The Untethered Podcast Episode 2 Is Now Available To Download! Go for it!

Hello, all.

Just as I promised, it’s Thursday evening and here is the Untethered Podcast in case you missed our live show yesterday. This is the second episode and it features the man you all know and love, Evan Selleck, David from TmoNews, Joey Lehto and myself. We discuss everything from AT&T backing out of their bid for T-Mobile to tablets, coffee and everything in between.

Also, I want to send out a huge thanks to anyone who hopped in the chat or tuned in last night. It was amazing. We never expected such a positive response or such a big crowd on the first night of going live. Keep coming every week and we’ll be sure to keep things fresh and add new features to make it more interesting. With that said, we quickly lost track of time and well, this is a long one. You can either listen to the whole podcast in-browser with the embedded player below, or you can right click one of the direct download links at the bottom and save for offline listening! So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

A quick side-note: All of the chiming and notifications you hear are totally my fault. You won’t have to put up with it every week, I promise. I now know what not to do next time!

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  • Wilma Flintstone

    I WAS THERE!!!  O.O

    • Lol are you really walking to CES? :P haha

    • Lol are you really walking to CES? :P haha

  • I love this!

  • Anonymous

    Couldnt disagree with Taylor more. Windowsphone7 is the best & way better and more interesting then just a bunch of apps on iphone! And not everyone wants to to through a million submenus esp on blackberry to get stuff done what a waste of time that is!. I am so looking forward to Nokias entrance on Tmobile & im sure alot of people are. Mango made the whole experience so much better esp the camera! The whole point of windowsphone is to make your life easier. I see no problem with that. I hope Nokias push convinces alot more people to settle in with the wp7 os as well. Its too bad the cdma carriers dont push wp more. Im pretty sure im gonna switch to Tmo Again just for the Lumia 710. I also think & im sure alot of other do that wp is a great alternative to webos which was so easy. Did you find that boring as well??..

    • Hoping to renew contract soon, but hoping to do that with a WP7 with more memory than the 710/Radar.  Struggling with my N9’s partitioning which leaves 10GB for user data. Hoping for good news on this at CES. BTW, N9 is gorgeous and a Lumia 800/similar form factor hardware device would be awesome on T-Mo.

  • MjrSlakr

    If constantly staring at your phone is your living that’s one thing however if your bored because there is nothing to do on your phone you need to to take a long look at your life and make some adjustments. I would hope there is other interest in your life other than your phone, I don’t care what phone your using.

  • legendary1022

    Jeez… they love the iPhone huh? First hour was just a love fest for the iPhone and complaining about everything else

    • Anonymous

      Just because you like an iPhone doesn’t mean you have to hate the other phones.

      I happen to use both an Android phone and iPhone on T-Mobile.

  • So….is there an rss/xml feed for this podcast?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, just enter the RSS feed URL for the TmoNews and when David posts blogs with links to the audio file, your podcast app will automatically download them.

  • Billybob

    So here’s the problem with this, and most other podcasts.  I don’t care about your opinion about coffee and “everything else in between”.  Really, I don’t.  Focus on the topic (Tmobile News), stay on topic.  If I want morning zoo crap, I will listen to the local FM radio.

    • Anonymous

      They did babble off topic a bit, but it wasn’t that terrible.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know what went wrong with the G2X?  I know some of them had bugs, but you guys imply a fricken conspiracy over that phone

  • Anonymous


    In the podcast you mention that you thought Apple didn’t support 1700Mhz because they didn’t want to add another chip to the iPhone.

    Note that the Qualcomm chip in the iPhone 4S has full penta band support.

    So whatever reason Apple has for not supporting 1700MHz lies outside the chip. :-(