Adobe Ends Flash For Mobile, Turns Attention To HTML5

Major non-T-Mobile related news happening today as Adobe decides to end development on Flash Mobile Player browser plug-ins for mobile devices.

“Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores,” said Adobe. “We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook.”

Taking this a step forward Adobe has said they would begin concentrating their focus on HTML5 products:

HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively.  This makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms. We are excited about this, and will continue our work with key players in the HTML community, including Google, Apple, Microsoft and RIM, to drive HTML5 innovation they can use to advance their mobile browsers.

Adobe will continue to issue security updates and bug fixes for all Mobile Flash platforms as this decision shocks us as a complete about-face for the company which has feverishly defended Flash for Mobile in the past. Adobe has spent years working to optimize their software for mobile phones and yet, we’re not surprised by this decision. In fact, we’re happy that Adobe has decided to move toward a more universal platform that will make discovering and enjoying content across mobile platforms a better experience.

Read the full statement on Adobe’s blog.

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  • Twobit

    Amen…. It’s hard to swallow standardization that doesn’t allow you to be king of the forest….even tho it was a lot of your original ideas that gave the standard it’s basis.   Good on yah Adobe.

  • Anonymous

    That’s great and all but Android just lost a leg up with no future flash I think

    • what are you talking about android will still have flash player but its probably the last major update they will still support it with bug fixes and security updates hints “Adobe will continue to issue security updates and bug fixes for all Mobile Flash platforms” since they added gpu hardware acceleration they have not needed to do much of anything plays pretty smooth across the board

    • Anonymous

      so long as >25% of websites still use flash, it isn’t going anywhere.

      Adobe just announced the same thing Apple did, they can make more money by making people make apps, than they can by letting people use flash.

      • Chatter

        If you are a website developer, you are thinking of replacing flash on your site soon. Maybe not right away but as newer mobile devices stop supporting flash and more and more people access sites on their mobile devices – the writing is on the wall for flash.

  • Anonymous

    Well if the Bing mobile website is any indication as to what is coming then I more than welcome it.  

    Go to Bing dot com on your phone and you’ll see.

    • Ohgeez10

      Just did.  Very, very nice.  I;m going to pick up a WP7 phone for my extra line. 

    • Meagan

      Yeah thats fast. You can tell its the way sites should be written. Why lag to support old technology?

  • Matthew Lawless

    If they’re going to kill the mobile version (that actually works) to move on to HMTL5 why not kill off flash all together so everyone will move on from it and I can start to use Firefox on my phone?

    • Zifnab2k

      Because they have to ensure it continues to work in new versions of browsers for at least a few more years to appease the thousands of people who paid for the program to create Flash files, as well as endless websites that are still running on flash. It will be many years before Flash is phased out completely…. don’t get your hopes up yet.

  • IT Guy

    Good riddance. Have I mentioned I hate Flash with a passion?

  • Qwerty

    That’s why Apple dropped flash a long time ago.

    • Ilyas_k15

      They never had it in the first place

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Good.  I’m tired of Flash not working on None of the Browsers I have on this crappy HD2.  IE doesn’t work, Opera doesn’t work, Skyfire worked but was discontinued thanks to apple, and Uzard WebP works 30% of the time but is not full flash.  I can’t wait for Tizen and HTML5 to come in!!!  TIZEN = MEEGO EVOLVED!!!  WOOHOO!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t knock the HD2! I would still me on mine if I hadn’t ripped out my USB port by accident.

    • HD2 User

      Lol that is why you should put android on you HD2 like a boss. and not use WinMo

      • Guest911

        But with android the HD2 will go from crappy to POS. How does it help?

        • Anonymous

          Android is much more mature and feature-packed than Windows Phone

        • Hark

          No one agrees with you

      • 216ant

        HD2 for like that device can run so many OS looking forward to runny ice cream sandwich on it

        • ruufus

          You got the point.  Make a solid hardware phone and choose the software you prefer.  I have moved my HD2 form basic WinMo6.5, to Cookie Home Tab, to Android to WP7 to WP7.5. I have kept a solid phone cool for a year and half.  My co-workers were impressed how easy it to do stuff in WP7.5.  They don’t even understand or use 70% of Android, btw.  If only MS had a clue and started a year earlier. :)

    • Richardthegrape

      I was pissed when Skyfire scrapped Windows Mobile.
      Happy to be using it again on Android though :)

  • go html5…
    more better and faster, low consumsy battery, high performance (not stressed your processor)…

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs is smiling and saying I told you so.  He was right….again

    • Hark

      no he was not, I have enjoyed using flash for a year now, thank god I switched from apple.

      • Guest911

        Way to miss the point!

        • Hark

          Your point is irrelevant, jobs lied about flash. No one claims it is perfect and html5 is the future, no one ever disputed that but flash runs fine on mobile phones despite what jobs said and he took away the choice for consumers. Jobs was a tyrant though, as everyone knows

  • “I love ANdroid cause it has flash”, “Wp7 and Apple suck cause Android has Flash and they dont” Ha….How things change now WP7 has HTML5 and everyone else?….not so much

    • Deon Davis

      Wow u dumb everybody has html5, lol

      • I mean, how can you call someone dumb by saying “u dumb?”

        • Asdfaf

          Have you ever notice that it’s usually the idiots that are calling other people idiots?

        • Plankton


          u love um iphone.

          me want cookie! Mmmmm

      • “u dumb”…yea you sound very smart…if you read it right what I’m implying is that all these android fans said that Android was better because it had flash and now not so much….read between the lines moron….

        • Anonymous

          The way you said it really made it seem like you meant only WP 7 uses it

        • lion heart

          android is still better because they have flash and nobody is taking the flash away from current android phones, even adobe say  they will keep supporting current mobile flash versions.

    • Hark

      Lots of sites still use flash and we have known html5 is the future for a while. This is not groundbreaking news. In the meantime there were still thousands of sites that only android phones will be able to fully utilize and those sites were not going away over night.

    • Havoktek

      When WIN7 phone offers a solid CHALLENGE base off of this Flash “revelation”, speak up and address this “Android Fan”, until then play the back seat with that winmo upgrade…

    • Zifnab2k

      “How things change now WP7 has HTML5 and everyone else?…..not so much” … iPhone and Android have HTML5 as well, are you confused or what?

      If you read other articles on the subject, Windows is actually mucking up HTML5 by creating different standards than Mozilla and Chrome, leaving web developers up the creek again, just like the last 15 years of HTML. While I won’t argue what phone is better, b/c why try, I will say that when it comes to web, whether it be phone or computer, Windows SUCKS. They have made my entire career a nightmare for years, and now that we’re moving forward with HTML5, once again unstanderized, a web developers world will continue to be hell.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing. the retarded android fanboy army went nuts about how, “oh look we have flash and apple doesnt”. Now they announce no more flash and barely a whimper about it going away. 
      This whole thing was more about hating apple than it was about Flash being so great. 
      The retarded android fanboy army marches on to the next thing they can hate about apple. 

  • lion heart

    ok i just went into website in my android phone that uses html5 and it  works perfectly so android has flash and htlm5?? im confused