‘Enhanced’ Yelp App Now Pre-Loaded On New myTouch By LG And Samsung Exhibit II 4G Smartphones

This one almost passed us by — as of November 2nd a special version of the Yelp App for Android specific for T-Mobile customers is now pre-loaded onto the Samsung Exhibit II 4G, T-Mobile myTouch and T-Mobile myTouch Q smartphones. Existing T-Mobile customers with Android smartphones are able to download the specialized free app straight from the Android Market.

T-Mobile customers will have “new advanced filters” to make searching for business easier and faster. Additionally, a new “saved search” function allows Yelp users to save search filter settings and use the same options over and over without having to re-enter any new data.

It’s all explained in the video below. Any Yelp users out there?

@tmobile, Yelp Blog


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