HTC Radar 4G Free On For A Limited Time, Two-Year Agreement Required

While the audience of @TheEllenShow may have received the HTC Radar 4G for free, now you can too with a limited time offer on with a two-year contract. We’re not sure how long this deal has been up, but like all good sales it won’t last forever so take advantage of right away!

Along with your “purchase” of the free HTC Radar 4G on, you’ll receive a $25 Windows App Store Gift Card good for any purchases on the Windows Phone Marketplace website. Just visit and register your purchase, receive your gift card in 6-8 weeks and enjoy $25 worth of goodies.

Oh how we do love free. And free apps.

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  • Ry

    I have a value plan. Can I get this offer?

    • Anonymous

      If you go to the web site and read the details:
      “To qualify for the instant and Web-only discounts, you must activate the product on a new line of service with an Even More™ rate plan on a two-year service agreement. Even More™ Family Plans may qualify for up to five instant discounts. “

      • I believe you don’t need the fine print, it says so right in the picture :-)

        • googlephone

          You don’t know what you were talking about. Pitty mod.

    • HTCGeek

      Value Plan customers cannot get this offer. Discounted phones are only available with Classic Plans.

  • I dont know much about T-mobile and can you explain me what does it mean FREE? they just give you mobile and that’s all? 

    • Anonymous

      Santa Claus leaves it for you under your tree at Christmas!

    • Jay

      You need to sign up for a 2 year service agreement with T-Mobile, then yes they will give you this phone for free.

      Don’t remember what the normal price was, but if your close to a Microsoft Store they have the Radar for $49.99 or sometimes free combined with other promotions. Of course this is also with a 2 year contract.

  • Lu

    wish they would honor deals like this in store

    • LC

      Technically it’s free in store right now too, with the $50 MIR and if you trade in any phone as long as it works and there isn’t any water damage you get at least $100. You can get the free $25 worth of applications too.

      • Foxeh

        That’d be tempting, but I don’t want the white one. D:

  • Namorales

    Who would want windows apps? they are so far behind I-phone and Android it’s ridiculous! I’ve dealt with Windows operating systems before and I swore NEVER AGAIN. Windows needs to stick to what they do best that is develop desktop software and leave the mobile industry to Apple and android phones. The windows operating systems have always been sluggish and hang up to easily. based on my experience I am willing to bet problems with his phone will begin rising as more people acquire them. T-mobile is giving them away FREE because people don’t want them, and can’t move them. Otherwise WHY would you just give away a brand new product? If you look at all if not most of the apps being written, Mostly are for Apple with a strong Android in second place quickly gaining ground on Apple. Blackberry is way down in the list with very few apps and Windows apps are never even mentioned!

    • None

      You bothered to write that entire tirade just to say “no, thank you?”

    • whiskers

      Another AnalDroid fanboy .
      WM7.5 does’nt lag and need extra processing power that Android needs.
      I can get plenty of apps as well like the others.

    • Nicholas Moore

      You obviously don’t know anything about Windows Phone 7! I can’t fault you since I was in the same place about 2 months ago. I, along with many of my friends, was bitter at MS for all the junk they have released in the past that I have to support.

      But I would recommend that you do some real research about Windows Phone 7 (especially the latest “Mango” release). The UI is lightning quick and smooth as silk, even on a single core 1GHz processor. The stability is far better than Android, rivaling iOS. The integration with facebook, linked-in, and twitter are great! After only a year there are over 40,000 apps in the marketplace and they are higher quality than a lot I’ve seen on Android. It took me a while to warm up to even considering this phone but I now own one and I will never go back to Android.

      I’m not saying that this OS is right for you, but I really feel that anyone looking for a new mid-range phone should definitely look at the Radar 4G. It is definitely a choice worthy of consideration.

    • You’ve got some fairly outdated information there.

      This is partly why MS should have named their new phone OS Zune phone or something without “Windows” in it. The new ‘Windows Phone’ has NOTHING to do with the sluggish ‘windows mobile’ of the past.

    • Okay, I love Android, but you obviously haven’t kept up to date with Windows Phone 7 or 7.5. I’ve played with the apps and they work amazingly well and smooth.

      And seriously, anyone who’s dumb enough to think more apps automatically means better deserves to be slapped across the face with the iPhone (because I love my Android too much to use it for that). Do you realize how many of those apps are just rehashed versions of the same crap over and over? For instance, search for “Facebook” and walla, a few hundred results of different apps that allow you to sign into Facebook. Same for different email providers and other social networks. And how many do you need?

      That’s right, Watson. ONE.

  • CJ

    I am very dissapointed in this phone, Why would i want to upgrade from my HD7 for a phone that lacks a lot of specifications. For one thing it only has 8gb of space but 6gb that is usuable. Second the screen is a lot smaller if i remember right. Maybe that is why they are giving it away. When is Tmobile going to get a Samsung, LG or Nokia WP7. Unitl then I will be bitter lol :)

    • Duvall17

      Radar is more powerful abs had front face

  • Ibleedmagenta

    I took advantage of it . Can you use it for zune market?

    • Anonymous

      Well, it has the windows marketplace for apps and zune software for music. As far as the ecosystem goes, it is great all around phone.

  • Anonymous

    Free for everyone but people under contract! Click on @tmobile above,took me to official tm site,sign in,went to upgrade,there it was for the price of $99.00! It’s free as long as you are not customer upgrading! When is Tmobile going give people that are under contract, due for upgrade a deal? 

    • Agreed, I have two lines availible for upgrade.  Would have done this deal but I can’t.  smdh

      btw, when is T-Moble getting the Titan?

      • Anonymous

        Well James,when you are ready for upgrade,I would go to Costo,BJ’s,Wal-Mart,Samclub,Target. They all have better prices than any Tmobile store. I went to
        Walmart,when they were giving anyone who brought or upgrade to any smartphone(2yr.agreement) but for some reason there system would not let them upgrade me,it told them have customer to call cr on there phone,did 2times tm gave me the run around telling it not on there end,but on Walmart end. Ask the salelady
        if anyone else had this problem,she told me no. So again tm screw up my account.
        Now waiting for Walmart to get in touch with me. It’s big mess. Thinking about go back to Att. At least when I was with them had service everywhere in the city. No dead spots.  

    • LC

      Just go into a store and if you trade in any working phone with the trade in program you get a guaranteed $100 for it and you can still get the application voucher. Then you basically get the eexact same thing.

      • Anonymous

        Well TC,tmobile did real good job about keeping this unknown. If you notice,it is over as of today. So why didn’t they sent out email blast to their customers? Or A text message about this offer? They could of but they drop the ball again. 

  • William Cron

    I wonder if that $100 trade in rebate works for phones bought at WalMart. They have the Radar for $28.88 for a 2 year upgrade. With the $25 in free apps, it’s damn near free right there. If the trade in is allowed, you’re being paid to buy this phone! I could most certainly deal with that. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Skip the WinMo nonsense, I desperately need a deal on a MyTouch Q on a Value plan! Just a few bucks off, doesn’t have to be free. C’mon, Tmo, show us value planners some love!

    • Guest

      they have them free till tommorow

    • Anonymous

      Android?  Yuck.  I want a phone that lasts all day and doesn’t crash, thank you very much!