Qualcomm Enabling “Dual-Core” Location Assistance On Snapdragon Phones

The days of the Samsung Vibrant GPS troubles are long behind us and thanks to Qualcomm, future GPS problems on Samsung devices look like a thing of the past. Qualcomm has revealed that smartphones supporting their S2 or S3 Snapdragon processor are now capable of accessing two satellite networks. Most Android phones currently access the Global Positioning System only which is a network of 27 satellites but, a second network of 24 satellites operated by the Russian government exists called the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS).

Qualcomm’s Rob Chandhok says that select Snapdragon devices can now access both networks, referred to as a “dual-core” location system.” Qualcomm says the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II is among one of the first smartphones to offer this new feature. The great news is that current and future GSII owners don’t have to lift a finger to take advantage of improved Global Positioning.

Qualcomm plans to offer a list of other phones in the coming weeks that will also be taking advantage of this second network of satellites. Having access to both GPS and GLONASS will improve battery life, give a more reliable and exact position as well affording a better fix on your location.

Confused? Don’t worry, check out Qualcomm’s video below which explains “dual-core” location for your phone.


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  • sammywins

    samsung has made it to the top, i gotta say

    • Malcolm Wilson

      It is not Samsung…it is Qualcomm that is providing this benefit. Samsung is the beneficiary.

    • Malcolm Wilson

      It is not Samsung…it is Qualcomm that is providing this benefit. Samsung is the beneficiary.

  • Anonymous

    They make that look pretty impressive.  As of right now it takes 4 seconds from the map showing up, to my location being pinpointed.  That’s fast enough for me but if it means better battery life in the background then its more than welcomed.

  • Sounds like some Skynet shizzles haha :)

  • fixxmyhead

    so when does this roll out?

  • Spanky

    The GPS on my Galaxy Nexus is pretty good as well, certainly a far cry from the original Galaxy S disaster.

  • This will work on “single core” Windows Phones as well.

    • Sebastiaan van den Berg

      … the Dual Core stand for the TWO GPS networks (Regular & GLONASS) not for the CPU…

  • Joe Cali

    It looks like the Sensation owners will benefit from this as well.

  • Anonymous

    or just get an external BT GPS puck such as the latest version of the Qstarz BT-1000X and get WAAS support too, a full-size antenna (still internal), independent power, track logging, and a consistent GPS you can take with you to most future smartphones.

    Cut the chains of crappy GPS that’s never quite good enough.

    • Puck Fan

      I’m a fan of external BT GPS units. Definitely lower power usage from the smart phone using external BT GPS versus internal GPS. As you said, more reliable due to positioning and bigger antenna on the external units. I have several of these because they are pretty inexpensive.

      I’ve used dual constellation GPS on surveying grade equipment, and unless Qualcomm has come up with something new in processing, this chipset for smart phones will be an energy hog. Most surverying grade equipment has very large batteries (2-4K mAh) just to get 8-10 hours of use from GPS/GLONASS and/or bluetooth.

      AFAIK, this announcement and Garmins new eTrex line are the only ones to use GPS and GLONASS. I suspect we will see BT GPS/GLONASS pucks this year as the price of the chipset has obviously come down.

  • Sebastiaan van den Berg

    Hopefully the HTC Radar will implement this feature too.

  • Ejsorto

    Sorry but i have to say this…take that! Exynos fans lol!

    • Chinot66

      But they have this Sirfstar 4 for the s2, http://www.csr.com/news/pr/release/455/en

  • Rudy Belova

    How neat! My amaze 4g apparently has this chipset too.

  • Davenycept

    Thats fantastic because ive had the vibrant for a year.love it EXCEPT the gps and was worried the s2 had the same problem.. now I’m sure next weekend I will be online ordering the sexy white s2 !!!

    • J-Hop2o6

      GLONASS will not work on the Galaxy S1 phones since those have Samsung’s chip inside.. But The SII with that S3/8260 chip inside will work with GLONASS.

  • Ohgeez10

    Not sure if my Amaze is taking advantage of this but I do notice how fast my location gets picked up when using Maps/Nav. compared to my other android phones.

  • The Observer

    So the HTC G2 will benefit with this with its S2?

  • Ejsorto

    Well played lol…but still that’s more software/hardware related to the phone and service provider as opposed to actual dual links to a secondary satellite system