LG Outlines Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Schedule, No Mention Of T-Mobile G2x

As of this morning LG has outlined on its Facebook page its schedule for upgrading its international line of smartphone handsets to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The global upgrade schedule will begin in the second and third quarters of 2012, followed by a global rollout. Curiously enough, the second quarter of 2012 lists the “LG my Touch Q,” which I believe is an American-only T-Mobile model. It’s notable as it’s the only US-specific model listed on the LG Facebook page this morning as the T-Mobile G2x along with AT&T models of the Thrill 4G and Nitro HD are noticeably absent on this list.

Why LG isn’t specifically addressing US update availability is anyones guess, leaving the fate of the T-Mobile G2x Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade up in the air. This is the second such time LG has posted a message on their Facebook page regarding Ice Cream Sandwich without mentioning US-based handsets.

LG Facebook via The Verge



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  • Anonymous

    And this is exactly why I will only purchase an iOS device… I’m sorry but I don’t want to have a phone that I will be waiting 6 months just to even know if I’m going to get the update or not.

    Ok let the hate comments begin.

    • CJ

      I would agree and I would add Windows Phone 7. In their new phones they did a great job updating them. Followed iOS.

    • Kife0301

      Actually I agree completely that’s what I hate about android unfortunately most of us tmobile users have no choice trust me if the iphone were a choice is ditch android so quick

      • Bruce Banner

        The iphone is a choice. You can buy it unlocked and get edge only data speeds or you can switch carriers and get one. Regardless of what you say or think there is always a choice. No one is making you use android, pay the etf and leave or ride out your contract. Do your homework before you buy your next phone. Everyone should know by now that the nexus line is your best bet as far as android goes. You just got learned.

        • Kife0301

           I’m aware of unlocked iPhone’s (tmobile sell’s micro sim cards in their stores for this reason) and have done a fair amount of research I do not want edge speeds. I also want to be able to update the phone without having it locked back to the original carrier, so although it’s a choice it’s not a viable choice. 

    • Joe

      Ever heard of the Google Nexus line? Gets instant updates constantly.

      • Anonymous

        Umm the google nexus line doesn’t get updates instantly… Look at the Nexus S, it is just now getting the update and that’s after a botched delivery where some people’s is now being stopped. In addition it’s always a damn 30 day window for the upgrade to take place. No thanks, I want to wake up on lunch day and get my update as the same time as everyone else. I’m sorry but there has to be a better way. Oh right there is, get an iOS device.

        • Goukisan

          Learn english. Reread that. What do you mean JUST NOW? ICS just came out out a couple of weeks ago and the Nexus S is already getting the update. Gosh long wait………..Go back to the farm with the rest of the sheep. How do you like that everyone with an iPhone 4 cant get Siri even though it runs JUST FINE on it but is blocked on the server end by Apple to keep you from using it so that they had a good reason to sell the iPhone 4S(biggest disappointment)?? Baaaaa Baaaaa

    • 30014

      The majority of androids issues are caused by the carriers and manufacturers with all of their bloatware and skinning of the os not by the actual os. Even with it’s issues android still outsells ios and wp7 combined by a 2-1 margin. That tells me it’s doing nite right than wrong.

      • 30014

        That should read “That tells me it’s doing more right than wrong.”

      • Anonymous

        This is still Google’s fault for not creating a defined update system for AT LEAST premiere carrier phones. Their “with Google” system means nothing here. This just pulls things back to the rubbish WinMob days.

        Interestingly, LG was one of the worst WinMob update offenders. Lots of this same dumping back then.

        • 30014

          I agree that google should force manufacturers to do timely updates. They know it takes the oem’s a while to integrate their skins into each version of the os so they should give them early access so the updates can come out in a timely manner or google can go with the best option and not let the oem’s skin the os

    • Guest911

      The hate comments are from kids who are always bitching about their crappy phones/updates/freezing issues etc but are jealous of the quality iOS devices. Its ok to like either platform but they are little minds. For the record, I would dump android in a second if I has the iphone on TMo – and so would many others.

  • haters on the rocks

    They better upgrade the g2x to ice cream sandwich. Its a stock build of android so it should be able to upgrade and the international version has a custom hi where it has its complications. If LG wasn’t gonna upgrade g2x, thrill 4g, nitro HD what’s the point on releasing a phone that wouldn’t be upgrade to the new OS. I can see LG would be the least favorite cellphone manufacture and it would be a negative look for LG. That’s my opinion

    • Antoinetrenton

      The LG g2x is going to get updated to ics aka android 4.0

      • haters on the rocks

        Where does it say that it just mentioned the international version of the g2x where it has a LG custom ui so I would think they would pay more attention to their custom ui then the stock one. Google isn’t gonna upgrade it. Even though the phone is a stock build of android it isn’t a true Google phone where it just say Google with the g2x or anything else say with Google on the back?

        • Antoinetrenton

          LG said more phones are comeing up they said they have to see if there phones can run android 4.0 and the g2x is a best of a phone with android 2.3.3 and its a popular phone on t mobile I think LG is going to up date all of there dual core phones

        • hatersontherocks

          we will see

  • Ibleedmagenta

    I agree and call shenanigans on LG for not updating a pure google device in the u.s. Why are the dual core devices over here not getting ICS?

  • Hilton T Young

    Cm9 will  be out well before this and bring ICS too a bunch of Android phones.  As for iOS.  Of course they don’t have a problem with updates.  They wait a year or more to get an update.  This is the third version of Android in a year.  iPhone is crap.  Small screen limited features, controlled experience.  Garbage.  Smartphones for dummies.

  • Just Me

    I wonder if the G Slate will get the update? Fingers crossed!!

  • wow the Optimus T left to ROT AND DIE with 2.2.2… not even a 2.3

    and with that i bid farewell to LG Phones, the T will be my last LG

    • Vic

      You can’t really expect cheap Android phones like the Optimus T/S/Vortex to get updated to the latest OS. If you’re buying an inexpensive phone, the most you should realistically expect are some minor updates for bug fixes and if you get a full OS update, consider yourself grateful.

  • Millowster

    Lg sucks worst and best phone over ever bought… thx lg for taking google and abusing it.

  • Shallow Hal

    Boo fucking hoo, you bunch of cry babies. Its a phone, ICS isn’t going to change your life. And if they do release ICS, you’ll just bitch when the next update comes out and requires a quad core. Wait until your next upgrade and get a Nexus. You’ll live.

    • Havoktek

      Harsh but fair…..

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if its ICS that has people upset with LG, I think it’s the experience with the phone.  G2X was poorly rolled out without proper testing the OS on the hardware.  I went through 5 different phones before LG sent me one with Gingerbread.  The phone continues to freeze requiring to be re-booted.  It’s frustrating….Tmobile and LG failed here.  Every phone probably has issues but this was a total mess from the start….  My own opinion is to avoid contracts and have the freedom to deal with the manufacturer directly and the freedom to move to another carrier without paying any fee.

    • Antoinetrenton

      Mines not maybe something is Wong with your phone I love my g2x with 2.3.3

    • Tomnewtn

      I tried the first model release, and it was great except for screen leakage. I waited until GB was rolling out and since TMO offered me a free one (still qualify for an upgrade even), with GB installed, I figured what the heck. It’s been flawless except for an occasional software conflict. I just delete the offending app. Mainstream productivity apps work fine. As far as I am concerned, it’s a far better build, and OS/UI than other TMO Androids, and that includes the SG2 with poor battery, lines in the display, Touchwiz lag, etc. G2X was poorly rolled out initially but once the software was updated, it seemed to be fine. Battery life isn’t as good as my Nexus One.

    • jasmine w

      Yes I understand your frustration with the G2X, I’m on my third one now. My first two were so horrible I WISHED I had kept my Google G1. It was horrible a horrible rollout with that phone. It taught me a very valuable lesson to wait on a new phone. I had bought my first one within 2 weeks of its debut. Never saw such horrible issues with an Android device. Out of the four that I have owned, it was (and somewhat still is) the worse Android device I’ve had. The second one I received as an exchange, went out on me within 3 weeks, I’ve had the 3rd one now for a few months, and I still have issues with it turning itself off and having to take the battery out and putting it back in to turn it on. I’m not due for an upgrade until this May, but you better believe I will be hesitant on using it until something comes out and has BEEN out for some time for me to consider it.

      • Og1gtp

        it works fine for me…..maybe its u…maybe u need a simple phone….maybe u should use a public phone…..maybe ur to dumb to understand a smart phone…..lolololololol

        • Dafaf

          maybe you are retarded

  • jasmine w

    ummm isn’t the LG Optimus 2x just the Tmobile G2X renamed? I read someplace this was the case…. Yet as much of a “phuck” up that LG did with bringing out the G2X in the first place, they might be hesitant about any future roll outs…..I would.

    • Tomnewtn

      The LG Opt 2X has a custom LG UI, and is not stock Android. That said, and as a Nexus One owner, I don’t consider the G2X really stock as it has TMO bloatware installed.  Maybe LG is rolling updates out to unlocked devices, and US carriers roll out updates to their devices, such as ATT and TMO.

  • Tomnewtn

    Perhaps LG isn’t (technically) because carrier phones get their updates from the carrier….in this case T Mobile?

  • This is a real shock. LG has treated G2X buyers so well up to this point. Their stock firmware worked like a dream too.

    Like this should come as a surprise to anybody. LG has screwed us from the start with this phone. After getting extremely tired at things not working right, I just rooted it and moved on. Screw ’em. CM9 should be out before long, and it will probably work better than anything from LG ever could anyway.

  • kkkk

    SORRY OFF TOPIC, I  have been unable to receive the OTA wifi calling
    update for my SGS2 and tried the KIES rote but doesn’t work,

    I downloaded the kies software on my PC, then it said connect USB cable to phone, i did,
    what do i have to do to connect the samsung kies mode?
    do i have to press anything on my cellphone? i see an APP that says KIES AIR on my phone, do i have to press that?

    • Rick Astley

      No one cares.

  • Going_home

    The comments on the Facebook page are rated PG lol.

    The people are torqued off.

    This proves it does matter what manufacturers phone you choose.

    I must point out HTC is the leader of the pack on updating phones.

    Samsung is more concerned with releasing the next phone than they are
    with updating the ones already sold.

    These guys think we arent watching what kind of service they give after the sale.

    Huge mistake on their part IMHO.

    Looks like Nexus phones are the best choice, I dont care for Samsung but I’ll probably
    get one when TMo releases it.


  • Havoktek

    This is why I feel no shame for hacking the crap out of my G2x!, thank you David…..(Side note..The podcast was a blast!)

    • was it easy? I recently just cracked the screen on mine (With the candy speck shell on..) so i figure i might as well just mess with it. 

      • Havoktek

        All too easy….I would say easier than the Vibrant but with less choices…
        Start over at Xda.
        And the cases for this phone are horrible imop.

  • Anonymous

    They will update the G2X. Af tete er all it is an optimus 2X. the specs are all the same so…

  • Sergio Esparza

    Most people need to realize that although LG makes the G2X, its up to T-Mobile, they decide whether or not we get an update to ICS. Carriers have to pay manufactures  (LG,HTC,MOTO,SAMG.ect) for big $$$ for updates,( 2.2 to 2.3 to 4.0 ect,)  but minor updates for bug fixes are free and part of their agreement.  That’s why LG mentions that most of their dual core  phones will be updated to ICS,  note that the phones they mention are all international phone- non are U.S versions because here in the states  there’s a different way of doing business, Carriers here feel why should they invest in an upgrade OS, when they can just make you buy a new phone/new contract….  The only way I see phones being updated, is if Google makes/ entices manufactures/carriers to do so. They should make the with Google label only available to manufactures/carriers with an agreement that they will update their phones in a timely manner to a minimum of atleast 1 major upgraded. That label will let customers know that their device will atleast be majorly upgraded one more time, then the customers can vote with their wallets, and then maybe manufactures/carriers will update their products on their own.

  • you do realize the G2x is an Optimus 2X right?

    • Chadwick

      You do realize the the Optimus 3D got a Gingerbread update a month ago, and the Thrill is still on Froyo right? Just because it’s the same model, doesn’t mean they will roll it out for the US version at the same time.

  • Brandon Fusie

    There is no reason why this phone should not get ICS. This is one of the many reasons why I an getting the HTC Amaze, I will now have a phone that the manufacturer will actually support. T-Mobile should stop doing business with LG. 

    • Anonymous

      It will get it.

  • 915rko

    So many iphone lovers here. Uh, you do know T-Mobile doesn’t offer the iphone, right? Then why do you bitch about it being better than android? If it was so great, end your contract and hop on over to the other big 3 for constant updates. Since that’s all you care for,updates. Now, I’m not bashing ios, just the ones who don’t have an iphone but defend it like they owned it.

  • G2X might be in whatever “third quarter global roll-out” is. Whatever that means. V3 or 3.1 whichever they’re rolling out should be out soon.

  • Andrew

    isnt the g2x the optimus 2x? i dont see why it wouldnt come out at the same time. same phone.

  • blakk_russian

    well they better get their sh-t together and add it to the list. ICS is amazing and should be on this phone.

  • Mz102190

    You ppl that have.so many problems wit ur fone r just plain dumb. Ive had tge g2x for a.wile now wen it first came out with gingerbread and it works amazing i put my fone against the newest fones( i phone 4s, gs2 skyrocket, thunderbolt. Etc.) And my fone won against tgem all still in speeds and download speeds. And WHEN the g2x gets tge update it will jis b even more badass than before

  • Testownik

    G2x better be done too.

  •  you really have to learn how to fucking spell and also to write period.  you look goddamn pathetic.

    • Marcy

      Your grammar isn’t the best either. You should proofread before you decide to call someone out on their grammar, buddy.

  • Aephix

    Yes because we’ve decided to make our phones randomly restart, freeze, screen shut off while on YouTube, phone turn off after a call is ended at times, slow down, etc. Yes we’ve all decided we want the phone to do the exact opposite. Also, not everyone is a developer and a computer or smartphone wizard. These issues are under the hood which not everyone knows how to fix. By your perfect grammar I can tell you know since your clearly a genius. I no longer have these problems since rooting and updating to ICS. Not a single problem. Faster, smoother, no lag, no freeze, and 10x better than GB all together.

  • Pathemon

    G2x is such a good phone so why not update it? If they don’t I’m simply going to invest into HTC for now on.

  • this stinks this phone needs ics a frind of mine put eaglesfire ics on g2x it was awesome and ran so much better but i dont want to void my waranty  Lg or Tmobile who ever is responsible they blame each other get off your buts get it done its a dual core phone it deserves to have latest  shame on u