Deutsche Telekom CEO Comments On Need For LTE Network In United States

Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann spoke to the Deutsche Telekom official corporate blogger on December 20th in Germany about the need for a LTE network on T-Mobile USA. In this two minute video, Obermann states the need for T-Mobile USA to move toward a future that involves a focus on LTE technology and finding more spectrum to meet that goal. For Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA to achieve that goal, spectrum will cost billions of dollars, money that Deutsche Telekom has been thus far unwilling to invest in US operations.

“This will be our task going forward and one that we will devote all our energies to.”

Those are words straight out of the CEO’s mouth and so we shall hope that devoting energy translates internationally to building up US operations, not attempting to sell T-Mobile off to the next highest bidder.

P.S. The video is in German and translated through subtitles.


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  • Anonymous

    You know what he’s really saying right? He’s like “Mofo’s wouldn’t let us dump T-Mo USA on AT&T. Phuck!! Now were stuck with it. What are we going to do? There goes our plans! smh

    • Nope…you are SO WRONG!!!  All I can say to help you understand is….”Don’t Play Poker With A German”

  • well looks as if DT will have to shell out the money for an LTE network for Magenta USA, HA!!  they have no choice and since they’re going to most likely be investing more money they didn’t want to, they’ll also be forced to keep the company seeing as giving it up AFTER building an LTE network would foster too huge a loss to give up.  This makes me happy : )

  • 30014

    I just hope he’s not full of hot air. It would be cheaper to find someone to network share with. Who that is I don’t know but they shouldn’t drag their feet on this issue.

    • My best guess is that a network-sharing agreement with Dish Network, Leap Wireless, MetroPCS, C Spire Wireless, and U.S. Cellular is the likely solution. Initially, we may just see Dish, Leap, and MetroPCS in the agreement, but I think C Spire and U.S. Cellular will join in too.

      • I think that will be the best possible option. The little guys need to team up with each other to still be a force & keep innovation, lowered prices, & continue to even exist.

  • Keith Stevens

    I find your trust of T-Mo startling… I find it humorous coming from this d-bag. He never said anything about not selling t-mo. In fact this is coming from the same company that denied any chance of selling t-mobile and a month later announced they were selling the company. Just because he says we need LTE does not mean they are not selling. They will bail out the first chance they get. No way in hell they are gonna sink Billions in just buying spectrum alone. These guys Lie every time there lips are moving… Should I quote just a week ago him saying they are still looking to sell off the company…. These guys flip flop more than a politician. 

    • you’re right on this guy, I really don’t trust him at all but IF they do invest in an LTE network it’ll be too big a loss to just sell off.  maybe…. who knows at this point lol

    • You both do not know the real story…. DT outsmarted AT&T…. They knew all along that the buyout/merger would fail.  “FREE CASH AND SPECTRUM”

      • And how far do you really think 3 billion in cash is going to last?  Not long.  And the 1 billion in roaming will not last for a long time either.  It expires after 7 years.  If DT is not going to put any money into their investment over in the US T-Mobile USA will die on the vine.

        • J-Hop2o6

          WRONG.. The AT&T 3G ROAMING Agreement ends after 7 years.. The AWS spectrum Tmo received is theirs to keep, like the $3Bil.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thank you Keith. It is almost like this story was posted to retort what we said in the other thread, with guest editorial by Conan. (See the rude comments, insults and other BS in response to my post. Of course, those people are letting their hatred of me cloud common sense, if they have any, which I doubt.)

      • Realcool2000

        I can’t speak for others but I defininitely don’t hate u Mikey, that’s a strong word. I just wish u would owe up to the fact that u r wrong a lot. Also it was really messed up how u tried to make Conans article part of your own points you should have just let it be as a stand alone.

        Some of your stuff is informative Micheal but u don’t owe up to when ur wrong, nd u really do seem like a brown noser ( imean people say this term all the time about the highest levels in companies u know what it means )

        Keith, u r just silly.

      • Guest911

        Mikey – are your feelings hurt? Poor baby. All these mean people beating up on lil mikey. Those bs responses to your post couldnt be because you are just wrong eh? No! Lil mikey is always right coz he’s just that smart.

        Get off your high horse and realize that you are often wrong. All you do is bloviate. Realcool has good advise so use some of that “common sense” you claim to have and grow up. People dont hate you. They are just tired of your attitude.

    • Anonymous

      Rene Has a bunch of Debt he has to pay off with DT.  If someone gives him enough money, he will dump Tmo USA, just like he tried to do when ATT dropped 39B on the tabel.

  • Rick Cancino

    with being the battery eater that LTE is… who cares? theorized 300mbps, fancy… how do you deal with the issue of the bottlenecks at servers and everywhere else. I would rather have my HSPA+ at 42mb and a battery that lasts. Engadget, cnet or BGR reported that when using GPS/mapping on their LTE phone it ate battery faster than it could charge in their car. 

    • Completely concur, this is what I’ve been saying. & who really is gonna be using 300Mbps, to download what exactly?

    • J-Hop2o6

      The only reason LTE is eating up battery life is because current SoC can’t carry the extra radio tech on the same die (SoC) with all the other tech (CPU, GPU, radios, etc) in the same SoC @ 40nm+ .. The chips (28nm & 32nm) coming out very soon in 2012 will be able to fit the added LTE radio, so that’ll save battery power.. But yes, I do agree on 300mbps in a phone, but LTE can be used as a Home network also, plus LTE dongles for your laptops, etc. And yea, severs/sites will bottleneck that 300mbps greatly.. but oh well.

    • J-Hop2o6

      The only reason LTE is eating up battery life is because current SoC can’t carry the extra radio tech on the same die (SoC) with all the other tech (CPU, GPU, radios, etc) in the same SoC @ 40nm+ .. The chips (28nm & 32nm) coming out very soon in 2012 will be able to fit the added LTE radio, so that’ll save battery power.. But yes, I do agree on 300mbps in a phone, but LTE can be used as a Home network also, plus LTE dongles for your laptops, etc. And yea, severs/sites will bottleneck that 300mbps greatly.. but oh well.

  • I used to love this company and its upsetting to stand back and watch it fall apart…

  • Sidekicker89

    Thank God I speak German! All those classes paid off haha!

  • Guesty

    dt will drop one of thier European ventures(likely uk) and have a tie up with another wireless company to get financial backing . tmous is still one of their profit making place and the us market / customer base is much bigger.   

  • kkkk

    SORRY OFF TOPIC, I  have been unable to receive the OTA wifi calling update for my SGS2 and tried the KIES rote but doesn’t work,

    I downloaded the kies software on my PC, then it said connect USB cable to phone, i did,
    what do i have to do to connect the samsung kies mode?
    do i have to press anything on my cellphone? i see an APP that says KIES AIR on my phone, do i have to press that?

    • kkkk

      i  CHECKED THE usb debugging before i inserted the USB CABLE and i downlaoded the latest updated version of kies mini on my PC

    • James

      you wont get it unless you used the sim card that came in the box got the new sims

      • kkkk

        i bought  and inserted the  new GBA sim , i activated the brand new sim . no oTA update and kies mini  is not working

    • Frigadroid

      The first thing you did wrong was buy a samsdung. You see they don’t design samsungs with updates or quality software in mind. The best remedy is sell it now for max value and avoid more headaches on future issues.
      If you really want to keep the samsung call 611 and get a refurb & then start the update process all over again, good luck.

    • Nick

      The updates are being transmitted at different times. I thought there was something I had to do, too. If you don’t get it within the next week or two (or you bought it full price w/o a plan, then I’d take the phone to local store.

  • Lilmicky3

    I dony believe a single word that comes off his mouth.. As a tmobile employee all of these are LIES .. They burned TMObile brand in the ground. It was they’re fault why customers are leaving.. They would rather aee the Iphone and see Carly and the elves sing.. I wouldnt be surpilrise if they sell Tmo again. He should invest that 3billion to all the employees that went through all the CRAP

    • Tbyrne

      And I don’t believe you’re a T-Mobile employee!

      • Vim

        I don’t know if he’s an employee or not, but I do know there are a lot of disgruntled TMo employees out there. I talked to one just the other day at the local corporate store while we were the only two people in the store.  He had some very, very real gripes, and he was extremely pleased that the AT&T buyout was shot down by the Feds.

    • Sanman202

      If you work for Tmobile you shouldn’t be posting negative things about your employer. You have a job and be happy for one, second it’s people like you that make a bad name for a company.  Most of us are customers of Tmobile and to see employees bad mouth the company we pay each month just doesn’t look good. 
      Show some professionalism!

      • Frigadroid

        Yes you should step in line and praise your most glorious leader like the respectful professional north korean citizens. What’s wrong with you? If your boss tells a lie be professional and stand behind him! Honesty & integrity will get you nowhere in the corporate world. LOL

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          Ouch…. your comment made me actually LOL. My dogs were wondering “what’s so funny.”

          Sidenote: One of the most amusing things I have seen in a long time was the cameras panning on the North Korean mourners who were the most bereaved people I have ever seen, wailing on the passing of the most glorious leader.

          I taped those events and played the wailers in slow motion. I saw one female shedding crocodile tears stop, but when she saw the camera was back on her she started up again with maximum bereavement.

  • Mike

    Yeah this guy is just saying that to calm people down so they don’t panic. They want to maximize the profits, so this is a way to try and stop the questions. Many consumers don’t want tmobile because they fear what will happen after they sign a contract.
    This I know, as a dealer

    • 123

      I won’t sign anything until everything is ironed out. 

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is this article posted to placate the fanboys and cheerleaders who got their panties in a bunch in the other article, against anyone who retorted aspects of that article (“Why T-Mobile Should And Will Deploy LTE”)?

    Fact is, Deutsche Telekom is suffering in Europe (I assume people in here are aware of the European economic crisis. It is economics 101 that in a bad economy demand for DT’s products goes down). Note: In 2011 DT’s stock price dropped 8.5 %.

    Fact is, Deutsche Telekom is not going to put any money whatsoever into TMOUS. DT is looking to ditch TMOUS, not prop it up. Some people in here seem to think Deutsche Telekom stands ready to infuse TMOUS with the investment in time and money required for it to get competitive. At best, DT might “shine up” TMOUS to garner the highest possible sales price, but that’s about it.

    Fact is, it would take years for DT to upgrade to LTE (two to three?). Do you really think with all its European troubles and the sorry shape of TMOUS that, as I said before, DT will throw good money after bad? Even if Rene is kept on board, he is known as a tough guy. No way he would decide to keep investing in TMOUS.

    Fact is, Deutsche Telekom has to get rid of TMOUS while it can (while it is still worth $15 to $20 billion). In the alternative, and IMO perhaps the better move, Deutsche Telekom may reconsider selling its tower network (not improving it). IMO that’s tempting because assuming DT gets $3 billion for the towers, added to the $3 billion cash from AT&T, that’s a tempting pile of money to take a pass on getting.

    Like some have wisely said in here, it is important to understand what Rene is really saying, and equally significant, what he is NOT saying.

    But like usual, the people in here who have been hoping or predicting over the years that TMOUS would be getting the iPhone, guess there’s nothing stopping you from thinking that DT will now invest billions into TMOUS to make it competitive against Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

    The rest of us, we know that actions speak louder than words:

    1) Deutsche Telekom dispatched the $3 billion to Europe, it did not keep in the U.S.;

    2) DT has not provided any evidence that it is making, nor intends to make, the investments required to make TMOUS competitive with the big three;

    3) Even if DT intended to build up TMOUS (it does not) DT does NOT have the money to do that; 

    4) Rene’s vague, meaningless statements are nevertheless inconsistent with what he said in LATER interviews; and

    5) And in regards to Rene and postmortem statements he is making, my thinking is that the captain will be going down with the ship, as I said before, because DT’s investors are mad and looking for blood.

    Consider that at 32% ownership, the German government is Deutsche Telekom’s largest shareholder. Word on  German streets, so to speak, is that the Government BEFORE the deal was declared dead, was very upset that it “had not been given an early and full picture of the regulatory risks of selling the US’s number four mobile operator to the number two.” While Rene was enjoying praise for getting the $39 billion Christmas miracle, now he will suffer that there was only coal in the stocking.

    This Gloom and Doom comment is copyright © 1996-2012 Michael Mortimer, Second Chair Publications. All rights reserved.

    • Sure DT doesn’t want to put any money into T-Mobile USA, but if they don’t do anything no one will buy it for any good money.  If you let your house deteriorate don’t expect to get the same price for it that you would if it was all spruced up and attractive.  If they don’t put any money at all into T-Mobile USA it will be another WaMu-Chase thing where someone will pick up T-Mobile USA for pennies on the dollar.  So far I’ve not heard any “plan B” for when the sale of T-Mobile USA to T when it failed.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Agree Joseph. As I said, DT will at best shine up TMOUS so it can attain max value for the sale.

        I think of this like selling my cars. Some times I have made some really bad decisions on purchases and/or the car has broken down with a sale pending. After the buyer said “thanks but no thanks” I had to make the decision “do I fix the car or sell it as-is for way less.” Regardless of the dollars involved the business principles are similar with my cars or a $15 billion wireless division.

        One time I had a 74 Jaguar XKE V12 roadster. It was right after I had been accepted to a top-ten university. I decided to go to college “because if I have nice stuff now I can get these things later.”

        At the time I said I would sell the car to help finance my first year at the University. Just before I put the car up for sale it developed some leaks in the engine area. The garage said it was “$12 worth of gaskets, but $2,000 to drop the engine to replace them.”

        Had to decide “do I sell the car as-is, with the leaks, or get the repairs and HOPE to get that money back.” As you say, I knew that if I did not put the money into the Jag, I would not get “good money,” and for sure could not expect the same price for it “spruced up and attractive.”

        Deutsche Telekom suffers a similar situation. I don’t see it doing anything to become competitive with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. That would be a lost cause, as the saying goes.

        To the extent you are saying so, I agree that DT will put in the money to at least slow down TMOUS’ decline in value. Conservative number crunchers say TMOUS is worth about $19 billion now. I disagree, because of the current state of the U.S. and European economies (it is a buyer’s market, for sure), the damage TMOUS suffered over the past months while the deal was pending, and because I simply don’t think the Company is worth more than $15 billion, not in these “fire sale” times.

        We shall see.

  • But the real question is whether DT will do anything with T-Mobile USA or just let it die on the vine.  If DT is still determined to leave the US market they’d better be willing to sell a good product to whoever the prospective buyer is or they won’t get much when and if they do sell their property. Mr. Obermann didn’t sound very positive.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Exactly Joseph. And Herr Obermann’s tone tells the story just as much as what he says and does not say.

  • Guest

    By the way, from my archives, for those of you putting Rene on a pedestal.  It is never a good thing when the “FBI” raids your CEO’s home and seizes stuff. Maybe a motivating factor for Rene wanting out of the U.S., because of his U.S. “rap sheet?”

    Just saying. ;)

    Translation: The Bonn public prosecutor has searched for information WirtschaftsWoche end of August, the home of Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann and seized extensive material. The prosecutors determine on behalf of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice against eight telecom manager on suspicion of corruption or bribery to the aid.

    As has been known until now, searched on 31 August 70 investigators not only in the offices of Deutsche Telekom’s Bonn headquarters, but also the private homes of several executives, including the Chief. During the investigation it comes to affairs of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Magyar Telekom and several other subsidiaries in Eastern Europe, who allegedly paid bribes to have millions of dollars to government officials to get in the regulation of the market and to the award of mobile licenses advantages.

    The incidents date back about five years. Obermann was then chief of T-Mobile International and responsible therefore for the Eastern European mobile companies.

  • TMoFan

    What’s that saying “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Last year Rene and the CFO ruled out a T-Mobile sale while they were in talks with the death star and announced a sellout not too long after. What they say now is meaningless. I just hope they sellout to a company that cares, like Dish. They seem to be really motivated to build out an LTE network.

  • Respawn

    I trust him like I trusted him last year. Funny thing is, that Not Interested in Selling T-Mobile article is on the Related Posts.Oh I can remember the BS so well.

  • Looks like T-Mobile and AT&T have a few things in common that they discussed more than just a merger, like … 
    How to lie and say a company isnt going to be sold and then it will be – Something Dan Hesse did with AT&T Wireless. 
    How to spruce up a network JUST ENOUGH to look attractive enough to get a bid for a high price – Again something AT&T did under Dan Hesse’s reign with Cingular when they allowed the use of BOTH networks prior to the merger. 
    How to say they cant do something like roll out LTE on a wide scale or HSPA+ due to spectrum deficiency, but then the second another company does, they jump on the bandwagon and suddenly they have the spectrum and money to roll out “4G” even if its not 4G – T-Mobile started that trend, and AT&T didnt like it so they did the same thing. Verizon is now forcing Sprint and AT&T to use all their spectrum assets and prove they can roll out LTE in more areas than previously claimed. 

    At this point, I kinda dont trust T-Mobile, or DT or the fact they are going to invest in the USA any more.
    What I do see is that employees of T-Mobile know their plans and service and customer care is going to crap, so why bother helping a company that is going to sell off and get you laid off anyway? T-Mobile is just about to cross the “too late to save the company” line with this scheme they are playing. 
    Their best bet is to start network sharing with AT&T for GSM/HSPA+, start negotiations with Dish for spectrum for LTE and maybe talk to another national provider like Verizon or Sprint for a further back up of LTE and offloading. 
    Aside from that some immediate fixes would be for them is directly in their plans and customer care. Stop changing plan names weekly, and allow customers to change plans and not extend the contract for starters. Offer customers 3 choices of contracts. No Contract – MSRP phone costs upfront, or bring your own device. 1-Year Contracts – phones at 1/2 price off from MSRP. 2-Year Contracts – phones BELOW $50 to FREE. Keep the ETF at $200 for 2 Year, $350 for 1 Year.
    First Call Resolution – Dont ding dong customers around if they have issues. Satisfy the call on the first call or offer customers major credits until the problem is resolved. Why force customers to pay for something not their fault? 
    Start offering the iPhone 4S – even if it is EDGE ONLY so far. Straight up offer people to buy it. If T-Mobile wants to support 1900Mhz 3G later on, then it will be… but for now, OFFER PEOPLE TO BUY THE PHONE AT THE T-MOBILE CONTRACT DISCOUNT.

    • Giraffe

      If you don’t like you job or you think you can do better, get out or get promoted.  The suggestions you’re making are blind, asinine, and downright ridiculous.  As an example, Verizon’s putting their top of the line phones out at 300 with two year contract, higher ETFs, higher priced rate plans for the same service where I use it.  How likely are they to add major credits to accounts when loads of “not my fault” issues with customers include phones being stolen, dropped, broken, or services on the bill like long distance dialing to Canada for an hour because you thought the number was safe, or going over on minutes and “not noticing” the warning message – or using web when you don’t have a web plan or are going over?  As likely as every other major company.  Take responsibility for what you do with your services, and don’t expect companies to credit every time you make an “oops”.  It makes my rates go up when you want a $100 credit for your mistake, and the only thing worse for these companies than losing a customer because their consumer made a mistake is losing ten because they have to pay more per month as a result of fixing negligence.  Cell phone service is not a charity case, and until you provide government subsidies to make it so, you’re ridiculous to think that a company should just bleed out all of its profit margin to make you happy for a year or two.

      DT is either forced to evolve, dissolve, or sell to a 3rd party at this point, and dissolving is probably not a good call.  Of course they’re going to aggressively position themselves for LTE now – over the next few years, T-Mo will need it to improve their network, and any purchaser at this point will gain more benefit from buying a company that has these technologies available.  It’s increasing T-Mobile US options, which it needs at this hour.

      If you can develop a financial strategy that makes putting top of the line smartphones at $50 or free while still making enough profit to reinvest in upgrades, technology, and manpower and support our european investors, I welcome it.  I’m more want to suspect that you are simply another pipedreamer, have all the answers and want everything for nothing.

    • Nycefbaby

      well said

  • Jbbymorales1

    Rene obermann sucks he is killing t-mobile usa he doesnt have vision for the american market what a shame

  • JM

    I switched my main line to Verizon after nearly 13 years. T-Mobile really isn’t good enough at anything to make their slightly lower prices worth it anymore.

    I was VERY happy with their data speeds, but after working for them, then having some seriously bad experiences as a customer, a few service degradations, and a bill that somehow kept rising without justification I left.

    I hope they figure it out. I hope they get on track. There is still huge potential with T-Mobile.

    • Mr, Greenthumb

      its only your problem when you cannot understand how the billing works and knowing whats included in your plan. ex. If get a talk+text plan and you knowingly and willingly accessed the web on your phone and inquire data charges because you didnt request a plan, than its only yourself to blame for not being responsible. All the sudden you just cant remember and blame it all on the carrier,My thing is if the service was so great what you switch? you get what you pay for!!

  • JerryThomas1981

    Invest in LTE? With what spectrum? Who are they gonna buy it from. Verizon’s pretty much gobbled up all of available AWS spectrum and AT&T isn’t giving up theirs. That’s for sure. The only thing I can think of is a partnership with EchoStar aka Dish Network but even then T-Mo would still need to acquire additional spectrum? from somewhere for two major markets Dish doesn’t own spectrum in. NY and LA

    • Kamil Wierzbicki

      I wonder, how European mobile companies are able to go for LTE without buying more spectrum. Europe has much more carriers and much less spectrum.

      • When carriers buy spectrum, they buy HUGE chunks. On a particular band, a carrier may have somewhere around 60-80MHz of spectrum. And then there’s the network-sharing agreements that include spectrum sharing too. The cost of building out on that spectrum is distributed to all participants, making deployment costs much easier to swallow.

  • Anonymous

    Heh, he sounds like he’d be a perfect candidate to run a major investment bank! DT could hire Jon Corzine to replace him, it’s a match made in heaven! 

  • Respawn

    Unfortunately, even if they had LTE – or the iPhone for that matter –
    the marketing department at T-Mobile would be advertising the same way
    they are now … like crap.

    How’s about firing those idiots and put some aggressive marketers in there? That’s what T-Mobile needs!

  • Subzero

    Poker face.

  • Kha

    The only way to for tmobile to survive is to get this guy out.

    • Guest

      Agree Kha. Deutsche Telekom may bid Rene farewell since the Investors are asking questions on how this happened. IMO the main reason heads at the top will roll is because the acquisition went south so badly.

      IMO Rene was not in the best position to be renegotiating his contract, so the Agreement most likely includes provisions addressing the corruption allegations, and later what would happen if this deal failed.

      IMO, and I have nothing to base this on except common sense and what I have seen in other situations, I suspect Rene has been leading the investors astray, not only on the AT&T acquisition but also other things he has been doing.

      I mean come on, German prosecutors on behalf of the U.S. SEC and DOJ raid Deutsche Telekom offices and Rene Obermann’s home (and others) and seize computers and hardware. That does not bode well for those investigated nor a Company’s reputation, one trying to sell its U.S. investment (to get the he#l out of Dodge).

      Others may opine differently, but just on my short list:

      – As I said late last year, Rene had to do something to save his job. So I would look at all his actions with suspicion, saying and doing things to secure a contract renewal.

      – Although Rene has denied wrongdoing, as anyone does whose home is raided by the FBI,

      – That Deutsche Telekom does not have a Plan B is most telling on Rene’s situation and intentions. He went “all in” on the AT&T deal and his future was tied to the deal being approved.

      – Reputation is everything in business. if you want to do business in the U.S., at these levels anyway, your record has to be “cleaner” than what the above story indicates. Just like you think “where there is smoke there is fire” when you observe the police raid your neighbor’s home or a place of business, and LE can be seen seizing material,so too is Rene’s circumstance damaging to what Deutsche Telekom. intends with TMOUS.

      Copyright © 1996-2012 Michael Mortimer, Second Chair Publications. All rights reserved.

      • Cookitup222

        Normally your posts are full of thought and typically are good reads. However, I’m frightened by 2 main points in this post:

        – Your quoted source is a website that it’s intended goal is to get TMoUSA to be unionized. I’m sorry, but as a T-Mobile employee, I find that offensive, given the fact that the union website will not print both sides of the story (but clearly only the side that makes their intended goals seem “so much better.”) Here’s a more balanced read on the same topic:

        – Copyrighting a blog post? I looked for your company, Second Chair Publications, and can’t really seem to find this anywhere online… so are you trying to make a company out of your posts on TMoNews? I don’t think you need to copyright your opinions, as your opinion is not going to win you a civil suit. Plus, your opinion doesn’t make the idea your own or your “intellectual property.” 

  • ByeByeSamsung

    ACTUALLY, that guy doesn’t seem too bad. 

    I will ask this question however….. they are so concerned with the debt…massive debt is not good….but hang on, we are in a period of HISTORICALLY LOW INTEREST RATES.

    Isn’t DT sound enough to go to the Bond Market and float new 15-30 year notes at these incredible rates and then turn around and extinguish debit at higher rates? That could lower their interest payments and allow them the cash flow necessary to push on with the LTE. 

    I donno, maybe their outstanding notes don’t allow early maturity…but it would seem that this would be worth doing even if all they saved was a few %.

    • I’m not sure of that applies to the German financial market. Also, a lot of the bonds they’ve issued were issued in the last two years. They can’t turn around and do something like that now. They’d have to wait at least until five years afterward, I think.

  • To be honest, I rather be partnered/bought out by a deal from somebody like Dish. I just don’t care or see it with DT anymore.

    • IKnowbutyoudontknowthatIdo

      Gonna miss you pal! Join me on Americas only true 4G network!

      • Anonymous

        How much are they paying you?

      • I don’t think I got the memo. Where exactly am I going? O_o Apparently there are things I don’t even know of about myself, myself.

      • Technically nobody has true 4G so. . . .

        • Omar

          Actually Verizon is the only one with a true 4G network.(Largest to offer speeds 10+mps)i average about 13mps in my bed right now! Have you ever experienced those speeds anywhere you go? i recently switched and get 4GB for $30.. not bad with $10/1GB overage at FULL SPEEDS, not to mention that TMOBILE charged me $10 for “unlimited” web where my speeds where reduced to 2g at 200MB people.FYI the verizon iphone 4S works GSM/CDMA (global) I have one too :}

        • Most people define true 4G as IMT-Advanced. For LTE, that would be part of UMTS Release 10, known as LTE-Advanced. No one in the USA has that. Not Verizon, not AT&T, not MetroPCS, not Cricket, no one. 

        • Cookitup222

          Sounds like you’re in love with Verizon now. That’s great! So why are you posting on TMoNews, a site that’s dedicated to T-Mobile? You make a point of talking about the $10 you’ve been paying for 200MB data (yes it is unlimited because you continue to get data to your device even after you hit your data amount), but you do realize that T-Mobile has always offered other data features right? If you chose not to look into the options OR chose not to accept one of those options, then it doesn’t really sound like a valid point.

          On the other side, you’ve happily admitted to what the overage is. Only $10/GB of overage. Fantastic! So if you only use 5 GB of data, you’ve only paid $40 for your data… I’m sorry, how much is 5 GB of data with T-Mobile?

          Finally, yes, we all know the whole argument between HSPA+ and LTE. Yes, your opinion is that Verizon has the only true 4G network. I’m not sure how that’s impressive. “I have service with the only service provider to offer true 4G service.” Please continue to flaunt the things that you have and we so desperately want. But last I checked, T-Mobile is currently launching its 84Mb/sec network (while only theoretical, expected speeds of over 20 Mb/sec). I’d say that knocks the crap out of your 10 Mb/sec. :)

        • BigMixxx

          Well…I was gonna say something…but conan already did.  

          Dude.  my folks work for Verizon…don’t believe the hype homie…

  • IKnowbutyoudontknowthatIdo

    This is a joke. Break out the CES slides from the past and see how these clowns downplayed LTE and you all drooled all over it. Now its like…Err I knew it all along, I told you so.

    Please! Its all over.

    Verizon is offering $30 4G of data! Time to say goodbye afer 10+ year. Dont care that I re-upped to get the G@Conan_Kudo:disqus 

     last March. Its worth it.

    Enough is enough!

    David, time to take your iPhone to Verizon and feel the power of true 4G!!!!!!!

    I will let you know how the experience goes. Free Droid Bionic and a $5 increase to my bill. I will take it.

    The fix was in for ATT and sabotaged at the last second. 

    • Anonymous

      … The iPhone doesn’t have LTE.

    • … Verizon doesn’t have an HSPA+ network that David’s iPhone is compatible with.

    • Hmm, so $30 for 4 GB of data is good enough for you? With the 4G speeds you claim, you’ll be over your cap in no time. What good is 4G LTE when it isn’t unlimited? Haha, 4G LTE is just a faster way for Verizon and AT&T to begin charging overage fees, oh and how high those overage fees will be…. SIGH

    • I get unlimited data on T-Mobile (2GB High Speed) for $10 per month. If I pay $35 per month for data I could use 5GB at full speed 4G. Where I live that;s 7-9 Mbps.

      I get unlimited messaging for three lines on a family account for $10 per month (not $10 per line – $10 total). How much do you pay AT&T for unlimited messaging on ONE account? Like $25? 

      T-Mobile has the best Value Plans, and you won’t get deals like this with Verizon. No, I don’t get discounted phones every two years, but what does that mean? It means I can upgrade my phone whenever I feel like it!

    • BigMixxx

      Really…I’ll switch when they offer a cheaper voice plan, and text plan, and data plan….

      and stuff like that….

    • Susanmeg

      I priced an unlimited plan for voice, data and text at verizon: $140/month with 5gb data plan and unlimited text.

      I pay $79.99 for my UNLIMITED VOICE, TEXT and 5gb DATA plan (unlimited) monthly at tmobile.  They gave me the 5gb plan (instead of 2gb plan) because I have been with them 8 years.

      $80 v $140???  $60 difference?  If you have the cash Verizon is a great company…but writing a check for $140 a month seems obscene to me.

      OH!  my sister and husband who are major snobs (BRAG about have much better cars, MUCH better phones, MUCH better everything) were at my christmas party.  She had me fix  facebook by redownloading it on her Android (I’m more techy than her or her husband and downloaded an older version of facebook app).  Verizion was DOG slow compared to my downloads at the house!  It actually stalled a couple times.  I rebooted the phone and kept trying.  I was actually kinda shocked at the slow speeds of the verizon download.  I’m guessing it was pulling about 700kb -1mb.  I was getting 5-6mb at my home in a large suburb of a major city.  Yes, data is a huge variable but it was shocking to me.

  • BigMixxx

    If you closely examine what Oberman did not say was T mobile US is a valuable and sellable asset. He mentioned the 39 billion dollars, but he did not mention the 8% stake in AT&T. That alone would have allowed him to build out what he needed in his european business.  He also did say DT was seriously overleveraged with 40 billion Something of debt.  It was a business decision that would have solidified him as a leader and would have allowed him to grow his European business easily, by benefiting from AT&T, even if his Eurpoean business was ailing because of the investements in their network.   
    SO…in a nutshell, can’t complain too much.  AT&T really benefited by NOT purchasing T mobile.

    So look at it this what… it was 39 billion plus an 8% stake in AT&T…that’s a LOT of money, thats billions a year just for selling the entitiy….no matter how we look at it.  Heck, I would have sold my child for that much cash too….(REALLY KIDDING ABOUT THAT).  Over a ten year period, thats 100 billion…for selling a company and they would have been raking in the dough and NO do anything.

    But it’s business.  Don’t really care how things and costs look at this point, it’s really about how to compete now.  Backing up to CES, looking at competition…the LTE bark is a little crazy…HSPA+ is their direction and they are not waiving from until both the technology and cost is significantly less than it is now.  Let’s not forget, t mobile was last to the 3g game and has a really good network.  Assuming they will be last to the LTE game; so most likely they will focus on an LTE-A in major cities, falling back to a very fast HSPA+…that would be an optimal business decision.

    The key thing here is….ALL of the next generation LTE networks are not compatible with each other.  So it will be back to the same ole, same old….choose your phone by choosing your network.

    • T-Mobile and Sprint LTE devices will work on both networks. There will also be limited AT&T and T-Mobile phone interoperability. C Spire, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS, and Leap’s LTE network devices will also work with T-Mobile’s future network, too. T-Mobile using PCS and AWS covers a lot of bases…

      • Catermay

        Dish network is really serious about Tmobile now and DISH owns more spectrum than Sprint OR Tmobile.  They would be a excellent mate for tmobile.  They would leave it as a separate mobile division and would offer DISH greater media access to homes with integration of home entertainment.

        They have the spectrum waiting…they have said before they want to create a mobile division…well?  Tmobile can be that division.  Dish has tons of money.

        I hated the AT&T deal but this is an easier pill to swallow.  They also mentioned wanting to buy clearwire AND tmobile which would give an automatic LTE network to Tmobile.

        • I don’t see Dish buying T-Mobile in the near term. It might start with a network/spectrum sharing joint venture, and later T-Mobile might be acquired from Deutsche Telekom. In the near term, Dish would want to leverage the global capabilities that the T-Mobile brand offers. 

          Deutsche Telekom has branches all over the world and does a very good job getting low roaming rates to most destinations for U.S. travelers. Business plans have a flat $0.45/min and $0.10/msg for talk and text roaming rates, which is the lowest in the industry. That is something Dish would want to keep.

  • BigMixxx

    Damn!  He’s fired….