T-Mobile Hopes To Encourage Even More Plus Customers To Switch To Value Plans

Beginning September 1st T-Mobile is going to begin suggesting to Even More Plus customers to make a move onto the Value Plans. With the hope of providing the Value Plan benefits as an enticement our attention is directed toward the area we have highlighted in red that indicates Value Plan customers will be able to keep their rate plans when an AT&T deal completes. Are we to understand that Even More Plus customers would not be allowed to keep their current rate plan selections should an AT&T deal complete? Would Even More Plus customers be “forced” into changing their plan to a currently offered AT&T option?

It’s an interesting “benefit” for T-Mobile to provide as a way of enticing customers over and we hope that we are reading this improperly and that EM+ customers would be allowed to keep their rate plans post-AT&T deal. Of course that is what we hope except that doesn’t seem to be the case according to this screenshot. What do you think Even More Plus customers, are the Value Plans enticing? Would you pick one up in order to lock one in prior to an AT&T deal completion?


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