T-Mobile To Launch Signal Booster Program On September 7th

We’ve heard rumors of T-Mobile preparing an in-home solution for signal boosters for almost as long as we have been doing this website. There have been hints along the way that T-Mobile has been providing them via a loyalty program in small markets as well as question surveys that inquire about coverage-boosting devices in your home. Well that knowledge in mind we’ve just received word that come September 7th, the Signal Booster program will launch nationally in both Retail and T-Mobile branded locations.

“The signal booster is a new solution for customers that express concerns with their in home coverage. The Signal Booster is a new device that boosts T-Mobile’s 4G/3G signal throughout a home when installed.”

While the use of a signal booster sounds fantastic there are a few catches to know about its usage:

  • Requires a two year service agreement for the line they are ordered with
  • Signal Boosters are shipped to the customer
  • Signal Boosters must be returned to customer care at the end of their service
  • There is no charge to the customer for their use
  • Signal Boosters are used as a tool to help provide customers a boost in signal

For me the Wi-Fi calling solution has been nothing but fantastic even with an almost flawless 4G signal in my house so I wonder how many of you will inquire about a Signal Booster? If you find yourself in a situation where this could make a big difference, it is definitely something to consider as an opportunity to boost your T-Mobile signal while keeping your favorite network.

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