T-Mobile Springboard Tablets Begin To Arrive In T-Mobile Stores Ahead Of Launch

By now I feel like we know the T-Mobile Springboard inside and out, having seen some hands-on video, read a meta-review and a few dozen pictures of it in action. We do love posting images of the retail shipping box in all of its glory however, so we’re back with another “look” at the T-Mobile Springboard. We aren’t learning much here, actually we aren’t learning anything other than taking another look at the Springboard in hand. The real question for you, the readers is whether or not the Springboard’s low price is worth the chains of a two-year commitment even if it’s packed with T-Mobile’s 4G speeds?

The Springboard will go on sale on November 16th for $179.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate along with the months interest-free payments of $10 a month. In other words, the $179.99 is a “down payment” with the 20 monthly $10 payments making your final cost of $380 which includes T-Mobile’s $50 mail-in-rebate.

What do you think? Perfect stocking stuffer for the family member always wanting to borrow your tablet?

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  • Ryan

    So, is the $10/mo fee just for the tablet, or does that also include your data plan?  If no data plan, are you required to buy a data plan?

    • Chatter

      Correct – you need a data plan in addition to the monthly payments of $10. The $10 is for the tablet, not for the data. *2-year agreement required* is in the fine print.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you buy this if you didnt want a data plan? It costs so much because it has built in gsm/umts/hspa+. a wifi only version of this thing exists. its called the media pad.

      • Let me help…it’s Tmobile.  So, if you already have a Tmo Android Smartphone like the Sensation, Galaxy S II or Amaze.  Use the free Wifi Router App.  You have your phone with you all the time anyway.  I say it’s a “win..win”  Unlike, the other carriers requiring a separate data plan for your tablet.  Just buy the tablet outright…no contract.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, but dont buy the tmo version. The wifi version is cheaper if you are just going to tether your phone

  • GuEst

    thats a good lookin ipad…..never mind

  • Matthew Lawless

    $380 plus a minimum of $30 a month on data for this? I’d rather get the quad-core ICS packing Transformer Prime for $500 when it drops.

    • Anonymous

      the $30 is discounted to $20 if you have voice lines with tmobile. and the transformer prime is not even in the same class as this. It’s wifi only.

      • Matthew Lawless

        $20 for 2GB then you will be relegated to WIFI anyway and with how spotty T-mobile;s data is WIFI is just as reliable.

        • Giraffe

          Where are you located?  More than fine 4g in the suburban outskirts my family reports from

        • Anonymous

          Obviously it’s not for everyone. Some people like the convenience.

  • tmotech

    I swear, this whole hiding stuff in the fine print so you can lure people in with big posters promising incredible prices … what has happened to the company I loved? I weep for the poor retail reps that will have to deal with this cycle over and over again:

    Customer 1: “Hm … a big poster with a tablet for only 180 bucks? Wow, sign me up! Wait, why are you asking me for 230 bucks? Oh, 50 dollar mail-in rebate. Ugh, fine … wait, why are you asking me to sign this contract? Oh, 2-year service agreement. I dunno, this seems a little- WAIT, what’s this here about me still paying $10 a month for the tablet? I thought it was only 230 bucks! Man, why does buying a tablet have to come with so much small print?”

    Customer 2: “I’m here to return the tablet these jerks tricked me into getting yesterday. You can get that new tablet from Amazon that’s almost just like this one for 200 bucks, no strings attached.”

    Customer 1: “Really? Thanks so much, geez why did I even come into a T-Mobile store in the first place?”

    Total Springboard units sold without being returned: 6

    • Anonymous

      so buy it on the classic plan and pay $15 more per month

      • tmotech

        And that’s supposed to be an attractive alternative?

        “Either buy this with Value plan and we screw you 3 different ways or buy it with Classic and we screw you only 2 ways, but we screw you harder.” 

        • TMOTECH

          Hey buddy, Stop using my tagline while bashing my company.
          I am TMOTECH.

        • TMOTECH


        • tmotech

          I couldn’t care less about “your” tagline, I use it because I’m a tech care rep. And if you don’t see the truth in my statements, then you’re a brain-washed fool. I still love T-Mobile, but they’ve made some horrible decisions lately, and if I want to call them out on it in these comments, I will. Call me a douche all you want :)

        • k-mack

          haha!  busted!!!

  • I still don’t see a point of getting a 2-year Contract for a tablet. What is the Springboard competing with? The Kindle Fire? The Nook Tablet? Those two tablets don’t have a contract.

    • Anonymous

      yeah and they also dont have GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ built in….. if you want a wifi tablet, those options exist for you, but if you would like a tablet to connect to netflix and stream content on car rides and everywhere on the go, this is for you.

      Also, we have the Sonic hotspot 42mb/s HSPA+ for $19.99 a month. to connect your wifi only tablets.

      • Or just buy the wifi version of the tablet and if your phone is capable just get the hotspot feature turned on for 14 bucks more a month and save money. No contract, no small print, no hidden fees(insurance tmo makes you pay), no strings attached wifi and 4G for your tablet…ta-da!

        • Anonymous

          You can’t get insurance on a tablet. And yeah tethering is an option for people too. But you would use your data.

        • Oh ok I didn’t know about tablets and insurance but my point is still valid it’s cheaper that way to just add 14 bucks and use hotspot/tether, cause your using data anyway so you might as well use the data your already paying for instead of opening another contract and you use it when you need it. Once your home or somewhere with free wifi (which is almost everywhere these days) you can turn it off and turn the wifi option back on.

        • You can get protection on tablets, and T-Mobile doesn’t “make” you pay for anything. The insurance is optional, it can be taken off whenever you want it to but only added on within 14 days of sale.

    • Anonymous

      I think this is the cheapest out the door tablet offered by any phone company.  You still have that 2 year contract for the data plan, though, and the $10 monthly payment.

      I’d be interested in the WiFi only version of this tablet (Huawei MediaPad).  I don’t need some data plan because I would be using this pretty much at home.

  • J. Williams

    I would never get a tablet on contact. This is nice though.

  • Lacedupchict

    you guys do know you dont have to get a value plan and can buy the tablet for 380 and do prepaid web with no contract. most customers on contract go with the 29.99 web. thats discounted to 19.99 if you have a current voice line. so with the 10 a month you still net out at 29.99 a month and 180 for the device on value. you save over the length of 2 years.

    • Anonymous

      also, until december 31, we have a promo going on that gives you a $10 bill credit for 6 months.

    • Richard Daley

      Are you a t-mo rep?  Is $380 the off contract price?  I had a 4G hotspot on contract but I lost it so now I have a data plan but no device to use it but I want a 7 inch tablet.  

  • Anonymous

    I played with it when we got it in. The build quality is great. It feels nice. Kind of weird seeing honeycomb on such a small screen, but it looks better than froyo on the galaxy tab 7

  • Plankton

    Can i interest you folks in a brick? I just walked out with an iPod2 from BB, display model. 20% off. Out the door for under 4. There is no competition, the pad is rolling while the Droids are stollin’.

    And wow, we all have the same software version. No quibbling about ice cream etc. 

    Thanks David. I owe it all to you.

    Will port Windows 7 over and rock the world.

    • Gabe41521

      Why don’t you post a video of your iPad 2 using flash out of the box. You cant, talk about a brick,Apple fanboys crack me up

      • Hard to insult someones device over the lack of flash, considering flash just waved the white flag.

        • Only Flash Mobile will no longer receive updates… Flash On the Desktop Web will be the dominant force it is for the next 5 years.  It will take that long for the capabilities (very limited now) of HTML 5 to catch up! 

          Will you have your existing Apple Mobile Products then… I think not! 

          So, if you are a “Power User” like myself… it is best to have the most capable product.  And, right now that Android Mobile!!!

        • Gabe41521

          No expandable memory, android put camera on first, apps cost more out of the box what is so geeT about apple?

  • Honestly… I say the Asus Transformer Prime is the new “Game Changer”

    • Gabe41521

      I agree

      • Gabe41521

        That’s what’s great about android you have OPTIONS! You don’t with crapple