‘Enhanced’ Yelp App Now Pre-Loaded On New myTouch By LG And Samsung Exhibit II 4G Smartphones

This one almost passed us by — as of November 2nd a special version of the Yelp App for Android specific for T-Mobile customers is now pre-loaded onto the Samsung Exhibit II 4G, T-Mobile myTouch and T-Mobile myTouch Q smartphones. Existing T-Mobile customers with Android smartphones are able to download the specialized free app straight from the Android Market.

T-Mobile customers will have “new advanced filters” to make searching for business easier and faster. Additionally, a new “saved search” function allows Yelp users to save search filter settings and use the same options over and over without having to re-enter any new data.

It’s all explained in the video below. Any Yelp users out there?

@tmobile, Yelp Blog


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  • Fish

    I bet you can’t uninstall it either. Yay bloatware!

  • This is really going to make a lot of people want to buy these phones.

  • Benny

    The more preloaded apps, the less I want to buy.

  • Jeff

    Well this will certainly draw in tons of customers!

  • Deeg

    Does anyone know what the Tmobile Email App is that is also preloaded on the phone?  I guess a lot of the preloaded apps can’t be deleted from what Ive heard.  I also don’t understand the whole “Tmobile Bonus Free Apps” widget when all those apps are free anyway…so is the free part that they loaded those few apps on the phone for us?

  • Deeg

    Also I know this is silly but what is the screen that you see when you first turn on the phone (before the home screens) called?  And can you change that screen?  I know  you can change wallpapers for home screens but I didn’t know about that first screen on the exhibit.  Playing with a new Android for a few days is making me wanna run towards an iPhone.  

  • Plankton

    Yelp! Is that the sound you all make when ATT turns your phones into bricks! This has got to be the most vivid example of crowd behavior I have seen in my adult life. 

    My nephew is studying for his PhD in Psy and is considering this a his theses.

    Are we live or Memorex?

    • MikenotMike

      Why do you bother to post every day? Do you have a life? Or are you driven to save the world!

      • Plankton

        Oh come on dude. You know you want in!

        • MikenotMike

          Yes, I admit it! i want to be a minion. Please accept me into your throngs of followers. You rock! Is Squidward there too?

        • Plankton

          Yes, Yes he is.

          Join me and together we shall rule the world!!!!!!!!!!