T-Mobile Restarts Gingerbread Rollout For T-Mobile G2x

T-Mobile is kicking off another round of Android 2.3 Gingerbread updates for T-Mobile G2x buyers, likely for those people that missed it the first time or purchased the phone without receiving the update. Gingerbread for the G2x brings about the usual list of Android 2.3 additions including improved battery life, improved front-facing camera options when using Qik, improved disabling of Car Home and helps address those nasty unexpected reboots.

Any G2x owners who aren’t interested in waiting for the staggered OTA rollout can hit the LG link below and do the manual update.

Any G2x owners missing Gingerbread?

LG Link, T-Mobile Support Forums



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  • Billmcmail


  • Vlad Andreyev

    Is this the same buggy software they pushed earlier or is it new and improved?  Can those devices that already run Gingerbread update?

  • Anonymous

    Lol, a fix for the random reboots over 6 months after the release of the device… Ya I don’t feel so bad having returned 22 of them and finally getting my money back… What a P.O.S.. I noticed its 2.3 and not 2.3.4 since they don’t mention google video chat being added. For a “Vanilla” phone, they sure can’t keep up with updates to save their life. Guess this is a good example of why to stay away from LG products.

    • LG Sucks

      Agree with you. I have decided never ever to buy a LG product in my life. BTW how did you manage to get your money back, I am still struggling with the crappy handset, reboots and much more, the first chance I get I want to throw this piece of crap away.

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if it is 2.3.4 i have th Web update now and it is just bad every other day i have to pull the battery because of the freezing and random shutting off. it so far it seems like this phome doesn’t have enough ram to run gingerbread, or gingerbread isn’t so stable itself. i say this for a friend’s galaxy s 4G has 2.3.6 and is doing the same crap as my G2X.

  • Evilbox

    Hmm my g2x’s came with 2.3 back when I bought then in September. I don’t recall any problems with it whatever so ever. of course the one I use the most is rooted and running cyanogenmod….

  • Alvin B.

    What … the…..

    LG have you lost your frickin brains? Rolling out a 6 month old update a second time? And it warrants a press release? Thanks for a whole lotta nothin’!

  • Cameron W3st

    Yep…This is exactly why I just cancelled my Tmobile contract and went with Sprint. The G2X was a VERY bad move and the fact that Tmo wanted to do NOTHING to help their customers with it is VERY bad business…I was on lucky number 5 when I finally called it quits…and every single one had the EXACT same problems…

    I’m also taking Tmobile to small claims court, here in CA, for them forcing me to pay my ETF. In my opinion, I shouldn’t be forced to pay anything if I’m leaving a carrier because with the phone I had I couldn’t even USE the services I was paying for monthly. I wouldn’t pay for cable if I wasn’t able to watch any channels…

    • Manofmystery33

      Would you sue the cable company if you LG tv wasn’t working correctly? While I definitely understand your frustration with your phone you are looking at your situatuon all wrong. But good luck in court, LOL!

      • v8dreaming

        T-Mobile’s name is on the phone. They sold it. It’s not the LG G2x. It’s the T-Mobile G2x. 

        • Cameron W3st

          Exactly v8…If I Bought the phone FROM LG…I would be very upset with LG…but since the phone is TMOBILE branded and THEY sold it to me…legally, it’s Tmobile’s issue. 

          Same way if you sold a car from a dealership that you KNEW was faulty to someone else…Lemon Laws would come around and bite you in the butt…even if the car WAS a Toyota. 

        • Late to the thread. How is T-Mobile still updating G2X’s? Anyway in the US cell phone companies subsidize the equipment you purchase from them. So that $200 G2X you bought from T-Mobile really costs $500 or so. You sign a contract and T-Mobile makes back the $300 difference over the course of the two year contract. Now if you cancel early, T-Mobile is out that $300 so they charge you an early termination fee. But what if the phone you bought is a piece of LG crap? Is T-Mobile still entitled to the ETF? That’s the argument. The ETF isn’t for T-Mobile’s service, it is specifically to recoup the equipment subsidy. 

      • Damienfz

        it is not the cable company selling the tv it is tmobile selling this crap ass phone. from day one it never worked for more than 20 minutes.

    • Wow, so you would sue T-Mobile for canceling your contract before it ends? WHAT A WONDERFUL MOVE. Good luck then!

  • Don4Tech

    I’ve had my G3x since it was first released.  Except for some light
    leading along the edge of the screen during boot-up, it has been
    problem-free.  Coming with Froyo, I updated to 2.3 when it became
    available.  I guess the new software came last night but can’t say for
    sure.  My Software Version now states “V21e” and Android Version 2.3.3. 
    The V21e is supposed to be the new update.  All seems OK.

    This phone has never given me problems; no freezing, etc..  In fact,
    it’s functionally better than any phone I’ve seen in long-term use. 
    That includes iPhones.  OK, the recent iPhones have a nicer screen but
    it’s also smaller and seems slower.

    Additional RAM would be nice.  512MB on a super phone (at release)!?  Well, that’s what most of the phones had at the time.

    OK, now I’m ready for my Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Don4Tech

    OK, Sorry guys.  That “G3x” was a typo.  You all know the subject here.  I’ve seen worse here.

  • Damienfz

    what about 2.3.5

  • gnu

    So, what about ICS? When?

  • Anonymous

    Really sorry to hear you guys having problems with your G2Xs. Seems like it was a hit or miss thing. I’ve had mine since last May and its absolutely an outstanding phone, never giving me a moment of trouble. It’s my daily driver, I use it in my work (use it hard, I do IT work and travel constantly) and it has amazing battery life as well. I’m pure stock, not rooted, no custom ROM and I have no complaints whatsoever. It works so well that I’m not chomping at the bit, patiently biding my time to see what the new year brings, be it the Nexus, or maybe a new quad core phone. Since it has the Tegra 2 cpu, I get to play all the cool TegraZone games without resorting to Chainfire. Again, I know your pain my Tmo brothers, but I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

  • Lupon

    “Please visit the LG website to update your device today.”
    Yeah! Perfect way to brick your phone there with the process most likely to fail. That happened to me but luckily XDA had that useful unbrick/update guide. Once again the volunteer community is superior to professional multimillion dollar corporations. Go figure…

  • Mdeth213

    I had two G2x’s. and thought at first I thought it was amazing, I started to have a lot of problems. First off, mine took literally 3 minutes to start up EVERY TIME… Battery life was horrible, it lagged too much, it would get delayed display messages, etc. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 5 years and I have to say that I’m very disappointed with T-Mobile, coverage in my area is really bad (3 mbps “4G”speeds) crappy phones, terrible customer care. I am switching over to Sprint and I’m getting the Epic Touch 4G and enjoy my streaming as much as I want with out having to use up all my data….

  • ltamu

    I’m still not receiving any updates!!! I’m on froyo 2.2.2 still says I’m on the latest version. I tried the LG manual Update tool which gives the same messages! WTF????

    • Cameron W3st

      Do you have a refurbished device?  If you do, then you are going to have a HELL of a time with those updates…so…good luck

  • Meagan

    That’s nice of LG to put an official download link with instructions on their website.
    I wish HTC would do that for the MyTouch4G…  I am still waiting for my OTA.

  • Alexander Rod93

    I received the update notification on my phone this morning but the problem is that i rooted my phone but it has the 2.2 os froyo but its rooted so when i click on the update it takes me to the clockwork mod recovery screen and so i don’t know what to do from there if thats supposed to happen or what. I really want the update but i don’t know if it being rooted is the problem.? 

    • Alexander Rod93

      Any help would be appreciated. 

  • Ian

    Please help.  I go to the LG link and I can’t click on anything…

  • WTF?, The manual update just bricked my phone!!!!!!!!!!!AAAaaaaargghhhhhh.!!! 

  • pickupurphone

    Is this a software update for gingerbread or the same old gingerbread that didn’t get the software?

  • Antoinetrenton

    My my touch 4g been updated months ago like June I love Android 2.3.4 on my touch 4g I’m about to get a brand new g2x because my touch4g is messed up

  • I received the update long time ago and still deal with random reboots and phone doesn’t wake up from standby at least once a day. sigh…. so much money wasted on this damn thing.