T-Mobile Posts Commercial For Weekend “4G Super Sale”

It’s Carly, Santa and T-Mobile’s first television advertisement for this weekends upcoming “4G Super Sale.” I’ve already seen this play on television quite a few times since last night so at the very least, you’ll get to see lots of Carly between now and the weekend.

If you want a full rundown of T-Mobile’s 4G Super Sale, check out this post. <~~~~~ Good for Value Plan customers!

If you want a full rundown of T-Mobile’s Retail Partner Stores “Last Chance Weekend” sale, check out this post. <~~~~~ Good for Classic Plan customers!


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  • Lee

    Bah Humbug. Methinks this is the beginning of the end of T-MOBILE.

    • Tmoguy1

      Why? It’s just a comercial advertising a sale.

      • Chance21

        Man do I regret ever giving up the iPhone for this htc (no) amaze. This thing is terrible

        • Guest

          Never pass up a chance to troll, eh? Amaze is an outstanding phone/device.

        • Chance21

          i was all pumped to get the phone. but sadly its just a paper tiger.

          browser blows
          keyboard sucks
          screen sucks
          the stock mail app is terrible
          phone gets hot way too much
          speakerphone sucks
          no hulu plus
          battery sucks

          coming over from a iphone 4. i really thought this was going to be better. very disapointed…thoroughly let down

        • Anonymous

          You should have gotten the HTC G2. It’s pretty nice.

          I carry it along side my iPhone 3GS.

        • Anthony in Utah

          The Amaze is terrible? How so?

  • Anonymous

    Im digging the fact that theyre going back to the old school style commercials

    • Lee

      It’s cost effective. Let’s see how you dig the low to mid range selection of phones they will offer in the future.

      • Anonymous

        If thats all theyll offer going forward ill stick with my gs2 or buy a galaxy nexus unlocked….call me a phone snob but i wont settle for anything less than cutting edge

        • Anonymous

          FYI, the unlocked Galaxy Nexus is available at NewEgg now.

      • Rsg_1

        For those of us who buy phones out right, that is carrier unlocked from the manufacturer, TMO’s rate plans are all that matter.  The carrier is just a dumb data pipe and nothing more.  I don’t want a subsidized smart phone for $200, then be charged $30/month extra for the next 24 months. 

  • Nearmsp

    The thing I did not like about the advertisement is the last 4 words – “…when you switch to T-mobile”. T-mobile has over 30 million customers and they don’t seem to think retention is an issue!

    • VieweR

      Google ECR LT Gooden – He apparently likes to tell customers to find a new carrier.  So yeah, retention is not something they care about these days. 

  • YMK

    Please stop wasting money on making those commercials
    Use half of that effort for existing cumstomers…

    • Sales Rep

      This Saturday sale is for all new and existing customer who is qualified for full upgrade. Rebates for all customers.




    T-Mobile’s independent network of indirect dealers are set to hold
    their very own “Last Chance Two Day Sale” on December 17th and 18th. The
    biggest difference between their sale and T-Mobile’s corporate store
    offer? Their sale is for “…new and existing customers with 22+ months of
    upgrade tenure who sign up for an Unlimited Classic Talk + Text rate
    plan with qualifying data feature OR 2 GB or higher Classic Mobile
    Broadband rate plan.” Customers who opt for the Classic rate plan option
    can receive anywhere in the neighborhood of $10 – $300 in savings
    depending on the device.

    This promotion is only available to participating Retail Partner
    Store locations which does NOT include national retailers like Best Buy
    or Walmart. The local independent T-Mobile dealer with a store location
    that looks exactly like a T-Mobile corporate store location that you
    have in your neighborhood? That’s where you can go to take advantage of
    this opportunity. T-Mobile’s RPS locations can take part in both the
    Classic and Value plan offers.

    So what kind of savings are we talking about? How about a promotional rebate for the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G with a 5GB data plan option? Try $200 off. Blackberry Bold 9900 or Blackberry Torch 9810? Try $200 off. myTouch 4G Slide? $150 off.

    T-Mobile corporate stores will have their Value Plan only
    opportunity going for the very same weekend so depending on your rate
    plan preference, you’ve got a chance to score a great deal on T-Mobile
    smartphones and Mobile Broadband products this weekend.

    • Timothy Desaules

      The local independent T-Mobile dealer with a store location
      that looks exactly like a T-Mobile corporate store location that you
      have in your neighborhood? This is not true.  It is only for the Limited kiosks and stores.  These are usually the little crappy dealers that will not want to sell you a high end phone because they make less money on it, have less knowledge, and sometimes even add lines/features without your consent…..BE CAREFUL!  Most legit dealers switched to what they call TPR/TPRI, and do not offer the classic plan sale.

  • Mark

    I wonder if there was some deliberate subject-matter correlation going on Tuesday night, as this “stuck Santa” ad ran at least 3 times during the finale of The Biggest Loser.

  • Mark

    Now that I go looking at Tmo’s site, are the 700 minute Classic family plans still offered at all?  All I see are the 1000 minute.

  • Rwalford79

    Bitch needs to start wearing more than the few same dresses lately. Spend the advertising money on new clothes.

  • Lee

    Ok, here’s the real deal. Major partners like the NBA, Radio Shack, Best Buy are dropping T-Mo like flies. Instead of HTC continuing development on the Mytouch series, LG picks up the ball and brings two lower spec devices. There is NO news of any more high end devices coming to T-Mo. I predict due to the MA BELL DOMINATION, T-MO will continue to be the cheap carrier with Cricket phones

  • steffano

    wondering if Costco kiosks are participating in this sale …

  • Anonymous

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