(Update: Over) T-Mobile After Hours Sale Takes $100 Off The HTC Amaze 4G, Only Good For Another Three Hours

I don’t want to take up too much of your time reading this post, especially if you’ve been looking for an incredible deal on the HTC Amaze 4G. Take note of T-Mobile’s current after-hours sale going on for the next 3 hours. Until 3am Eastern Time or 12pm Pacific time the HTC Amaze 4G is $129.99 with a two-year contract. No rebate. So act fast because this deal will be gone in a flash!

It’s 12:01am now, eastern timeā€¦go, go, go. Tick tock.


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  • Youngt82

    Borinnnnggggg i think its time for T-Mobile to get some new phones especially the GALAXY NEXUS helllooooo guys smh lol

    • even the galaxy nexus is outdated kid, were on the horizon of quadcore phones, just wait till the tegra 3s and snapdragon s4s come out

  • Evan

    Yet again, T-Mobile disappoints. If T-Mobile actually wanted to stop the bleeding they would offer this deal to anyone available for a new two year contract. To think, I almost used my upgrade I had been holding onto for the past few months for this….I guess I’ll continue to wait.

    Thanks T-Mobile….

    • Anonymous

      You dodged a bullet, HTC Sense sucks, stay far away from it.

      • Darkknight247

        how so?

      • jarjon76

        No it doesn’t. I’ve had the Sensation since September and have had ZERO problems with the phone–and I’m a heavy phone/data user. Just because you had problems with Sense (or read about others having issues) doesn’t mean you should tell others to steer clear. Sense is fine if you’re the average consumer and not interested in nerding out your phone (nothing wrong with that, by the way).

  • Thunderkoda

    Its for New Activations only. Not for current T Mobile customers that are out of contract.Got to be a new customer.

    • Anonymous


    • VibrantKid

      of course, like if we weren’t aware of that. it seemed too good to be true..

  • Datruth63

    Hey Evan, I definitely understand where you are coming from… I was in the process of placing my order until I saw that its for new activation only! I have a free upgrade but its now way I’m spending 200+ for

  • Jonesy523

    While I understand the baited hook for new customers, I have been with T-Mobile since they were Voice Stream. Where is my thank you and incentive to stay? Stop with the 2 year contract, drop it to one and let us upgrade or stop releasing a new phone every nine months and expect loyal customers to wait. It’s infuriating. I’ll sign a new contact, obviously. If I’ve been with you for this long, just offer the phone for new customer price. You’ll still make your money. New and old customers alike, happy.

    • jarjon76

      You’ll never get a “thank you”, so don’t expect that. Your incentive to stay is the low plan/data pricing. I agree it would be nice if T-Mobile let their current customers in on these deals. However, you and I both signed our 2 year contracts knowing full well that new phones would be coming out left and right. Is it fair? No, but you knew what you were getting into before you signed on the dotted line. Can’t have it both ways–it doesn’t make sense from a company perspective either.

      If you’re going to sign a 2 yr contract, find a phone you really like–and like for the right reasons, not because it’s the latest and greatest–and enjoy it for the duration of your contract. If you can’t do that or aren’t willing to do so, don’t sign a contract, pay full retail for a phone, and you can change out phones anytime you want.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t add logic and reason to this. Oh and the whiners don’t want to hear that they are already paying less than the other carriers

    • Bratty

      FYI – TMo does offer one year contract upgrades to some customers. The last 3 upgrades I have done have been on an annual basis. The phones have been slightly more expensive that the 2-year upgrade ($50 more) but that is worth it to me.

  • Jonesy523

    This also makes me think….what’s coming out now?

  • BigMixxx

    ok, this is good, however offer it for every customer even with upgrades. keep these after hours sales/Web only Deals, run them in the retail spots and everything about t mobile’s image wil change…

  • Anonymous

    Carrier IQ? No thanks.

  • Mark Hennessey

    Way to say “F.U., east coasters with day jobs”….

    It doesn’t matter who the company is, any time I see something that amounts to a deep discount for new customers the fist thing I think of is the Honey Badger video… the corporation offering the discount is like the scavengers – they are looking at their current customers and saying “Thanks for your money, stupid!”

  • JTrip

    “T-Mobile After Hours Sale Takes $100 Off The HTC Amaze 4G”

    Will they take off Carrier IQ too. Aint buying nothing with CIQ.

  • Anonymous

    Why does this always happen when I’m sleep? :-/

  • Ibleedmagenta

    I took advantage of the free radar 4g. I’ve had wp7 and android and wp7 is a more stable platform plus having a built in zune doesnt hurt either. It does well to replace an ipod especially with a 32gb memory card.

    • Em2drivr03

      the radar doesnt have a micro sd card slot tho

  • La

    it will be free in 3 months from now lol

    • Guest

      dream on LOL !!!

    • mlb

      I tell you this much not to many folks will be paying 229.00 for it.

  • Mike_kae

    What kind of marketing campaign is T-Mo trying to conduct with these surprise sales?
    Phone Service as a midnight impulse buy?
    We’re the company who’s sales most people miss?
    Or is it because the company is so cheap that they want to use the website budget for marketing?
    Surely the campaign is cheap, but it seems more like a disincentive to me…
    As an existing customer, I am unlikely to take advantage of these sales, so it doesn’t really affect me. But I’d sure like to see T-Mo make choices that make a real impact on their subscriber rate.

  • Anthony in Utah

    I am SO sad that they throw in offers like this without giving more time. I have been planning on upgrading my line since I am out of contract and or adding a second like to my account so I could have a family plan rate and give a phone as a gift. This phone is the one I wanted, but was waiting in a price drop and or waiting to see what other phones would be coming. How dare T-Mobile for offering such things to prevent the majority from getting in on great deals.

    Have you guys noticed that T-Mobile only offers great deals to NEW subscribers instead of taking care of its OLD ones? It is so strange because I have been a customer for so many years and even qualify for the full upgrades, however, they are ALWAYS better with the NEW ones. Grrrrrr maybe I should switch to another carrier, but as for switching, I have NO clue who to go with?????

    • Anonymous

      I get full upgrades like clockwork every 2 years. My latest FULL UPGRADE actually took place at 17 months! Got the Sensation.