United States Attorney General Says They Are Ready To Meet AT&T In Court To Block T-Mobile Deal

The Department of Justice antitrust division is ready to meet AT&T head-on in court to stop it’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile USA according to United States Attorney General Eric Holder. Sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, AG Holder (who has recused himself from the matter) said:

“The Justice Department does not file matters in court, does not file suits challenging proposed mergers unless we are prepared to follow them all the way through…There is a trial team — I know about this just from what I’ve heard — there is a trial team that is in place, and they are ready and eager to go to court.”

When pressed by Democratic Senator Herb Kohl about concerns the Justice Department might not be willing to go all the way, AG Holder was firm in his position that his people are ready. Senator Kohl questioned if the the Department of Justice “”might not be in this case for the long haul and agree to a settlement that would allow the merger to proceed.”

Judging by the words from the United States Attorney General, the US Government is ready and willing to go all the way with AT&T in order to block this deal.


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  • Guest

    Can I get an “Amen”?

    • Guest


  • This is very good news!

  • Randomaccess386


  • Anonymous

    Block this deal!!!  Make AT&T pay!!

  • Realcool2000

    Great news! Att only wants what is best for them ( control of all gsm network ), they lie on an hourly basis and don’t care about anyone.

    People who don’t care about this issue or just want it to go through have no umderstanding of how much it will hurt economy ( less jobs, less phones made…..on and on and on…etc…), hurt innovation ( companies will have 1/4 less competition ), and how if corporations just buy and do what they want, then everyone will lose in the long run.

    Large corps can go outside this country where the laws don’t apply where there are minimal restrictions and do things like buy up all the water sources around the world, keep locals from it, sell it unregulated, make more plastic to hold it ( which is a petroleum product ), but here in the United States there is a limit to how much large corporations can exploit everything and do what ever they want.

  • Yancy


  • Johntho21

    I hope the merger doesn’t go through!!!! Well let T-Mobile get an iPhone first hehe :-)

  • Anonymous

    HELL YES!! I love this.

  • BP

    My only concern is nobody cares about T-Mobile’s future as a company.  AT&T cares about AT&T and the DOJ wants 4 major carriers.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      See my comment yesterday, this is because the future of TMOUS is NOT an issue in the case. No one is litigating T-Mobile’s future. This is a suit by U.S. consumers against AT&T, mostly about making sure we have a choice when it comes to service and handsets.

      Besides, that would be bizarre, the government telling a German company what it will do with its TMOUS division or how to operate it. Last time I looked, we do not operate like the Chinese government.

      TMOUS is a business and DT can do with it as DT sees fit.

      • BP

        T-mobile is lagging behind because of this deal.  T-Mobile has missed out on the iPhone and so far the Galaxy Nexus.  We have never seen T-Mobile in this state as a company.  If this deal falls apart, T-Mobile has to start from scratch.  DT owning T-Mobile right now is irrelevant.  This is why I stated no one cares about T-Mobile.

        • Jeff

          Agreed. T-Mobile hasn’t been moving forward for a while now, and waiting on the AT&T deal just makes it worse. When you’re not moving forward and your competitors are, you may as well be moving backwards.

          If they’re not going to let AT&T go ahead with this purchase, I wish they’d just say so and let DT get to work finding another buyer. Of course with it’s profits  and customer base falling, I’d think that some of those that were interested in a buyout before  might not be so interested now.

          FWIW, I don’t know a whole lot about the business of cell phone companies. But I do work in IT for a newspaper in Chicago. I’ve talked to a few in the building who are much smarter than I am, both on the business side of things and who are in tune with tech goings-on. They haven’t been too positive about the future.

          Take it for what it’s worth.

        • BP


          Don’t underestimate yourself.  What you said is correct.  To understand this deal all you need is common sense and the ability to comprehend what you read.  DT/T-Mobile would not have put it itself into this position if it had a better option.

        • Anonymous

          Or maybe T-Mo just doesn’t CARE about the iPhone…?

      • Fred

        DT is trying to do with it as it sees fit by selling it to the highest bidder.  However, the government is interfering.  You can force a private enterprise to stay in business just so you’ll “have a choice when it comes to service and handsets.”  You want a choice—start your own cell phone company.

        The attorney general who is blocking this merger is the same person who knew about weapons going to Mexican drug cartels so that they could be used to commit murder in America.  He’s a little coward now, trying to lie to protect his job.  Scum!

        Anyway, DT will get out of T-Mobile USA one way or another.  The alternative may be far worse than AT&T taking over their accounts. 

  • The Big Daddy Bear

    *waits for posts by the people who swore up and down that this deal was already done under the table and all we were waiting for was the official announcement*

    • JustSaying

      hahaha i know! where are they now, right?!?

  • Auser72

    Good News

  • tmotech

    If I was anyone but a T-Mobile US call center employee, I would be all for blocking this merger. However, if this merger doesn’t go through, I can easily see T-Mobile deciding to outsource all customer service as a cost-saving measure.  You think thinks have gotten bad now? Wait until there’s no US call centers left at all. As bad as it sounds, I’d rather take AT&T’s word that all US call center jobs would be safe after the merger than allow T-Mobile to keep going down the path it has been for the last couple years. I know it’s selfish, but dammit, I like my job.

    • PhantomWraith

      having worked for AT&T call center customer service its a seriously fail job, its like have a 1 AHT and a sales position all in one, not to mention the whole time I have to try and trick people off of their cheaper plan onto a much higher paying plan that won’t save the customer any money whatsoever. If that’s for you then ya you should do well with AT&T

      • tmotech

         Sounds like Gen Care at T-Mobile right now. This year’s “Big 3” are Resolve, Sell, Grow. Guess which call queue carries the most responsibility for #2? A good friend of mine works in a different call center for another service provider, and she’s expected to sell too. Comes with the job when you’re a CSR for a company in any service industry, so I’d say it’s more of a fail on you if you thought it would be any different. As for me, I’m hoping they’ll keep me in my current position, Tech Rep, so I don’t have to be too concerned about selling all the time.

    • Tmoclt

      I agree with thus 100% this merger is the last hope. For tmi usa. We ave prett much self destructed at this point.

    • You people are acting as if ONLY AT&T can save T-Mobile. HELLO! There are other companies and foreign telecommunications companies such as vodafone that are interested in buying T-Mobile USA. It just so happens that AT&T stepped in the last minute and decided to make a bid 39 BILLION dollars! But as soon as this deal is blocked… T-Mobile will then sell to the next bidder. So everything will be fine, we DON’T need AT&T.

      • LI10UP

        You do realize that Vodaphone owns a good portion of Verizon.  No I do not think you do.

        • Nice try, but do YOU realize that Vodafone has been dying to buy Verizon’s 55% ownership stake?!! And that Verizon has expressed their desire to buy Vodafone’s 45% ownership? Nope you obviously didn’t know that! *GASP*

          So please, your attempt to insult my intelligence is an epic fail. Both Verizon and Vodafone would like to own their companies 100%. So yes, Vodafone would love to purchase T-Mobile so it can enter the U.S market and have 100% ownership of its own company.

          And even if Vodafone doesn’t purchase T-Mobile, there are PLENTY.. and I mean PLENTY of foreign carriers who would. So if the U.S wants to preserve 4 national carriers, you better trust that’s what will happen. I’m sure the government asked T-Mobile for a list of their bidders.

          AT&T isn’t the only company who can purchase T-Mobile. And T-Mobile certainly doesn’t NEED AT&T.

  • Anonymous

    AT&T just wants 100% control of the USA GSM territory. With them having control, they will be able to force companies to pay them roaming, for GSM/HSPA+.

    • Yup! That’s why they NEVER unlock phones. AT&T is bad for consumers. They think they own our phones. Verizon and Sprint don’t use sim cards because they’re cdma networks. But they still block the phones as well. This needs to stop. It’s OUR phones!

      • Againareku

        What? They unlock phones 6 months from launch. They just give you the codes. Not iPhones but everything else, yes.

        I haven’t had to ask because i can roam in Mexico for free and even data roaming is reasonable cost (as opposed to $2 MB everywhere else)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This should not be a surprise to people. When it filed the lawsuit the DOJ specifically said that the Department does NOT file lawsuits to use as a negotiation tactic.

    It was only the nervous hens in here and elsewhere who were wildly clucking to themselves that the DOJ was not going to try the case and would enter into a secret, backroom deal with AT&T. (That’s so moronic and shows how big a drama queen some of you can be.)

    I swear it must be trolls on AT&T’s payroll posting such crap on the Net, to build up support for AT&T’s case. It is not going to work because this is the DOJ. You people need to check online to see who goes to work for the Justice Department.

    While you may think the DOJ is soft, AT&T knows who they are dealing with.

    GO DOJ!!!!

    Sidenote: You should pray that you personally do not learn firsthand about the DOJ’s mettle.

    • Ryan Dawald

      word man GO DOJ!!!!

    • Anonymous

      They’re prepared to go to trial, but they are also perfectly willing to settle with the right deal from AT&T.

      For all we know the govt is largely trying to bully AT&T into making enormous concessions.

      • Settle what? AT&T would have to replace the 4th national wireless carrier. And they won’t be able to do such a thing. This deal can’t be settled. Therefore it will be blocked.

        • Anonymous

          of course they can make deals with other smaller carriers to appease the govt.  There’s been plenty of recent and credible articles that indicate is AT&T is talking to them in a serious way.  Whether it will be enough for the govt is entirely up for debate….

    • BigMixxx

      yup, they ain’t bullshit….


  • 123

    This is all theatrics. If they do make a case against ATT, I am sure that they will purposely make it very flimsy with lots of holes in their arguments. Remember, who is the biggest lobbyist in the whole world?

    • Johb

      Lobbying ClientTotalUS Chamber of Commerce$785,065,680American Medical Assn$259,467,500General Electric$257,590,000AARP$210,182,064Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America$209,203,920American Hospital Assn $208,993,836Blue Cross/Blue Shield$174,370,552National Assn of Realtors$172,231,698Northrop Grumman$167,645,253Exxon Mobil$166,722,742Verizon Communications$161,234,841Edison Electric Institute$156,585,999Business Roundtable$153,620,000Boeing Co$151,704,310Lockheed Martin$146,267,373AT&T Inc$130,749,336Southern Co$126,280,694General Motors$123,679,170PG&E Corp$119,580,000Pfizer Inc$118,227,268

      • 123

        What are these numbers? Net worth? I distinctly remember people saying that ATT donates more money than any other lobbyist group.

  • Tbyrne

    The dust is starting to settle. Looks like AT&T is gonna get shafted.

    • Anonymous

      they don’t even go to court until next year.  The battle hasn’t even started yet.

      The govt and AT&T are just trying to work the media up until the court date. At best you might you get an early settlement with all these comments leading up to the court date.

      • Doubtful, why would they file this lawsuit if they wanted to settle? They are looking to block this deal and they will prevail.

        • Anonymous

          to block the deal in case AT&T doesn’t make enough concessions in settlement negotiations.

  • this entire ordeal is stupid.  i’m eager to see the DOJ or any of these dumb ace cell companies opposing this step up when TMO USA dissolves and is no more.  i wonder how much they’ll care about the consumer and jobs then??

    this isn’t going to end the way people want either way .. it either gets bought and we no longer have TMO USA or it gets blocked and we no longer have TMO USA .. one of them is an easier resolution to not having it while the other is a worse one.

    i guarantee you won’t see any company, DOJ worrying about work, consumers etc when TMO USA folds …

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      By this post it is obvious that you haven’t been following this proposed merger. It has been reported that there are proposals when thisone is blocked. There were other proposals but this one was the highest. There will be other suitors for T-Mo, just won’t be AT&T!

      • Enoel69

        Ofcuz i have been closely following the proposed buy out and know there were others who are interested in buying Tmo. What i am saying is it won’t be any of the other three..Sprint, Verizon or Att. If you read my post correctly i did say Tmo might be bought by another company or yet again who says DT might not have had a change of heart and decide to give their all with Tmo USA. Tmo doesn’t have to be #1 to be profitable..there are a myriad of things they can do to maintain and improve their customer base and their revenue.

        • obviously you both missed the fact that TMO is losing customers by the hordes … what part of this ship is sinking do you not see?

          if they’re bought by another company does that not still spell the end for TMO USA as i mentioned? why yes it does.  again, there are only two solutions to this and both of them end with there being no more TMO USA.

          they won’t just simply decide to remain after this is done.  the DOJ is stupid.  everyone blocking this merger is stupid.  jobs will be lost, money lost, people in bad places either way you slice it.  and i guarantee the DOJ won’t give one inch of concern to what happens after they block this merger.  they won’t care at all about lost jobs, competition lost when TMO USA folds etc.  they’re stupid.  fighting a battle with an inevitable end.

    • Enoel69

      That might be your wish but it is not gonna happen. When Att’s anti-competitive take over is blocked 1) Tmobile might stay as an entity and aggressively start to rebuild and try to shed all the damage that this take over attempt has caused or 2) Might be bought by another company not called Att, Sprint or Verizon. Blocking this deal is nothing against Att..the goal is to maintain a vibrant competitive cellular environment by keeping all four major Networks in place to give customers a wide array of choice. On the other hand letting this take over to proceed creates a duopoly where Verizon and Att can dictate virtually what the cellular rates will be. Tmobile does not have to be number two or three…they can still be number four and do just fine. Presently there are roughly 33 million customers on Tmo..they just need to add a few more million and slow the bleeding of the hundreds of thousand that leave…in a way it balances out. Even though their HSPA+ 42Mbps kicks ass..they will also have to figure their own path to LTE, either go it alone or maybe thru a partnership. Tmobile will do just fine…they just have to be a little aggressive in advertising and be creative in retaining the customers they have.

  • Anonymous

    With all the damage to AT&T and T-mobile USA, it looks like things will be rosy for the near future at Verizon and Sprint.  I see this dragging on for at least another year.

  • Excellent! This confidence from the DOJ definitely means that they WILL block this ILLEGAL transaction.

  • i cant wait to see the outcome of all this deal.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s a lot easier to say than do.  I just hope he sticks by his word and not be in a hurry to take some extra cash from AT&T.

  • Anonymous

    As promising as it sounds, I don’t read too much into this except if it goes to court they are ready.  They have done their research into the matter and have strong points.  It doesn’t mean it will or that the deal is done for.  Seems like the senator was trying to push for answer or indication of where the DOJ would lean toward but that answer doesn’t say anything.

    I don’t want the merger to go through and don’t buy ATT saying that your plans will stay the same with pricing etc.  That is what every company tells existing customers when there is a take over.  It lasts for a year or two before they go through with changing your plan to their own because our contracts say they can change the terms etc at any time. 

    Chase bought WAMU and all the mail they sent out stated your accounts will remain the same.  BS as about 2 years ago they were all converted over to Chase accounts and all the perks that were with WAMU are gone.  That is my most recent personal experience with company take overs.  If they truely stayed the same Chase wouldn’t be charging me 5bucks for a money order or charge me for having a low balance and no direct deposit.

  • CJ

    I just hope T-Mobile does not get bought out by US Cellular or Einstein PCS. The service would be even worse! AT&T is not that bad.

    • Oscarxp91

      I honestly think that you need to rethink you opinion. Honesty if Tmobile became an independent company and someone invested in its capital and make it part of the competition then people would get to keep their jobs and T-mobile will help balance out even more, the wireless market. 

    • Bobbimo

      USC is CDMA….poor fit.

    • Those companies don’t have enough $$. Think Vodafone instead, it makes more sense.

  • TMoFan

    at&t / DT has no case. They never had one actually. From day one their bs has been dissected and proven to be false. (i.e. at&t needs T-Mobile for LTE which was proved wrong thanks to a leaked doc) When the facts are presented I’m confident that this will be a dead deal. Okay that’s my opinion, but a majority of analysts now agree with that. Both sides need to realize this, accept the deals they made in case it falls through and move on but both at&t and DT are greed-driven and will drag this thing along with the hope that it will miraculously pass. at&t: you have failed to remove a competitor from the market. Admit defeat and go away. DT: T-Mobile is the way it is today because of your inept leadership. There are eager parties that will run T-Mobile the way it should and preserve an important fourth competitor. Sell it to them and retreat from the US. 

    • Well said!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I honestly wouldn’t mind if T-Mo got sold to a smaller, independent company, but for the love of all things decent, PLEASE NOT AT&T!

  • O….

    Eric Holder has been the best Attorney general of my time. I honestly see him fighting this case till the end. Look anyone who understands the way business works would understand that PEOPLE WILL LOSE THIER JOBS. I honestly believe that some people who are posting up ideas don’t get that. Well think of this what would happen if the company you work for is being bought out by someone else. However, while things are still very tentative you realize that the company is not competing as it should because of the possibility of a buy out( or as it said it should). “NOW” you on the other hand see customers leaving for the I-phone and see that your company is just not being that aggressive and customers who hate ATT prefer to have Metro or Boost as their service provider. To put it all in prospective if you don’t get the logistics of my argument and sarcasm, because it’s a little confusing without going into specifics. “Bush Telecom” in the UK are a bunch idiots for selling T-mobile instead of investing money the right way in order to receive profits. T-mobile has a lot of life as the 4th National wireless company however, poor management and capital investment on the infrastructure   of its towers and branding have hinder the company. Look T-mobile has a lot of employes who would lose their job and find a new home in unemployment. Sincerely, T-mobile has the best date speeds than any company including Verizon’s LTE Network. The voice service is the thing to work on however poor management has failed to recognize the problem and feel its better to sell than to fix. The result of a sell or merger would be detrimental to the health of what is already a very weak economy. HERE IS A CALL OUT TO THE Obama’s administration, which should not allow for this to happen….. 


  • Mark Schmaling

    Don’t forget the break-up fee…

    If the $39-billion deal disintegrates, AT&T would have to pay more than $3 billion in cash to T-Mobile’s German parent, Deutsche Telekom, along with airwaves and a roaming agreement worth billions more.The situation is ironic: AT&T’s attempt to become the largest wireless carrier in the U.S. could ultimately help strengthen its rival. T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier, is known as a scrappy, price-oriented telecom player. A major payout could turn it into a much larger threat.”It would put T-Mobile on better competitive footing,” said Steve Clement, senior research analyst with Pacific Crest. “T-Mobile’s stand-alone basis would strengthen and AT&T’s options would weaken.”

  • Pags

    Everyone chillllll,   Coming from an OPS postion…we’re in pretty good shape. We’ve been deploying LTE advanced antennas and our system modules are already LTE capable. It’s mostly SW and LTE capable radios (FRIEs) that we need to install now. So everyone relax…….we’re not going anywhere.
                                                 TMobiel Field OPS

    • Jeff

      You seem to be the only person in the entire telecom industry with this information. Citation, please?

      • pags

        Andrews quad port antennas, Nokia system modules/radios and we’re already upgraded to RU 30……which allows faster throughput. Not all of our sites are fully upgraded but we’re close.

        • TMOTECH

          I can confirm what he is saying. And when the merger fails we will be bought by Vodaphone. Mark this comment for future use. It will happen.

        • Hamster

          Vodafone already owns almost half of Verizon Wireless. Why would want T-Mo, too?

    • sino8r

      We believe you that they have a backup plan but why have they stopped the HSPA+ 42 roll outs if that’s true that they are going to LTE? makes no sense…

      • Xxshenglongxx

        The only reason for tmo to stop rolling out 42Mbps is because they’re planning for 84Mbps.

  • Anthonynyc1a

    please,DOJ, lt,s time to do something for block,this merger,and save jobs,and also keep the economy stronger,thank’s.

  • Havoktek

    I’ve learned that no matter how much we dis the Government, or think there lacking…
    Don’t think they don’t have a clue.
    Don’t think your smarter than them.
    Don’t think your too powerful.

    The Greatest skill the Government has is making people believe their incompetent.

  • Anonymous

    I’m okay with the AT&T takeover.  Please proceed.  

    The dense AWS network will compliment AT&T’s 700 MHz LTE network beautifully.  Together we’ll have the densest high speed network in America meaning more capacity and better service than the competition.  Wouldn’t it be nice as a T-Mobile customer having right to claim you have the “best,” network in your area instead of living with spotty coverage and HSPA only in metro areas?

    If T-Mobile was being forced to merge (hostile takeover) then I would be against the deal.  But seeing how they are ready and willing partners to ditch its US operation than I have no reason to try and stop them.  As a business owner I would hate to have the govt. tell me I have to remain in business so a few subs can keep their $5.99 T-Zones plan.  

    • JustSaying

      yeah juust great while we go broke paying AT&T prices hahaha

      • Anonymous

        I don’t find AT&T’s rates that bad.  Sure when you compare anything to Net 10, Leap or Metro PCS anything sounds expensive.  I’m not rich either.

        The same people who buy $150 sneakers or spend $600 a month on fast food think an extra $20 or so a month is a deal breaker and I just don’t understand that mentality I guess? 

        • JustSaying

          You forget that fact that this acquisition would make a monopoly.. which means that every other carrier would be able to raise prices.There would probably be job losses as well.We need T-Mobile to stay, they might not have the most customers but 33+ million customers is NOT a small number. It is still much bigger than the regional carriers.I personally have great coverage where I live so if you don’t, then you can switch carriers.

        • JustSaying

          Net 10, Leap, and Metro aren’t even national carriers anyway..

        • BigMixxx

          let me make sure….

          let’s make things simple…
          unlimited minutes, 2 gig of data, unlimited text…

          Verizon:  70 + 20 + 30 = 120 + tax… and you have overage
          Sprint:  99 dollars + tax …good deal…
          ATT:  Nation plan 70 + 20 + 25 dollars and you have overage
          T mobile: 49 dollars + tax … good deal.

          Help me understand the 20 dollars more?  

          T mobile’s problem is advertising….go back to the funny yet informative commercials.  Butt dialing.

    • BigMixxx


      ATT is cheap, they didn’t bid for the spectrum, they took an opportunity to buy spectrum from EVERYONE ELSE.  This is the main reason the Government is really stepping in. 

      They still hold a ton of spectrum…if so, they could have sold off a ton of the holdings they have now, or use an amalgamation of the holding they have now to do what they are doing with LTE….today.

      ATT has 24 percent of the 700 mhz spectrum, 43 percent of the 850 mhz specrum, 26 percent of the 1900 mhz, and 8 percent of the AWS spectrum.  CRAZY AMOUNT of spectrum if you ask me.  NOW WHY DO THEY NEED T MOBILE WHEN LOTS OF THAT SPECTRUM IS GOING UNUSED?

      Before the 700 Mhz auction, ATT carried 88 mhz of spectrum, now they are probably approaching what clearwire holds WAY out there in the world.

      Note a couple of things:

      1) they bought mediaflo, that’s some spectrum they got.
      2) They bought Aloha Mobile and harbor wireless…
      2) they have Alltel customers still being ingested, and they was 3 years ago,
      3) They STILL have way more unused spectrum than anyone in the industry. 

      LTE is rolled out in 20mhz blocks.  T mobile has one uniform 20 mhz block (really about 30 where they deployed HSPA+) and they were trying to convince the government to open up more.  If this were the case, why focus now on LTE (NOW) vs. Next year when you ‘might’ need it.  This defeats the uniformity claim they say that they need for LTE coverage.  ATT is keeping up with the Jones….

      Verizon(the missionary style of the industry, so reliable) and Sprint (1 minute man)…need it.  CDMA is not as fast as GSM, proven time and time again.

      • JustSaying

        damn where do you get your facts? :) haha  good reporting though!

        • BigMixxx

          This google thingy is amazing; you can find all kinds of facts.  

          Plus when you work for a company and you always share thoughts amongst Data warehousing and your database compadres include the likes of Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T mobile a la DT, Research in motion, BofA, Chase, etc you are one up on everyone…And when some of the vendors bid for the business of the company, you find out little things when you meet them….Like this fact, The second largest marketer in malaysia is Kentucky Fried Chicken…..who knew… 

        • alt-mobile

          you look like Mike Singletary during his Bears days…that’s awesome

        • BigMixxx

          LOL!  I’ve been likened to charles barkley….but not Singletary…..

        • Wilma Flintstone

          You Can’t one up me!!! I’m Mario dangit!!!

        • Anonymous

          HAHAHAH, you had me balling with laughter just now with Kentucky Fried Chicken.  

          Thanks! Mad my work morning more fun.

      • TMOTECH

        30 MHZ of AWS. Plus we have 30+ MHZ of 1900 depending on the market as well… everything else you said is true as far as I can tell…

      • Twobit

        YEAH….. if you are old enough to remember the time and expense we went to as tax payers in the “busting up” of AT&T it is down right ironic that we are STILL having to fight them from rebuilding their evil empire.

      • Anonymous

        Verizon bought Alltel, not AT&T.

        • BigMixxx

          ATT picked up some of those sold off assets.  verizon sold 105 alltel markets off…

      • O…….

        BigMixx you are so right… I wish people saw the point. Its like people just see what ATT claims to say. The facts are hidden behind the words of att lawyers. The point of reality is that if we don’t step in now then honestly their should be no point in having regulations because money would eventually over power laws and authority. ATT tactics to day all its opposition only hurt the customer because that means prices will go up… Oh I almost forgot. As for the stupid senators whose campaigns ATT founded you are all idiots, please excuse my vocabulary I just can’t find better words for this. People need to see that if you allow for companies to buy each other out you will have no type of mobility/competition and the ultimate effects will be faced by us because we have allowed it to happen. I feel so passionate about this that if DT wants to sell T-mobile then sell it to Calos Slim or the United States Government. (SELL IT TO ANYONE OTHER THAN AT&T AND VERIZON OR SPRINT)


    • The wireless industry is a government regulated business so AT&T nor T-Mobile can”t be mad. And again, the government is not asking T-Mobile to stay in business. They can sell to whoever they like as long as it doesn’t bring down the national wireless carriers from 4 to 3.

  • Jon

    DOJ VS BELL The Rematch! Place your bets!

  • Exile One

    I wish google would buy tmobile!

    • Lubbalots

      You need to STFU!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Can you elaborate on why you want Google to buy Tmobile? Real Question

      • Kevin Kitchen

        It would be a good fit for Google because, with the other carriers all hawking the Iphone, T is the only carrier that is exclusive to Android which is a Google product.

        • Giraffe

          One of the reasons Apple gets touted as this magical company is their vertical integration.  They have control of the manufacturing and the software.  Google already owns Motorola Mobility, so they have that opportunity currently.  Why not take it a step further and gain control of the pipes the device runs on?  Android fans may well say that it would put Apple in their place.

  • BigMixxx

    This is a serious statement by the DOJ.  There looks to be some history here…like the hatefields and the mccoys….Cowboys and Redskins, pimps and hoes….

    • Havoktek

      Oh Snap!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You mean like the Hillbilly Bears?!? O.O

    • Silk7412

      Anything to keep att and tmobile from” jumping the broom”.

    • Kevin Kitchen

      Could be more like the Bushs and Obamas. Don’t forget the Bush family is very close to AT&T executives. They are both located in Dallas and they are friendly. Obama and his AG are probably salivating at the prospect of knocking Randall Stephenson around in Federal Court.

  • Deeg

    So should  Tmobile customers d  want the merger to go thru or not?

    • Anonymous

      They don’t. We don’t want to pay more money for less service, which is exactly what would happen if the merger went through.

  • Deeg

    Can someone explain to me how slow Edge/2G is?  Is it like dialup? I was mistaken and thought that when Tmobile throttled you – you went from their alleged 4G to 3G…but now Im finding out that its ‘dialup speed’ wh ich makes me think pages won’t even load….I was going to get their prepaid $50 unlimited plan…but if after 100mb you’re down to dialup ..then you’re better off with something like Boost or Virgin Mobile or even MetroPCS where at least your unlimited everything is 3G for fifty bucks.  I got a smartphone and didn’t even do anything on it and used 30 mb in less than 12 hours and hadn’t even gone on the web or downloaded anything except fora  few minutes on wifi at home… So 100 mb is gonna be gone in no time.  Im now wondering how much 2gb is if you decide to check the web or watch a new story on cnn 

    • Tito

      2gb is sufficient for the average user… http://www.t-mobile.com/Tools/MBCalculator.aspx check this link for data usage questions… keep in mind that Android and smart phones use data in the background which may lower battery life and increase memory usage…

      • Deeg

        Thanks…but thats where Tmo then ends up being more expensive than the other prepaids…cuz 2gb is $60..(They keep promoting $50 as their great unlimited plan that matches the other carrier prices but now I realize thats only 100 mb which will last you 2-3 days and then you’ll be screwed for the rest of the month)  I can save 15-20$$ and get unlimited 3g data which is not slowed down, which for me seems a better option. I got suckered into the Tmo marketing  Ive looked at those calculators and you can easily use more than 2gb if you watch video on youtube or news sites etc.. I much rather have something really unlimited so I don’t have to worry when I click on something if that will put me over my limit…plus like others have said, it seems these phones use a lot of data that you don’t even realize its using.  I now understand why people make such a big deal about Sprint…I bet they will get rid of that before the next iPhone is released in 2012.  Also fyi – Verizon is running a promotion right now where they’ll double your 4G speeds if you sign a new contract so you can get 4GB for the 2GB price of $30…That seems like a good deal if verizon is strong in your area.  (

        • O……..

          JJZ… HERE Is what you dont see… Look you want to use more than 100MB of web then you shouldn’t be on prepaid man. T-mobile will give you 10GB, unlimited talk and text for 100.00 before taxes. Now that may seem a little to much compared to prepaid carries. The reality is that I pay that much for good web service like the one I have with T-mobile. I live in new york and when I compared my web service to Verizon LTE with my other carrior (Provided by my Job) they don’t win T-mobile by much. Now I have used my service in KEY T-Mobile markets like chicago, California, Florida and (other states sorry if I leave you out) but, T-mobile has one of the best web-date services and it doesn’t even have LTE. Now look METRO and boost MOBILE don’t even compete (the have no data speed so please). T-mobile’s prepaid data isn’t any different from its contract data other than the caps on it you still get quality.

          Please lets look at the facts dude.

    • guest0101

      They throttle you to 60kbps, which is about dial-up speeds and slower than EDGE, which is usually 100-180kbps. The throttle speeds are VERY slow, you won’t be able to do much with it.

      I was under the impression that after your monthly allotment, I would be throttled to EDGE speeds (since they claim you are reduced to “2G” speeds,) and I can survive on EDGE speeds. But it’s definitely slower than EDGE. Hope that helps.

      • Deeg

        Its actually upsetting….I thought and had been told (wrongly obviously) that it would be throttled to 3g…so I thought Tmobile would be equivalent to the other prepaid services that offer unlimited everything that I see everyone in my area using.  (i.e. Boost or Virgin…they seem to work fine…) but slower than dial up…that is not unlimited…$50 for 100 mb is a joke then – you’d go through that in a few days and then basically not be able to do anything.  I think I was on Verizon’s website where they had a 4g vs 3g simulation and the 3g video was constantly buffering so Id hate to think what edge would be.  Im old enough to remember AOL when nothing would load in dialup and everything buffered.  Im just thinking this is a big scam- I see huge billboards all over time saying MONTHLY 4G UNLIMITED and its not true..Im sure theres tiny print that no one can see that says otherwise (but they don’t even clearly say its 2g , leaving the impression its 3G like every other prepaid service out there)…I may try to sell the Tmo phone and then go with Virgin – for 45 I can get 1200 minutes which is more than enough for me and unlimited 3G data and texting…That seems like a better option for me. I assume GPS works with data- so I wonder if that would even work with 2G in a car.  (also do you know if you’re trying to sync google calendars, do you need to have data on for that?  Im noticing it doesnt seem to work otherwise)

        • Giraffe

          My audio and video never buffered when I was on a 600kbps 3g connection.  2g works just fine for GPS and other materials that are stop and start (such as web browsing), just won’t be able to handle your streaming material.

          And yes, Mr brilliant, you need data on to perform data synchronization.  It truly is amazing how much you can talk down a business and company without knowing anything about it!

      • Deeg

        So do you find you really can’t use the internet or the things  you want to do on the phone once you’re at that slower speed.  It seems that the $50 plan they promote so heavily is a joke then if you get slowed down that drastically at only 100mb

    • Jessnmer

      My 2g is not like dial up speed at all, its faster, but I am using the htc amaze. My 2g speed with T-Mobile is better than my moms 3g speed with Verizon so you will be fine

      • Deeg

        Im getting all sorts of conflicting info…What do you think it would be on that new prepaid Exhibit 2 from Samsung…Its probably a much lower quality phone than what you have?  Does anyone  know why Tmobile website shows it at 249 when just 2 weeks ago they did a big press release announcing it for 199 w/o contract? 

        • Giraffe

          New prepaid accounts get the phone $50 off.

  • Disqus

    You go Big Guy.  Kick some AT&T a$$.  Show ’em what the US/DOJ is made of.  Put those Bell lawyers in their place.  You’re the boss.  You’re the man.  AT&T lawyers are grasshoppers.  You big.  They small.

  • Anonymous

    Party at my place when the merger is blocked. Free Galaxy Nexus’ and crack rocks for everyone!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Everybody knows that my place is where the party is at. Who wants crack rocks? Not I said the cat. At my party, we’re having swimsuit competitions, Model shoots, the Miss Galaxy Nexus competition, Mud Wrestling (Women Only), Oil Wrestling (Women Only), and after all that, we’ve got 12 PC’s linked up with Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, GTA V (we get the early copies), Phantasy Star Online 2, Unreal Tournament Reloaded, Monster Hunter 5 and much much more! Sooo, clearly, the party’s at my place ;)

      • Silk7412

        I’m there if you bring out painkiller too!!!. What we need is the FCC to say “NO” also and its game over for AT$T.

        • BigMixxx

          I got the Wee………..uh, glaucoma medicine and the rubbers!  

          I’m there. 

  • Wow… Thanks.. I’m at the first time on your blog! And I like it! Thanks for sharing info. Keep up the good work.

  • Twobit


    too bad AT&T can’t be slammed with pergury for all the false claims and misguided substantiation they have tried BS their way into this “merger” with.

    AT&T won’t take it to trial because the PR as this BS got exposed would be too damaging. They are going to “look tough” right up until the last minute, last hope, and then they’re lawyers are going to tell the top dogs, “we tried”.

  • Anonymous

    For those opposed for the merger this is great news. US Attorney’s get their positions and maintain them by having an incredibly high win percentage, in criminal courts 95% and higher. They pick their cases wisely and for them to commit to follow through in court is a huge deal. This case is virtually closed in my book. If the department of justice is going to spend it’s time and resources on it in court they’re not going to lose. 

    Be interesting to see what DT is going to do with T-Mobile USA. Will they take the spectrum and cash from the failed deal and invest back into their USA branch and try to get t-mo USA in the profit area they are happy with? Or do they just want out of the US market and will they put the company back on the chopping block for the next highest bidder. 

    • BigMixxx

      I’d put up my left testicle to say that DT will take the money and run.  That’s 3 billion in profit they JUST made.  that goes to the bottom line.  investors will be delighted to see that….

      BUT I have my 1k ready to invest in t mobile USA as a stock holder.

      • Anonymous

        I’m leaning that way as well, but with finally some growth in Q3 be interesting to see how the iPhone 4S effects subscribers in Q4 and what DT states.

        But as for them back on the chopping block be interesting to see which company will step forward. Google’s been in the works to buy a lot of different companies and patent right now so they don’t have as much cash available as they would have in the past. But with Google entering the ISP business with their experimental fiber optic network and their ever growing stake in mobile computing and mobile phones it will be interesting to see if they make an offer, I wouldn’t count them out if the price is right. Especially with DT getting their cash back from At&t. 

        My gut is saying no especially because it will cause competition between them and business partners in the other carriers, but Google’s name in it’s self could bring over subscribers with how high quality their goods and services are and they can insure quality internet service to mobile users. 

        In the past wit introduction with product like the Nexus S you could hear Eric Schmidt talk about network limitations. They could solve any network problems with owning their own wireless network.

        I’m pretty much counting sprint out because of the lack of hardware compliance with CDMA and GSM would cost them too much money in conversions and they put so much money into the iPhone and Apple they probably don’t have enough cash on hand to make an offer DT is willing to accept.

        • BigMixxx

          I’d be surprised if google steps in myself.  Sprint has too much debt they are carrying and I believe they will have to partner up with someone to assist in the advancement of their network infrastructure.  

          I just see T mobile surviving on it’s on as a different name with a different set of principles.  I like the Marketing guy, I see him as the next CEO…

          T mobile has a good footprint right now; they need tower density as a solution to help with building penetration and will need to team up with other folks for a serious presence and future rollouts.  Centurylink, Comcast and Cox seems like some good backhaul partners to help with a potential LTE/LTE-A rollout, (ESPECIALLY CENTURYLINK even though they sold alltel, Centurylink may be a potential suitor for t mobile or best partner for T mobile),  after working through all of the iterations of HSPA+ and maximizing profits there, LTE/LTE-A is a good thing….

          That’s my opinion…and if I were CEO of T mobile, that’s my plan, when this deal does not go through.

  • OMG i cant believe tax payers dollars are being wasted in this crap…smfh just sell the damn thing already!

    • Cashman

      If it doesn’t go to At&t it’s just going to go to the next company…..T-Mobile USA is the ugly stepchild

      • Anonymous

        Anyone else would still be better than AT&T.

      • Kevin Kitchen

         If the parent company wants to sell it, it should be sold to a company that is NOT a competitor. There are other non cell phone companies that might well be interested at a fair price. But they are not going to pay almost twice the real cap value to T Mobile as AT&T is trying to do. T Mobile is worth about 21 billion dollars. Not the 39 billion AT&T is shelling out. Companies that come to mind are Google, Wal*Mart, Comcast and Qwest.

    • Silk7412

      As a tax payer. I would gladly let them take 10 years of my taxes to stop this !! For those that have had AT$T (myself) know  how bad they are and would never want to deal with them again.

    • BigMixxx


      Do you use the internet.  Your price for internet access will skyrocket from both your mobile device and home.  There is no option.  Hell the government hits me in taxes every two weeks, they can do this for me…

  • NO 2 ATT

    I want to be in the gallery throwing peanuts, while this is going on, and seeing the death star actually losing AGAIN against the DOJ. 

  • Lubbalots

    Prayin Tmo gets bought out!  Now for those that disagree with me, lets be clear on some facts.  Now if you claim Tmo is the best, why are they the fourth largest carrier?  Why do they have the lowest subscribers? 

    • Gac

      the fudge?! nobody said theyre the best, they have flaws, though, at&t is worst with customer service, and expensive contacts. 

    • Kevin Kitchen

       It does not matter whether they are 4th or 3rd. Despite what they say, T Mobile IS making a PROFIT. They are not losing money. Carl’s Jr (also known as Hardees in some places) is the 4th largest hamburger chain. They have loyal customers and they make money. Some of us like their products. Should they not be allowed to exist because they are 4th? Should Wendy’s be eliminated because they are 3rd? Should we only have a choice of Burger King and McDonald’s? I have been in the food business for years and you would not like that kind of landscape.

  • srod

    Btw the only reason they are that larger is because they’ve been buying companies out not so much cause off they’re customer service and great plans

  • Tmobile is dead

    Ok let’s block the deal. This is how dumb our stupid government is. So Att gives tmobile 2 bills if the deal is dead.
    So the t has the cash and it just dumps it into Germany. Tmobile is going down sooner or later. So just get it over with and hope for the best with Att.

    • 20 °

      Then go to at&t!. Nobody is forcing you to stay with the “doomed” t-mobile brand. I’d rather t-mobile go out of business than me getting sold/bought by at&t.

      Thing is, t-mobile won’t go out. 

    • Kevin Kitchen

      People with T Mobile are with them for a reason. They like the value for the money.

  • Abc

    If this deal is blocked, then I am going to jump the Ship from AT$T to T-Mobile. AT$T rates are just horrible and internet surfing is very costly.

  • Sales Rep

    all contract company’s plans are horrible, the get you one way or another.  Especially with there new limited internet packages.  

  • Kevin Kitchen

    If there was ever a case for anti trust this is it. The AG has a very strong case. Even stronger than they case they just won against H&R Block which markets Tax Cut and wanted to buy the company that markets Turbo Tax much cheaper. The fact is that the tax software market is open to new entrants. It could be argued that, if H&R Block priced too high, new entrants such as Microsoft could bring new products on line to compete. This is not the case in the T-Mobile AT&T buy out because the RF spectrum bandwidth is limited. There simply is no more spectrum to give to a new entry into the mobile phone market. Once T-Mobile is gone, it is gone for good. All one has to do is compare prices here with Canada which is down to only 3 major national providers. Canadians pay much higher rates for service than we do. My prediction is that, if Eric Holder does not cave to lobby and political pressure which is sure to be ratcheted up, and takes the case all the way, AT&T will lose- as they should.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    You forgot that AT&T also bought AT&T Wireless when they were Cingular. There used to be 3 GSM providers.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    AT&T Family is almost TWICE what T Mobiles rates are.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    Yes but the backhauls are lacking. The Ciena FTTCS boxes are too slow and cannot carry voice which still must be backhauled on copper T1 lines. They were just installed and will all have to be replaced with higher speed units at big expense. It does not matter what the radio or antenna can handle as long as the backhaul sucks.

    • Giraffe

      Where’s your in?  I have no clue about copper wiring, but I’d imagine that’s something that’s going out with the 3G networks being upgraded to 4G.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    The government will not allow it unless Vodaphone divest its holdings in Verizon.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    T Mobile will not “dissolve”. It is and remains profitable. And with the new roaming agreement and spectrum, it will be better off if the deal fails- which it will.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    T Mobile- or the same company under another name- will be around years from now. They are not “losing customers by the horde”. They are losing contract customers but are more than making that up with pre paid customers. And the deal with Wal*Mart has been a huge hit for them.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    I agree. It will go to court or AT&T will walk away. Even if the DOJ caved to political pressure and settled, Sprint and Cellular South certainly will not settle and the judge has already said those companies can also sue.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    There are no concessions they can make for this deal. 

  • Kevin Kitchen

    There are only 4 national carriers. The smaller carriers are local (Metro PCS) and regional (US Cellular). They do not provide competition on a national basis. And the DOJ knows as do most people that even before the ink dried on this deal, Verizon would go after Sprint.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    Take AT&T’s word?? Ask the 10,000 employees they fired from Bellsouth and Ameritech after they promised otherwise.

  • Kevin Kitchen

    Nothing would be worse than AT&T taking over T Mobile. Nothing! A foreign company would be better than AT&T.

  • Kevin Kitchen

     As long as Duchebag Telekom owns T Mobile, they are not going to try to get new customers or the iphone because that would undermine the argument for the AT&T takeover. That is why they are not touting new price plans or new phones right now. It is a little hard to argue “we are poor, broke and losing all our customers” when you are signing up new ones.

    • Giraffe

      You do realize new price plans were released, what, two months ago?  Top of the line Android devices are released in time for the holiday season already, there’s a Blackberry Torch, and perhaps a Nokia Windows Phone (totally the highlight of this year) in the wings.  You complain about things that have already been done.  Either that or you’re a brilliant troll!

  • Kevin Kitchen

    T Mobile will be fine in the right hands with the right management. The problem with T mobile- and Sprint for that matter is that they are being squeezed on both sides. The lower cost carriers like Metro PCS are taking their lower end customers and AT&T and Verizon are taking higher end customers. They have to find their niche and they will. 

    • TmobileTopDog

      I work for T-Mobile and I totally agree with you. 

  • Jarrod

     T-Mobile USA should take out a loan against its self and buy out of Deutsche Telekom, so we don’t have to worry about getting bought out every few months. That or some well to do operator from Canada or Europe buys us out. EX: Bell, 3, or O2 

  • Brandon

    T-mobile could easily find another buyer for example China is very interested in breaking into the US market. If that would be worst than AT&T buying Tmo I don’t know but they’re are plenty of other options.