate on too of that. Yes you heard right, I get $100 for getting a SGS2, and they had the WHITE one!!

        • LJPro1

          who in the world is HEB? Could you give us a link?

        • Richard Chagolla

          They are grocery stores in Texas

        • Anonymous

          I google them,went to their website,no cell phones
          what so ever on the site. They must sell them only in the stores. 

        • Yep, I’ve never seen one in there. So it must be a local thing, wow. I was just in my local HEB, and didn’t see a cell at all.

      • Anonymous

        Yes u have only until the 12/24. I got mine too for $99.00 too!

        • Guest

          same price for full upgrades?

        • Anonymous

          Yes,the same price for upgrades,some people wrote,that they can’t find a Target store that sells Tmo phones near them. I would call Target 800#,email them and write to the head of cs by certifiably mail,to Target if that your case. also if u can get flyer,bring it to Bestbuy, because they suppose price match. I last thing I would do is call retention,see if Tmobile would price match. 

        • Realcool2000

          For value plan too?

        • Anonymous

          Not sure about value plans,don’t have one have no interest to become value planner.Let me see if I got this right. Discount to $400,paid over 20 months. Month 21 phone stops working,no more ota updates for it,insurance for it only cover part payment,$300,now new phones cost $600 plus! I know now I pay $600.00 now over 20! etc. No thank you Tmo.

        • Anonymous

          Yes upgrades too.

        • cloudsurfer

          I am only seeing 199.99 for full upgrade but that is the online Target price. Is this an “instore only” deal? 

        • cloudsurfer

          To answer my own question in store is $99.99.

        • Anonymous

          Yes only in stores! If u don’t have a Target store near you(that sells tmo phones),call their 800
          # and email them, certify mail them to see if they will or can do anything for u. Call tmobile, retention see if they are willing to price match,if u can get hold of Target flyer with the ad in it,bring it to Best Buys,for price match. U have only until 12/24! 

  • Tehgyb

    Staples has it for 179. Just sayin.

  • Manny V

    Target has it for $99 dollars until the 24th!!! Spread the word!!!! =P

  • X2fly0324

    Thats for the classic plan only……the $99 deal

    • That’s what I got my white one for, $99.99. The white looks really good too. Wonder if it will be sold in stores.

  • TMOsince2003

    Nope. No CarrierIQ for me. Not unless or until I can disable it.

    Now, if they want to pay me to carry around a network analysis tool and send them detailed data, that’s different. TANSTAAFL.

    • Tomnewtn

      None of my phones have any problems, and none have Carrier IQ (Nexus One, Nokia E7, G2X), so I’ll hang on to my upgrade for something worthwhile, and without Carrier IQ. I understand that this phone has lines in many of the displays, and poor battery life too, so I’ll pass. All of my phones have great displays and battery life.

  • Anonymous

    So when will T-Mobile get a real, Exynos boy?

    • What do you mean by get real?

      • Realcool2000

        Who r u talkin too?

        • I don’t recall replying to anything you posted, so not you.

      • Anonymous

        Ever heard of Pinocchio? I’m sure many don’t care about the performance diff between Pinocchio Snapdragon GS2s v Exynos, but shouldn’t these Pinocchio KIRFs be more price discounted?

        Would you pay the same for a Ferrari with a Mustang engine v real Ferrari engine?

    • Anonymous

      Exynos isn’t anything. Maybe if they were to make a faster chip then Samsung would’ve added it but right now the snapdragon is fastwr

      • jerry

        The snapdragon is crap… Go try the other s2s….

        • Anonymous

          I did so. The exynos chip is just hype.i saw no advantage of having one over a snapdragon. they visually performed the same. Only thing I noticed was the snapdragon equipped phone shiwed faster web surfing than the exynos.

        • Realcool2000

          Oh Damn! The exynos is all hype don’t believe the hype people. I’m glad someone got a hands on with both processors, thks TBN27. Lol its probably just a rebranded snapdragon anyway with cheaper components so it can’t surf as fast…..haha

        • Anonymous

          Well that was the main reason the snapdragon was used instead of an exynos…..allow the phone to pull potential high data speeds….it’s the reason why the galaxy S II that is LTE capable on AT&T uses the same chip.

  • Vlad

    Next 2 days, is it Friday & Saturday ?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget tax, in most states — calculated on the “full value price” of the phone.

    • Uh you would be correct, lol. Tax is 8.25 in my state, and that takes the out of the door price back up to 541.25.

  • Kahlayoh

    people should have got it while it was only $129 last week like I did! Even if I cancel that line I’m still saving almost $200 bucks if I was to purchase with no contract

  • TMojunky

    I’ll never understand T-Mobile. I want to like them. however when a long time customer(11 years) walks into a T-Mobile store to upgrade one line and is told that the galaxy S2 will be $ 249 today but if I switched to a value plan it would be $199,but the migration fee would be $1000 (5 lines) that’s ridiculous..I go literally next door to a stand alone non-corporate store and sit down ask to upgrade my line and then told $99 for a 2 year upgrade,,,I say sign me up… something is wrong with the mind set of T-Mobile . They give incentivatives to non corporate stores but not corporate stores..No sense at all. I guess the moral of the story is no deal is a good deal until you explore all optioons. Everyone have a safe and healthy holiday season..

    • Brizzleboiwndr

      Yeah, but If you have issues with your phone don’t go to a corporate store for help, go to the store you went too. Plus non corporate store can charge u additional fees if you cancel. Your a cheap dude. The phone retails at 529.99.

      • Anonymous

        I got mine at Target for $99. I ask if I have problems with it where should I go, come back here for the 1st 30days,after that go to any tmobile store. Mattcat is right,there is something wrong with Tmo thinking,how else can u explain the other 3 bigs had a 1cent sale for new and upgrades customers but not Tm? Explain that.

    • Mattcat03

      You are right about that. I have been with Tmo since 2004 and one thing I figured out is that they are not in the business of selling phones. The business model they have (and this applies to all carriers with a few exceptions) is paralleled to the institutions that we call  “Prisons”.  Once they got a hold of you they will find ways to keep you locked up.

    • tech7

      They sold  you the phone for $99?  Do the math. I bet you signed a new 2 yr deal with that $99 phone. I also bet you signed a new 2 yr Classic plan deal too. For 2 lines the classic deal is at least $40 more a month. Over 2 years your gonna pay $960 more than a value plan. That phone retails max for $529. I guess the non corporate store has the better business model cause they got more of your money.  

  • Anonymous

    At this point, I wouldn’t take it if they paid me.  I don’t buy Samsung.  I have had it with inadequate quality control, buggy lagging touchwiz garbage, that they can never seem to fix.

    Friends don’t let friends buy Samsung

    • here ya go

      the equipment installment plan does not require a data plan… it only requires that you are on the value plan

    • Cmwunderle1

      I hear ya! Bought a samsux galaxy s 4g, even rooted that piece of garbage was slow!! Moved back to HTC and got mytouch 4g slide and never looked back. The difference in speed is . they can keep their pos samsung.

  • Lurker

    Our family plan has 5 lines: two active phone, one little used and two grandfathered @Home lines.
    (This means I can’t add another line, but that’s a different story.)
    I refuse to add a data package to our phone lines, as we do well enough with Wi-Fi, and can’t afford how the monthly charges add up over the course of a year.  (FYI:  I used to have a Palm pilot and a cel phone, it’s not the wireless data thing that I care about, it’s carrying fewer things in my pocket.)  I had been waiting on the iPhone.  HOWEVER, these days I am interested in purchasing an “Ice Cream Sandwich” Android phone, _OR_ one that can be upgraded to ICS.
    I can’t see paying the entire $500-ish in one lump sum, and T-Mo’s “financing” plan (for lack of the correct term) insists that one sign up to a data plan.  

    Does anyone have a work-around to this?

    • here ya go

      the equipment installment plan does not require a data plan… it only requires that you are on the value plan

  • Mattcat03

    Is this promo for corporate stores only? I don’t see the ad on tmobile website.

  • Vlad

    Guys who told you about this discount, I checked on t-mobile site and it’s listed as $229, same as before

  • JJP2

    Just got off the phone with telesales.  Has no idea regarding this deal…checked with supervisor and they will not honor the additional $30 discount; she stated the price would be the same in corporate stores also! 

  • Tubtek

    You can buy the phone at Sam’s club for 99.00.

    • Jgavar

      Good to know. I just picked up an GS2 at Target in SoCal. for $99.99. Between two local targets I got their last one.

  • Henry o

    Is the $99 price at Sams Club and Target only a holiday sale? Or will the price stay that low?

  • Nick

    Anyone else think they want to try to sell off their stock before the Samsung UnPacked event which coincidentally is also in 2 days HAHAHA