Deutsche Telekom CEO Comments On Need For LTE Network In United States

Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann spoke to the Deutsche Telekom official corporate blogger on December 20th in Germany about the need for a LTE network on T-Mobile USA. In this two minute video, Obermann states the need for T-Mobile USA to move toward a future that involves a focus on LTE technology and finding more spectrum to meet that goal. For Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA to achieve that goal, spectrum will cost billions of dollars, money that Deutsche Telekom has been thus far unwilling to invest in US operations.

“This will be our task going forward and one that we will devote all our energies to.”

Those are words straight out of the CEO’s mouth and so we shall hope that devoting energy translates internationally to building up US operations, not attempting to sell T-Mobile off to the next highest bidder.

P.S. The video is in German and translated through subtitles.


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